“Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal, Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MK ULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO and Electronic Warfare


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Click to access Welsh,%20Cheryl%20-%20Electromagnetic%20Radiation%20Weapons.pdf


Many TARGETED today are those of whom the military high-tech human experimentation program system has tried and tried and tried to program who have instead become whistleblowers.  This is after this horrific official effort FAILED and continues to. Yet, this MONSTROSITY, and the sociopaths running it, clean-shaven, suited and in official uniforms, keep trying and trying and trying to death!  They do not want the horrific disgrace of exposure and will destroy anyone to keep the truth of what they are really doing, and the high-tech destruction of human lives, men, women and reportedly children hidden.


N3 Concept Art - Full




“It is imperative that Whistleblowers, Activists,

Human Rights Advocates, Human Guinea Pigs, Political Dissidents

etc.,  remain grounded and focused on the Puppet Master ONLY while

operating under intense, extreme, mental, physical, and emotional duress.

The truth, when directed appropriately is a powerful, unbeatable

weapon and force for good!”

~ Renee Pittman, Human Rights Advocate











The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  Edgar J Hoover

The easiest way to gain control of the population is to carry out acts of terror.  Joseph Stalin

All over the US today, and indeed the world, people are being nonconsensually rolled into covert programs of 24/7 physical assault, torture, and slow-kill assassination by EMR microwave/radio/sonic neuroweapons, also called Directed Energy Weapons or Non-Lethal Weapons; 24/7 remote access, manipulation, and assault of their brains and central nervous systems; and 24/7 “full-spectrum surveillance” involving overt community surveillance, concealed electronic monitoring, and public/community stalking, accompanied by discrediting and social ostracism by defamation and slander campaigns, and in-community harassment and PsyOps projects (more on all this below & in succeeding posts).







These are Extreme Abuses and Violations of currently-extant surveillance programs, privileges, and laws on the books, even the most invasive and permissive among them, including the Patriot Act, Executive Order 12333, State Secrets Privileges, and others.


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NOTE:  Across the USA and globally, civilians are reporting a secret, official government, covert targeting program, unleashed for official human experimentation using military personnel within a military COINTELPRO, unified with police and Federal Agents and DOD Contractors.  People are being high-tech beam tormented, men, women and their children by microwave Directed Energy Weapons.  Human lives have been relegated to the category of human guinea pigs and deemed expendable ruthlessly. 


They completely embody the human rights and civil rights crimes suggested by Section 1.7 of Executive Order 13526 (which protects classification in the interests of national security):

Sec. 1.7. (Executive Order 13526) Classification Prohibitions and Limitations.

(a) In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:

(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;

(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;

(3) restrain competition; or

(4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of national security.

Elizabeth Adams Interviews a Group of Americans Being Covertly Assaulted with EMR Weapons: America Needs to Know – Youtube Video Deleted

These crimes are today known the world over, yet they are kept secret from active and open coverage and discussion in the media, challenge by human rights advocates, and Congressional oversight by virtue of the multiplicity of abuses permitted by wrongful classification, the secrecy created by this wrongful classification, and the Clandestine aspect to these crimes.


Dr. John Hall, Author of Satellite Terrorism and CIA Dr. Robert Duncan–

Mind Security and Cybernetic Warfare



These crimes are being committed widely in the USA, but also worldwide, in several other American, European, Asian, African, Commonwealth countries (including Australia/New Zealand), suggesting connections between secret service agencies worldwide in these countries, or/and the long reach of the US Military/Intel/Academic mechanism, or/and the existence and secret operation of a putative global, totalitarian, shadow government using Military/Intel/Academic entities in all these countries.

Mind Control–Interview with Dr. Rauni Kilde, Chief Medical Officer, Finland



Covert U.S. Destabilization in Effect – Mind Control, Stasi Tactics, MK-Ultra, Organized Stalking/Thomas Marshall, Investigative Journalist




Click to access INT_CAT_CSS_USA_18550_E.pdf



“Clandestine’ in military parlance means “Active Concealment.” This means methods of deception, fraud, and trickery are actively utilized in order to keep the activity under wraps, unprobeable (by FOIA requests, media requests), unscrutinized, and invisible to society at large.

CIA Dr. Robert Duncan Tyrone Dew Interview


These are methodologies sanctioned by Military and Intelligence strategies and directives as normative in the interests of “National Security.” “Military Deception” and “PsyOps–Psychological Operations” (they have stated) will be actively used toward this end, of active concealment.

To see what Concealed Monitoring is all about, and how secret surveillance and active concealment works, see the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Intelligence Law Handbookand take a look at these Military/Air Force Intelligence and Military Intelligence documents and slideshows:

Insider’s Guide to Intelligence Oversight & CounterIntelligence

Army Regulation 381-10, US Army Intelligence Activities

Air Force Intelligence Oversight Training Brief

“Clandestine” seems to mean: As soon as a project is named Clandestine, or involves the participation of the CIA’s National Clandestine Services, the existence of this project is not permitted to be known, acknowledged, or spoken about publicly–by anyone: whether the President, Congressmen/women, Government Departments, State and Local Governments, large Human Rights Organizations, Law Enforcement, Media/Journalists, Private Businesses, Individuals, Intel agencies, Military employees, participating Universities & Research Institutions, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Emergency Rooms/Police 911 Units, Anyone.

“Clandestine” becomes here a wide umbrella for Criminal Deception to shelter under, sporting in-your-face, large-as-life polka dots of Granted Privilege.

There is no doubt about it, as Mike Lofgren puts it, The Deep State Hides in Plain Sight. In other words, this is how Classified Research Projects on Human Subjects–which today invasively and permissively permit research without Informed Consent–are simply Disappeared from (public) sight, scrutiny, oversight, examination, and challenge.

Remember, active methods are actively taken and actively sanctioned and actively authorized in order to fully and absolutely and overtly and covertly Conceal the project.

Why else would thousands of individuals being assaulted all over the US (including this writer), and all over the world, be given absolutely no cognizance by the people and institutions they repeatedly approach for help/exposure/justice: Congress, the media, human rights organizations, local police, local medical centers/hospitals, etc.?


1) Directed-Energy Weapons are radiation and wave weapons; by their very nature, they lend themselves to covert action, because most EM radiation and Sound waves can’t be seen or heard:

  1. Electromagnetic radiation waves in the high frequency, low frequency, very high frequency, and very low frequency range cannot be seen by the human eye, they can only be felt (click on links below to see clear graphics and easy spell-outs).

Visible light, the only set of EMR waves we can see, is comprised of very very tiny waves in length–380 nanometers (violet) to 700 nanometers (red) –and are high frequency waves, traveling at what we’ve been told is the immutable speed of light: 186,282 miles per second.

But there are waves shorter and longer than visible light that we cannot see, but whose effects on our bodies we can feel, when applied steadily enough, for any duration, as heat, as pulsation, as damage.

Light We Cannot See:

Non-ionizing radiation: Infra-red light is just below red light in frequency, and just slightly longer–but we cannot see it. All objects emit electromagnetic radiation, including our live, warm human bodies; this is how military night-vision and infra-red glasses work, by tracking the live, warm, infra-red signature of human bodies.

Microwaves are longer/lower frequency than visible light waves, up to 10 cm–but we cannot see them.

Microwave Weaponry Use on Society Nationwide & Globally 


Radio waves are longer/even lower frequency than microwaves and visible light–up to 10,000 meters long–and we cannot see them.

As radio waves get longer, their frequency decreases–and we cannot see them. Radio waves from 10,000 meters long to 10,000,000 meters long are super-long, and are known by their frequencies as Low Frequency waves: Very Low Frequency Waves, Super Low Frequency Waves, Extremely Low Frequency waves. ELFs and their friends can traverse the earth’s curve, penetrate the earth, and enter human bodies. ELFs have been found by researchers and the military to have Distinct effects on human bodies, minds, emotions, moods.

Ionizing Radiation: At the shorter wavelength end, ultra-violet radiation is shorter than violet, and higher frequency–we cannot see it, but as we all know, our skin can.

X-rays are super-tiny, and very high frequency, we cannot see them, but our organs know when they’re being hit. (Hence those lead shields at the dentist if you’re pregnant.)

Gamma rays are even shorter (shorter in length than atoms), and ultra-high frequency, so of course we can’t see them.

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons/Jeff Rense

With Patrick Flanagan, Inventor of the Neurophone


Here’s some information on EMR weapons, from the Military (There’s a lot not being said here, but this acknowledges some of the weapons like high-powered lasers and microwaves in use.)

2. Sound waves can only be heard (by humans) in the Audible Sound portion of the Sonic spectrum, between 20 Hz to 20,000Hz.

Sound that is higher in frequency–Ultrasound–and lower in frequency–Infrasound–can not be heard by the human ear. But again, the effects can be felt by human bodies. To understand how diagnostic ultrasound works, for instance, see this link.

Here’s some information on Sonic Weapons, from the Military. (Again, there’s some vagueness and incompleteness and disinfo here, but it has some information.)

There are other Remote Control wave weapons in use, such as Millimeter Wave weapons, Scalar Weapons, and Genetic DNA-based (possibly scalar) weapons, look up Konstantin Meyl for more information on Scalar technologies.

Dr. Nick Begich, Electronic, Psychotronic Mind Control

2 A) There is an active Electronic Warfare policy extant to conceal the actual nature of the current/future use and operation of Directed Energy Weapons:

Consult, for instance, the US Army Concept Capability Plan for Army Electronic Warfare Operations for the Future Modular Force, 2015-2024 (TRADOC Pam 525-7-6), which speaks expansively about the ways in which electronic warfare lends itself to deception and cover, this quality makes it very attractive to “Warfighting”:

“Although applicable across the full spectrum of operations, EW offers substantial operational benefits to IO. The IO Roadmap signed by the Secretary of Defense defined IO as “the integrated employment of the core capabilities of EW, CNO, PSYOP, MILDEC, and OPSEC, in concert with specified supporting and related capabilities, to influence, disrupt, and corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision-making while protecting our own.” (2-9, Page 45, TRADOC Pam 525-7-6)

In discussing Electronic Warfare Support, which involves tracking RINT–“unintentionally radiated intelligence,” unclassified public-domain Military documents (& Wikipedia) will not spell out what this really is–but look up NSA Signals Intelligence and read the St. Clair Akwei information, also read about the Echelon network to find out what it is they are talking about: EMR radiated by human minds. “Radiation Intelligence” is being kept secret.

See this article on Covert Operations of the NSA.




Mind Control – How to Remote Control A Human…


One key to understanding what Electronic Warfare really is has to do with its open infatuation with Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. To achieve this, the Military engages in Joint Air, Sea, Space, and Land action. This is how Satellite surveillance is included, and how radio and microwave emissions from towers and antennas, as well as ELFs from HAARP operations factor in.

This site, Project Freedom, has a lot of information on the NSA’s Echelon intelligence network, which offers insights into Total-Spectrum-Surveillance, a Military aim and maneuver as well. These days, the Military is working in very close collusion with Intel agencies, including the NSA.

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 11.08.04 AM

To understand Electronic Warfare–and that it means a lot more than jamming communication systems and actually is not the same as Cyberwarfare, which likes to attack computers (although they work together), Google Electronic Warfare Concept Capability and discover a trove of other documents discussing electronic warfare to delve into.

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 11.05.34 AM

Also, look into the TRADOC site–US Army Training and Doctrine Command–and click on TRADOC Pamphlets for links to various Army and Joint documents detailing Electronic Warfare, Full-Spectrum Dominance, and other treats.

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 11.33.14 AM

Look up the Joint Doctrine for Electronic Warfare, which details, among other things, the Multinational aspects to Electronic Warfare strategies.

Read an Intro to Directed Energy Weapons at Mark Rich’s New World Warssite.

2 B) The key to understanding the phenomenon of “Targeted Individuals” is really understanding that Silent New Age Electronic Warfare is operative among us today, that it is supremely dangerous, and that it is easily concealed.

One, these weapons exist–see Nick Begich’s Earth Rising I for a solid discussion with hundreds of references to patents, documents, discussions, conferences, interviews on a range of these weapons;

Two, these weapons are being tested on humans–

see the RFPs from the Air Force, Navy, Military, others on FedBizOpps, via defense.gov–look up directed energy weapons, human effects or DEBR;

Google Directed Energy Weapons Bio-Behavioral Research or Human Effects;

Dr. Nick Begich: Technologies of Mind Control

See: my FOIA request at Muckrock.com to the FAA on the subject of frequent small plane/helicopter overflights in my Boston area neighborhood; (a partial account of my own ongoing experience of being covertly assaulted as a non-consenting subject of weapons testing/training/MKULTRA/COINTELPRO may be found here, more to be posted shortly on Covert Assaults Satyagraha)

see my FOIA request to the USAF, the CIA, DARPA, and others on Directed-Energy Weapon testing contracts they are currently executing or being a part of.

Three, this whole modality, of Electronic Warfare–which has for its history the CIA MKULTRA & Department of Energy radiation experiments on humans, and CIA MKULTRA research into mind control, neurological and brain control, and behavior modification using Electromagnetic Radiation (more on these subjects shortly)–using neuroweaponry–microwave/radio/sonic weapons aimed at destroying portions of the brain and nervous system and therefore the entire human body–represents a tremendous shift in Military Strategy worldwide; we are literally at a turning-point for humanity today, and this, the incredible significance of these EMR neuroweapons which constitute Electronic Warfare on individuals, is being kept a deadly secret by the Military and by governments and Intel agencies, who are using these weapons already on us.

“The Army is pursuing the most comprehensive transformation of its forces since the early years of World War II. This transformation is happening while the nation is at war… Experimentation, wargames and experience are the methods the Army uses to mitigate risk while considering and improving capabilities for the future Modular Force.” (7-1, Page 77, TRADOC Pam 525-7-6)

Who reads these Military Documents, generally speaking? They’re dry as dust and full of nonsense about how to effectively destroy, damage, and kill people and everything they own. But maybe we all should–Warfare has become a fine art today, and is horrifically aided by Science, And is today being turned on Everyone.


These weapons represent secret advances in Neuroscience made by the Classified community, not reported on. But Mainstream Neuroscience is catching up.

Dr. Vincent Walsh (Neuroscientist), Future Humans:

Controlling Humans From the Outside

Electronic Weapons are, after Nuclear Weapons, the next most dangerous weapons in our midst; one could argue they are worse than Nuclear weapons–because they are Invisible, they can be used on unsuspecting persons anytime, to induce disease, physical or mental, to change moods and receptivities, to alter emotions, to put people to sleep, to make them passive or aggressive, to manipulate their nerves, muscles, bodies, to physiologically alter the functioning of their bodies, to torture from a distance, to induce pain, heat, and damage in the human body–and “Targeted Individuals” are witness to the irrevocable fact that these weapons are currently being operated, both as weapons operation and weapons testing/training, on individuals in the USA, and worldwide.

Many many analysts and observers also note that these weapons are currently being used en masse, on unsuspecting populations–whole populations, in cities, in neighborhoods, in countries–including, notably, the USA (more on this subject to follow) as Invisible, Silent tool of Mass Control.

(Fibromyalgia, anyone? Cancer? Autism? Rheumatoid Arthritis? Osteo Arthritis? Migraines? MS? Incontinence? Infertility? Strokes? Heart Attacks? Pulmonary dysfunction? Bronchitis? Sudden onset of any disease? Recurring colds and flu? Narcolepsy or insomnia?

All this and more, brought to you in Silence by Electronic Warfare weapons, and by covert operatives working quietly in your neighborhood.)

See this interview  by Jenny Crwys Williams with Barrie Trower on Stealth Warfare with Microwaves. 

3) ”Targeted Individuals” are actively discredited.

This is achieved by running a Full-Spectrum Discrediting Program on individuals being assaulted today by microwave/radio/sonic weapons. How best to keep Covert Actions–of base criminality–hidden from the rest of society? The Military/Intel complex answers this by running an elaborate MILDEC/PSYOPS on the individual, and on society.

Here is how it is done:

  1. Individuals are politically targeted, courtesy Patriot Act. This is done in Secret.

Please see the post Massive Abuses of Domestic Surveillance Occasioned by the Patriot Act… to follow how this is happening in the US and elsewhere today. For more information on The Mechanism of Targeting, also see the post Domestic War on Americans Hidden by Secrecy…(Additional information forthcoming.)

Democracy Now’s Interview with ex-FBI Agent Mike German, The Abuses of Secret Domestic Intelligence Operations/Mentions FBI Resources Wasted on Pursuing Innocents/Mentions Military-Grade Weapons Being Used


Individuals are Sold/Human Trafficked (what else can we call it–when there is an exchange of money involved?) as Domestic Adversaries to Black-budgeted, Classified, Military Weapons Testing/Training programs, funded by the Government, for use as Human Guinea Pigs in Asymmetric Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Urban Warfare, Unconventional Warfare–deploying the use of classified Mil/Intel small aircraft, helicopters, satellites through the classified National Reconnaissance Agency, classified Mil/Intel ground teams using cars and SUVs in neighborhoods, or staked out in neighborhood houses and apartments. This is obvious, evident, and overt warfare. (To see this in action, just come and spend one day in my formerly-quiet neighborhood. Or longer. Also, see this more detailed post on the subject of plane/car/helicopter/neighbor action in my neighborhood.)

For some more information on this Stealth Warfare that is currently operative all over the US, and that conscripts and NSL-letter/Fusion-Center-gags Entire Neighborhoods and Entire Communities, that all “Targeted Individuals” and their neighbors can attest to, please see this post: Fourth of July, 2015: Covert Civil War–& “Asymmetric” Stealth Warfare–Rages All Over the USA Today. (More information forthcoming.)

From documents, it seems the Military is actually waging what it calls Low-Intensity Conflict or Deterrence-permitted or legitimized by secret Dept of Defense/Dept of Justice agreements and coalitions, for information on this, please see Earth Rising-–on persons it has unilaterally, falsely, politically deemed to be/casually labeled as “threats to national security” (these are not terrorists we are talking about; these are exceptional and upstanding citizens, active community members, talented and highly qualified individuals, activists, whistleblowers, and civically-engaged men and women), while simultaneously testing weapons and training personnel in this kind of Covert Electronic Warfare–a Two in One apparently, a paid-for political action of extermination & suppression of dissent, paid for by every single Federal taxpayer, ethical or unethical, whose labor anonymously funds these weapons-testing/training Defense contracts.

Individuals are also Sold to well-heeled Black-Budget Classified Military and Government-funded, MKULTRA-Extended Human Subject Experimentation Research programs being run by Unethical Scientists in probably every major University today, certainly most likely the ones which amorally took part in the first MKULTRA experiments–and spanning the spectrum from Neuropsychology to Artificial Intelligence to Sociology to Cancer studies to Ophthalmology. (Eye diseases & blindness can be induced by radiation too. No doubt some palatably noble aim is instantly affixed to the research goals, such as studying disease onset or blindness in order to heal it.) Covert implantation of RFIDs, nanosensors, and MEMS–MicroElectroMechanical devices or transceivers–all of which is being reported by assaulted individuals nationwide, and worldwide, could be a part of MKULTRA.

MKULTRA Documentary: CIA Mind Control Human

Experiments in the United States


Both the weapons-testing and the MKULTRA University research on American and other civilians is Classified Research, No Need to Bother About Informed Consent–the CIA won’t own up to it (Try FOIA’ing them; my FOIA re. Informed Consent on any open DEW contract is currently under appeal here at Muckrock) and the Military/USAF/Navy/DIA dodges the question (My FOIA to the USAF is under appeal; DIA tells me there’s a big queue). Special Access is a cadre of secrecy classification above Top Secret. Some Non-Lethal Weapons are classified Special Access, as noted in Nick Begich’s Earth Rising (This is a Must-Read book.) Whether this research is classified Special Access or Top Secret or anything else, what it really means is it’s not going to be acknowledged openly for media or court purposes (State Secrets Privilege, National Security, etc.), and it offers Carte Blanche to medical experimentation researchers via Zero Informed Consent: Classified Research doesn’t require Informed Consent today, in the US, land of the once-free,  thanks to a complex of engineered loopholes and citizen-hostile provisions in extant legislation–why did no-one monitor this, all those years, while it was being engineered…?

2) Part of this targeting involves the secret obtaining of warrants for invasive surveillance through the FISA Court, naming the person under scrutiny falsely as a terrorist or spy, courtesy Section 215, Patriot Act.

3) False allegations do not stop there. A false and entirely fraudulent investigation is opened on the subject by the FBI or local Intel/Law Enforcement complex–all kinds of joint action is in evidence today, thanks to the Patriot Act—and entire communities, neighborhoods, businesses are notified and conscripted into Community Policing and Watch activities of this now-falsely-labeled individual.

4) Herein lies the core of the PSYOP. Active Discrediting or Aggressive Military Deception means Outright Lies, Deceit, Rumors, Slander, Defamation are set in motion. Neighbors, employers, business-owners are all lied to. Since the goal is Discrediting the individual, a variety of unsavory lies are trotted out, that the person now under “court-ordered electronic surveillance” and “concealed monitoring” is variously a prostitute, a drug-dealer, trafficker, pedophile, predatory or secret homosexual, paranoid schizophrenic, bipolar manic, sex maniac, you name it. Neighbors are pulled into GPS’ing and overtly surveilling and spying on the individual, round the clock. Communities are told they are monitoring the individual in order to Prevent a Crime!!! (The irony here is extreme.)

5) Conscripting communities into overt policing/surveillance has a secondary facet to it, conscription into COINTELPRO activities against the individual (titled Gangstalking in most Web accounts).

Here’s where MKULTRA dovetails with MILDEC and morphs seamlessly into COINTELPRO.

Communities are pulled into “behavior modification” activities aimed at the individual, which include wearing certain colors, saying certain things, and doing certain things all supposedly connected in some way with the individual, information on whom is gained through aggressive covert surveillance (including the planting of video/audio bugs and house break-ins, Computer/Electronic surveillance, as well as through the mildly-named but Aggressively-Mind-Reading mechanisms of “Electronic Warfare Support”–essentially, picking up the low-frequency emanations of thought wave forms, mood wave forms, etc. via MASINT collection (hence the constant aircraft in the vicinity of those being assaulted) of Measurement and Signature Intelligence, which includes your mind, thinking. Now officially known as Unintentionally Radiated Intelligence, or RINT–and free for the picking–or so the Military assumes.

In addition, Infraguard or Citizen Watch/Fusion Center groups are pulled into active traffic and retail harassment activities (again, termed Gangstalking colloquially) which include weird actions and street theater in front of the individual.

One apparent reason for all this insanity seems to be a desperate attempt to get the individual diagnosed professionally (by either an unsuspecting or complicit psychiatrist) as a paranoid schizophrenic”, the moment he or she begins talking about covert harassment, being attacked by pulses of radiation hitting his or her body, being sleep-deprived by way of being woken up by high powered microwaves hitting his spine or voices beamed into his skull, being stalked by helicopters, being covertly implanted, being “gangstalked” on the roadways, or being surrounded by people wearing his favorite colors or talking about him or saying things in his presence straight out of his head.

The psychiatrist’s handbook, the DSM–the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is full of handy disorders and syndromes to pin to the “TI” including Delusions of Reference, Hallucinations, and Paranoia.

Let us not forget that Paranoid Schizophrenia is precisely the Tool of Authoritarian Governments to discredit and sabotage people.

(More on this particular subject here: Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies”.)

In America and elsewhere in the world today, this diagnosis serves to discredit and disappear those being assaulted with Electronic Warfare weapons.

4) Active Concealment is also achieved by Active Disinformation. This would explain the oddness of some sites and videos online purportedly from “Targeted Individuals”–the ultimate PSYOP of course is in the denigration of that label. Targeted Individual, tinfoil hat, conspiracy theorists–these terms have been carefully engineered in elaborate ways to invoke notions of Fringe, Paranoid, Unbalanced, Unstable. (There’s an irony here about tinfoil too–tinfoil actually is effective as a mild shield against EMR radiation. TIs in Tinfoil Hats–now there’s something to set up there with Conspiracy Theorists….)



We are not living in a civilized and humane society when people can be tortured in our midst using invisible directed-energy EMR and sonic weapons. These weapons are being used under cover of secrecy, protected by Secrecy laws fully aimed against the citizenry and fully promotive of secret abuses by government and Intel agencies, essentially by the unethical corporations and banks which run the Government. These corporations and banks are currently aiming deadly weapons at those who speak out against them. Is that even remotely sane?

These assaults and attacks are crimes of the worst sort. The hiding of them is permitted by our Secrecy laws, they are crimes conducted in secret. Their existence is suppressed.

These are abuses of our laws, abuses of surveillance, and abuses of Secrecy.

Nazi Germany had fully-visible physical concentration camps. The USA–and every country and state now in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia–has invisible electronic concentration camps. Fully sanctioned by the state–or secret global government.

1) We must challenge these Secrecy laws, and fully investigate and prosecute these false-targeting and Directed-Energy Weapon Torture crimes.

2) Electronic Warfare needs to be researched, investigated, written about, talked about, exposed, and challenged. How could something akin to Nuclear Warfare and Absolute Holocaust be permitted to exist in secret, unchallenged? It will be the end of humanity as we know it if we do not rise up and demand that Electronic Warfare be banned, just as Blinding Lasers were recently banned, and just as Nuclear Weapons are so closely monitored and sanctioned (and should be banned).

Perhaps a closer look at Electronic Warfare (reading your mind, pulling out thoughts and memories, putting dreams and false memories in, remotely manipulating your nerves, muscles, organs, physiological processes, all in silence, in secrecy, invisibly, from a distance) will force us all to look at Warfare, period.

Is warfare even remotely civilized? Lethal or “non-lethal” (nothing in the realm of weaponry is really non-lethal), weapons of destruction as well as the whole act of war are savage and barbaric.

Perhaps ending Electronic Warfare will help us end War, in all its forms.

Maybe that is why the Military has been keeping Electronic Warfare so secret–they know none of us would approve.

Society would be seriously perturbed if people understood that Directed-Energy weapons meant you–any one of us–could be attacked, day in, day out–in your heart, your temple, your eyes, your brain, your kidneys, your liver, your pancreas, your genitals–by pulses of dirty radiation, that no-one could see, hear, or touch, and be able to do nothing about it–and all just for your beliefs, your thoughts, your words, your actions. What price thinking you’re the one in charge of your own health, your own body, your own mind? It’s the Gulag plus Minority Report. It’s the end of Human Autonomy, Human Privacy, and Human Sovereignty.

America, we can’t let that happen! It’s time for our journalists, our scientists, our human rights defenders, and our citizens to learn the truth for themselves about these horrific weapons, and to speak out against them. This entire subject needs to come out into the light of day. Our media has failed us abysmally; We must become the media. Please investigate this subject further. Please do what is in your power to do to research and report further. We Must Speak Out! 

Links to books & other resources coming soon. 

List of References: Deadly “Non-Lethal Weapons”


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Dr. Steven Greer: How the Secret Government Works — UFO Secrecy, Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, Scalar Technologies, Disinfo Tactics  (Includes Disclosure/Open Admissions on DEWs & EMFs, Targeting, RFIDs, Psychiatrist Complicity, Controlled Media)

The “Neutralizing” of US Dissent With Neuroweaponry: Open Letter to Journalists and Human Rights Advocates and Organizations in the USA and Worldwide

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How Secret Policing With Deadly “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside the US, & Globally

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USAF Documents Obtained on this FOIA Request/For Informed Consent/Statement of Work on USAF contract with General Dynamics Corporation awarded in response to the solicitation BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002.














Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies”

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In the Name of National Security? Secret, Classified Human Subject Experimentation and Research in 2015: Where is the Public Outrage?

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In Historic Response to Activist Tyrone Dew, General Michael Hayden, Former NSA/CIA Director, Denies Any Knowledge of Directed-Energy Neuroweapons Targeting Human Brains


Raising Awareness About the Tragic Assaults on Aaron Alexis, Myron May, and Miriam Carey: An Interview with Tyrone Dew

David Scott Baker, Kentucky: Complaint for Compensatory Damages/Medical Malpractice–Non-Consensual Test Subject/Directed Energy Weapons

Covert Assaults Satyagraha/Dedicated Blog/Under Construction

Documenting the Assault

List of References: Deadly “Non-Lethal Weapons”


Bio-Effects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons (Declassified), US Army Intelligence and Security Command/Obtained by Donald Friedman on FOIA, Dec 2006



Click to access 10CommandmentsofCI_cind-2002-01-05.pdf

Ramola D

Ramola D, TARGETED,  original creator of the majority of the content and information in the above blog, is a fiction writer, poet, essayist, and journalist. Born and raised in Madras and Secunderabad, India, she moved to the United States on a creative writing and teaching fellowship, after receiving a BSc. in Physics and an MBA from the University of Madras. She received an MFA in poetry from George Mason University in 1991, and has taught composition and creative writing at Washington, DC area Universities and community colleges as adjunct faculty. She has also worked as a technical trainer and writer, web designer, and editor. Her poetry received a National Endowment for The Arts Fellowship in 2005. Her first collection of poetry, Invisible Season (WWPH, 1998), a finalist in the Carnegie Mellon Poetry Series, Calyx, and Wesleyan University Press contests, was awarded the Washington Writers’ Publishing House Prize in Poetry in 1998. Her first collection of short fiction, Temporary Lives (University of Massachusetts Press, 2009), won the 2008 AWP Grace Paley Award in Short Fiction. Her essays, articles, writer-interviews, poetry, and fiction have appeared in various journals and anthologies, including Indian Express, Prairie Schooner, Green Mountains Review, Agni, The Writer’s Chronicle, Best American Poetry 1994, and Best American Fantasy 2007. She currently teaches writing at the Writer’s Center, Bethesda, and at The George Washington University. She lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband and daughter.






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The human experimentation program takes targets through various stages for De-patterning beginning in childhood.
The INTENTIONAL infiltration of drugs into communities, both legal and illegal, Opioids, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, etc., creating addiction dependency is by design and has always been a part of monstrous human biological experiments.
The patent used to keep people addicted is Patent # 5356368. The desire for drugs is cloned then beamed back to targets, repeatedly to insure addiction of human beings and their lives deemed Lab Rats.
The goal is to destroy the inner self while the step by step results are monitored in real-time from military bases across the USA heavily involved for DECADES!
The hope is that the masses can be reprogrammed and subjugated by those who have deemed themselves the controllers of humanity.



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Updated book Ad Prologue



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