Official KILL ORDER “X Marks the Spot”


In late March of 2021, this blog which originated in 2016, was deleted from my computer.  It was a detailed blog revealing the structure of the official high-tech targeting program around me.  It had served its purpose by exposure of and keeping this program operating cautiously around me, and likely prevented a quick official assassination strike due to the popularity of these blogs, across the U.S. and globally. When it was deleted, this operation the official operatives monitoring my every move, internet, social posts, showed up the next day, returning back into the community with a vengeance likely erroneously believing I was scared. I am not.  Below is an updated version of how the Neighborhood Watch Program is used along with indoctrinated “Citizen Volunteers.”

When I first moved here purchasing this house, the stage had been set for my arrival as it had in every place I lived since 2006. As a result, the mobilized program, which employs what many believe, the lowest type of human beings on the planet with social and psychopath tendencies, officiates them as soldiers and law enforcement, for a covert techno torture mission.

Normal people would think that what they are doing is wrong. “Thou shall not kill.” However, with the intense mind control program indoctrination of military personnel and police heavily recruited from the military now working secret police high-tech targeting and torture units, it is not. If the government sanctions the covert murder of someone, “Order Followers” no matter which agency they work for does what they are told with apparently their humanity and humane consciousness programmed out of them.

The day that I was set to move in after buying this house and sign off on final paperwork, a welcome to the community gift was left on the porch for my arrival inspired by this corrupt program. In a gift bag, and thrown on the window of the house in two locations was dog poop.  There was also property damage, typical of this program, which was not present when looking at the house with a large window mysteriously cracked.

While driving around the community, a few weeks prior, I spotted the corner house behind me with a for rent sign in the yard.  Admittedly, my heart sank.   Research revealed it was once owned by a Los Angeles County Sheriff and purchased by an investment company.

The corner house today looks nothing like it did in the picture below taken in 2015 now with the parolees and cops living and using the location. 

With so many going and coming, since 2015, sagging pants and all, today it appears to be a rundown halfway house, where various and a variety of occupants are not given enough money to water the grass if they wanted to, and they foolishly have lined a window in the front with aluminum foil.


From past experience, locations front, back, and on both sides of the target are used by official military and law enforcement, and in some cases DOD Contractors using microwave Directed Energy Weapons with the USAF, using Remote Neural Monitoring technology.  This is a widespread operation reported nationwide as set-ups in communities within this unified high-tech targeting program and effort of training of subliminal influence on everyone who becomes unwitting human patsies for all types of official, ongoing human experimentation.





The goal is to ensure synthetically created, high-tech hatred is directed at the target and it effortlessly done, believe it or not, by beamed, patented, subliminal influence technologies the USAF has been using for DECADES with intel agencies within a massive human experimentation program. In this monstrous program today, absolutely no one is exempt. 

When I saw the corner house behind vacant, I wondered how long it would take to get an operation up and running there and get this house established. From past experience, it takes around 6 months to literally move in.

It did not take long, by March of 2015, the corner house was fully operational with personnel from the LAPD techno torture unit, Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response Division (RACR) which is the little-publicized LAPD high-tech operation center housing some of the dirtiest cops in LAPD’s history operating from the so-called “War Room.” Although planned with good intentions, these types of Terrorist Divisions have morphed into a covert, highly corrupt operation center targeting anyone, covertly, and for any reason under the Sun. Exposing this truth ranks high on the list for targeting purposes. LAPD is targeting citizens across Los Angeles County, using military-grade weapons, systems, and devices in the, again, unified effort and Fusion Center supervision, and today’s “Militarized Police State” with the unification of Federal, state, and local police with new, high-tech, deadly military weapons with military personnel and all working under one umbrella.  After setting up, shortly the community recruitment process began.  












Within the nationwide established model, the Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) is comprised of, using California as an example, the following cooperating agencies:

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Department of Homeland Security

State of California Department of Justice

Office of Homeland Security

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Los Angeles Police Department

Long Beach Police Department

Los Angeles Airport Police Department

Note military state-of-the-art high-tech operation centers nationwide are not shown.

The ACLU link below details the Intel Agency / Fusion Center and the military connection which now has access to classified military intelligence.  It is rare for any reporting agency today to confirm also the connection to unpublicized military advanced mind invasive patented psychophysical technologies.


I moved here in late 2014, by mid-2015, shortly after, while working inside the garage, I witnessed specific neighbors returning from the official meeting held by the African American LAPD torture unit show up when any black person is targeted.  They are allowed to specifically target the black community only.  The USAF, FBI, are approved to target any and everyone with the beamed electromagnetic weapons and also, horrifically use the mind invasive patented technologies on anyone including them.  I saw house #7 husband and wife and, #10 husband, and wife, returning from this now official leased location which to this day, now 2021, has become the nucleus of the operation around me as part of the overall effort.  After this, a few months later, parolees were moved in.  About a month later house #7 wife, silly people, retired and out of something to do waiting for me to step outside after a UPS delivery to rush to her door and say, “They are getting ready to get her.”  LOL!

Research would later reveal that house, #3 is owned by an investment company after once owned by a Los Angeles County Sheriff.  This is how it became affordable for the parolees with it becoming one of the extremely rare Section 8 houses in this community where 80% of the rent is subsidized by the government.  This made the location affordable for official use within the targeting and training program for the parolees.  They are used for obvious reasons, specifically due to fear and resulting loyalty.  Actually, this program seeks a specific type, no matter what race, to officiate in one way or another as revealed in the link below detailing the “The Ghetto Informant Program.”  

Older retirees, young white boys, and basically again anyone who will join forces and all with no use for this truth being ongoing human experimentation.


A few months later, driving past the corner house behind, on my way to run errands, familiar with the “Standard Operating Procedure, dating as far back as 2008, and it now 2015, I witnessed USAF in uniform going inside along with African American LAPD Black secret police involved in human experimentation.  I document these agencies and personnel as horrifically corrupt in my Amazon book series, which they are not pleased, and in the early stages asked me to take down.   Today the beam torturing from this location continues to this day within this location’s role in this overall program.  

With the USAF arrival, the military official training began specifically on drones and mind invasive psychophysical weapon systems and devices, with the parolees and specific role-playing neighbors on beamed harassment devices. The training spread quickly through the recruited community given and using see-through-the-wall devices for this purpose alone.  Their role is to harass, degrade and torment the target combined with the official military microwave beamed torture, relentlessly around the clock hoping to push the target over the edge. As the mobilization unfolded, they now had my full attention.  Why because in awareness, with my life on the line, detailing what was now established always depends on accuracy.

By providing technology with the ability to see the target’s inside their homes, to the now recruited and community, it is clear that this program wants to violate targets in any way and every way possible and it is not for the faint of heart.  Key also is the lack of privacy inside homes which many reports initially is emotionally devastating and of which was once a Constitutional, Fourth Amendment Right to privacy inside private residences.  The community, specifically the neighborhood men, for example, house #? who moved in 2018, around targets apparently enjoy the capability of seeing inside homes.  Women and also men can no longer shower, dress or, undress without lewd and lascivious comments, or personal insults beamed through the communications system including verbal sexual harassment and threats of being raped as part of the PsyOps terror campaign.  

Case and Point:

As a single women, there are times when I have no choice but to hire Day Laborers, who linger around outside HomeDepot for larger jobs that require strength, heavy lifting, digging or building a retention wall for a raised flower bed, while landscaping my backyard.  As a single woman, I learned that there are some things women need the strength of men to do.  

USAF personnel, are 100% set up and using the Nelson and Valesquez houses, and the LAPD AA Goons, the corner house behind and are 100% testing a variety of mind invasive and microwave beamed assault weapons systems and devices on the public.  I learned early on to be careful when I hire men when once hiring two Mexicans to rototill and amend the soil on a 600 square foot area in preparation for planting a flower bed.  These two were happy to be employed and grateful.  I did not notice a change in their demeanor until they, now on my property, and now under the radius of the beamed Remote Neural Monitoring technology influence this program is using on everyone.  


Using the military-grade system, exampled below for subliminal influence, they were not only beaming rape for me to hear inside the house to scare me but apparently also the same thing to the two Mexican workers.  When I looked outside to check their progress, one of them had totally different energy as he glared back at me and, hears the clincher, without a doubt, had a bulge in his pants from an erection.  They both were looking at me with a twisted smile while being viciously influenced to likely if possible harm me.   I can guarantee the operator at the helm could care less about them and me with them becoming useful as a puppet in the techno terror.  



Recently, on April 5, 2021, as this project comes to a close, I needed a drip system for 50 plants which could have cost more than I was willing to pay.  Again, I am very selective, or try to be, with who I choose, typically old men, however, the problem is, with anyone, that I am up against the treachery of those at the helm of mind invasive technologies who are focused on me, wanting to destroy me, around to do harm and silence me.  Using others by subliminal influence due to highly perfected, patented technology is effortless and while sitting behind a computer-guided psychotronic, weaponized drone.  When the worker on this day started talking about having visions and prophesy I was immediately cautioned.  In my mind, I instantly thought he may be being toyed with like so many, millions targeted in this massive military mind control human experimentation program, where dream manipulation is also a reported part of the experimentation, and this aspect experienced and factually reported by many, highly credible human experimentation in this massive program dating back decades.




When I realized this and he likely a puppet, my objective was to be as kind as possible, which I am naturally, get the job done and get him off my property as soon as possible and not to offend anyone.  They can influence anyone, then wait for the target to say or do something that will ignite the programming of the puppet.  

Believe it or not! 

Thank goodness this project is finally over.  A backyard that was once weed-ridden in Spring each year, is now a drought-tolerant flower garden. 

Incidentally, while talking with the worker about his so-called prophesies and dreams, and being consoling that anything is possible, the neighbor in house #4 listened, and later that evening as I finished up another small project, long after they left, he called out weirdo.  I could not help but wonder if it was directed at me after listening to my conversation earlier.  I thought okay, fair is fair, he did overhear me telling someone that he looked like a werewolf one day.  At one time, an FBI agent was using this home.  They watched me gardening in the yard and came outside just to say, “They say she’s a Ho!”  This was not only amusing, but I also lost respect for her as a so-called professional trying to stir up something that is a lie of which these officials 100% know is a lie but will tell the community to mobilized hate and useful hatefulness against the target to justify what they are doing becoming their duped accomplice.   



Made in America, programmable, bitter, angry, psychotic self-hate, searching for purpose and leadership, and mentally underdeveloped men, of all races, have been herded and congregate together with a specific type selected for this program.  Many have been officiated which includes Military Reserve and citizens officiated and used in the LAPD Reserve Officer Program given a stipend of $50 a month.  

They compliment female target’s all day within their psychosis while torturing both men and women, while the set-up military operation designed for war training of troops, back up with weaponized drone beamed microwave assaults.  Depending on how badly this program wants the target silenced based on notoriety, the strategic goal of destroying the target’s health becomes the focus as opposed to a quick kill, by now officiated “Order Followers” obviously unstable.  The fact is, again, this is why they are in sought and in these positions.  The official supervisors, aka “Handlers,” know this in advance making them the perfect sycophants.  

When this program is revealed, and it surely will be, you can bet the lowest level of personnel, assigned to torturing targets slowly to death are the culprit and in this case, it’s true, however, while under official supervision and approval.  

After bombarding by the official “Techno Torturers” by beamed electronic weapon assaults repetitively, and their low-level mind games and the so-called “street knowledge” of the black men fails, desperate to control the target they then begin threatening to destroy the target’s family and children.  Sadly, many have reported over the years that this is no baseless threat.  Again, no one is exempt from human experimentation include military personnel, recruits, and police themselves. 


“Virtually every leading psychiatrist in North America between the 1940s and the 1970s was involved in some aspect of the CIA’s mind-control research.” Colin A. Ross, M.D





The officials overseeing this program have given the technology to those with obvious sociopath and psychopath tendencies and have expertly developed a herd mentality with like-minded souls up the chain of command included  What is ludicrous is that a large part of the training is ongoing beamed verbal harassment.  This is where a combination of compliments, degradation, denigration, and death threats, is beamed into the target’s home.  It is also amusing that the pathetic effort calls the target crazy around the clock when in fact their actions have consistently proven they truly have psych issues whether this is part of the Psychological Operation (PsyOps) are natural to their overall personalities.  It takes a special breed to be successful in this program.  It takes what many call the evil deeds of nonhuman humans who have lost or has had through intense programming their consciousness of what is happening to be monstrously wrong.

The insinuation of the target as crazy, in reality, is within the effort to convince the target that no one will believe the truth of this program, its structure, and set-up.  This program, over many years, has perfected the denial of the truth, in the name of higher-level agencies’ mass experimentation, where expert character assassination remains vital for silencing.  

Hang in there target’s reading this blog.  The truth is snowballing and is powerful in and of itself.

They are fighting a losing battle regarding this factual hidden program and its factual existence.  History has consistently proven that, ultimately, inevitable, the truth slowly but surely always wins.



When I saw the gift bag poop the day before I moved in, there were two neighbors outside of whom I went to speak with to see if they would provide any information on who the culprit was although already knowing. I used it as an opportunity to give house #5 family and #7 a different view of how and why.  The community had been recruited in advance of my arrival due to the 24/7 surveillance, as this operation watched successful progression towards the purchase, and it was too late.  It was me against rogue officials at odds of 20 to 1.

This is why exposure is vital and in some cases, the only resort target has determined to fight an intelligent battle.

Shortly after speaking with the father and son, #5, that day, cheering me on as a whistleblower, initially I might add, I later saw the FBI in their yard.  

This was after the program watched and listened in real-time to my communication with them that day.  The objective is to have the entire community involved.  Later I also saw the FBI entering home #10, and naturally the LAPD officer neighbor’s home, #6 across the street.  This house is the perfect location for the “Blue Code of Silence.”  Over the years I have become familiar with many faces.  I don’t sit by the window spying and don’t have to.  I know the drill from experience the “Standard Operating Procedure.”  The fact is, this program wants to be seen as an act of intimidation.

Shortly after the LAPD setting the stage with the corner house meeting, with the Sheriff supplying the parolees, who also run a Citizen Volunteer program, and everyone brainwashed about the target, USAF personnel from the base about 30 miles away, begin setting up shop using garages, backyard patios, and parallel rooms in neighboring locations.  From this point on, the military quietly continues its high-tech assassination while training of war advanced technologies and the hope to create the perception with the target, strategically that it is neighbors behind the advanced technologies.  It is not neighbors operating drones and Directed Energy Weapons or the beamed assaults.  It is the military unleashed quietly on the civilian population using various types of bioelectric electromagnetic technologies to include mass mind control influence on everyone around the target now useful.


Little known to most Americans with the exception of targets living this heinous monstrosity is that we are now in an official, strategic, unified “Militarized Police State” that gradually unfolded Post 9/11. 



The Robles house, #9 is the home of a DOD contractor neighbor who is in the Aerospace industry. It quietly became a haven for military personnel as well, joining the strategic alternating of locations for beamed weapon assaults. However, the house closest to me is house #3 directly next door North and it is a major, primary location for relentless high-tech Directed Energy Weapon beamed suffering.  This is due to the garage proximity to my bedroom upstairs about 30 feet away.  I am heaving beamed cooked from this location and especially in the wee house of the morning.  The hope is for sleep deprivation and beamed torture crippling of my legs.


Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 8.34.25 PM


The top right USAF personnel works house #3 predominantly.  I have seen him there many times with his partner assigned working #10.  As you can see, in the image, one day, it got hot in the garage and he took his USAF issued combat boots off and let them air out outside the door.  

The only way that I am being beamed tortured from under my bed up is by this operation working from the garage where I saw both setting up after both followed me here familiar with them before I moved in.  As a female veteran I will say it again, “Just because you are in the military it does not make you a hero.”  We have been so intensely programmed that we think that it does.  Less we forget, war is in the business of death and destruction and they are using civilians to train on psychophysical, ultimately covert kill technology.





It is also there that I first saw again, the exact two USAF personnel who have been assigned to me since 2010.  The bushy-haired one drives the convertible white Solara with a tan convertible top, today parked in the driveway, and his partner driving the white mini-van also parked in #10’s driveway.  This house, again #10 became the nucleus for the military slow-kill operation similar to LAPD use of the corner house behind.  The two vehicles are the exact same vehicles with the same license plates I recorded a few years back who followed me here to continue their assigned torture mission and likely within the program and their success will likely get a promotion once the “Covert Kill” mission is accomplished.  

Note that these weapon are no longer “non-lethal” or “less-than-lethal” the way they are, reported widely, being used to silence whistleblowers, activist, or anyone exposing the truth.  The fact is, if repeatedly focused on tissue, organs and joints, gradually the microwave energy cooks away vital tissue and organ bodily fluids, blood, by cooking the water molecules, and without any area of focus on the body gradually dies also known as necrosis.



Great effort is officially made by the agencies involved to hide the fact that the military has been turned on US citizens and is at war with thousands across the nation reporting this identical set-up as part of the deception to hide military personnel and technology.   The community also becomes puppets as role players and what is detailed also by many and commonly known as “Street Theater” psychological operations.



The image below is an example of the USAF official surveillance set-up at the #9 and #10 houses with #8, the only other African American on this block, obviously using the Sonic Weapon after his official recruitment as shown.

The question is, how much is a human life worth today marginalized as a human guinea pig for these agencies.


Big hand giving little man money.

Obviously, if the price is right, and one of the perks being mortgage payments, from the billion dollars Black Budget funding this program, some, will obviously turn a blind eye.


Above are houses #9 and #10 and the official surveillance set-up which act also as drone operation central location for the military guided Predator / Reaper drones along with the corner house behind where corrupt LAPD determined to stop exposure exist.  The ongoing hope is that the beamed assaults by the pain ray will push me over the edge.  It won’t!  Instead, after nearing 15 years, it has only served, obviously has pushed me into action.





It appears #8, who first had LAPD using his location, now with the Sonic Weapon showed in the window downstairs inside his house targeting my nervous system, of which will be vehemently denied, guaranteed, is now one of the few to be officiated as a DOD Contractor which then allows the use of the official technology by a neighbor and employment.  Both Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman are minutes away, and typically these contractors are always around military bases.  Both are heavily involved in military technologies, research, TESTING, and development.

One thing is certain, I and many targeted for a high-tech slow kill, understand, from personal experience and by watching this program unfold in action is again, the community will band together behind this criminal targeting program and deny knowledge of these weapons or the set-up around targets and using their locations.  This actually the message by repeatedly taunting the target as being crazy.

See also the USAF “Targeteer” program blog on this site for further details, and also the blog and confirmation by two NSA whistleblowers that this program hides using neighboring locations.  See also the “Strategic Slow-Kill…” blog as well. 

On one occasion, using the #3, as shown below, it must have gotten hot and sweaty for one of the USAF personnel working in the garage beam torturing me.  As shown he sat his military combat boots outside to air out.   Note that the two military personnel spearheading the training are known as “Targeteers” by the military and that the images are not them but those who look very similar to how both look. 



House #3 is a Navy Reserve family parent’s home with the Navy personnel who appear to be assigned out of state.  The location the perfect another location similar to the LAPD officer’s home,  with agencies involved, to use. The fact that I actually saw with my own two eyes, the same USAF military personnel, both of them, who were set up in the apartment complex I live in 2010, before moving here there.  They simply followed their assignment, me with both beamed torturing me within an inch of life prior, before I moved here and again by 2015 settling in the garage and using the community overall in one way or another.

The military drone operation Panasonic Toughbook, shown in the bottom right of the above image is the portable system used to operate a weaponized drone and for Directed Energy Weapon beamed assaults which can also include a remotely guided antenna strategically placed on a person’s property, etc., and guided by personnel for ongoing Active Denial System, “Pain Ray” torture from a different location.  Again, the shown images of the two culprits are only examples.  The community is 100% familiar with them guaranteed and by name.




After the FBI, USAF, and LAPD meeting with the community, with their influence now on the community achieved, I must clearly state that neighbors are not at the helm of these weapons.  From my experiences, over many years, as stated previously, many become simple role players.  The modus operandi is staged theater and various types of Psychological Operation, acts of intimidation, mobilized, organized stalking using the community around targets, character assassination, and is sold as an investigation.  They are having far too much fun secretively destroying lives to include acting out bizarre skits hoping the target with report it and logically appear delusional.  This is the objective.   

This program is completely bogus because it carries on for years and years, with no Due Process. If a facial investigation sold to the community as such, there is a moral code for legal investigations.  This program factually as above and beyond is hideous, ongoing mass human experimentation. The community is duped into compliance.  

COINTELPRO operatives and their supervision cannot come into the open unless they successfully use PATENTED mind invasive and microwave beamed torture technology to brainwash the target into their goal, thus mind control, and part of the high-tech set-up is to try and try and try and try when also reported results in the mental illness tag, along with various types of entrapment schemes.  Again, and again, any and everyone, including recruits become human experimentation subjects.  No one is exempt from focused subliminal influence.



The problem with state-of-the-art high-tech operation centers and this covert targeting program is that today, is that officials are targeting activists, whistleblowers, political dissidents, and awakened nonconsensual human guinea pigs exposing this program.  This is done by the use of advanced, bioelectric mental, and physical electromagnetic control technologies now in their grubby little hands.  The patented technologies are being used to silence exposure of this monstrous covert targeting program’s ongoing hideous mass human population control experimentation agenda. A major goal specifically is to curtail exposure and stop public awareness of nothingness than patented psychotronic technologies now unleashed on civilians, which have been provided to many agencies, and are in widespread use in the unified military paradigm today and culminating from DECADES of perfection. 


The fact is, even the GIs “Government Issues” at the helm of this technology are not exempt from programming and, intense mind control experimentation, which comes with the territory.  Their mental control and indoctrination are also necessary for their usefulness and specifically their role as the enforcers of the global mass population control technocratic agenda thus the reports of the exact type of psychophysical targeting experimentation today reported all over the world.

With the U.S. Congress’s approval of 30,000 weaponized drones included for US skies by 2020, with psychophysical beamed assault weapons and mind invasive Psychological Electronic (Psychotronic) beamed weapon systems the high-tech biometric targeting focus on anyone is taken to a whole new level.





In my case the official focus operation is alternating shifts with beamed assaults to my nervous system, using the Sonic Weapons, Directed Energy Weapon focused assaults on tissue, organs, heart, head, and joints and clever specific slow cooking of every joint in my body including hands and feet.  



f I had not, again, seen the set-up at the several locations for example, and again at house #5 using the young adult sons, I would probably not have paid attention to what appeared to be a late-night garage operation with beamed harassment originating from this direction.  Again, garages are favored set-ups.  The Key was that the drone seen in the right image began following me to the store late one night and upon my return home, went back to its stationary position and the beamed assault continued.  Since seeing the FBI in the yard as stated previously, I have seen many USAF personnel show up to work this location at various times who came out of the woodwork when they thought I had fearfully taken this blog down out of fear recently.  For the record, far be it for me to ever be fearful to fight a rightful battle for my God-given life!


The Rodriguez house has without a doubt stepped up to the plate in the covert kill operation again. 

It is amazing that those sitting at the helm of beamed Directed Energy Weapons think that the target cannot tell the direction the beam originates or after near 15 years of targeting is blind to the same played over and over Standard Operating Procedure.  

USAF and FBI officials are overseeing the high-tech covert kill, and using compliant neighboring locations revealed above in but specifically the LAPD officer neighbor, the Nelsons, Robles, Rodriguez, Velasquez, and also the Spear house.  Spear in another operation in cahoots with the Blacks in the corner house behind.  This program seeks out the lowest of low.  There are far better human beings on this planet than the type, of all races, being willingly used. 

Tonight, April 7, 2021, is drone beamed, extremely low frequency, and focused heart beam night.  


While sitting comfortably before the weaponized operation system, a target can be and it widely reported slow microwave Directed Energy Weapon cooked to death, again, STRATEGICALLY.





Many agencies are now, with protest specifically due to awareness of LAPD historic corruption, oppose drones given to agencies and especially weaponized drones given to Federal, state and local police departments.  The FBI is also on record using drones since approximately 2006.



Today link with advanced technology has woven the fabric of a unified, high-tech official targeting program together for mass, social, and population control with those targeted today, the stubborn ones who refuse to comply heavily targeted and have taken a courageous stand.  Truth the weapon and all that is needed.







The Secrets of Mind Control





Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 7.12.17 PM


As long as this program continues the slow kill operation and threatening my family I will persist in joining, proudly, many nationwide and globally determine to expose this atrocity with a clear understanding that exposure is helping to save lives and not destroy them.  To a large degree, it makes it all worthwhile.  

Recently, again and again, beginning in January of 2021, the threats intensified to murder one of my children if I did not stop.  Whether it has validity or not, the fact is, this program could successfully create a situation for this to happen and someone else blamed after the high-tech beamed influence.  As a result, of the ongoing recent threats, and an understanding of how this program operates, behind the scenes, I reluctantly must document it here just in case.  They don’t want exposure and will go to great lengths to avoid it and logically so.



What if the ex-husband of one of my daughters, of whom it appeared some time was quite possibly being mentally manipulated turned deadly by this program’s intent.   It happens every day right?  

The fact is, related to this monstrous program, it would be nothing for this ruthless, inhumane hideous operation, spiteful, proven vicious time after time, and angry at not silencing me, hoping to cause pain and grief, actually act on the threat covertly.  This program could use him to kill, by high-tech programming AND, it can happen effortlessly while sitting before an official, Remote Neural Monitoring computer system detailed above as “Frequency Following Response”, using the patented capability of beamed subliminal influence from as distance and without leaving the operation center building.  When they make specific threats I listen.  What I report in this blog, website and book series without a doubt, is a threat to the official cover-up of mind invasive technologies use, and inhumane beamed torture which shatters the facade of honor, integrity, morals, and may have a powerful impact for their disgrace!  Would they?  Time will surely tell!

I have been at this for many years using the exposure of this program around me on a daily basis since approximately 2006.  It is then and today, due to accurate exposure, of who, how, and why, that I am still alive, with publications, books, website and blog leveling the playing field, and also further confirming a stable mind within the storm that has reached many and hopefully the awareness has saved lives.  By numerous feedback and many accounts, my efforts and those of others walking this path have and continue to do just that.

If this is my calling on this planet, I gladly accept it…  





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