Official KILL ORDER? “X Marks the Spot” for Covert Technological Murder: Pain Ray Beam…


UPDATE MARCH 5, 2023, 12:01 AM

The Lockheed Martin strategic training operation continues to rotate around my neighborhood training military personnel, as well as another older woman, a trainer also from Lockheed, who trains the African American men using Spear’s house across the street.

A blue or lavender illuminated room is a clear sign of a military surveillance setups as shown below in several houses being used around me. Apparently, this operation believes I am the perfect human guinea pig because of the challenge I present and there determination to beamed torture me to death or create a deadly synthetic illness to silence me. This program is a horrific lie by mentally disturbed twisted ego driven individuals that have no regard for human lives. If they had a mind of their own they would be useless to this program.

In the images below, the top image is the Nelson’s house with several cars parked in the driveway and on the street near by. All of these vehicles I have seen military personnel driving that officially operate from this house. One or two soldiers live there and never leave after trained, beam tortuning and using drones as they follow me around town to beam subliminal influence to people, believe it or not hoping to create hate directed at me. Many times perfect strangers have repeated negative things they say to me with a bewildered look on their faces of where the thought came from. Hacking the minds of people, any and every one is also part of this training mission.

Each weekend additional training by the Lockheed Martin, weirdo, an older man with gray white hair, who drives the white SUV shows up with a manly looking female. I have seen military personnel all in uniform also using three locations behind alternating with the LAPD cops. They pay to use these houses, with Uncle Sam footing the bill of thousands a month to homeowners from the billion dollars “Black Budget” earmarked for many things including high-tech official human experimentation .

After the Nelson family agreed, I saw a large U-Haul pulled into the driveway and they packed out and left. I traced them to the neighboring city and when I did with my every effort under constant surveillance, and the tracking  observed, the listing was immediately deleted online.

Typically military personnel alternate shifts with the AA cops, with the most heinous activities after midnight. In fact, at this moment, one of several drones positioned over my house is now beam cooking my head.

The image on the bottom left reveals three personnel being trained now from the house directly next door to the Nelson’s house, Lepley. As you can see with three arrows pointing at them, although grainy, there is one, a Navy person I see often, on the left. The person in the center is the weirdo Lockheed Martin trainer, and another miltary person on the right with a military hat on who appears to be looking at his cell phone as the trainer trains the person on the left.

They are setting up neighboring locations by using military personnel from two nearby USAF and Navy bases with one of Lockheed Martin largest conglomerates, and most secretive a mere 10 minutes away.

I added the picture of the white truck with the blue light inside because of its importance in this paradigm. The blue light is a drone guided Directed Energy Weapon beam antenna which is tonight not operated from across the street but operated from the house where the Lockheed training is happening on this night. There is also another antenna I observed Navy personnel using a ladder put up on the side of Velasquez house and positioning it parallel to my bedroom upstair about 50 feet away. The goal again being to beam torture me while I sleep at night and follow up all attacks using the Sonic Weapons hoping to destroy my nervous system where Parkinson’s is a reported outcome of many ultimately deadly illnesses.

This white truck image and blue light, bottom right image, was taken when the house across the street was unleashed fully. This was after the LAPD officer moved, they don’t like witnesses, and military personnel who had been operating from a room in the house continued what they had been doing all along alternating with the comrades. All of these setups were after Federal Agents, naturally heavily involved, in this high-tech subjugation torture and silencing program, reported across the USA, came into the community for indoctrination making a personal appearance  as well as for  official discrediting to justify a slow kill system.

The white truck belongs to the house on my Northside and directly next door, with Federal agents working Happoldt’s house, who also show up on the weekends, and it typically is parked in front of their house. Tonight, however, it appears they have strategically placed it directly in front of my house with another drone now instead over house and operated from the house the Lockheed weirdo assassin trainer is training from.

The plot thickens…


Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 12.44.57 AM




Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 7.33.54 PM

Below is another image of the “Death Ray” set up around me engineered by the Lockheed Martin deadly trainer, and ongoing efforts of the agencies involved in this program today who wants the truth silenced. Unified across the USA this program is mobilized by assigned military, corrupt law enforcement, FBI and LAPD, as well as recruited, civilian neighbors who qualify for a Clearance, for example Spear across the street, who is a Military Reservist.
As shown above, I am being beam cooked as this program alternates around to compliant locations in my community.

This image is the set up from the corner house behind.
The oblong circle shows a military person, in BDU’s sitting behind the weaponized computer system in the oblong circle and focused on me while I sleep. I woke around 3:00 a.m., under a horrific, deadly beamed Directed Energy Weapon electronic assaults and took the pick from my bedroom window that faces where the person is sitting and observing me using through the wall radar.
Tonight, March 11, 2023, the Velasquez house next door, North, has an blue antenna that I witnessed Navy personnel putting on the side of the house parallel to my bedroom, and it is being used to slow cook my heart at this moment.


Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 12.19.29 AM

In the 17 years that I have been on this mission exposing mind control technology used by specific government agencies today, I have yet to see a neighbor move out, eventually tired of their homes being used, and after doing so, immediately, official personnel  move in.  

This is a typical modus operandi for this high-tech targeting program with these weapons more effective at a specific range.  I have witnessed this happening even when I lived in apartments from Arizona to California before settling here in a house in 2014 which I own.  One of the first houses mobilized logically was the LAPD officer’s house across the street one of their own.  Within 6 months, FBI showed up, as stated previously and made their presence intentionally known.  Wanting me to see them, one came outside to the sidewalk and stood just staring at me as I watched the theatrics from a window and setting up in the garage then later operating from the officer’s upstair’s bedroom.   

It is all about the Psychological Operation, fearmongering and false perceptions that they are more important than others.  Their efforts are a narcissist strategic hope to intimidate people, based on the tell-a-vision glamourous persona created around the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The fact is, history tells a completely different story as far back as J. Edgar Hoover, with the establishment of COINTELPRO, and documentation of many reported diabolical schemes and reportedly far worse and sinister occurrences resulting in deaths!

As the LAPD officer and his family packed out the last night, I went outside to empty the trash.  The wife said, for me to hear as they drove off “I hope they get her.”  Realistically, I am not the one who forced their decision to sell.  This military COINTELPRO program’s invasion into communities to train and target individuals on a personal level did and it reported nationwide.  

Don’t beam shoot the messenger!

The next morning I woke to a familiar scenario by someone lingering in the house and drones overhead of the houses which I have witnessed many times over many house being used.  The official operatives involved in this program are buying property around targets or renting apartments connected, i.e., upstairs bedroom and typically on either side of a target.   The official military left there wasted no time mocking me using the beamed communication system from this direction, saying, “Why she’s doing a service to humanity” with amused venom in his voice.  

The only thing those involved in this program are interested in is the coverup, avoiding shame and disgrace and trust me, when I say, doing so by any means necessary.  

Frankly, I would not be surprised if while standing in line at a store, or at UPS, with a suspect situtation recently, that a mind controlled gunman shows up and shoots up the location with many casualties and conveniently I reported as a victim.  We are talking cold-blooded individuals of a mixed race team. 

There is NOTHING honorable about this monstrous program nor the people running it or involved such as Lockheed Martin.  Their efforts are purely for self-preservation and again the motivation derived from the origins of hideous narcissist egotism.  The sole desire is to be able to do what they are doing to many without accountability.  Incidentally, the corner house behind, that both military and LAPD cops, use was once owned by a Los Angeles County Sheriff and now is just one of the major operation locations which these operative alternate using.

Realistically, they cannot leave and this especially truth with my many publications, Amazon, blogs, and website which they want taken down.  This will be a fight to the bitter end, come what may.  I remain assured that God does not put on you more than you can bear.

The LAPD Officer packed and moved out the evening of November 10, 2022, around 7:30 PM. I watched them driving a huge U-Haul truck with their belongings leaving as I pulled out of my garage to get takeout. Immediately, the next moring, and from then on, this house is being used as an official military / federal agent work station and obviously with no furniture except likely a computerized setup for drone and Directed Energy Weapon system operations.

If you ask me how military personnel, both USAF and Navy within this military COINTELPRO are strategically planning my demise, I will tell you, hands down that night after night it will likely be by irreversible damage to my health and strategic deterioration of beamed tissue, organs and joints. They are also strategically intensely microwave beam slow cooking the hardware (13 pins and screws, two titanium plates on both sides of my ankle) placed on my right leg after a major car accident directly related to this program in 2007 documented in one of the books in my Amazon book series.  I have also had two total hip replacements, with both 100% directly related to the ongoing diabolical deterioration of my health.  While doing this a weaponized drone followed me around and the official operators said, “Hahaha, she can’t walk” as I limped in great pain. 



Sadly, there is no stopping our Government Issued (GIs) brainwashed, programmed individuals with lies after intensely indoctrinated, becoming offcial killing machines in militaries including all government all over the world.  They are programmed so intensely that it is pointless for them to accept the truth and it is historically regularly documented that they will kill also women and children as casualties of war.  The truth and reality of this decades long ongoing human experimention program is not in them, nor can it be.  If so they would suffer the same fate, as untold numbers of Targeted American civilians, including military retirees exposing the truth are and suffering at their hands and again, reported nationwide.  





Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 12.25.00 AM

 NOVEMBER 11, 2022, 12:45 AM









If you energy weapon beam cook tissue, organs and joints, relentlessly, eventually using ionizing radiation areas of focus will suffer necrosis.  This is also true with nonionizing radiation used from the cadre of military beamed electromagnetic weapons, systems and devices today now targeting the civilian population  across the USA.  Necrosis is the death of body tissue. It occurs when too little blood flows to the tissue after the beamed weapons repeatedly cook away water and blood needed to sustain health. Necrosis can be from injury, radiation, or chemicals. Necrosis cannot be reversed. When large areas of tissue die due to a lack of blood supply, the condition is called gangrene.


Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 1.39.36 PM





Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 6.07.34 PM









“True, Lockheed Martin doesn’t actually run the U.S. government, but sometimes it seems as if it might as well. After all, it received $36 billion in government contracts in 2008 alone, more than any company in history. It now does work for more than two dozen government agencies from the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy to the Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s involved in surveillance and information processing for the CIA, the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Pentagon, the Census Bureau, and the Postal Service…”


Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 7.44.36 PM


Lockheed Martin is 10 minutes away depending on traffic light stops. They actually are one of the drones position over my house in a triangular pattern for beamed torture with military drones.
Lockheed has recruited a neighbor, specifically Spear who is a Marine Reservist and Robles who has an Aerospace background connected to the military.
In the video below, my home security cams captured the elderly woman who supervises both cops working the garage of Spear and Robles’ next door to Spear as their Handler. You see them setting up of the deadly garage operation directly across the street from me. The Lockheed Martin woman is taking them one step closer and closer to high-tech murder with her weekly visits and the appearance of a sweet old granny.

Lockheed Martin is not only literally making a killing testing weapon systems and devices along with military personnel, cops and federal agents targeting the civilian population and billion dollars sales, but also on human guinea experimentation, testing weapons and training everyone.




NOTE:  As the creator of this blog, I too can also 100% guarantee and have witnessed Lockheed Martin training official personnel working at the Nelson house, a major targeting set up around me.  The family is MIA and enjoying free mortgage payments, which commenced shortly after I saw the FBI enter including other locations.  Subsequently USAF and Navy personnel begin operating from compliant neighboring locations, with this home, Nelson, including Robles who has a retired Aerospace background, and Spear recruited for employment and the Rodriguez house next door North.  This is a military, Navy family and perfect for targeting with their garage less than 50 feet from my bedroom.  I have tons of hopeful shielding placed against the wall in a vain attempt to lessen the beamed assaults from this specific location and the son, again Navy working with USAF personnel.

Screen Shot 2023-03-04 at 10.28.38 PM




Across the nation, in growing numbers, corrupt leadership of the military, law enforcement, DOD contractors, and recruited civilian personnel trained on deadly weapons, are sitting behind beamed technology, systems, and devices, in-home viewing with official personnel using no-touch torture invented by Lockheed Martin as just one contractor, including mind invasive, patented, subliminal influence systems and device.  The torturous microwave beam is used for subjugation torturing people both inside and drone tracked outside their homes.  

In my case, as I have reported throughout this blog, military technology in widespread use within this official heinous high-tech targeting program that has crippled me twice with two surgeries.  Believe it or not, this was done by using the microwave Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) beam that slow-cooked the fluid from my hip joints, resulting in Necrosis. While I endured drone and through the wall technology harassment, death threats, laughing, and ridicule, “Ha, ha, ha… She can’t walk” during 24/7 monitoring and tracking. They watched me limping in pain to their monstrous delight then while in the hospital for surgery began beam cooking the other leg in the same area.



Today, I wake each morning with beamed assaults to my knees. I have had no injury to my knees, nor had I when both of my hip joints were deteriorated by the military COINTELPRO backed DOD contractor operation set-up around me.  In fact, during a  doctor’s appointment, 7/28/2021, the young doctor was confused how the damage to my hip joints occurred and questioned asking had I even had Sickle Cell. 



Cautious, as most should be when explaining this program to doctors because of the mental illness tag and the intentionally created “government conspiracies” label strategically listed in the Psychiatry DSM as delusions, part of the official cover-up for DECADES, I asked him “Do you really want to know?” 



Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 10.48.02 AM






Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 8.12.32 PM


Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 8.22.08 PM


The image above is what I believe is a fruitless attempt, from the corner house behind, everyone involved in this effort around me use.  This appears to be an attempt to discredit me using Project Bluebeam technology specifically by the   military and their Lockheed Martin trainers.  Several of the images above, revealing setups in locations they are using, after taken and enlarged on my Iphone, appear to have Alien Greys infused around the images.

Frankly they are wasting their time on this one with me.  I am not onboard the alien bandwagon, and recognize this as a well known attempt and a typical coverup used specifically by the USAF to mask top secretive mass human experimentation as well as advanced technology development.  

The fact is, everything the Government wants covered up becomes a Conspiracy Theory.






This program has two hopes one, that the target will be frightened out of exposing the covert set up fearing a trip to the psych ward which they setup.   And, if any target does expose the truth, the recruited community will band together, sworn to secrecy under bogus National Security Orders and deny awareness or use of their homes or being paid by this program within an elaborate scheme.  If a contrived trip to the psych ward is successful, and if they are lucky, targets will be force medicated for further psychotic medication discrediting with many official players involved, again for $$$, with corrupt elements of the Association of Psychiatry fully aware, of this hidden program hope to keep it this way.

Frankly their major hope, relentlessly, by any means necessary is to keep the encroaching shame and disgrace from the public at large as exposure looms.  In reality what these individuals are doing is hideously logical for those proven to be ego-driven, borderline sociopath narcissist, handpicked and selected for these specific personal traits.  

Military personnel on an assigned mission, off base and working in communities doing extreme physical damage using these weapons as part of their weapon training for military war purposes.  

Exposure remains my method of choice, in the war for my life using the truth.

As always, I will keep everyone posted, as the health deteriorating effects of the ongoing “people cooking” beam escalates around me by again, an obvious segment of the mentally ill, sadistic military, and corrupt cops, and their training with the mobilized combined COINTELPRO.

The fact is no one is exempt, men, women or children from  high-tech experimentation and destruction of lives by people who are essentially officiated criminals, clean-shaven, suited and in uniform who most believe are without a soul.  However, the fact is, evil in high places, are running this unbelievably, horrifically, corrupt, cruel and unjust program that frankly doesn’t care about those at the helm either used useful idiots / puppets.

Former Naval Officer, David Voights, Targeted, as well, confirms Directed Energy Weapon torture  on civilians across the nation.   In his Press Release, dated June 2016, he confirmed that US citizens have been marginalized, viciously, as human lab rats for ongoing training on various type of psychophysical, mind invasive, mind control, patented technology in full use today by both military and law enforcement becoming a unified COINTELPRO turned on the civilian population, post 9/11.  

The fused effort or “Fusion Center” initiative encompasses all levels, federal, state and local law enforcement, and secret police units at the helm of heinous systems and devices.  Disgracefully, our military of “Order Followers” have been unleashed and turned on the civilian population and playing a pivotal role for military intel and leadership.  Let’s face it, nor can we look the other way.  What the military is doing is what they are trained for and after signing up, they become empty vessels who do what they are told.    


Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 8.58.51 AM



“The largest undercover force the world has ever known is the one created by the Pentagon over the past decade. Some 60,000 people now belong to this secret army, many working under masked identities and in low profile, all part of a broad program called “signature reduction.” The force, more than ten times the size of the clandestine elements of the CIA, carries out domestic and foreign assignments, both in military uniforms and under civilian cover, in real life and online, sometimes hiding in private businesses and consultancies, some of them household name companies…”   




Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 6.53.50 PM





 MAY 12, 2021





The question is, within the DOD contractor, Military COINTELPRO, who is the leader and who actually approves this specific type of official high-tech strategic assassination which many report nationwide as progressing?  The only way this program could exist is only if it is government-sanctioned. 

“Targeted Citizens” are reporting official slow-kill operations by approving agencies using some of the lowest level of people on Earth, playing God, with approval to marginalize human lives as lab rats.  And, as stated previously, many suffering reports it as spearheaded, overseen, and orchestrated by “Fusion Centers” aka, in my case in Los Angeles County, the Joint Resource Intel Center (JRIC) with similar setups across the nation.  

Once upon a time, law enforcement arrested murderers and those attempting murder but today are playing an official role.  Today, in joint, high-tech targeting operations are aligned with our military, military grade weapon systems and devices, and DOD contractors, and reportedly today is officially committing covert, high-tech atrocities ruthlessly.




Karen 1

Karen 2

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.43.03 PM

J. Stephen Tidwell, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles, William J. Bratton Chief of Police Los Angeles, and Lee Baca Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles, from left, speak at a news conference at the Joint Regional Intelligence Center in Norwalk, Calif. on Thursday, July 27, 2006. Hoping to better secure Southern California against attacks, federal and local law enforcement agencies have banded together to create a first of its kind command center to improve intelligence sharing on terrorist threats. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)


NSA whistleblower, Karen Melton-Stewart, maliciously TARGETED details the official, unified, high-tech targeting program, on her mission for full disclosure of this horrific crime.

I concur.

As stated previously, beginning aggressively on May 10, 2021, it has been, yet again, persistent microwave “Brain Beam” focus on my head day after day and slow cooking of my heart and irradiation of tissue, organs, and joints.  The documented fact is that these weapons, operate typical of microwaves that cook human beings, tissue, organs, and joints, like a piece of meat in a microwave oven, slowly but surely, and this is plainly understood within the strategic objective in community set-ups and training for war.  They believe this way, the slow but sure damage can be written off as natural.

Many across the U.S.A. are working tirelessly to expose this official MONSTROSITY as shown below.

May 5, 2021
Senator Mark Warner
Chair Senate Intelligence Committee
703 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington DC, 20510
Senator Marco Rubio
Vice-Chair Senate Intelligence Committee
284 Russell Senate Office Bldg
Washington DC, 20510
Dear sirs,
Enclosed you will find two previously written letters in regard to the illegal use of Directed Energy Weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction) by domestic terrorists inside the United States for many years now. One mailed to the Congressional DEW Caucus in 2019 warning them that these weapons had been loosed covertly on the American public and the other – my affidavit sent out to various entities as to my own investigation into why and how and by whom I had been illegally targeted as a legitimate whistleblower with these torturous, cruel, and lethal, high tech stealth weapons.
I am a retired National Security Agency Intelligence Analyst. I was attacked and illegally fired for asking the NSA IG George Ellard to investigate why my 6- month series of Top Secret reports leading up to Operation Iraqi Freedom had been credited to another woman, who contributed not one iota but had slept her way through the managers in the NSA Weapons and Space Directorate. My supervisor USAF Major Sonja McMullen in Baltimore and co-worker Gary Willinski of Baltimore have direct knowledge of the fact that my work and the intended double promotion it garnered, was stolen. Yet, I was attacked, defamed, stalked, viciously harassed, set up and illegally fired (2010) in whistleblower retaliation. NSA withdrew their Security goons and Fusion Center run civilian Infragard stalkers when they decided that they had won the illegal battle to set me up to be fired.
I sued NSA and my lawsuit was accepted by the EEOC (2010). It sat eight years on the docket. In 2015 when my lawyer applied for a subpoena that Implicated NSA SES Flag Badger in a break-in to my home multiple times and tampered with my work computer, NSA coerced the judge to ignore the subpoena, then arranged for the stalking harassment to start anew in Florida where I had temporarily moved in late 2014. When the psyop of vicious 24/7 stalking by FDLE/Fusion Center operatives and civilians failed to intimidate me, the Naval Security Group headquartered on Ft. Meade, MD. was asked to tell the Naval Security Group Base Commander to loan out his people and Directed Energy Weapons to a “special project” between the NSA, FBI, FDLE/FUSION CENTER, the Leon County Sheriff’s Department and civilian entities like Infragard, according to Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Canon. That special project was to infiltrate the Greenwood Hills neighborhood north of Tallahassee, spread rumors that I was a dangerous pedophile and had to be secretly murdered by Directed Energy Weapons “for the good of all”. And that the neighbors who cooperated or participated would be generously rewarded with tax dollars laundered through a third party into gift cards.
In late November 2015 I and my elderly parents (in their late 80’s began being hit with directed energy weapons. On the third day, my cat was killed – dessicated. My affidavit shows you I approached every logical authority to no avail. The Leon County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) and authorities above them up to and including the AG of Florida, Pam Bondi, preferred to think or claim to think the DEW were “fantasy” and do nothing despite proof of outrageous microwave/electromagnetic meter readings and other evidence as given them by an ex-NSA Intelligence Analyst.
I am sickened that many victims have been reporting this to most state and law enforcement authorities (and their Federal representatives) and have been ignored, mocked, blown off and even insulted. Some have even been thrown into mental health facilities for reporting 24/7 torture and injury by clearly unauthorized people (Domestic Terrorists) wielding such devices that meet the criteria to do similar or the very same harm as unique to the Havana Syndrome. It would appear Pandora’s box has been opened by rogue government entities, rogue law enforcement, rogue contractors, rogue military, and even a network of civilian mercenary gangs ready to set upon any victim a Fusion Center or military entity targets, regardless of the Constitution.
These devices must be made illegal, confiscated forthwith by a certain date, and it be made clear that possession of such a weapon henceforth carries a swift, severe, and immediate and irrevocable, unappealable punishment – even death. Otherwise, civilization simply cannot survive the proliferation of silent, deadly weapons any monkey can use, creating a doomed, predator – prey dystopia.
Karen M. Stewart
NSA Intelligence Analyst, 28 yrs.


Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 2.13.12 PM


Below are examples of reports of other high-profile target, making waves through exposure, of brainwashing, and torture, followed by a detailed look of how this program is set up around me.

It should be noted that Houses #5 and #10 as stated below, have evolved as specific locations for the modernized Lockheed Martin, high-tech COINTELPRO with military personnel working side by side, with federal agents, all been trained and at the helm of beamed torture systems and devices, denigration harassment and leadership.

The civilian public is today their horrific training playground, with this type of cruel, unjust, official military training mission originating from military bases across the nation, which, in my case, a major USAF military base a mere 30 minutes away including a Navy base and a Lockheed Martin Corporation building 10 minutes away.

A look back in history documents that Nazi mind controlled and programming specifically of young men, and women, became a major focus of Operation Paperclip Nazi scientist bought to this country after World War II and continues creating a herd.  Those involved appears to be so deeply programed to the point of being devoid of consciousness to the inhumane cruelty, and destruction of lives, with no one exempt, being created while hiding behind these beamed weapons.   

The goal of the Nazi agenda was to continue human experimentation testing program of the Nazi Concentration Camps on again, civilians,  men, women, and children, after World War II in a program of nonconsensual human experimentation today that for DECADES has evolved into a well-oiled hideous machine, that has destroyed many lives.  

The cold, hard truth is that MK Ultra never ended and that our military, again, is heavily involved in ongoing military mind control programs for DECADES, with specific alphabet agencies which has in turn cause many whistleblowers, myself included, to step up to the plate.




As many across the nation endured horrific inhumane destruction of their lives, at the hands of military personnel with some being called the “N” word, the programming of military personnel for racial hatred is obvious.  It also is sad with Black men and women serving this country as part of the military forces.  It makes a soldier think that it best not to be next to them, while during a miliary shoot out.









The fact is, the tactics, PsyOps, etc., and far worse, are a matter of course for the FBI.  The exception today is the addition of deadly beamed weapons added to the equation now used, to decrease the target’s lifespan, by beamed deterioration of health.  Civilians across the nation have also been recruited as part of various types of community programs for example “Neighborhood Watch.”




Civilian Spies, also known as “Covert Human Intelligence Sources” are recruited from every level and sector of society. Remember anyone the Targeted Individual comes into contact with gets a warning about the target…”






There is a new method to control people, and to silence them. 

Pulsed microwave radio frequency radiation through-wall RADAR is a bullying and intimidation device on steroids to modify behavior and to force compliance by terrorizing a person with pain, with the intent to incite, provoke and aggravate, and designed to humiliate and shame.
There are more than just the diplomatic corps that are being clandestinely assaulted with microwave energy.
Joint Congressional Hearings & DOJ Investigation of Microwave Assaults on U.S. Citizens. ~ Helena Csorba
“Tinfoil hats won’t stop it. Copper pots won’t stop it. And your home is not safe.  When Helena Csorba refused the advances of a police chief in her neighborhood, her life began to become a living Hell. First, it was just being ticketed every other week, but as technology advanced, she began to be targeted with microwaves. What she learned about them and how they have been used against her, as well as thousands of other Americans is disturbing and yet, no one seems willing to step up on behalf of her and others like her.” ~ Sons of LIberty









MARCH 10, 2022

Thank you for your courage!





The personnel at the helm of this technology, 100%, are official military and police, or in some cases those who have been officiated in some capacity and now earning their living through “The Program” and bonus, cars, house payments.  Who could resist?

When you have publications, i.e., Amazon books, 100 blogs, and a world viewed website accurately detailing and exposing the truth of what is covertly happening today, you can become a threat and a mobilized effort to silence, discredit, deny, and destroy, is taken to a whole new level!


UPDATE MAY 14, 2021

This property has several people living there, Carlos Paul Ornelas’, Yamagata, Garcia, Curtiss, and K. Jones and Erin C. Jones it appears previously.  When I see this many in an over 3000 sq. ft. house, it appears to be renting room which would also make it perfect for official use by the USAF person, I have seen also operating at the Tammy Knight and Pradham, houses next to this one left, being number’s 1 and 2 and it the right corner behind me of the two.  It is the house with the ?  It is now 100% being used by this military and high-tech COINTELPRO official criminal elements involved in this program.   As shown above, I had always questioned when and if this location would become another slow-kill operation location because of its proximity knowing from personal experience that houses front, back, side to side around the target are typically primary recruited locations for this official criminal program to set up while, as repeatedly stated, alternating around the community to various locations.  

This question is, do neighbors know that this program really is?  In reality, it is a program set-up for a high-tech, strategic, covert slow-kill mission?  In fact, as I update this post, June 21, 2021, the heart beam assaults with a drone positioned over this house for the job is proceeding with the apparent mission.  Again, one thing is certain, the beamed verbal harassment is definitely now coming from this location now fully loaded as well.


The bogus “Terrorist Watchlist” is being used as a cover and cover-up for ongoing mass and social population control military and intel program nationwide which includes reported global human experimentation.  The beam is also again, beginning a renewed focus on slow cooking my breasts as well.

Sadly, we have been expertly, again, expertly, programmed and brainwashed that they are heroes and they simply are not.  I cannot wrap my mind around horrific death and destruction including many of their very own lives lost.


*EXCELLENT READ FOR AWAKENING* “Who is in Control of our Mind” by Karin Pekarcik






Kam 5

In late March of 2021, this blog which originated in 2016, was deleted from my computer.  It was a detailed blog revealing the structure of the official high-tech targeting program around me.  It had served its purpose by exposure of and keeping this program operating cautiously around me, and likely prevented a quick official assassination strike due to the popularity of these blogs, across the U.S. and globally. When it was deleted, the official operatives, monitoring my every move, internet, social posts, phone, etc., etc., etc., showed up the next day, returning back into the community with a vengeance likely erroneously believing I was scared.  I am not.  And if they let me see them, because they want me too I will report it.

Below is an updated version of how the Neighborhood Watch Program is used along with indoctrinated “Citizen Volunteers.” 

When I first moved here purchasing this house, the stage had been set for my arrival as it had in every place I lived since 2006. As a result, the mobilized program, which employs what many believe, the lowest type of human beings on the planet with socio and psychopath tendencies, officiates them as soldiers and low-level law enforcement, for a covert techno torture mission.

Normal people would think that what they are doing is wrong. “Thou shall not kill.” However, with the intense mind control program indoctrination of military personnel and police heavily recruited from the military, now working secret police high-tech human experimentation targeting and torture units, it is not. If the government sanctions the covert murder of someone, “Order Followers” no matter which agency they work for does what they are told with apparently their humanity and humane consciousness programmed out of them.

The day that I was set to move in after buying this house and signed off on final paperwork, a welcome to the community gift was left on the porch inspired by this corrupt program. In a gift bag, and thrown on the window of the house in two locations was dog poop.  There was also property damage, typical of this program, which was not present when looking at the house initially with a large window mysteriously cracked.



While driving around the community, a few weeks prior, I spotted the corner house behind me with a for rent sign in the yard.  Admittedly, my heart sank.   Research revealed it was once owned by a Los Angeles County Sheriff and purchased by an investment company.  The corner house today looks nothing like it did in the picture below, it looks far worse, taken in 2015 now with the parolees and Black cops living and using the location have trashed it.  Military personnel also use it. 

With so many going and coming, since 2015, sagging pants and all, today it appears to be a rundown halfway house, where various and a variety of occupants are not given enough money to water the grass if they wanted to, and they foolishly have lined a window in the front with aluminum foil with at times window broken out car windows parked out front.



Images above and below are from the LAPD Black cops using this location, corner house behind, as their operation center while working with their parolee sagging pants associates USAF and DOD Contractor trained.  I also have seen an infrared illuminated room there also while under beamed assaults by military personnel also using the corner house behind in the early stages.


Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 9.53.49 AM


From past experience, locations front, back, and on both sides of the target are used by official military and law enforcement, and in some cases DOD Contractors using microwave Directed Energy Weapons with the USAF, using Remote Neural Monitoring technology testing.  This is a widespread operation reported nationwide as set-ups in communities within this unified high-tech targeting program and effort of training that includes patented beamed subliminal influence on everyone who becomes unwitting human patsies for all types of official, human experimentation technologies by the military.  They do this to people mobilized around targets.  First an official meeting is held to recruit “Citizen Volunteers” where the target is designated horrifically in some many ways to mobilize community emotions, then while the target goes about the community running errand, the volunteers are provided an app to track your location.  The herd of programmed individuals, men women and children, show up with venomous hatred towards the target.  This happens, believe it or not, along with military psychotronic drones overhead tracking an d beaming negative emotions to Herd.  A target could be set up this way to be silenced permanently by a complete stranger who is programmed and brainwashed by the official monstrous culprits doing this by never leaving the operation center location setup. 

And, believe it or not, this is while also using patented psychological electronic (Psychotronic) weapons of various types to influence and control the consciousness and awareness of the community effortlessly making them blind and numb to the horrific truth.  

The goal is to ensure “mind control” compliance, that the community does not wake up to how monstrously wrong this is, and specifically that no one spills the beans. 








High-tech technologies, patented today for subliminal influence is in full use today on anyone and is antediluvian.






Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 9.15.29 PM





The goal is to ensure synthetically created, high-tech hatred is directed at the target and it effortlessly done, believe it or not, by beamed, patented, subliminal influence technologies that the USAF has been using for DECADES with intel agencies within a massive human experimentation program. In this monstrous program today, absolutely no one is exempt including their recruits now puppets of technological influence from a central neighborhood set-up.

When I saw the corner house behind vacant, I wondered how long it would take to get an operation up and running there and get this house established. From past experience, it takes around 6 months to literally move in.

It did not take long, by March of 2015, the corner house was fully operational with personnel from the LAPD techno torture unit, Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response Division (RACR) which is the little-publicized LAPD high-tech operation center housing some of the dirtiest cops in LAPD’s history operating from the so-called “War Room.” Although planned with good intentions, these types of Terrorist Divisions have morphed into a covert, highly corrupt operation center targeting anyone, covertly, and for any reason under the Sun. Exposing this truth ranks high on the list for targeting purposes. LAPD is targeting citizens across Los Angeles County, using military-grade weapons, systems, and devices in the, again, unified effort and Fusion Center supervision, and today’s “Militarized Police State” with the unification of Federal, state, and local police with new, high-tech, deadly military weapons with military personnel and all working under one umbrella.  After setting up, shortly after the community recruitment process began.  







“An officer’s most critical value, aside from their heart and their compassion for people and dedication for service, is their integrity,” he said. “When that’s lost, it jeopardizes everything they’ve touched.”















Within the nationwide established model, the Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) is comprised of, using California as an example, the following cooperating agencies:

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Department of Homeland Security

State of California Department of Justice

Office of Homeland Security

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Los Angeles Police Department

Long Beach Police Department

Los Angeles Airport Police Department

Note military state-of-the-art high-tech operation centers nationwide are not shown.

The ACLU link below details the Intel Agency / Fusion Center and the military connection which now has access to classified military intelligence.  It is rare for any reporting agency today to confirm also the connection to unpublicized military advanced mind invasive patented psychophysical technologies.



I moved here in late 2014, by mid-2015, shortly after, while working inside my garage and front yard, I witnessed specific neighbors returning from the official meeting held by the African American LAPD torture unit who show up when any black person is targeted.  They are allowed to specifically target the black community only.  The USAF, FBI, are approved to target any and everyone with the beamed electromagnetic weapons and also, horrifically use the mind invasive patented technologies on anyone including them and children.  I saw house #7 husband and wife and, #10 husband, and wife, returning from this now official leased location which to this day, now 2021, has become the nucleus of the operation around me as part of the overall effort.  After this, a few months later, parolees were moved in.  About a month later house #7 wife, silly people, retired and out of something to do waiting for me to step outside after a UPS delivery to rush to her door and say, “They are getting ready to get her.”  LOL!

Research would later reveal that house, #3 is owned by an investment company after once owned by a Los Angeles County Sheriff.  This is how it became affordable for the parolees with it becoming one of the extremely rare Section 8 houses in this community where 80% of the rent is subsidized by the government.  This made the location affordable for official use within the targeting and training program for the parolees.  They are used for obvious reasons, specifically due to fear and resulting loyalty.  Actually, this program seeks a specific type, no matter what race, to officiate in one way or another as revealed in the link below detailing the “The Ghetto Informant Program.”  

Older retirees, young white boys, and basically again anyone who will join forces has absolutely no use for the truth of this being factual ongoing human experimentation.  Everyone else has figured it out, why haven’t they?  It simple, disbelief puts food on their table!



A few months later, driving past the corner house behind, on my way to run errands, familiar with the “Standard Operating Procedure, dating as far back as 2008, and it now 2015, I witnessed USAF in uniform going inside along with African American LAPD Black secret police involved in human experimentation.  I document these agencies and personnel as horrifically corrupt in my Amazon book series, which they are not pleased, and in the early stages asked me to take down.   Today the beam torturing from this location continues to this day in this location’s role in this program overall.  

With the USAF arrival, the military official training began specifically on drones and mind invasive psychophysical weapon systems and devices, with the parolees and specific role-playing neighbors on beamed harassment devices allowing remote viewing inside the target’s home. The training spread quickly through the recruited community, and again given and using see-through-the-wall devices for this purpose alone.  Their role is to harass, degrade and torment the target combined with the official military microwave beamed torture, relentlessly around the clock hoping to push the target over the edge. As the mobilization unfolded, they now had my full attention.  Why because in awareness, with my life on the line, detailing what is now well established always depends on accuracy.  

Proven many times, they refuse to accept that I am not a lab rat.   The fact is, it is my type of many of all races of which this program specifically focuses on who becomes their sick challenge, and hope to destroy the strength and inner self.  This is where constant degradation plays a pivotal role and you have to have tough skin.  They are not after the programmable in this country, which includes themselves, but those who have proven, time and time again, not programmable over many years with most taken through the wringer starting as children.




By providing technology with the ability to see inside their homes, to the recruited and community, it is clear that this program wants to violate targets in any way and every way possible.  Key is the lack of intimacy and privacy inside homes which many reports initially is emotionally devastating of which was once a Constitutional, Fourth Amendment Right of protection inside private residences.  The community, specifically the neighborhood men, for example, house #? who moved in 2018, apparently enjoy the capability of seeing inside where women and men can no longer shower, dress or, undress without lewd and lascivious beamed comments, or personal insults beamed through the communications system. This includes verbal sexual harassment and threats of being raped as part of the PsyOps terror campaign.  

Case and Point:

As a single woman, typically the type targeted, there are times when you have no choice but to hire Day Laborers, who linger around HomeDepot for jobs that require strength, heavy lifting, digging, or building, as I did for creating a retainer wall for a raised flower bed during a back yard landscaping project unless you want to pay an arm and a leg.

As usual, USAF personnel, set up and using #10 and #5 houses, with the LAPD goons, the corner house behind, began targeting the workers, who are testing a variety of mind invasive and microwave-beamed assault weapon system and devices on the public.  

I learned early on to be careful when I hire Day Laborers. Once after hiring two Mexicans to rototill the ground and amend the soil on a 800 square foot area in preparation for planting a flower bed, their presence took a cautionary turn.  The two hired were happy to be employed and grateful for work that day.  I did not notice a change in their demeanor until on my property, and subsequently under the radar of the beamed Remote Neural Monitoring influencing technology.  As shown in this blog, several houses are set up and operated by LAPD and military personnel, including two civilians, Jason Spear who now earns his living as a DOD Contractor.  Lockheed is about 10 minutes away and is heavily involved in training official personnel and recruits on various types of electromagnetic technologies.  Suddenly two began to look at me as if I was now lunch.  I observed the Lockheed connection around me when once I saw a Drone that had followed me around town, land on top of the huge building within my community. 




Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 9.39.38 PM

DETAILED LINK–A-Technology-Used-For-Controlling-Human-Brain


Using the military-grade system, exampled below for subliminal influence, and beamed verbal harassment, the operator at the helm was not only beaming “rape” for me to hear inside the house to scare me but apparently also the same thing to the two Mexican workers.  This was clear when one of them switched to a totally different energy now directed at me, a surprising menacing stare as one glared back at me as if possessed.  The clincher, without a doubt, was that he now also had a bulge in his pants likely from the patented, high-tech technology which can stimulate a person sexually and an erection.  Combined with the beamed influence from the operator, this could seriously detrimental to me, the game plan, when used to influence someone to harm me.   Be assured that the official operator at the helm of the beamed system could care less about them or me, focused on destroying them who had become useful as puppets in the techno terror if I was not aware, thank God!  




Recently, on April 5, 2021, as this project comes to a close, I needed a drip system for 50 plants which could have cost more than I was willing to pay.  Again, I am very selective, or try to be, with who I choose, typically old men, however, the problem is, with anyone, that I am up against the treachery of those at the helm of mind invasive technologies who are focused on me, wanting to destroy me, around to do harm and silence me.  Using others by subliminal influence due to highly perfected, patented technology is effortless and while sitting behind a computer-guided psychotronic, weaponized drone.  When the worker on this day started talking about having visions and prophesy I was immediately cautioned.  In my mind, I instantly thought he may be being toyed with like so many, millions targeted in this massive military mind control human experimentation program, where dream manipulation is also a reported part of the experimentation, and this aspect experienced and factually reported by many, highly credible human experimentation in this massive program dating back decades.




When I realized this and he likely a puppet, my objective was to be as kind as possible, which I am naturally, get the job done and get him off my property as soon as possible and not to offend anyone.  Again, they can, will and are influencing anyone, then wait for the target to say or do something that will ignite the programming of the puppet.  

Believe it or not! 

Thank goodness this project is finally over.  A backyard that was once weed-ridden in Spring each year, is now a drought-tolerant flower garden. 

Incidentally, while talking with the worker about his so-called prophesies and dreams, and being consoling that anything is possible, the neighbor in house #4 listened, and later that evening as I finished up another small project, long after they left, someone there called out weirdo.  I could not help but wonder if it was directed at me after listening to my conversation earlier.  However, the fact is the drone beamed communication system, by the stationary drone positioned over my house, can beam verbal harassment as well.  I thought okay if so, fair is fair, he may have overheard me telling someone that he looked like a werewolf one day.  At one time, an FBI agent was using this home.  They watched me gardening in the yard and came outside just to say, “They say she’s a Ho!”  

House #5, belonging to an LAPD officer, you must admit makes the perfect location for the “Blue Code of Silence.”  The homeowner is not only one of their own, an LAPD officer, but also an employee of the agency involved in the LAPD secret police unit testing this technology across Los Angeles County.  

I saw with my own two eyes, familiar FBI enters and set up there as their personal targeting location familiar with their faces used off and on.  They unfolded an elaborate deceptive set-up.  They park the gold SUV they drive, in house #6’s driveway.  

What is amusing is that the car being used by the family, the granny, they want people to drive their vehicles to create the perception of it being the family vehicle.   I factually saw a “For sell” sign in the window of the real family SUV which was sold.   Seizing the opportunity, in their ongoing PsyOps, about a month later a replica returned driven by Federal Agents and alternating use by military personnel using the LAPD officer’s home next door.  

Again, and again, I can guarantee this will be vehemently denied.  It is the mobilized community against me and the lies they have told to keep monstrous human experimentation hidden.  Know of a surety that accuracy is likely part of the main reason I am still alive and this includes my pointing the finger at who is running this program, in books, blogs, website, etc.  This is why the strategic, elaborate set-up around me is necessary.

On April 19, 2021, after returning early from an out-of-state visit, I watch the person targeting me from this location pull up and return as well documented on my security cam.  They thought I would be gone for two weeks, however, after creating high-tech chaos around my family I returned early.

This was not only amusing, I don’t fit the narrative, but I also lost respect for her as a so-called professional trying to stir up something that is a lie of which these officials 100% know is a lie but will tell the community to mobilized hate and useful hatefulness against the target to justify what they are really doing after becoming their duped accomplices.  

One thing is certain, you can clearly tell the direction of which the beamed harassment is coming in most cases, as well as, the direction of the repetitive death threats from various set-ups where military personnel are at the helm of weaponized systems and devices and drone beams in this hideous, again hideous corrupt program.  

Many are in an ongoing battle for the truth and actually want them in the open hoping for transparency and judicial intervention and have tried many times.  They can’t come into the open unless there is a successful set-up and will also make a great effort to sabotage any official judicial efforts.  Why?  What they are doing is horrifically, inhumanely, monstrously wrong, not to mention barbaric. As a result, those involved creep using garages, patios, parallel bedrooms in compliant locations for $$$ and pretend it is the target who is wrong.  This results in a division of their minds resulting in programmed mental illnesses within the herd due to the denial of the truth used to justify torture or worse.  

The last thing those involved want to admit is that many have been used for experimentation since childhood, thousands, who today have become a major threat now awakened.  The truth shatters the fake reality and twisted desperation for importance.  Those involved are psychologically programmed to not accept it.  It does not compute.  If so, they would become useless to the official Handlers running this ruthless, official criminal program.  



Made in America, programmable, bitter, angry, psychotic self-hate, searching for purpose and leadership, mentally underdeveloped men, of all races, have been herded and congregate together as a specific type selected for this program.  Many have been officiated which includes Military Reserve and citizens officiated, who qualify, or used police Reserve Officer Programs then given a stipend of $50 a month.  

They compliment female target’s all day within their psychosis, using the Hypersonic Sound device while torturing both men and women, with the set-up military operation designed for war training of troops, backing it up with weaponized drone beamed microwave assaults.  Depending on how badly this program wants the target silenced based on notoriety, the strategic goal of destroying the target’s health becomes the focus as opposed to a quick kill, by now officiated “Order Followers” obviously unstable.  The fact is, again, this is why they are sought and in these positions.  Again, after screening, the official supervisors, aka “Handlers,” know this in advance making them the perfect sycophants.  

When this program is revealed, and it surely will be, you can bet the lowest level of personnel, assigned to torturing targets slowly to death will be blamed as the only culprit and in this case, it’s true, however,  while under official supervision and approval.  

After bombarding by the official “Techno Torturers” by beamed electronic weapon assaults repetitively, and their low-level mind games and the so-called “street knowledge” of the black men fails, desperate to control the target they then begin threatening to destroy the target’s family and children or resort to the typical names they call good women.  Sadly, many have reported over the years that these are not a baseless threat.  Again, no one is exempt from human experimentation including military personnel themselves, the recruits, and police at a higher level.   Psychiatry has been onboard for DECADES through Intel Agency connections within the cover-up as detailed by Dr. Colin Ross below.

“Virtually every leading psychiatrist in North America between the 1940s and the 1970s was involved in some aspect of the CIA’s mind-control research.” Colin A. Ross, M.D








The officials overseeing this program have given the technology to those with obvious socio and psychopath tendencies and have expertly developed a herd mentality with like-minded souls up the chain of command. What is ludicrous is that a large part of the training is ongoing beamed verbal harassment and petty PsyOps.  This is where a combination of compliments, degradation, denigration, and death threats, is beamed into the target’s home.  It is also amusing that the pathetic effort calls the target crazy around the clock when in fact their actions have consistently proven they truly have psych issues whether this is part of the Psychological Operation (PsyOps) are natural to their overall personalities.  It takes a special breed to be successful in this program.  They reveal what many consider the evil deeds of nonhuman humans who have lost or has had, through intense programming, their consciousness of what is happening as being monstrously wrong removed from their psyche.




The insinuation of the target as crazy, in reality, is within the effort to convince the target that no one will believe the truth of this program, its structure, and set-up.  This program, over many years, has perfected the denial of the truth, in the name of higher-level agencies’ mass experimentation, where expert character assassination remains vital for silencing.  

Hang in there Target’s reading this blog.  

The truth is snowballing and is powerful in and of itself.

They are fighting a losing battle regarding this factual hidden program and its factual existence.  History has consistently proven that, ultimately, inevitable, the truth slowly but surely always wins.


Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 10.28.44 AM


Good women across the USA are being labeled as prostitutes and much worse by the pathetic, vicious men operating in this program who act more like girls than girls do.  Their game plan is sabotaging people and the environment around them.  For example, after the community has been duped that women targeted are prostitutes, a typical scenario, to continue the perception of the community as such, various types of high-tech games are played by the USAF at the helm of beamed technology.  In my case officially using house #10, now fully established as the operation center 24/7 focus and for quite some time. 

As shown below, not only I but many report the various, strategic, perception management protocol of this program after military personnel are reassigned to the targets communities and began working 8-hour rotating and alternating shifts with Federal Agents and cops involved in this program.  It must be clear, that this is an ongoing military Psychological Operation (PsyOps) high-tech training mission with military personnel and them unleashed on the public for high-tech human experimentation in communities across the nation.  

The creator of the link below is just one of many who details the official psychological games and antics.  I agree with him, a sense of humor is mandatory, finding their efforts amusing.  Targets should know that what they are doing is pure foolishness and should be ignored while remembering, they are set up in communities and on a training mission.

They are not sitting at these locations watching TV but working using a state-of-the-art, weaponized computer system equipped with psychotronic weapon weaponized guided drones that can influence the entire block effortlessly.  While the target sleeps they are strategizing for the take-down and community compliance is vital for success.  It is vitally important that the community does not see through the veil of official deceit, or awaken to the fact that this program is based on lies, told official liars, trying desperately within the cover-up to keep the truth and what they are really doing hidden.   The community is used as puppets by an official program oversee by higher levels of this program and again, and again, using petty psychological operations.


GangStalkers and Their Idiotic Antics Drive Me Crazy

Believe it or not, Remote Neural Monitoring technology, as stated previously is being used on everyone.  This is widely reported as part of ongoing military training on patented mind invasive technologies.   They also use, similar to the “Street Theater” link below, people to act out roles knowing neighbor’s are watching the target’s house and who is going and coming.  The gardener one day declare loudly, “I love you” which was not only weird but quite surprising one day for the neighborhood to hear.  He then showed up at your door with a personal tragedy.  I invited him in to see what was troubling him.  Although there are plenty of parking spaces in front of my home, where he normally parks, he has parked his truck around the corner to appear as if he is sneaking around to my house for a clandestine sexual encounter because the narrative sold to the community is the target is supposed to be a prostitute.  This has happened several times with me, with the neighbor in house #7 actually coming out and taking pictures when in all cases these are people doing work around the house for me or my yard.  Again, the neighbors had been programmed as this operation watch the final process for purchase and move in of this property before I arrived.

When I saw the gift bag poop the day before I moved in, there were two neighbors outside of whom I went to speak with to see if they would provide any information on who the culprit was although already knowing. I used it as an opportunity to give house #5 family and #7 a different view of how and why.  Again, the community had been recruited in advance of my arrival due to the 24/7 surveillance, as this operation watched successful progression towards the purchase, and it was too late.  It was me against rogue officials at odds of 20 to 1. 

Exposure levels the playing field and this is why exposure is vital and in some cases, the only resort target has when determined to fight an intelligent battle.

Shortly after speaking with the father and son, at #5 that day, cheering me on as a whistleblower, initially I might add, I later saw the FBI in their yard.  They were running an illegal car mechanic operation out of their garage, which could have been how they were manipulated into helping them.  For example, if you help us, we will not charge you.  

This was after the program watched and listened in real-time to my communication with them that day.  The objective is to have the entire community involved.  Later I also saw the FBI entering home #10, and naturally the LAPD officer neighbor’s home, #6 across the street.  This house is the perfect location for the “Blue Code of Silence.”  Over the years I have become familiar with many faces.  I don’t sit by the window spying and don’t have to.  I know the drill from experience the “Standard Operating Procedure.”  The fact is, this program wants to be seen as an act of intimidation.

Shortly after the LAPD setting the stage with the corner house meeting, with the Sheriff supplying the parolees, who also run a “Citizen Volunteer” program, and everyone brainwashed about the target, USAF personnel from the base about 30 miles away, begin setting up shop using garages, backyard patios, and parallel rooms in neighboring locations.  From this point on, the military quietly continues its high-tech assassination while training of war advanced technologies and the hope to create the perception with the target, strategically that it is neighbors behind the advanced technologies.  It is not neighbors operating drones and Directed Energy Weapons or the beamed assaults.  It is the military unleashed quietly on the civilian population using various types of bioelectric electromagnetic technologies to include mass mind control influence on everyone around the target now useful.



Little known to most Americans with the exception of targets living this heinous monstrosity is that we are now in an official, strategic, unified “Militarized Police State” that gradually unfolded Post 9/11. 










The Robles house, #9 is the home of a DOD contractor neighbor who is in the Aerospace industry. It quietly became a haven for military personnel as well, joining the strategic alternating of locations for beamed weapon assaults. However, the house closest to me is house #3 directly next door North and it is a major, primary location for relentless high-tech Directed Energy Weapon beamed suffering.  This is due to the garage proximity to my bedroom upstairs about 30 feet away.  I am heaving beamed cooked from this location and especially in the wee house of the morning.  The hope is for sleep deprivation and beamed torture crippling of my legs.




The top right USAF personnel works house #3 predominantly but alternates with #10.  I have seen him there many times with his partner assigned working #10 and alternating as well.  As you can see, in the image, one day, it obviously got hot in the garage so he took off his USAF military-issued combat boots to let them air out outside the door.  

The only way that I am being beamed tortured from under my bed up is by this operation working from the garage where I saw both setting up after both followed me here familiar with them before I moved in.  As a female veteran, I will say again, “Just because you are in the military it does not make you a hero.”  We have been so intensely programmed that we think that it does.  Less we forget, war is in the business of death and destruction and they are using civilians to train on psychophysical, ultimately covert kill technology.






ABSTRACT: A RFDE system includes an RFDE transmitter and at least one RFDE antenna. The RFDE transmitter and antenna direct high power electromagnetic energy towards a target sufficient to cause high energy damage or disruption of the target. The RFDE system further includes a targeting system for locating the target. The targeting system includes a radar transmitter and at least one radar antenna for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic energy to locate the target. The RFDE system also includes an antenna pointing system for aiming the at least one RFDE antenna at the target based on the location of the target as ascertained by the targeting system. Moreover, at least a portion of the radar transmitter or the at least one radar antenna is integrated within at least a portion of the RFDE transmitter or the at least one RFDE antenna.

I, and many across our nation, are being beamed tortured by military personnel unleashed for high-tech human experimentation and cops trained and using these weapons within the control nationwide grid. The goal is to push the target over the edge.

Strategically antennas are placed in neighboring locations. The personnel involved alternate, working in shifts 24/7, in my case are using the corner house behind. As I continue to report Pradham’s house directly behind, set up tonight, and also where the purple room illuminating surveillance system is set up.

The houses with antennas around me are Happoldt’s next door, South, lately beam cooking my breast, along with overhead drones, the Velasquez next door, North, beam cooking the same location of my head daily, and across the street a garage setup for recruited Spear’s house who is Military Reserve. This is where AA LAPD cops have been assigned.

Military personnel specifically alternate between the Rodriguez and Nelson houses. Houses front, back, and on both sides of a target’s home remain primary locations for antenna setups in a slow-kill system. This program is consistently trying to redirect the focus away from military personnel and military technology used massively today, instead to it being neighbors at the helm.

Why should regular citizens be at the helm when the technology is approved for human experimentation, specifically for military and cops who can be reassigned to a neighborhood then use compliant locations?




It is also there that I first saw again, the exact two USAF personnel who have been assigned to me since 2010.  The bushy-haired one drives the convertible white Solara with a tan convertible top, today parked in the driveway, and his partner driving the white mini-van also parked in #10’s driveway.  This house, again #10 became the nucleus for the military slow-kill operation similar to LAPD use of the corner house behind.  The two vehicles are the exact same vehicles with the same license plates I recorded a few years back who followed me here to continue their assigned torture mission and likely within the program and their success will likely get a promotion once the “Covert Kill” mission is accomplished.  

Note that these weapons are no longer “non-lethal” or “less-than-lethal” the way they are, reported widely, being used to silence whistleblowers, activists, or anyone exposing the truth.  The fact is, if repeatedly focused on tissue, organs, and joints, gradually the microwave energy cooks away vital tissue and organ bodily fluids, blood, by cooking the water molecules, and without any area of focus on the body gradually dies also known as necrosis.


This house remains a major operation for tactical surveillance for the mobilized military COINTELPRO housing numerous FBI agents, at any given time, and military personnel reassigned and working from this and other neighboring locations.  The program must get up close and personal by working in the target’s community beneficial in the high-tech psychophysical beam weapon targeting programs.  

I actually witnessed the family packing up and moving out, which will be vehemently denied, a few years ago.  This after seeing FBI agents making the rounds after I moved in then enter this location and two others, to set the stage, then a U-haul pulled up to the garage and the family packed and moved to a neighboring city.  When I posted recently online in late 2021, that records show they own the property but instead lived in a nearby city, the homeowner, and FBI after reading the post, had the homeowner bring his late model sports car and park it back in the driveway which had not been seen for 3 years.   When the family lived there it was never driven but sat on the street collecting dust.  The fact is who would turn down free mortgage payments?  

Paying to use a location is a common age-old tactic for the FBI as shown in the official link below and they are supplementing the income of several around me.  The beamed weapons they are using, alongside military personnel demand a neighboring location, for weaponized drones and portable beam operations from neighboring locations directly into the target’s house for torture.  Plus they know when you are leaving and stalk and discredit you within the community. 

As shown in the excerpt and link below, as stated, paying to use property is common for the FBI.


Screen Shot 2021-11-25 at 7.51.24 PMScreen Shot 2021-11-25 at 7.36.29 PM


(For purpose of these Guidelines, an undercover operation involves fiscal circumstances if there is a reasonable expectation that the undercover operation will–

(a) Require the purchase or lease of property, equipment, buildings, or facilities; the alteration of buildings or facilities; a contract for construction or alteration of buildings or facilities; or prepayment of more than one month’s rent;

NOTE: The purchase, rental, or lease of property using an assumed name or cover identity to facilitate a physical or technical surveillance is not an undercover operation for purposes of these Guidelines. However, since the expenditure of appropriated funds is involved, approval must be obtained from FBIHQ in conformance with applicable laws.


Again, they want to be close for the beamed weapon assaults of which demands use of neighboring locations to follow you around town discrediting you and controlling the citizen volunteers.  With some targets it can and is escalating into a strategic “slow kill” operation with plenty of time to spare now settled into the community, for $$$ and cleverly deteriorating a target’s health while working out of the office and in neighborhood field operation.

Again, the hoodrat LAPD Black cops working lead by the FBI and military weaponed trained, with parolees, for threats and harassment are operating from a Section 8 house, corner house behind a rare rental in this community of 99% homeownership.





Great effort is officially made by the agencies involved to hide the fact that the military has been turned on US citizens and is at war with thousands across the nation reporting this identical set-up as part of the deception to hide military personnel and technology.   The community also becomes puppets as role players and what is detailed also by many and commonly known as “Street Theater” psychological operations.



The image below is an example of the USAF official surveillance set-up at the #9 and #10 houses with #8, the only other African American on this block, obviously using the Sonic Weapon after his official recruitment as shown.

The question is, how much is a human life worth today marginalized as a human guinea pig for these agencies.  Uncle Sam is paying well for this mobilized effort reported across the nation.


Big Brother’s hand of monstrous, official CORRUPTION paying little man and family money for use of homes around targets, front back, side to side, used as locations, horrifically for covert military COINTELPRO drone beamed torture in government, criminal, covert, slow-kill operations.  They job is not done until the target is disfigured, crippled, or strategically dead.





Obviously, if the price is right, and one of the perks being mortgage payments, from the 715 billion dollars DOD Black Budget funding available for this program, some, or many will quite possibly turn a blind eye.


Above are houses #9 and #10 and the official surveillance set-up which act also as drone operation central location for the military guided Predator / Reaper drones along with the corner house behind where corrupt LAPD determined to stop exposure exist.  The ongoing hope is that the beamed assaults by the pain ray will push me over the edge.  It won’t!  Instead, after nearing 15 years, it has only served, obviously has pushed me into action.




Sonic Window


NOTE:  In the above image, also note the three circular lights seen in the house next door, which as stated previously is the main operation location for the military COINTELPRO, and specifically the top left small corner window.  The three lights is typically the beamed Sonic Weapon setup which they are 100% turning on me during the wee hours of the morning.  This is without a doubt a slow-kill operation set up around me!  This image was taken late November of 2021.

In June of 2021, house number 2, directly behind me, shown below, became fully operational as a LAPD / USAF surveillance location and also for the drone operated beamed assaults joining the Ornelas house next door of the three being used officially behind me.  The lavender color is the light that the military grade surveillance system emits shown in these three location. 


Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 9.27.05 PM








Jason Spear, prior Marine Corp, now Military Reserve personnel’s house is directly across the street. As shown in the above image revealing the Sonic Weapon setup faced my direction directly across the stree.  With him and the low level Black cops he associates with and invited into his home, for $$$, this program has found the perfect civilian assassins.  He is like many black men across the nation, who for over 400 years have become bitter, hateful and angry and with psych issues, and it obvious, and who also hate Black women who continue passed them up.  Their so-called “Massah” turns them loose on the Black community with deep seated psych issues for pay.  They have been emasculated in this country and are furious and it twisted.  

Their conditioning and fear does not allow them to think about who got them there, i.e., generational racism, disenfranchisement, poor education by design, instead knowing they could join the over 4,000 lynched in this country or the 40% African American in the prison system by design, although just 7 percent of the US population and who have become logical cowards and will do anything to survive.  Instead the hate is first directed inward then focused as sociopaths on those of the same race.   Spear, and those working with him are 100% at the helm at times of the “Heart Beam” targeting joining the others in rotating shifts with me a sitting duck inside my home.  They are slowly but surely focused on again leg crippling described in Book III in my book series.  

Spear has been working, since I came around first with Black cops then officiated with Lockheed Martin which has given him the ability to stay afloat during COVID as a Contractor and pretend he is now somebody official.  

Lockheed has always been connected to the USAF Directed Energy Weapon testing and targeting programs.  Spear’s Handlers, those like him, black men from the hood, who are appear to be psychotic, recently reported he is jealous of me.  This is key to his hatred of himself.  Jealous of what?  Or it is subliminally beamed from the military setup around controlling everyone.  It is understandable when you look at him.  He has an obvious Napoleon Complex, again, many short of stature, with a big booming voice, or so he thinks, and likely has always wanted to be more than what he is or angry at the card that life has dealt him.   Whether fact or fiction, “THEY” will kill for this program, guaranteed!  






One day, Spear motionless stood by a tree staring into space. apparently after recruited now USAF mind controlled puppet with pay, and a look of pure evil possession in his eyes.  Where did it come from?  It comes from the seed planted inside him with what this program tells the community which is reinforced by psychotronic drones subliminally influencing everyone.


Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 11.08.23 PM




Anyone exposing the truth is a logical threat…


The FBI is also known for recruiting mentally unstable individuals to commit terror acts, helping them develop illegal plots, and then arresting them at the last minute. Afterward, the agency can brag that they “stopped terrorism” through their “sting” operations when it was they themselves who acted as a terrorist organization by creating the plan and assisting the terrorists to complete it…”


Black cops and an officiated criminal element of the USAF, suffering from deep seated psychosis are again, and again microwave beam slow-cooking my heart. They have strategically lowered the beam frequency for extended duration, but you can still feel it and tell the difference and the result gradually, ultimately is the same.

The fact is “Birds of a feather flock together” and up the Chain of Command, obviously!



After I captured a picture of him and his wife Amy sitting behind the beamed weapon, circled in white above admittedly blurred, in the upstairs room parallel to my bedroom across the street, with an African American trainer standing behind, knowing I was on to them as they watch me inside my home, they then put the image bottom left up to the window which is, if you look closely, an image appearing to be Jesus with a boy, etc.   They have done this as well with the corner house behind when occupied by military personnel, in their case they put up a window cover of Grey Aliens looking my way.  It was amusing because I won’t believe in aliens until I see them with my own two eyes!

Eye ptosis, in Spear’s left eye in this case, is also seen with many weak minded mass shooters, believed to denote long term mind control programming.  This is detailed in one of Hendricus Loos patents which specifically manipulates the nervous system and is combined with subliminal influence which jolts that nudge a puppet into action to kill for their military Handlers operating from another location.   This is also why military personnel move into the community and set up, such as the Nelson’s house, to mind control and influence anyone they can.  

No one is exempt from military, today police and Federal Agent Remote Neural Monitoring mind control and mind invasive technologies.

See also an earlier Mass Shooter’s Blog on this site, and possible MKULTRA mind control, of which I say to readers, “Believe it or not!”

As I updated this blog with this addition and they read along, I heard the optical eye of the in home surveillance pull out of my bedroom making the typical noise it makes, and immediately the beamed deterioration to my heart stopped immediately.  Years of experience has taught me, this is always temporary, for now.  The fact is, these people are on the payroll.  This program becomes their means of putting food on their table while savagely, viciously, inhumanely and criminally, by official assignment, destroying lives widely reported nationwide and could careless in their altered consciousness.

Believe it or not!

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 11.56.20 AM

It appears #8, who first had LAPD using his location, now with the Sonic Weapon showed in the window downstairs inside his house targeting my nervous system, of which will be vehemently denied, guaranteed, is now one of the few to be officiated as a DOD Contractor which then allows the use of the official technology by a neighbor and employment.  Both Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman are minutes away, and typically these contractors are always around military bases.  Both are heavily involved in military technologies, research, TESTING, and development.

One thing is certain, I and many targeted for a high-tech slow kill, understand, from personal experience and by watching this program unfold in action is again, the community will band together behind this criminal targeting program and deny knowledge of these weapons or the set-up around targets and using their locations.  This actually the message by repeatedly taunting the target as being crazy.

See also the USAF “Targeteer” program blog on this site for further details, and also the blog and confirmation by two NSA whistleblowers that this program hides using neighboring locations.  See also the “Strategic Slow-Kill…” blog as well. 

On one occasion, using the #3, as shown below, it must have gotten hot and sweaty for one of the USAF personnel working in the garage beam torturing me.  As shown he sat his military combat boots outside to air out.   Note that the two military personnel spearheading the training are known as “Targeteers” by the military and that the images are not them but those who look very similar to how both look.  

Note that since they arrived, they look different.  This is because they work as civilians now from houses in communities where, for example their hair has grown out and are casually dressed.  

I again, ask, “Do short frail looking boys have something to prove as well?”  These two have obviously been programmed they are on a top-secret, deadly official kill mission.  They also, based on the beamed harassment and drone beamed assaults, have been programmed, since childhood they are better than other human beings, which screws their heads up, when they actually are not, thus the repetitive “N” word. 



House #3 is a Navy Reserve family parent’s home with the Navy personnel who appear to be assigned out of state.  The location the perfect another location similar to the LAPD officer’s home,  with agencies involved, to use. The fact that I actually saw with my own two eyes, the same USAF military personnel, both of them, who were set up in the apartment complex I live in 2010, before moving here there.  They simply followed their assignment, me with both beamed torturing me within an inch of life prior, before I moved here and again by 2015 settling in the garage and using the community overall in one way or another.

The military drone operation Panasonic Toughbook, shown in the bottom right of the above image is the portable system used to operate a weaponized drone and for Directed Energy Weapon beamed assaults which can also include a remotely guided antenna strategically placed on a person’s property, etc., and guided by personnel for ongoing Active Denial System, “Pain Ray” torture from a different location.  Again, the shown images of the two culprits are only examples.  The community is 100% familiar with them guaranteed and by name.






After the FBI, USAF, and LAPD meeting with the community, with their influence now on the community achieved, I must clearly state that neighbors are not at the helm of these weapons.  From my experiences, over many years, as stated previously, many become simple role players.  The modus operandi is staged theater and various types of Psychological Operation, acts of intimidation, mobilized, organized stalking using the community around targets, character assassination, and is sold as an investigation.  They are having far too much fun secretively destroying lives to include acting out bizarre skits hoping the target with report it and logically appear delusional.  This is the objective.   

This program is completely bogus because it carries on for years and years, with no Due Process. If a facial investigation sold to the community as such, there is a moral code for legal investigations.  This program factually as above and beyond is hideous, ongoing mass human experimentation. The community is duped into compliance.  

COINTELPRO operatives and their supervision cannot come into the open unless they successfully use PATENTED mind invasive and microwave beamed torture technology to brainwash the target into their goal, thus mind control, and part of the high-tech set-up is to try and try and try and try when also reported results in the mental illness tag, along with various types of entrapment schemes.  Again, and again, any and everyone, including recruits become human experimentation subjects.  No one is exempt from focused subliminal influence.



The problem with state-of-the-art high-tech operation centers and this covert targeting program is that today, is that officials are targeting activists, whistleblowers, political dissidents, and awakened nonconsensual human guinea pigs exposing this program.  This is done by the use of advanced, bioelectric mental, and physical electromagnetic control technologies now in their grubby little hands.  The patented technologies are being used to silence exposure of this monstrous covert targeting program’s ongoing hideous mass human population control experimentation agenda. A major goal specifically is to curtail exposure and stop public awareness of nothingness than patented psychotronic technologies now unleashed on civilians, which have been provided to many agencies, and are in widespread use in the unified military paradigm today and culminating from DECADES of perfection. 


The fact is, even the GIs “Government Issues” at the helm of this technology are not exempt from programming and, intense mind control experimentation, which comes with the territory.  Their mental control and indoctrination are also necessary for their usefulness and specifically their role as the enforcers of the global mass population control technocratic agenda thus the reports of the exact type of psychophysical targeting experimentation today reported all over the world.

With the U.S. Congress’s approval of 30,000 weaponized drones included for US skies by 2020, with psychophysical beamed assault weapons and mind invasive Psychological Electronic (Psychotronic) beamed weapon systems the high-tech biometric targeting focus on anyone is taken to a whole new level.










In my case the official focus operation is alternating shifts with beamed assaults to my nervous system, using the Sonic Weapons, Directed Energy Weapon focused assaults on tissue, organs, heart, head, and joints and clever specific slow cooking of every joint in my body including hands and feet.  



The beamed deterioration continues by nightly beam slow cooking both the left and right knees.  Inevitably knee replacement will be required as it was with both hip joints documented in “Covert Technological Murder:  Pain Ray Beam.”  This book is Book Five in the “Mind Control Technology” six book series. 

If I had not, again, seen the set-up at the several locations for example, and again at house #5 using the young adult sons, I would probably not have paid attention to what appeared to be a late-night garage operation with beamed harassment originating from this direction.  Again, garages are favored set-ups.  The Key was that the drone seen in the right image began following me to the store late one night and upon my return home, went back to its stationary position and the beamed assault continued.  Since seeing the FBI in the yard as stated previously, I have seen many USAF personnel show up to work this location at various times who came out of the woodwork when they thought I had fearfully taken this blog down out of fear recently.  For the record, far be it for me to ever be fearful to fight a rightful battle for my God-given life!


House # 5 has without a doubt stepped up to the plate in the covert kill operation again the type to officiate. 

It is amazing that those sitting at the helm of beamed Directed Energy Weapons think that the target cannot tell the direction the beam originates or after near 15 years of targeting is blind to the same played over and over Standard Operating Procedure.  

USAF and FBI officials are overseeing the high-tech covert kill, and using compliant neighboring locations revealed above at various times with military and police specifically using house #’s 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, and 10 at various times over the years.  For example, the LAPD officer’s house across the street was being used, however, it is not currently.  Again, it is not neighbors at the helm of the technology but military and police set-ups which are overseen from state-of-the-art operation centers nationwide.

Number 8,  as stated previously, is African American owned, is an operation that originated in cahoots with the Blacks cops who also as stated previously in #1, the corner house behind.   The key is to understand that there are far better human beings on this planet than the type, of all races, being willingly used to destroy lives. 

Tonight, April 7, 2021, is drone beamed, extremely low frequency, focused heart beam night.  



While sitting comfortably before the weaponized operation system, a target can be and it widely reported slow microwave Directed Energy Weapon cooked to death, again, STRATEGICALLY.






Many agencies are now, with protest specifically due to awareness of LAPD historic corruption, oppose drones given to agencies and especially weaponized drones given to Federal, state and local police departments.  The FBI is also on record using drones since approximately 2006.




Drone with beam


Today linked with advanced technology has woven the fabric of a unified, high-tech official targeting program together for mass, social, and population control with those targeted today, the stubborn ones who refuse to comply heavily targeted and have taken a life or death courageous stand.  The truth as the weapon and all that is needed, obviously, has motivated monstrous attempts at silencing people by any means necessary.







The Secrets of Mind Control





Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 12.16.37 PM




JULY 3, 2022

The beamed Directed Energy Weapon operated by likely brain chipped military personnel using a drone positioned overy my house and also alternating between the corner house and house directly behind mind as their operation site, has been focused on my heart with sporadic hits everyday for about a week.  What is interesting when the body is being slow cooked like a piece of mean in a microwave oven, in this case my heart, is the steam / air created from the internal organ cooking creates air and I began to burp incessantly.  If I did not relentlessly post what they are doing step-by-step, I like would be dead already.  Knowing they cannot kill, due to exposure, they have settled on the beamed deterioration of both knees, in the exact same manner I detail in the book below to both hips that resulted in two surgeries.




Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 9.20.30 PM




  1. I have the exact same scenario, I have literally seen the X in the sky, no joke . The picture with the neighborhood provided here on this site is almost identical to mine except the homes behind me face a rectangular shaped park. My neighborhood is perfectly setup for this stalking and harassment. There are mountains where the planes come through exactly to fly over my home. There is a railroad track just behind to harass me.

    There is a University to the west of me. The military base to the south and east along with an airport conveniently located as well, the Air Force base to the north along with various other known experimental research sites, military and prison sites allows me to be targeted by criminals, former criminals, military, police, academia, fire departments, ambulances, construction,etc. I have several quarries all around me that have at times been integrated into the program for harassment as they have had these people come out sometimes the trucks staged accidents or would allow rocks to be thrown to damage my windshield. I have replaced more tires and windshields in my time here over 9 years than I have in my lifetime.

    My car is made to become inoperable, the air conditioner it seems can be made to break one day and appear just fine the next; at times the air conditioner, tire pressure and temperature gauges can all be used in my harassment. My daughter once had her car become inoperable one second and then the next returned to normal operation as though nothing happened. Your video of the drone attack just happened to me last night; I watched as plane after plane and drone after drone flew over my home moving to the east and west. I get the planes, helicopters, and odd looking aerial projections that replicate a plane but judging by how they just arrive on the scene seems unlikely. In fact, the planes too seem able to appear out of nowhere as well. I am followed by every sort of aerial vehicle including a NASA Guppy at one point that made this very obvious by flying low intentionally. I have had an experience when I was teaching my daughter to ride a bike in which every-time we would go out, the tires would go flat or the chain would break off. This technology is used for terror and to force me to stay inside where my entire home is my torture chamber. I am on the verge of homelessness and destitution because the perpetrators have made sure I can get no job, the jobs they allow my children to have are used to weaponize my family against me.

    The intent is to divide and conquer, most in contact with my family are not true friends. I have gotten to the point where all I do is act out contacting fusion and infra guard centers directly because they have taken control over my outgoing communications, I am pretty certain who is getting them. I am so tired of the gang stalking strategy, it is childish and insane. I am tired of the waves and hand signals and I am tired of all the cars. It is horrific the amount of cars and things that our government is wasting for this program. We must defund this entire operation, that includes FBI, CIA, Infra-guard, Fusion, etc. Of course, DOJ and DHHS are also involved everyone now is involved really. I tried contacting DHHS about this illegal and non consensual experiment of torture and was told it has to be a consensual experiment in order to file a complaint for damages. So essentially the government has made themselves immune in every possible way. I am so tired of being stonewalled. I have had 3 child protective services allegations launched against me that each were discounted. These people do nothing and get rewarded. Their life revolves around chasing an innocent person with children and targeting them all day long for no real purpose that can be seen. It is a nightmare. The CIA and FBI really is responsible for all terror. This PSYOPs crap must end. There are not fruits to be had from this labor. Judging by the willingness to put innocent people in danger and to inflict bodily and mental harm on women and children and the amount of monetary and human capital being used I doubt this can continue to b e sustainable. It is garbage and those who are targets do not deserve this. I am familiar with the accounts of Peter Mooring, his experience too is similar to mine. I have been attacked with animals and insects, my appliances are tampered with remotely to cause economic destruction and despair. My home has been entered unlawfully. I cannot shop without being terrorized. It is to make me live in absolute fear for doing things that people must do each day. The latest is the destruction of the pipes in my kitchen and bathrooms and my sink that is only about 4 years old completely collapsed for no rational reason. A four year old home is crumbling on the inside by the terrorists who run our government. There is no doubt that this is state sponsored terror.

  2. Well said and accurate.

    This program is after people with something special about them including a loving heart which they cannot break backed by determination and courage becoming a thorn in their side.

    They did pay a bug company to unleash bugs inside my house twice here and before I moved here. I watched him in the garage, not believing it so until bugs emerged from the exact same location he was in ready to infest. Glad I caught them in time.

    Once the FBI across the street using a neighbor’s house tried to make his dog bite me when I was getting my mail. I called the police and after going over there he refused to make the report.

    They love to stop your car then when the tow truck arrives it starts up over and over again. Hope they don’t stop it on a deserted road for a set-up. There is a patent for stopping vehicles similar to locking down cars when stolen, or lack of payment.

    Be thankful this military COINTELPRO has not hospitalized you. They have hospitalized me twice with Directed Energy Weapon beamed joint detrioration resulting in surgeries, documented in Book III “Covert Technological Murder: Pain Ray Beam”. The torture was horrific while they watched me write books. I have no choice but to continue. In fact the books are likely why I am still alive. They want me silenced badly.

    Looks like they have chosen the wrong human guinea pigs with many exposing the truth today in spite of their monstrous antics. There heroes, but they are not it!

    Recently I had another episode of covert entry PsyOps into my house as well. They took my garage door opener out of my car then returned it two weeks later after I immediately got a new one and put it on my keychair. They haven’t started on my house yet but are energy weapon beam killing the plants in the backyard to kill them. Thank goodness Lowes gives you a refund if they don’t grow within a year. They cost $200. Believing I would have to purchase a new “Run Flat” tire $500 from the dealer, they stuck a nail in it.

    American Tire can fix them if the psi does not get below 10 psi with a plug and they did it for free while the culprits watched in real tme.

    Anything or anyone they know you care gleaned by the constant mind reading technology they hope to destroy with family and friends topping the list and use them. They will beam influence people you are are many thing, child molester, abuser, a prostitute, mentally ill, a thief, etc., etc., etc., to keep people motivated. Drones have psychotronic subliminal influence technology on them and they follow me 24/7 to include out of state.


    Click to access 221275_dV5NXarumrBZocXsaaZEXoBvR.pdf

    They can travel 4,000 miles from the operation point. A major Air Force base is 30 minutes away as well a prison about an hour drive including major DOD contractor’s Lockheed and Northrup about 15 minutes away.

    When I go to stores they call security then psychotronic beam security that I am stealing to have security work for them wittingly or unwittingly unaware also of the drone overhead’s beamed influence.

    The brilliance of this high-tech targeting program, is to create situations that sound unbelievable and absolutely bizarre to many. This has been highly effective for the mental illness tag while these operations sit behind, patented technology, decades perfected, covertly toying with and destroying many lives it appears almost for sport.

    Hang in there! Don’t sweat the small stuff making the PSYOPS game ineffective.

    History has proven that inevitably the truth always wins, slowly but surely.

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