“The Heart is Another Name For God” by Renee Pittman


The Lotus flower begins its journey upward from the muddy water at the bottom of a pond which is its nurturer for growth and development. Each day it ascends upward, breaks water, then blossoms in the glistening Sun. As night falls, it retreats to its foundation preparing to ascend day after day, after day.  Each day a new beginning.

In the midst of dark clouds and circumstances in life, as we walk our paths, through learned experiences on the trail, to survive we must understand that all things are truly working together for good.

With this realization, life becomes a sacred dance and a wondrous gift, says this beautifully written, grandly expansive, small inspirational metaphorical book detailing the positive results of overcoming challenges, conquering obstacles, blind faith and trust, which activates the innate “Golden Reservoir” of strength and endurance that flourishes within and outward.

“The Heart is Another Name for God – Lotus Dream” hopes to change perceptions of how we look at the world around us, the negativity and painful experiences, and more importantly, a realization born through trials, and tribulations that we are powerful beings, ascending upwards just like the Lotus, renewed each day and blessed with many, many new beginnings.

“Divine Order,” demands that it can be no other way as the “Universal Life Force” continues to usher humanity forward, never backward and into a conscious awakening.

God is the love, beauty, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness that lives in our hearts.









Me Update


“We are all playing our individuals roles, working together as part of a larger spiritual team hoping to advance humanity and the world to a more loving and conscious place.  To do so, the old ways must be challenged and weakened!” ~ Renee Pittman, Human Rights Advocate

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