The Frightening New Mind Control Technology That Can Hack Your Brain or Beam Cook you to Death


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NOTE:  The method in which the so-called “Non-Lethal” Active Denial System Pain Ray is being used today, legalized for official testing on the civilian population by military and law enforcement personnel makes this weapon system DEADLY!  The trained operators at the helm in 24/7 targeting operations, from state-of-the-art operation centers, and the use of versions that are portable, handheld, land, drone, sea, cell tower and space-based know this and the end result of using continuous beamed torture aka people cooking for hopeful subjugation or worse.  



In my case, things are heating up around me literally. After following me to my Ortho appointment, yesterday, operation center personnel attempted to beam radio frequencies to the doctors, that obviously, that I am a nutcase.  I have had this happen so many times.  Once as I was detailing this program to a person, overhead  from the ceiling, in a faint voice, knowing I am being tracked and monitored, I could hear the person on duty, watching via satellite say, “She’s crazy.”  If a person does not understand the capability, they actually would think this was something that they concluded especially when connected with the bizarre story I tell of satellite monitoring and tracking, mind reading, and high-tech thought influence happening today, and much worse for many poor souls.  Thank God they have been unable to compete with my book publications which have leveled the playing field for me to some degree.  Most crazy people can’t do such things because of the inability to concentrate is the logical rationale.

The question the doctor asked was how the damage to my hips occurred, at such an early age and that it is completely unusual.  Of course, I told him that I am being victimized by a high tech operation and that I literally can feel the beam, of the Directed Energy Weapon,  focused on specific areas of my body deteriorating an area as part of what many victims report as covert physical torture.  This was especially true while writing “You Are Not My Big Brother” and it cost me a total hip replacement before they then focused on the right of which the appointment was for, as punishment because I kept writing.

One night an operative using a neighboring location, watching me inside my residence, then came outside, near my windowed and threatened me, saying you’re dead.  When he went back inside the covert physical torture escalated with pinpoint accuracy.    After courageously speaking the truth about what is happening around me, the response is typical.  People believe you are a danger to self or others.  I also noticed that the doctor then appeared overly concerned even about being left alone in the room with me and twice had a clerk sitting in while asking routine questions.   This doctor later would decline to do the hip replacement surgery.

Curious if I am right, because I can’t just rely on perceptions, under the circumstances, I am not unafraid to ask why is it necessary, then joke about me telling them the truth.

After 8 years of this, it is obvious, I would not hurt a fly and I will not create a scenario that is comfortable instead of the truth.  The fact is my body is being slowly deteriorated in an ongoing covert, coercive physical torture effort, combined with extreme harassment and stalking, and the technology is 100%, unequivocally the result of a condition typically reserved for someone in their 70’s or 80’s which totally confused the Orthopedic Surgeon of how it happened to me.

Typical of these efforts, the victim is tracked wherever they go and in many cases, as part of this program, and those in the location he or she is headed are warned that the victim is a nutcase, and on the way, or anything under the Sun to get those around to get involved.   This is part of the Psy Ops. It is obvious they have been forewarned that I am supposed to be seriously crazy which is one of the primary strategic goals first and far most when a person is targeted.

The books, my being well-groomed and articulate have helped me to some degree. These facts seem to confuse those being manipulated because I just do not fit the mold. The fact is, these highly educated doctors, at times, know that something unexplainable is up due to the deterioration of my hips, or numerous reports, of Directed Energy Weapons system being reported by now thousands.  People are also reporting they are being used for coercive physical torture, along with medical studies saying the type of deterioration x-rays show is impossible, again under the circumstances and for my age.  Essentially the blood and fluids were cooked from my hip joints and resulted in a geriatric condition called Avascular Necrosis.  Typical of microwave directed energy weapons, similar to a microwave oven cooking a piece of meat, the water molecules are cooked first, however, in the case of people cooking, that means blood and fluids are cooked out of an area and the area dies or resulting in necrosis which means death.

I also contacted one of the best attorneys in Los Angeles for legal Advice. I met this powerful individual a few years back asking for help at a legal clinic. At that time, he did not know how we could prove what these human monsters are doing from these numerous, across the USA, operation centers, both military and counter intel terrorism divisions to help me while these operations work in shift after shift focused on me but many victims targeted for any reason under to include whistleblowers. However, expert witnesses, such as doctors, could attest to documented medical facts that in my case, the deterioration is an obvious deviation from the norm.

Today each shift typically came in appearing eager and thrill for the ability and effort to continue to torture and cripple me and also deteriorate my shoulders now as I hear the optical lens of the beam focus on me in my ceiling.  After they learned that it can actually be proven the operation center backed off a bit tonight, so far, but apparently that does not include the community motivated efforts, again called “Organized Community Stalking” which go hand-in-hand with this type of targeting and thousands report set up in the house behind them in most cases, front, back, side to side. The microwave hum has stopped also, temporarily, which as I mentioned before can be used to create a blood clot/aneurysm in the brain with the prolonged focus of the portable Sonic Weapon on the target.  However, I have woken up in the wee hours of the morning to use the restroom and hear the hmmm….  hmmm…. and looked out the window and seen drones very close and light flashing in the night sky near my residence.

One thing is certain, I will need a powerful attorney of great strength of mind or these individuals, using this techno will have a field day with him as well.  I have seen it in my personal environment and my interactions with people for 8 years now.

One thing is also certain, our government will do anything to keep under wraps what is happening today and will attempt to silence anyone. The subliminal capability of this techno alone is no joke. Believe it or not!  And understand that it has been legally approved to used on any one to include, doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs.

The last I heard by the shift that came on at 10:00 p.m. until 6:30 a.m., before they went silent, which is rare, is “We have got to get her or we will lose our jobs.” Frankly, these cowardly individuals are not qualified, ethically, humanely, or morally, for these positions or this powerful technology although in reality, no one is. This techno was created for evil purposes, plain and simple.  At best the Synthetic Telepathy capability could be used for communicating with deaf people but is it? If so it is not publicized or people would connect the dots.

One of the benefits of this bogus non-consensual technology testing program, founded on hopeful mass and social population control, is to watch women they perceived, attractive, intelligent, interesting, vulnerable, in real time specifically who are typically single, after destroying all relationships and live alone.  Both men and women lives literally become, via in-home satellite surveillance, or portable versions, real time reality TV, by allowing these brain dead idiots to watch women, shower, dress, etc. This also makes their rotating 8-hour shifts more entertaining.

A bogus claim of untold numbers of the terrorist was used to legalized this technology and establish state-of-the-art operation centers numerous across the USA. They are becoming bored with not many and search for something entertaining. Those really pulling the strings, also want to keep these pathetic individuals operating closer to the animal kingdom of lust a lowered frequency which keeps them motivated. I have had several women report to me that when around other women they have used the electromagnetic sexual stimulation ability to create girl on girl sex on those that are unaware of this capability then watch, as if a movie, what they have created, manipulate and influenced played out in these state-of-the-art operation centers on their computer monitors. Believe it or not.

In this video, at 21:07 minutes, Dr. Hall reports that a large percentage of those targeted are actually women, likely for this reason, although no one is exempt in the massive human guinea pig/lab rat program that deems human lives of little value as well as casualties.

This video also starts off saying how women are specifically being targeted of many.

The Neurophone is an example of this technology which is satellite delivered.  It was invented by Pat Flanagan in 1958, confiscated by the U.S. government, for ten years then given back to him in 1968.  During that time he was placed on secrecy orders:


Although these weapons are being promoted as new today, the fact is they date back decades in research, TESTING, and ongoing development with intense efforts and aggressive development during the Cold War.


Another thing the “Box of Rocks” working these numerous operations across the U.S. are doing and being reported by many targets today is cooking of the heels of our feet in these operations using this billion dollar weapon system.

Yes, it sound’s bizarre, however, it almost feels as if they have had a course in Anatomy 101 – Directed Energy Weapon Covert “Slow Kill” and these covert torture efforts depend on how bad they want to silence you or worse, covertly.

It is almost as if these, suited, clean-shaven, and neatly pressed uniformed NWO puppets are operating by use of some type Standard Operating Procedure or mass psycho-physical control manual.  Weird, petty and shallow, tactics, death threats, viciousness, are at play, and more importantly vindictive, malicious, and inhumane relentless efforts designed to traumatize and completely destroy human lives and without blinking an eye of which discrediting of the individual as loony and the difficulty in proving what is happening is key.

The fact is, the heels of our feet are pivotal to good health, and destruction of your heals can set off a chain of health events and of which they know it appears.








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