Targeted Actress Melinda Fee Dead by a Stroke, March 24, 2020 – Was she “Death Ray” Silenced?

Melinda O. Fee Passes Away

“It is with great sadness I tell you, her Facebook friends, that on March 24th [2020], Melinda passed away,” wrote Gilleigh McLain on Fee’s Facebook page. “She had a massive stroke and passed away in the hospital. She had requested no funeral nor memorial, so don’t grieve you missed it. May God hold Melinda, forever, in the hollow of his hand.”


Soap Opera Veteran Melinda O. Fee Has Passed Away at The Age of 77

As the directional beam targeted my heart from under my bed upstairs, on March 30, 2020, I was instantly reminded of Melinda Fee who died of a stroke on March 24, 2020.  Typically target’s with mass appeal suffer because they reach a larger audience.  Who knows?  Although pure speculation, what if she had her memoirs in the works which detailed and confirmed how she became a target?

The fact is when anyone who has gained any type of notoriety and is exposing today’s high-tech psychophysical harassment and official beamed weapon assault program, who factually report being under constant attack, you can’t help but look to this heinous official targeting program as a possible culprit. The fact is Melinda reported being targeted by “Organized Community Stalking,” technological harassment, and high-tech assaults and also chemicals.  And, as revealed below by actress Roseanne Barr, targeting operations focused on many in Hollywood and the entertainment industry overall is common and well-known with actors and actresses being used as human guinea pigs for continued control.

Targeted Individuals within the growing nationwide community which extends globally, remember her from many conference calls.  She had much wisdom & knowledge to share about this program which helped those lost, bewildered, discredited as mentally ill, suffering and seeking guidance and support.  Targeted across the nation, many highly credible individuals report beamed weapon harassment.  Many are deeply saddened she’s gone and that they never again will get to hear her or speak with her.

Below is Melinda Fee, front and center in October of 2014 when she joined many highly credible individuals within the growing, massive, microwave weapon targeted community for a Pete Santilli broadcast.   The 8-hour show was later deleted from youtube but the show’s advertisement remained as shown below.

The unified effort and goal were then and today to expose well-hidden, heinous high-tech technology focused on U.S. citizens, and various types of nonconsensual mind invasive patented technologies in full use for ongoing massive human experimentation for what it is.

It is a monstrous, official high-tech targeting program, for social and mass population control that is now highly perfected which has marginalized anyone, men, women, and children to scientific objects, dating back DECADES in research, TESTING, and development!

NOTE: I was asked to join this effort and did not.  In hindsight, I let someone I had the utmost respect for and her 30 years of activism insult me saying, by email I would never be on any show with you. I was crushed. It later was revealed that likely an official agency, could have been impersonating her and hacked her accounts.  Live and learned…




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Melinda O. Fee (born October 7, 1942) was an American actress who has starred in films and on television. Her first starring role was in the TV series “Love of Life”. Her mother was actress Astrid Allwyn.

Most of Fee’s other TV roles were on soap operas like “Guiding Light” as Charlotte Waring Fletcher Bauer from 1970–1973, “Days of Our Lives” as Mary Anderson from 1981–1982, and “Santa Barbara” as Olivia Welles from 1987–1988. She also starred with David McCallum in the short-lived TV series “The Invisible Man” (1975-1976), playing the title character’s wife, Dr. Kate Westin.  Fee has also starred in made-for-TV movies, and guest-starred on many 1970s TV series, including “Quincy, M.E.”, “The Bionic Woman”, “CHiPs”, “Eight is Enough”, and “Dallas”.

In 1984, Fee served as a temporary replacement for Brenda Dickson as Jill Foster Abbott on “The Young and the Restless”.

She had starred in movies like “The Unkissed Bride” (1966), “Fade to Black” (1980) and “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge” (1985).  Fee had made guest appearances on TV shows including “My Favorite Martian”, “Lost in Space”, “Knight Rider”, and “Beverly Hills, 90210″, and a couple of winning appearances on “The Match Game” with Gene Rayburn.

Source – Wikipedia


Actress Melinda Fee stepped up to defend actor Randy Quaid, stating that he is not crazy and that the film industry with the help of the government “TARGETS” anyone who dares step out of line. Melinda talked about Randy Quaid and her own struggle after becoming a target in and by “Hollywood.”









NOTE:  With official legalization for massive ongoing, surveillance and weaponized nonconsensual, human experimentation, for social and mass population control, Post 9/11, within a unified military, Federal, state, and local police department program, the role of DOD contractors and other outside sources become an extension. Why?  Official  personnel are already on the payroll.


Deborah Dupree writes…  

A super-secret corporate government operation called by many the US Gestapo because it is covertly targeting individuals with impunity recently took a landmark blow with public statements by a famous Hollywood celebrity and a medical doctor.  Together, they exposed something far more explosive than Edward Snowden or Julian Assange have. This star heroically gave public testimony about his personal experiences as a targeted individual along with a doctor, who is praised for investigating the TI-mind control program when a loved one confided in him about being targeted. The doctor concurred with Deborah Dupré’s 2011 findings that many Hollywood stars are closet targeted individuals.

Exposed! U.S. Gestapo Licensed To Ruin TI Lives

After more than 10 years of the ever-growing worldwide community of mind-control TI survivors’ seeking a celebrity to advocate for them, perhaps actor Stephen Shellen has answered their call (in the YouTube video below). Soon after his landmark interview (in YouTube video below), Shellen urged all the silent high-profile TIs to come out of the closet and describe their targeted experiences. Like all TIs, Shellen wants everyone targeted to defy media’s fake news stories about TIs being delusional, a major part of the mind control program to discredit them so severely, they lose employment.

Shellen says it’s going to take each and every TI to help beat the program. If everyone targeted came forward, public outrage would be so great, there would be overwhelming demand proper investigations, laws against the crime and accountability. Provide the targeting facts, show hard evidence, enable trusted alternative news sources to report the crime, and thus help end the corporate-government targeting hit-list program, Shellen urges.

Hollywood Targeted Individual Stephen Shellen Shocking Plea Reverberating Globally

Stephen Shellen Today

In 2005, Dupré initiated and coordinated the world’s first international targeted individual conference. Understanding one must name or identify an evil to be able to battle and eliminate it, she proposed that TIs aim to make “targeted individual” and “mind control” household terms. Teleconference participants around the globe missed Dupré’s comments launching the conference. Moments after she began speaking, the only sound heard was loud static. Moments after completing her welcome address, the disruptive static ended. Suspicion ran high that an American organization had sabotaged Dupré’s conference before it began.  Over 10 years of documentation later, that organization, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Stalking, was exposed as a government front or so extremely incompetent, it was operating directly against TIs’ best interest.

Due to TI survivors’ determined organizing, both “targeted individual” and “mind control: are now household terms. Neither these terms nor their associated programs, however, are new. Both targeting and mind control programs today are, however, far more sophisticated, more secretive, and more technologically advanced. With the ultimate imperialist corporate-government aim being to control the entire human family through satellite-driven mind control, only time separates today’s TIs and those not yet impacted directly by these transhuman programs.

“Targeted Individual” historical roots date back to both COINTELPRO and MKULTRA mind control programs. Mind control has been the ultimate aim of the CIA/Nazi partnership that formed when the US government approved visas for 1200 Nazis, many of whom had committed some of the worst crimes against humanity under Adolph Hitler. The US transferred Nazi’s covert torturous non-consensual human experimentation that American soldiers had fought and died to end in Germany, to clandestine sites on American soil, and then Canada and other nations with US military bases. To this day, no law prohibits these inhumane experiments on unwitting Americans. When astronaut and senator John Glenn tried to do so, Congress defeated his efforts, as satellite mind control expert Dr. Hall highlights in the interview video (above).

The 1950′s ultra-conservative era of “McCarthyism” used unproven allegations to persecute innocent targets who were opposed to the McCarthy-type right wing control of Americans. McCarthyism refers to U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s charges of communist subversion and high treason in the U.S. federal government in 1950s. (Britannica Dictionary) Wikipedia defines McCarthyism as “the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.” It began the long downward spiral of government approval of ruining lives, even assassinating Americans innocent of any crime. In total disregard for American values of justice and democracy, regardless of how innocent or how much a person loved the US or how much integrity a person had, just point a finger and call them a “communist” to warrant putting them away or killing them.

A festering outgrowth of McCarthyism was the CIA/FBI’s right-wing-supported, unconstitutional counterintelligence program, COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgram.) The name COINTELPRO infers that targets were enemy spies. Instead, they were innocent usually of higher intelligence Americans exercising fundamental rights to protest state-sponsored violence against innocent people from Vietnam to American universities. Protesting criminal behavior became punishable.

For exercising the fundamental American right to disagree with the government and demonstrate against government criminal activities, Americans were targeted, injured, lost their lives, or had their lives ruined. Many of those survivors alive today still feel those injuries, more than five decades later. These are veteran TIs. COINTELPRO black ops stalked/spied on, harassed, intimidated and in some cases, covertly assassinated progressives known then as peaceniks, hippies, Christians walking the talk of peace and compassion, such as Martin Luther King Jr. — people impeding military industrial complex profits. A common trait was charisma, thus capable of reaching many others, changing attitudes and behaviors toward US imperialist war, theft, greed, violence — the antipathy of what had made America great. To silence this powerful peoples’ movement, COINTELPRO played “dirty tricks” on innocent people.

During the Senate Church Committee investigation hearings, the FBI admitted placing and targeting innocent Americans. It referred to them as targeted individuals.

A look at more recent TI data shows that an organized government crime wave involving a much expanded COINTELPRO hit-listing innocent people exploding after George Bush regime’s unconstitutional 9/11 “USA PATRIOT ACT”. Self-identified TIs reports of their horror targeting stories soared as did “surveillance” – spying (stalking on foot and technologically). Multi-stalking incidents recorded on the national level climbed with impunity.

  [PATRIOT ACT] “Section 215 trampled the Bill of Rights privacy and safety protections. Its language was vague and deceptive. It was used to permit unconstitutional spying – meta-data mining; allowed police state investigatory practices; authorized government access to “any tangible item” – including personal financial records and transactions, medical records, phone conversations, emails, other Internet use and whatever else Washington wanted to monitor. Anyone could be spied on for any reason or none at all. No probable cause, reasonable grounds, or suspicions are needed. Exercising free expression makes you vulnerable.” (Exposed! U.S. Gestapo Licensed To Ruin TI Lives)

Conveniently drafted before 9/11, Bush’s PATRIOT ACT was signed into effect only hours after 9/11, putting corporate government’s COINTELPRO back into America’s drivers’ seat to control anyone even thinking about opposing government corruption, especially at the highest level – such as 9/11 mass murder itself and corporate corruption. Bush’s PATRIOT ACT is still in effect.

  •     It compromises free expression, assembly and association by authorizing the FBI to investigate anyone based on what they say, write, or do with regard to groups they belong to or associate with.
  •     It violates Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections by not telling targeted subjects their privacy was compromised.
  •     It subverts fundamental freedoms for contrived, exaggerated, or nonexistent security reasons.

Agents were employed to begin “investigations” (stalking and intimidating… innocent people)  without any administrative hurdle of opening an assessment. A surge of self-identified TIs appeared on the internet, each begging for help, protection and advocacy. Thousands of such calls fell on deaf ears. The order had been made. Officials globally stood down as ordered when TIs complained about their inhumane treatment. The targeting program secretly involved community members, who secretly met to discuss the program, such as INFRAGARD now operating in every American community, neighbors taught and organized to spy on and persecute innocent people deemed a threat to the criminal status quo in control of government. Even local police are in on gang-stalked TIs. They are called rakers.

As more innocent people were targeted, more survivors organize on the internet. TIs worked for the day people ended denial about targeted assassinations and mind control and the day that someone with clout, someone with a high profile would validate their torturous experiences. By 2008, a Facebook TI group formed. More and more independent websites began appearing. Media subsequently worked harder to discredit them all as delusional. Today, dozens of Facebook pages are dedicated to TIs.

According to rudimentary data, another surge of self-identified TIs emerged soon after President Barack Obama signed into law “targeted assassinations.” The man who had promised change in his spit-polished choreographed speeches brought not only the same abuses of his predecessor but worse. It became clear to anyone daring to look that  orders to assassinate — at any time any innocent person without trial or jury — had come from “the top.”

As Dr. Hall explains in the interview, Obama’s Commission on the Study of Bioethics’ six forums each had over 1000 participants, all with three expressed complaints: stalking, high-tech surveillance persecution, and technological high-energy weaponry torture. Obama’s subsequent commission report based on those testimonies stated that it found no bioethical issues.

The above brief history summary shows the significance of Shellen appearing with Dr. John Hall, publicly telling his TI accounts: a major breakthrough. This is a beacon of hope to well over 350,000 TIs in the US alone, and the 100s of 1000s of other TIs worldwide.








  1. This blog is about a target who passed. I have no idea and have never been involved with Pact Intl nor have I have listened to any of their calls. Perhaps someone involved with them can help you.

  2. I have been a TI for a very long time.
    After having two dental implants recently removed it was not as bad. I am still waiting to have the remainder of any metal left in my mouth removed. To see if that will alleviate further DEW attacks.
    I have been a target since 1992.

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