Researcher, Author, Activist, Whistleblower, Blogger Extraordinaire and Amazon Video Creator, Covert Human Experimentation

Renee Pittman is listed among other notables on the world viewed website http://www.biggerthansnowden.com. Her professional website and blog are a gold mine of information, with near ten thousand views monthly, focused on the covert use of mind control technology, as well as, the structure of an ongoing high-level human guinea pig advanced technology testing program and corruption that makes other historical efforts look like child play. “The Program” is decades perfected and unleashed illegally today and bogusly legalized for research activity, post 9/11, on men, women, and children, specifically for military and law enforcement personnel, et. al. 

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” – Harvey Fierstein

“You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.” ~ Irene C. Kassorla


UNDERSTANDING SOUL CONTRACTS:  Agreements We Made Before Coming to Earth


If true, all things are surely working together for GOOD, I and many others are overjoyed to assist and through the toughest of horrific storms!

May I become at all times, both now and forever, 

A protector for those without protection.  

A guide for those who have lost their way.

A ship for those with oceans to cross.  

A sanctuary for those in danger.  

A lamp for those in the dark.  

And, a servant to all those in need.  

As long as living beings exist,

and suffering afflicts them,

may I too abide to dispel the misery of

the world and be a beneficial presence on the Planet!






  1. I haven’t read all of this yet, but, I will tell you this from my own personal experience, is that one day while sitting in silence I heard this frequency and I believe I’ve heard it before and my son and I have talked about hearing this. Anyway, this time the awareness and message came that this is how they are controlling the masses! I was like whoa! Then, I yo yoed back to really? But, I knew, I just have been vaguely wondering how to alter this, just as stealthily and healthily for myself and others.

    Thanks! I look forward to reading your books now. Anyway, how did you become published? I feel it is time for me to do the same?

    Blessings, Lisa

  2. Thank you. Be aware that once those working these programs realized that you have figured it out or want to expose it, they escalate the effort around you. The first book was with a publisher before the operation center started to tamper with those attempting to help me publish. I pulled the book and self-published the first book then did the same with the other three through Amazon’s subsidiary, createspace.com. They have tried twice to take down two of the books explaining how the technology is being used today, namely “Remote Brain Targeting” and “Covert Technological Murder – Big Brother Approved!” as shown by a Dis Info agent in the Amazon book review section. Because Amazon is so big, they failed and were not intimidated. Very best wishes to you and yours!

  3. Thanks for sharing Renée as this is a very informative blog. I’ve been relentlessly v2k since 2011. I’ve not had one single thought that wasn’t mocked or commented on since then, it does help knowing I’m not alone. What amazes me is with all the technology out there, its unimaginable that there is no way to stop this. I am just an average good person..no enemies ever and it sickens me that someone decided to ‘try’ and play God with my life.
    Thanks again,

  4. We are a community of thousands today. We will get them, eventually, simply because what they are doing is wrong! I have yet to see evil prevail over good! Start training yourself to ignore them. Keep your mind occupied with good thoughts. Hang in there!

  5. Hi, I am a TI here in Warren, Ohio (born and raised) and I believe they are trying to make me move to another state, make me homeless, and then turn me into another Miriam Carey, the woman who lost control of her vehicle in Washington DC and was shot dead in her vehicle with a baby in the back seat. For the record I am 50 years old and I do not want to have children or move out of Warren Ohio. Also, I have an old vehicle but the keep trying to get me to buy a new model car that can be controlled. I have been blacklisted from employment so I cannot work anywhere except one place where they can harass me.

  6. I wish you strength to endure. I suggest you find something that you love doing so much that it requires your intense focus and brings joy to you. We are much stronger than we realize when challenged and can change negatives into positives. Something you love helps to block out this reality and renders those in these operations and their relentless covert high tech verbal assaults into becoming useless and you teach yourself to ignore the “Box of Rocks.”

    They are having far too much fun in what they perceived as destructive fun and games in these numerous operation centers and are attacking thousands today covertly as non-consensual human guinea pigs. Please hang in there and may God’s Light surround and guide you!

  7. Hey.

    Thank you for your work.

    I would be very thankful/ if you put:mention on your website book The.Luciferian.Doctrine.


  8. So here’s the missing patent & solutions, with this knowledge to be searching for I’m sure more solutions can be found soon

    Device patent


    It’s incredibly expensive but I’m sure other solutions could be found


    In addition thanks for your site & great people here 🙂

  9. Its happening world wide, in my case a South African who became a victim while working for Liro Satanic Marketing (a fake name) in Cape Town. Targeting is for insurance fraud where fake job posts are placed only to have the employee fired within months.

    Then the whole works begin, no work, no money, energy weapon attacks until death. Because no one can stop them.

  10. Thank you for your very informative website. I am a female in my 30’s, and for the past year, have been targeted with many of the technologies that you have described. My life has been ruined by this, and I fear I will never be the same, and it will never stop. It does help to know that I am not alone, and that there are people out there who believe/know that this does exist. I am also starting to write about my experiences, I find it helpful with coping in some ways. Please keep up the amazing work!

  11. the fbi implanted 2 rfid microchips that were created by mit/hardvard/brown/Utah university that are darpa like micro chips into my cochlear inner ears that transmit my thoughts through the auditory nerve to the fbi s computers, and through every pa system, car stereo, cell phone, headphones that I pass. The fbi s medical technicians(neural technicians) watch me 24/7 through surveillance, monitor my every move and talk to me the whole time. The fbi set me up to avoid due process, and had a hospital surgeon implant the microchips into my ears 7 years ago. They had someone write incriminating statements into my old email address that the fbi used against me to make me a mark. I didn’t write anything incriminating ever. The fbi and other people set me up, violated my every civil right, and avoided due process. the micro chips give the neural engineers the ability to control and alter my whole mind and body all day. This is 100% true. I do not have a mental illness, I do not drink alcohol or do drugs, no medication. I am not paranoid. This is real. The fbi did this to me. Please email me at stevebouzan@gmail.com if you have any information that can help me. The devices give the fbi the ability to alter/change everything that they want to like headaches, heart rate, metabolism, cause me to sleep, alter my brain chemistry etc. Everything. I am looking for someone who will be honest with me. i need a msct scan xray. Multi slice computer tomography xray on my cochlear but the fbi is watching me, and contacting whoever I call. This is real. Anyone who can help please email me. They started this 9 years ago and implanted it at a hospital 7 years ago. Its a long story. I can prove this. Its in my ears now. God bless.

  12. Hang in there. Don’t bend or break which is what it is all about.

    This hideous program is being revealed as the monstrosity it is.

    Stay strong. God be with you always!!!

    Knowledge is power, awareness is key and TRUTH the weapon!

  13. Hi are you or someone that you know and trust located in new England and specifically near southern east Massachusetts? My email is stevebouzan@gmail.com. Anyone who us from new England and especially from Massachusetts please email me as soon as possible. God bless. I am a targeted individual and the government implanted microchips into my cochlears inner ears. I want you to witness this scanned with my two high quality of bug detectors. My thoughts transmit through my auditory nerves to every part system, car stereo, head phones, cell phones, grocery store PA system, fast food pantry system etc. I want you or someone that you trust to witness this. My only issue is that they are 100% honest with me. I’ll tell you what the FBI has done to me for almost 9 years. This is real. God bless.


  14. Dr. Robert Duncan

    Please review Switzerland Asylum Visa Case No.: 000156877 on on Twitter @lkimberlylouise and on Facebook. Permission to access all evidence.
    I have enter you as a witness.

    This is a reflective image from my eye alleged use of RNM

    Queen Kimberly Queen of the United Kingdoms
    Jordan, Suadi Arabia, France, Israel, Greece, England,
    the Common Wealth, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Greece, France, former USA, Russia, Japan
    (Taken by Royal Blood, Treason against the Crown and Law/War)
    a/k/a Kimberly L. Tatham
    Signed electronically
    E-mail address: Kimberlylouisetatham@gmail.com

  15. Hello Everyone,
    As I read more in this website, I find out that I am not the only victom, and there are people out there with worse conditions than myself. I hope we all become free one day and have a better life we deserve.
    Just to mention my story in brief: I am Cem who is a Turkish citizen at the age of 49. They caught me when I was living in UK on a business visa at the end of 2013. With a good business plan, I made around GBP 200K in 1 year time. As I was planning to quit financial markets and live a modest life with a modest income, strange things started happening. I found myself, sleeping on the street, not being able to eat and not being able to sleep. They closed my access to my bank account and I watched most of my bank balance fade away. I visited a lawyer in London and had a comment from him: “there is no human rights anywhere in the world”. Then I flew back to Istanbul for good to have a new chapter. But no luck. With electronic harresment and chemicals and drugs they impose me, I found myself in a prison that looks like Istanbul without residents!
    I spent a year in a caravan and tried to espace from them. During the journay, I wrote a 197 page of book called “Just Enough” (Karinca Kararinca in Turkish). The book is a fiction about 3 friends on a caravan trip trying to survive the no touch torture. Now trying to self-publish the book, trying to talk to the gang around me kindly and point out my perspective and also abviously trying to survive.
    I have been under a lot of pressure, both electronically and chemically. Most of the money I had from the inheritance of my father has been stolen. I had countless threatening about myself and my family everyday. I have been under great pressure to commit suicide and end my life twice until now. Fortunately I survived all for now.
    On this website I found a source of amazing information. Both technologically and spritiually. The funny thing is that, I sensed all of those, without and until I started reading them. All this knowledge that Renee shared with us is like a confirmation to me.
    I have a website now and I am publishing short stories and articles about what I have been going through. Take a look at one in English if you like: (http://karincakitap.com/start-writing/) I do not want to be a professional writer but writing makes me relieved and calm. I am looking for my first reader of my book and of my articles because being read makes me think I am not alone in this prison and hope my perspective would help at least 1 person in this world before I get executed.
    Renee, Congrats on your escape and well done for being a supporter for the rest.
    I hope God help all the good people and help us all keep the faith until we die.
    Cem (pronounced as Jem, meaning a person who gets people together)

  16. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for speaking out. We need to get the message across and raise awareness on the covert technology use and innocent victims. I would like to share with you a video we did on the basis of an open letter of one of the victims of DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS and it’s devastating effect on humanity. PLEASE SHARE and help us raise awareness of this great threat.

  17. How to get in touch with you Renee? I am victim of numerous unauthorized surgeries in the suburban Philadelphia areas (Lehigh Valley Hospital for certain and others suspected) No where on line do I hear others speaking of a similar experience. It is shocking and sounds shameful because of the ridiculous nature of the claims aside most peoples experiences with modern hospitals care. I am desperate for help. Please someone contact me. There are people who can help are there not? I went to a hospital but the doctor ignored my complaints of head pain & walked away. Later I found out she documented she had done an exam wen she had done none. She simply committed me when all I said was my head hurt. I seek appropriate medical care. My contact is by facebook messaging at Tracey Healy. Please help with any information you can..

  18. Truly. I did some research on my former psychiatrist… Dr. A**** S****. He worked with brain implants, and his Google Scholar article was pulled when I mentioned my findings. One thing he casually mentioned, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.” I should have paid the fee to read the article, but I only read the summary. I’ve been targeted, for a long time, and I’ve paid the price of being coerced, manipulated, threatened, and suffered physical harm. I started to have seizures and other maladies when I didn’t comply. My electronic devices have been hacked as a warning. It wasn’t until they confronted me verbally that I began understanding. Perhaps someone has seen the light, imagery, and had their space violated. They’ve also used my friends and family. If this is the future of humanity, I’m very afraid of what we have lost and will lose as a result of losing our uniqueness and identity to someone. someones, who can buy you, sell you, use you. It’s not RF, at least detectable with anything I’ve used. I understand I’m someones’ internship in a research project, but I don’t know exactly who.

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