“The Heart is Another Name For God: Lotus Dream (Yin and Yang)” by Renee Pittman



The Lotus flower begins its journey upward from the muddy water at the bottom of a pond which is its nurturer for growth and development. Each day it ascends upward, breaks water, then blossoms in the glistening Sun. As night falls, it retreats to its foundation preparing to ascend day after day, after day.  Each day is a new beginning.

In the mist of great storms in life, as we walk our path, enlightenment becomes a sacred gift, says this beautifully written, metaphysical inspirational book centering on awakening, and overcoming life’s harsh personal challenges which become seeds for growth like the Lotus.

Conquering obstacles, involution vs. evolution, planetary influence, harnessing ego, dismissing fear, advancing the superconscious, ultimately evolving to the Fifth Dimension on our paths, many believe can ignite a powerful global change for the betterment of all life by Divine Order on our beloved planet as Earth School.

Are we set to arrive at, or are we in, a global awakening as we witness the global “New World Disorder” unfold right before our eyes?

If what many enlightened souls have predicted for centuries, the clock is ticking.

Using the focused power of our minds, time and time again it has been proven, that we can create the change we want and this reality. It can be achieved by positive thought, word, and most importantly deeds which then aligns to a higher power.

Within this heartfelt desire can and will emerge a global unified evolved hope for change for good. And, with awakened clarity, we say God bless the polarity, the good, the bad, and the ugly that brought us to the understanding that all things are truly working together for good!

The Light of God, the Universal Church within, and a never-ending, powerful unconditional love, irradiating within our hearts can become the motivator that aligns the goals of our hearts and the advancement of the Soul to God’s purpose. The muddy waters of our lives the foundation.

The real revolution is an evolution of consciousness.”

The necessity of the journey on Earth School is designed to accelerate the conscious awakening and advance the soul’s ongoing infinite progression in various stages.

No one promised a smooth ride.

An Inspirational, Metaphysical Journey to Awakening…







Me 24

“We are all playing our individuals roles, working together as part of a larger spiritual team to advance humanity and the world to a more loving and conscious place.  To do so, the old ways must be challenged and weakened!” ~ Renee Pittman, Human Rights Advocate, Author

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