If I Die, The Government Killed Me Many Victim’s Report

If I die

Directed energy weapon beam

Diary of An Angry TI b



You heard it from me, reported in this blog dated August 11, 2014, if I become afflicted with any type of bone cancer, bone disease, brain cancer, brain aneurysm, or blindness due to the beam’s extremely low-frequency focus on my eyes, hearing loss, heart attack or stroke, it will be 100% due to the return of renewed and vicious attacks by covert government operative intent that I will be silenced.  The attacks also include a relentless focus on the right thigh bone purposely ensuring I cannot walk with the attack due to the operation center monitoring beginning as soon as I open my eyes each morning and intentionally before I even get out of the bed.  This is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week joint targeting operation with hired individuals working in shifts around the clock and similar tactics is being reported by growing numbers of US citizens, nearing well over 300,000 today.

The effort around me also includes three drones in a triangular pattern around my residence deploying the Sonic Weapon.



For months on end, my right inner thigh bone has been the night after night focus from the operation center directed, Directed Energy  Weapon radar laser beam, intentionally depleting it of the natural fluids necessary for good bone health. The attacks had gotten so bad that the bone literally shifted resulting from the microwave beam completely drying the natural fluids in the specific area of the beam’s focus with pin point accuracy.  As this operation continues to monitor their handiwork, when I stand, it is in extreme pain due to the depletion of vital fluids.

Houston Chronicle Article


I continue to report, along with many others suffering the same fate, the reality of a horrific government joint targeting psycho-physical mind control program in research, TESTING, and development that  logically the government does not want to be known or publicized in my five book series “Mind Control in America.”   As a result, the effort designed to silence whistleblower, activist, or those strategically then labeled as “Domestic Terrorist” can then be placed on a watch list.  The result is American citizens could be put into a government electromagnetic psycho-physical technology testing program approved, after 9/11 for military and law enforcement non-consensual testing efforts.



What angers these covert operations, and agencies approving these specific types of victimization, it appears, is that many victims, I as well as thousands of victims, continue standing, even as efforts continue to escalate, and exposing the cruelty of what is happening refusing to be silenced.  Many are in disbelief of the legalized covert cruelty and denial of Constitutional, Civil and even basic Human Rights.

These operations are designed to slowly kill the target by slowly killing tissue and organs strategically what another outcome could it be?  These are well thought out operations, cleverly disguised today by typical population health issues of the day. For example, once reserved for the Geriatric community, today thousands of hip and knee replacements are being performed routinely on those much younger enabling synthetic replacement to be categorized as having an onset by another cause.

The focus of the nightly beam is clear.  The focus of the victimization effort is also horrifically clear while also victims are monitored from the state-of-the-art operation centers, that typically oversee these types of efforts and relentlessly around the clock as well.  The deadly beam has also been temporarily redirected to other parts of my body giving at times, this gives one area or a joint or bone a much-needed break.  However, don’t be fooled in the game of Psy Ops, those monitoring the victim will watch the hopeful joy of relief and the victim’s gait return to some degree of normalcy after the blood flow tries to restore itself then guess what?  From personal experience, the individual is then zapped again.   Coercive physical torture is the objective is a slow, calculated break down of the human body, from targeting of organs and tissue along with the destruction of the victim’s emotional well-being and hope to push the target over the edge.

As documented in “Covert Technological Murder…” my left hip was deteriorated in similar fashion.  The left hip was surgically replaced in 2012.  I will never forget that after waking from surgery in September of 2012 the intensity, of pain, not from the left hip just replaced but now right front hip pain. Believe it or not, the pain of the front portion of my right thigh and bone was nothing compared to the left hip surgery I had endured.  It was obvious that the human monsters at the helm the technology, again who monitor a victim around the clock in rotating shifts, were sending a message.  Why was I attacked during surgery to the left hip by painful cooking to the right hip when I returned to my hospital bed?  Psy Ops!

I soon realized that it was useless attempting to tell hospital staff what unbelievably had happened while staying in the hospital recuperating. In fact, when I tried, my health records were immediately documented to reflect that I was delusional which is a pivotal and primary goal in the PSY OPS of these strategic operations whichallows these efforts and technology testing to thrive after the victim is discredited. No one wants to believe that one, this type of evil is actually technologically happening or more importantly that it is effortlessly possible and happening literally via electromagnetic and radio frequency weapons deployed from a central location miles away and in mid-air.

Once a person is placed into this program they are targeted for the rest of their lives and in most cases up to their death bed.  To date, untold numbers of US citizens continue reporting suffering from these specific types of energy weapon attacks, from nationwide operation centers, many, as shown in the “Brain Invaders” TruTV episode, and many suffer for years and years.   Death or attempted murder to silence a victim depends on the level of the focus on the target and why.   Bear in mind, also, that those employed in these operations typically retire from these positions and this is how they earn their living until retirement before another operation slips into the seat.

Personally, I cannot think of a group who above all others should not be privy to this technology, at all, yet, it appears those who operate officially with little moral or ethics are.  They are one of the primary groups this technology has been given to and who are deploying it today.  Regarding Directed Energy Weapon covert torture, think of it this way, you take a piece of frozen meat from the freezer and put it into the microwave oven.  The objective is not to cook it because it is frozen but to slowly thaw it.  The meat is then placed in the microwave oven and the dial set on defrost and the slow cooking process of the meat, begins by slow cooking the water molecules, or thawing, from the inside out prior to the overall cooking process later.

This is the same principle being used in intentional “slow kill” efforts via microwave directed energy weapons also known, however as people cooking.  The human body is not a steak that is being slowly cooked, on the specific setting, night after night but a living human being!



Covert Technological Murder Update









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