Is Todd Giffen an Opportunist Who Exploited Myron May, the FSU Shooter Tragedy Suicide Letter a Danger to Self and Others, or a Victim of Psychophysical Programming, Heinous Human Experimentation, Tortured and Desperate?






Todd Giffen, Whistleblower on Non-Consensual Govt. Neuro-Experimentation Held on Charges of Interstate Threat & Stalking (After Messages Sent to Senators) Reports Serious Statutory Violations in Extended Jail Stay, Unsafe Jail Conditions, Attorney Failings, and Wrongful Mental Competency Evaluation


Is Todd Giffen a danger to self or others?  In his own words nine days after the Myron May tragedy,  what he revealed must be considered!  Yes, he has done memorable research into ongoing human experimentation, as have thousands, but what happens when after years of targeting, relentless technological harassment, torture, and programming since a young person, which is key and hard to break the influence, to include a stint at the Oregon State Mental Hospital he actually snaps?  One thing is certain, millions have been targeted in the ongoing human experimentation program since childhood and dating back DECADES!

After desperately begging me for the information deceased Assistant DA Myron May sent out before going Postal at FSU, I was shocked when Todd Giffen published a blog, maliciously hoping to destroy my credibility at the Myron May Flash drive link vindictively attempting to discredit me and also publicize my home address.  This is not only dangerous for me but, in my opinion, could play into the COINTELPRO effort or his Handlers continually demanding that I be silenced by sending a programmed target driven into being a nutcase to my door.  Let’s hope he can endure what is happening to him now.  I say this because, it is documented fact that Assistant DA Myron May, before going postal, injuring three at Florida State University, Strozier Library, and his ultimate untimely death was apparently under a misguided perception and influence. The Handler, he speaks, documented in the below social network post appears had him thinking that his highly successful personal life, Pediatrician girlfriend, and a thriving career as an Assistant District Attorney would be restored and he freed from this hideous program if he did what was requested, or so he desperately hoped.

Six days he was dead!  So anything is possible in this program and must be considered.


Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 8.43.00 PM


As I have stated numerous times, without a doubt, this operation 100% wants my website, books, blogs, video, etc., taken down.

How dare I embarrassed them with the truth?

This blog about my interaction, specifically with Todd Giffen which became vital for my credibility and protection against an obvious attempt to annihilate my reputation.  During the time frame of the Myron May incident, I was strategically under attack from many directions and under extreme duress and confused why an Assistant DA took such a route.   What is revealed is my documentation of my interaction with Giffen during this timeframe which I copied and sent to myself in an email for documentation.  This, again was after the FSU shootings and what Todd Giffen wrote in his Myron May Flash-drive link website about me which left out our full conversation and also how he tampered with Myron May’s suicide letter to suit his personal needs.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 9.53.21 AM.png


What Todd Giffen ultimately publicized on the “myronmayflashdrive” was a complete fabrication and a malicious version and attempt through, vindictive accusations levied of me by a person I had never heard of either at that time.  His deleting specific aspects of our message exchanges which served as clarity to our interaction overall revealed him as self-serving and capable of anything.   This had me, and many questioning who he really is, and his true motives.  As shown above, Giffen changed the addresses in the suicide letter revealing his true goal.  Attaching himself to the FSU shooter, Myron May and Todd Giffen’s tactics of doing, sadly also, blatantly implies and confirms an unspoken goal of mental illness and desperation, which discredits the targeted community by his hoax.

One thing that stands out in my mind, with Todd Giffen, who today is held for death threats to Senators/government officials, with his mental competency now rightfully questioned, is the connection of what he said to me right after Myron May’s tragic decision, to shoot three people at Florida State University, Strozier Library in November of 2014.  Todd Giffen first asked then demanded the information Myron May sent out in his suicide package prior to his tragic decision and the realization of a verbalized similar connections to similar to the threats in 2018 which, again demanded a rightful psych evaluation and what he said by messaging to me in 2014.  A blind man can see that the system has no other choice but to incarcerate Todd Giffen to determine if he is factually dangerous.



Click to access todd-giffen-1-fbi-complaint-181027crimcomplaintredacted-3.pdf


Myron May was a well-known reported success story in certain circles and he snapped or was influenced to snap and Todd Giffen is no exception of reported horrific targeting focus on many, many people today.  Todd Giffen stated he blatantly supported Myron May shooting people at the FSU Strozier Library in 2014 as documented below in the messages to me which are an immediate red flag.  Anyone believing that harming others is the key does become a danger to self and others and especially when they have nothing to lose after this program destroys their lives.

Following the excerpted, capture image below revealing what Todd Giffen said, again in his own words, is the entire dialogue exchange.  It is authentic with only the deletion of where I dropped the F-bomb twice and I corrected minor spelling errors of three words.

The question is, today and yesterday, if at the end of his rope, and feeling hopeless, would Todd Giffen actually choose to act on his beliefs of threats to government officials? Without a doubt, to do so, not only sabotages insanely the truth movement and more importantly, this type of goal should result in any Court taking proper action to ensure threats do not become a reality.  And you can bet that anyone having this type of personal interaction with a stranger would logically view it as a red flag of potential.  Add to this the capability of this program to create puppets, torture them into action, and used mind invasive technology to influence the guinea pig target to sabotage themselves while taking others with them.

The fact is, I and many exposing the truth of how high-tech targeting works have heinous, hideous official agencies, Federal, state, and local, lingering around them relentlessly searching for strategic permanent silencing methods where the hope is for a patsy becomes real.  The fact is, in reality, THEY are far more monstrous and pathologically dangerous than any person they hope to use for plausible denial and by the use believing it can’t be proven when using those they psychologically batter and torture with the focused frequency weapons in full use today.  The number one goal at the onset of the targeting is to have every one written off as mentally ill in a program that creates mental illness, by the relentless PsyOps, relentless inhumane torture, covert destruction of lives, families, careers, and the first order of business is attacking, discrediting labels to ALL targets as soon as they speak up with the truth of this monstrous program.  I must admit also that anyone sending me a message stating that killing or harming anyone, would do more than raise eyebrows, no matter who they are.  What if I agreed, or cosigned the below statement.

The violence of any kind is unacceptable and destroys the positive truth movement overnight which also is another official, powerful strategy.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 3.39.43 PM






  • Factual conversation started November 23, 2014 on Facebook
  • Todd Giffen

    Nice. Did you get any other part of the package besides the suicide letter?
    If so, I can host this on the internet for you, basically put it on a couple of sites for people to download and have access to. Let me know. This will be public for all TIs, media to access.
    Interested in the video on the flash drive, PDF scans of the documents and suicide letter and all other material and pictures of the package it came in.
  • Todd Giffen

    Renee, I can let you host this free of charge.. I can pass you a secure SFTP, you can use any free FTP client like Filezilla to upload it to my webhost. This webhost is secure, the contents will be placed on the domain for others to download. I will also help upload it to so it will be saved for eternity. Also do you know of the Vimeo and YouTube accounts Myron May used so I can back them up as he wished? I did not locate the accounts when I did the brief search.
    This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.
  • Todd Giffen

    we can also use an app like BitTorrnet Sync to transfer it from me to you, unless you got Google Docs/Drive or Dropbox than just upload it all there. Getting it all together complete is important for archiving history.
    from you to me *
  • Todd Giffen

    If you didn’t know me, I run and I am a famous TI; I already archive a lot of TI material, consider it like a TI’s flash drive..
    This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.
  • Todd Giffen

    also reframe from crumpling and writing on the letters/documents. we can digitally block stuff out, so save the unedited copy and scan that. . I can put blocks over specific addresses or phone numbers if we need to protect certain pieces of info.
  • Todd Giffen

    O_O. Just read the “Note: images only of letter forwarded to Renee Pittman Mitchell.”
  • Todd Giffen

    I was telling the other people who had their packages intercepted, that you may have a legal challenge if you want to sue the government for intercepting private communications. Mail over the postal service is constitutionally protected, government cannot snoop nor intercept packages like this, there was no reason to suspect the packages had anything bad in them and now we know there isn’t so they should return them to all recipients.
  • 11/24, 1:42pm

    Todd Giffen

    I cannot believe you didn’t copy the flash drive, and documents before turning it over to police!.
  • Todd Giffen

    I am going to contact all the additional recipients and ask if they got it. It is late now, but we could have at least made scans/computer copies of it all. To at least try to comply with his wishes to distribute it online, to the media, etc..
    I have been contacted by the media BTW, if you happen to have any more knowledge. We are interested in the contents of the flash drive and documents.
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Look don’t contact me again with this crap. I did not know Myron at all and had not met him until a week before the incident. If the police want the info they can have it.  I don’t condone violence under any circumstances. My battle is my own. I am not the go to girl and I make my own decisions.
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

    If the police want the information they can have it. I have no use for what later appears to be suicide letters after the fact. Again who are you and where did you come from? Many people on my friend list I have known for quite some time. Fight you battle without me. My books are my contribution and other efforts!
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

  • Todd Giffen

    Well, aren’t you a target? Why would he send a non target this package? Anyway. I run this website, I am a target myself:
    I only know you because of this incident. I read the suicide letter you took pictures of..
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Bye.  It is my effort to put this situation behind me.  I have no need or desire to correspond with you!

  • Todd Giffen

    Todd Giffen

    OK. Sad to see you sell out.
    Have a good day tho.
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

    11/24, 2:02pm


    NOTE:  Of course calling me a sell pissed me OFF!

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

  • Todd Giffen

    No. I am bigger than you and Myron. I run my own site, I have reached thousands of people, I know more than any other target.
    I have been out there far longer as well. I am building a lawsuit to shut this down.
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

  • Todd Giffen

    Thanks for chatting with me Renee. Have a good day, I get it!
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

  • Todd Giffen

    I feel bad for you. It must be such a burden..
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

  • Todd Giffen

    Renee OK I am sorry for insulting you. But you don’t even care about Myron, you are not even trying to help him and never wanted to be involved. I apologize, that you don’t want to expose as bad as him or me.
    Thanks for your work however, what you have tried is enough. And I am grateful you provided your letter at least.
    I will contact some of the other recipients.
    Have a good day!
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

  • Todd Giffen

    You just said you didn’t even care about Myron. Why are they interviewing you, you didn’t even know him, and turned your package right over to police without even examining it or saving it!
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

    To bad you did not get a package. I can see you trying to profit off the situation. Bye idiot! Wrong woman.
  • Todd Giffen

    You need to take a chill pill.
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

    I do not condone how Myron handled this situation and am not on his team at all. AGAIN, I DID NOT KNOW HIM AT ALL AND HAVE NO BOND WITH HIM!
    CORRECTION: “how” Myron handled this
    My hope is for the living who make right decisions…
  • Todd Giffen

    I wanted to let you know I supported what Myron did. I wished he got into the main library, he could have sent a bigger message if only the doors weren’t locked. Government essentially did this, society dicks around and allows the target to be tortured for decades and never get help.
  • Todd Giffen

    The only thing a few target can do is kill and bomb others, until the message sinks in.
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Okay. Good for you! Goodbye. Do not feel free to contact me ever again.

    Todd Giffen

    There have been targets out there suffering for decades.. No one helps any of them, it cannot be stopped or shutdown.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

  • Todd Giffen

    This means there is nothing that Myron and targets can do any differently. The ones who don’t try, who refuse to take action as he did, just die in vain and never get help. The issue remains hidden, without his kind..

    Renee Pittman Mitchell


    Todd Giffen

    Government should be shut down, they made Myron and Aaron Alexis do it.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    You are now pretending to be disadvantaged.
    WEAK MIND – correction
  • Todd Giffen

    Try to handle this positively. What can we do to make sure no innocent person has to go and shoot people up again. We have to bring justice, expose what is happening to the targets, and take what Myron reported seriously, because he didn’t lie – he told the truth.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell


    Todd Giffen

    We have been on CNN, we have been on Washington Post, we have been on TV, radio, newspapers, we have reported this to the FBI, police, congressman, senators, no one is going to stop this or help us. There are patents, videos, audio, whisteblowers, experts, saying this is real…

    Todd Giffen

    The CNN stuff was in 1997.. Look at how long this has went on, thousands of victims, hundreds of thousands of reports to the media, to the government, this was done to us, and there is nothing victims can do about it. This is why Myron may did what he did, to help everyone. All the victims. There have also been hundreds of lawsuits, the judges as high as the US Supreme Court refuse to help. I filed six lawsuits myself, the judges refuse to even hear the case even for legit victims.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Contact your connections at the FBI. They will give you a copy, LOL!
    Myron was a coward! That is not the way. And to shoot innocent people. Get real.
    Anyone who takes their life and then hurts others in the mist is not high on my list of good people.

    Todd Giffen

    I am real. He was up against a corrupt system. He was living in a communist dictatorship, this country is rigged top to bottom. The rich have privilege, noone is protecting the typical citizen, the poor, the minorities.. Not even you.

    Todd Giffen

    Imaging having directed energy penetrating your body and brain from a government satellite or over the horizon radar, Renee.. The government murders targets like that, and Myron May may have been a target of it too. He would have been getting maimed, by the US military, like all the other victims.

    Todd Giffen

    Imaging* I meant imagine
  • Todd Giffen

    Anyway Renee, I would love to be one of your media contacts.. I host As I understand it, you have voicemails, txt messages, social media contacts, and more. I can create a directory on my site, /d/Myron May FSU Shooter/ – I can upload the audio clips, voicemails, txt messages, social message conversations, and all that there, plus the suicide letter any other material you gave him. This is not for fame, this is to document and save the history of TIs.
    This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.
  • Todd Giffen

    my email for contact is – my phone number is 503-967-5202
  • November 26
  • Todd Giffen

    hi Renee, check this out:
    This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.
  • November 30
  • Todd Giffen

    Think I can pay for a few bucks for some of the content you got? Uncensored, unedited voice mails, letters, emails in PDF format, stuff from Myron May? I would gladly send you $20 bucks for it in agreement we work together to share the content freely. I can host it on Myron May’s flash it is not to get famous but to get people the goods. And get everyone help.

    Todd Giffen

    I can send the $20 via Paypal or amazon gift card, or whatever you’d like.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Todd, Todd, Todd. The FBI, Postal Inspector, and Sheriff Department knocked on my door early Friday morning with May’s Certified mailing to me saying it had been left on my porch. I don’t believe them because typically the Postal Carrier knocks for Certified Mail for the recipient to sign for it. They opened it inside my home. I did not know what was up with Myron and was unsure about him or his focus on me which was one of many red flags for me. I asked him could he come to California to represent me and also help with the Class Action suit I was coordinating in the background with Rosanne. Had it been someone I had known as a legit target, I probably would have kept it. Still stunned about the shooting, and greatly saddened, when they asked could they take it, I told them yes. I just did not want to be a part of suicide or shooting or want it laying around to sadden me anymore. The letter was sent to me by Derrick Robinson from FFCHS. Contact him. Maybe he has more. He sent me the image of the package sitting on top of the postal packaging which I thought was odd saying the post office let him take a picture of it. I don’t have anything in the package. Again, if the package had been from someone I know and not someone many just met 6 days prior it might be different. Why can’t you get that I do not have any paperwork from Myron. And I think that they came personally to my door knowing that if I did I would publicize it . If I did have the content no one would have to pay me for it.

    Todd Giffen

    I have the jpegs you posted on your wall already and it seems to be a picture of the letter you received.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Again the letter you see which I posted was sent from FFCHS.

    Todd Giffen

    It has your name, not derrick Robinson’s. Did the letter he sent to derrick and all other recipients have your name on it?

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    It says Mrs Mitchell and others.

    Todd Giffen

    Yes. OK. So I got that but I wanted the unblurred pictures. Did you black them out yourself? Also you sent voice mails to GMN. I have the GMN presentation but I was trying to get the very original content unedited although I can self edit some stuff, .. You also had social media content and emails it says. I am offering to pay you some money to get it all together and send it over. People would love to see the original unedited content.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    The second and third page show Derrick as a recipients with many others. Perhaps they may have something but the FBI took mine.

    Todd Giffen

    I am not talking about the package I was asking for other stuff. I know the package was turned over to the fbi, as you informed me before.
    I sort of have a thing for original stuff, not the edited versions the media present, it is forensic quality evidence.
  • Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Know that this situation will be turned over to the Federal District Court tomorrow. Todd leave this situation to the Big Fish aka judges. You cannot do anything except if you are a real target end up being tortured more…

    Todd Giffen

    Well may I ask why you turned it over to the media but I cannot get a copy?
    Yes and I employ your efforts.
    Even though we had some disagreements I like that you still have a drive to get this out.
    I also might do a podcast and use some of the content.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Again, if targets could do anything the first they would do is stop their own targeting. Let the powerful Federal Court take over… Take care!

    Todd Giffen

    How bout $30 bucks?. Send em to me like Pete Sentilli. You know that I have gotten triple traffic to my site since this started? Lots of media, hundreds and hundreds of people, thousands of page views. 600-700 visits a day.. I am used to doing 200-400 visits a day.
    I also have a court case to support the TIs. It is being reviewed by Judge Lawrence now.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Everything is now part of an official court case which is pending. I wish you well and keep up the good work!

    Todd Giffen

    Fresno US District Court.
    Oh. Well thanks Renee. Who are you suing anyway?
    Well you know I have copies of all the pictures you posted before and took down. I just hoped to get a copy of the unedited versions, the unmasked stuff. BTW do you have an attorney now or is this a self filed case you have going on?
    I also have the original reading of the suicide note by derrick, and pictures other TIs posted on their walls include pictures of their packages. Which they got, but then denied receiving, I am not talking about just you.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Just check Pacer, you do have an open case. Good job!

    Todd Giffen

    Yeah. I am also about to file a new case to the US Supreme Court directly.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    What pictures did I take down?

    Todd Giffen

    I found a way to bypass the lower courts, but the supreme court can kick it back down.. It is never a guarantee.
    Wait didn’t you post the pictures of the suicide note? Because I checked your wall and they are gone. I didn’t check the other groups to see if those were deleted or not.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    What is the edited version of what? Again, the only thing I was sent was the letter from FFCHS, Derrick Robinson.

    Todd Giffen

    Wait they are still there, in a photo album. Sorry, I might have saw em originally elsewhere.
    OK here is what I originally saw.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Are you talking about this 3 page letter? Let me check my wall now.

    Todd Giffen


    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    I am checking right now and they better be there!
    Now checking my timeline photo file.
    I see them in my timeline photos on November 23 connected to the Santilli interview.
    Now going back to make sure I did not overlook them.
  • Todd Giffen

    I know you posted em on other peoples walls, maybe you posted in one of the sub threads on your wall rather than as the main topic directly. Which is why I would have over looked em too.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    That’s what I am thinking too. Still going back to 11/23/14

    Todd Giffen

    Hmm. I was just looking, page 1 of mine is different from what I have. I wanted to know if, page 2 looks different from what I have now. Can you post that one here real quick?
    I am gunna compare with the one I got saved.

    Todd Giffen

    You are funny.
    I mean also cool.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    You are right. I don’t see the Santilli interview or the letter images.

    Todd Giffen

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    I am reposting NOW!

    Todd Giffen

    Renee, just recall, the instructions from Myron were to hopefully get this out to as many people as possible. I hope that you thus decide to change your mind and will send me the voicemails, emails, and any other messages you received or had with Myron. for the emails, you can use an app like PDFCreator to Print any emails, chooce PDFCreator as the printer, it will allow you to save it as a PDF to your computer. For Facebook messages, copy and paste the messages into Microsoft Word and save as a docx, then send that on over. For voicemails, I guess you have those in mp3, wav or something format?

    Todd Giffen

    also wanted to let you know a secret. doing things on our own is the right thing to do. for example, know why the media is refusing to run Myron May’s letter in any detail? primarily because they follow the official story, and when we present evidence of our government committing heinous acts they won’t care, won’t run it, because they’re choosing not to question the ‘official’ story. that is, the story that the FBI releases, where they eventually claim he acted during a delusional state and was in fact not being harmed by anyone. they will say this, because they don’t plan to prosecute any government entity even if they did this to someone.

    Todd Giffen

    the story we’re all told about it, is controlled; they won’t tell the truth, they don’t do independent investigations in the public, the police use media routinely to seed false messages and the media cooperates, the media basically does whatever the cops want. this is why we are never told the truth.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell


    Todd Giffen

    but you understand, right? what the cops reports say is what the media says, otherwise it’s what the video and audio says, but those pieces of evidence won’t actually show people being attacked with directed energy. so the media is going to seed a lie based on the cops, who will refuse to investigate or document this in their reports; the cops protect this sort of thing, they aren’t going to come out and go, “dang, all the TIs are legit victims, and Myron May was a target too.”

    Todd Giffen

    they will never say, “the military, NSA, CIA, FBI, DOD is targeting people from space satellites and radar with directed energy.” It’s because the cops lie, and cover this up. The media then reports on these flawed facts, even if there’s information out there that says otherwise. Think about Aaron Alexis’s situation, they did exactly this, knowing Aaron claimed he was targeted. Aaron was a smart lad, too, he left behind a trail to expose this, “My elf weapon” was basically the proof of his chief complaint.

    Todd Giffen

    Dispite the targets complaints and evidence, it is never enough to expose it because the cops won’t use it. They’re the weak link here, the FBI, police, and people in charge of this country, who permit it to go on..
    Many cops come from the military, they are part of infragard, they’re hooked into the fusion centers, they are from the Air Force, they have CIA ties, all this shit is protected BY them.
    etc, etc.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Todd, newsflash I have written 4 books on the subject and was married to a cop for close to 15 years. Again, I cannot help you promote yourself. I am fighting my own war. I have nothing to give you. You cannot ingratiate yourself with me. First impressions are lasting. I don’t want to block you but I just don’t want to be harassed by you. I have nothing for you and if you are so smart as you profess to be you will find a way!

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    God Bless you much success!

    Todd Giffen

    Renee thanks anyway. As far as I consider you’ve done us a dis-service. I mean, have you seen the content I put up on my site? some of the TIs, they thank me for it, they spend hours there watching the videos and content. the media also is flocking to my site. why hoard Myron’s voicemails when he wanted this all to get released to people? I don’t get it. your responses just seem wrong, it seems it is you who just doesn’t want to share. unless it involves the media, getting it directly from you.

    Todd Giffen

    that is ok but I guess you don’t want to archive TI history and prefer it to stay in the hands of a few, the few who aren’t even interested in Myron’s story that much.

    Todd Giffen

    Yes I understand I am trying to chisel at someone who is cold, hard, and selfish, I get you don’t want to work with anyone who isn’t there to benefit only you.
    But thanks anyway, this world is about mutual respect, even types such as yourself. Good day missy.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    You promoted throughout FB that you agreed with Myron May and violence.
    You said that you wish he had gotten into the library to hurt more people. Your comments are documented in many places on FB and sound dangerous to not only credible targets but innocent people. We have nothing in common and as I told you before I am on the team of non-violent activism. Take care and God bless you.

    Todd Giffen

    Renee, who cares what I said? The simple thing is, I advocate against the forces of evil in this world. You don’t gotta be so retarded about it. Now also, this problem started before I even said anything, according to our conversations here in this very thread.
    And before you even saw anything from me about supporting what Myron May did, you were here and upset, against Myron, not wanting to share information.
    Now what you don’t get, is, I archive TI content. If you don’t give me this stuff, it will be lost forever, I run a website that will eventually be more complete for TI history than

    Todd Giffen

    If you want to keep it to yourself and not ever share it, not let it be archived, then you are profiting off it and not wanting others to get it. And that is a sham. I picture your type saving it for your book writing, or someone from ABC to come along and pay you the attention you want to promote your books and stuff.

    Todd Giffen

    Come on, why not let the TIs archive it? Why not give it out?



Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 9.39.44 PM











Todd Giffen, Oregon, US


Reportedly a human experimentation guinea pig since a child, possibly hypnotically, intensely programmed if so, it appears Todd Giffen attempted to break the hypnotic trance through exposure and numerous youtube videos on non-consensual human experimentation.  However, sadly this encompassed personal and damaging attacks on other high-profile Human Rights Advocates, activists and whistleblowers, and horrendously negative disinformation.  Many familiar with this program report after Todd Giffen’s self-reported connection with military intelligence, that his discrediting attacks were likely the motivation of his official motivating connection, hacking or even possibly Directed Speech.  In this scenario, Todd Giffen would be unable to stop sabotaging himself. One thing is certain, this program wants everyone silenced, AND, history reveals the unified COINTELPRO ongoing experimentation program’s methodology typically is 100% strategic using beamed, manipulation and influence technology to create the chaos around those fighting to expose the truth and save lives.

As many watch Todd Giffen’s current dilemma, aware of his history of research and detailed information focused on ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation programs, and also his personal vindictive targeting of others enduring the same plight, you wonder how deeply scarred, mentally and emotionally, could Todd Giffen be if he has factually been a human guinea pig since childhood?  The fact is, his personal attacks on any reported Target are unnecessary?  The average person would logically begin to wonder, is the cause of his anger the victimization of the horrific, psychophysical, patents playing a major role in his duality?  And, again, and again, if he reaches a point where his relentless efforts appear hopeless, as a few have, could he become a danger to self and others?

Sadly, these are logical and rightful questions and valid concerns that would not have materialized his incarceration without what factually came from Todd Giffen’s very own mouth and in his own words.  In the context of this reality, he must shoulder the blame for the results.  

Many aware of this program know of the horrors, of what is happening and he is well-known for relentless exposure but when hints at death threats emerge towards anyone or agreement to it, his sanity becomes a rightful question, which is logical overall. 


Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 10.48.54 AM






In the wake and aftermath of the Myron May tragic FSU Shooting, November 20, 2014, Todd Giffen, who proclaims himself a victim of extreme technological manipulation and energy weapon attacks during, and after a lengthy stint at the Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital sought to bring light to his plight desperately it appears.  Many were in total disbelief that he actually altered the authentic suicide letter written by Myron May.

And it is documented in Facebook messages that Todd Giffen or someone hacking his social network account went on the record immediately after stating that the Myron May FSU shooting was honorable and appeared to recommend going Postal as the only way to bring light to what is happening today.

Those who have been following this tragedy, know that the media reported that Myron May sent ten certified packages to various individuals, documenting his plight, and hoping that his story would not “die in vain.”  It is also documented that the certified mailings were confiscated or intercepted by the United Postal Inspector or in my case, the FBI, and local Sheriff, along with the Postal Inspector to my residence and a pounding knock on the door around 8:00 a.m.  I fully cooperated with their requests as did many other recipients especially in light of innocent FSU bystander reported involvement and one said to be seriously injured by Myron May.

In the case of Todd Giffen, one must ask what would motivate him to replace and alter the names of the real addresses on a letter he altered?  This was done by not only by adding his name as the original addressee for the letter, but also adding three additional victim’s names to the courtesy copy listing, altering those Myron May originally listed.

In the suicide letter, Myron May specifically referenced several prominent targeted individuals.  This appeared to be an obvious hope of substantiating the reality which he, Myron May, was enduring through the example of others, suffering, and their plight and similar experiences.

Todd Giffen’s altered version of a dead man’s suicide letter and also added:

1. Barack Obama

2. Russell Tice

3. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He erroneously changed the mailing location of the authentic Myron May’s suicide letter instead to his hometown of birth and not Florida where the official mailings were documented to have originated and were mailed.  Myron May it was reported had not lived in Ohio since childhood and unequivocally did not mail the certified packages from there.  Below is the authentic package, Myron May mailed and addressed sent to one of the recipients.


Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 7.06.01 PM


Todd Giffen’s three additions took the ten individuals Myron May originally listed as prominent victims of psychological electronic “Black Bag” technology targeting, and Directed Energy Weapon attacks from ten to thirteen.

Below is the altered letter which did not say “Dear Mr. Giffen”  

Notice that he also intentionally covered his home address on this altered letter below.   Yet on his website attacking me, maliciously, and obviously attempting to muster hatred towards me, a stranger to him, he intentionally published the authentic letter written by Myron May with my home address on it.  Why?


Todd Giffen alteration

Todd Giffen letter 2


The question now becomes why?

Perhaps the answer lies in two of Todd Giffen’s website and what he wrote on the first page of the one below explaining how the website materialized.

He writes:

“This website was launched in July of 2012. It documents my history and legal case. After getting into the custody of the State of Oregon, I was abused, set up, targeted with illegal surveillance at the Oregon State Hospital, where I faced union violence, murder attempts, and had the US military and US Department of Justice target me with directed energy & mind control (they helped the state cover up the scandals that went on during the US Department of Justice CRIPA investigation, which launched in 2006). A replacement hospital was built on my blood in 2010, after the cover-up. Despite all parties being fully informed, and events being caught on security video/audio at OSH (documented in emails w/ dates and times of events in 2008), nothing has been done to bring justice & I remain a target of government-wide abuse.”

Todd Giffen’s motives appear to be an act of desperation to draw attention to his personal plight and in this desperation, he has proven he will use anyone and say anything.

However, does suffering make it right?


Oregon State Hospital


Illegal to expose government

Knowledge of what is happening, awareness of the capabilities of the technology in use and the truth is a very powerful weapon, combined with exposure, and again, victims must remember, is all that any victim needs to be armed with today!

When I got out of bed that night, I began looking over the emails and texts Myron May had sent me, started printing some of them to use as hopeful Exhibits to attached to already submitted court documents.

When Myron May first contacted many of the ten real addresses saying he was sending a video, etc., I asked him why he was sending it by ‘certified mail’ and why could he not just send an email, of the videos, letters, etc.  He told me that the file was too large for Yahoo to send.  Later he texted me he had another email, a Gmail account, but did not say he was sending anything nor did he give me the account’s name.  That night I stumbled on a Gmail account unnamed:  communication@gmail.

During the haze of what happened, and trying to grasp the reality, shocked and stunned for quite some time, I did not look at the emailed attachments in detail immediately afterward the shooting spree, believing them only more images of the postal mailings which he had emailed to me on Yahoo, and via text, and messaged also on Facebook to others hoping to confirm he was sending the packages.  He believed, which was true, that the packages would be intercepted and they were.

Admittedly, after the incident everything was surreal and I had a hard time digesting that something like this had happened so close to me and to someone who was reportedly known as a highly educated, Christian, and on the rise and well-liked.  Those who knew him personally reported, him a gentle Soul who made a 360 degree turn around and took the route he did.  Not wanting what was determined to be a suicide letter, after the fact, around me under emotional strain, or in my home, was also one of the reasons I gave permission for the trio to take the mailings with them and again, more importantly, people were said to be injured.

When I looked at the Gmail email on November 30, 2014, I noticed that a large number of the attachments were images which May had taken of people he believed was tracking, monitoring and stalking him to include images inside the Post Office as he mailed the packages saying he had been followed there. There were a lot of images of car license plates, people, etc., he felt was part of the mobilized effort around him as well.  On opening up each attachment, of about 25 images, I found the original suicide letter, which was exactly as it was posted online addressed “Dear Ms. Mitchell and other addresses.” To my great surprise, I also found other letters inside the certified mail.  One letter was Myron May’s draft of a letter he hoped Targeted Individuals would send to Congress detailing the plight of targeted individuals, and what had happened to him.  He detailed his targeting, how, and why, in his own words and there were also two, “To do” lists.

The suicide letter was dated November 17, 2014, and the tragedy November 20, 2014.  I forwarded the “To Do” lists to his family, via Mrs. Taunton locating her after she was interviewed by the media.  The media reported that May had been staying with this altruistic family in their guest house, who he had known since a young adult, when he returned to his hometown, in Florida, after the reported, covert destruction of his career.  On the verge of great success, he was earning over $100,000 a year.  And after returning home, from Las Cruces, New Mexico, there are images of him studying to take the Florida Bar Exam and hope to re-establish himself as an attorney in his home state. However, apparently, and typical of these operations, reported nationwide and globally, the technology harassment did not miss a beat, and energy weapon beamed assaults were merciless.

One of the two lists detailed what he wanted to be done with his belongings, including his dog, in what appeared to be a well thought out plan.  The press gave the impression that while looking through his belongings, that similar directions written by Myron May were unintelligible and the ramblings of a drug-crazed maniac madman.  However, these well organized and well-written letters were anything but and he had no known history of drug abuse.

The family did not want to be contacted when I asked the funeral homeowner to contact them and tell them I had the lists for them. I called the Pittman Christian Memorial also and asked for a letter stating that I was not involved or connected with this family after another blogger had tried to insinuate a connection with me on his blog entitled “Exposing the Truth”

Personally, I was also literally floored when the name of the funeral home was Pittman Funeral home myself.  The first thing I thought was it could have been yet another set-up or effort to connect me as being involved or a co-conspirator.

This blogger had also reported in one of his blogs that FSU police had an “Active Shooter” drill a few weeks prior to the May FSU shooting and that the drill also focused specifically on the library as if a staged event.  When I asked him for proof, he later messaged me that it was a bogus report.  However, whether his efforts were intentional or not, the impression was left by anyone following him, that the tragedy was a hoax which he promoted heavily in several subsequent blogs then later that I was a wackjob and involved.  Again, I had never heard of any of these people in my life.  In reality, these actually, are typical Disinformation Agent tactics:

The blogger was also the one to initially post the altered letter by Giffen on his blog and outrageously stating that I and Todd Giffen were in cahoots.

Later, in early 2015, a few months after the dust settled, unbelievably, Anthony Forwood changed his story.  Yet, in the twisted focus on me, by both strangers, Todd Giffen and Anthony Forwood (See also the Anthony Forwood blog on this site) with both using the internet trying to connect me with each other which beyond belief PsyOps.

In my case, I did not ask for any of this and admittedly, and because of the focus to discredit me, I decided that it would be in my best interest, to go public with May’s plight, and tell another side of the story based on the recovered Gmail letters.

I decided that I would do my best to try to connect the dots by telling the story of a brilliant young man, and the destruction of a promising life, and the reality of a reported, fully mobilized COVERT  highly technological, psychological electronic program, legalized by certain laws for non-consensual human being testing, along with credible patents proving that highly advanced technology, using radio frequencies exist and can factually, manipulate and influence (aka modify behavior by mind invasive technology) from a considerable distance as frequencies carried through the air.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 4.43.14 PM





Frankly, I would not have given the letters, text, or emails to Todd Giffen, even if he had offered me a million dollars, and not $30 or any information to the blogger.  He too then also, after my refusal, attempted to make his reputation off me and has done so off several other targets placing their lives on the line to expose a horrific reality today.

In reality, Todd Giffen did a disservice, not only to himself but for others in an ongoing uphill battle for credibility with this incredible devious stunt especially in light of the authentic letter being produced as valid and in contract to his alter creation.

Here is the authentic suicide letter as posted online on November 20, 2014, which was forwarded, via email by the then Director of “Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance,” until the actual authentic letter was discovered which was sent to me by May via Gmail, was located.  This letter posted on or about the 21st is exactly the same as the authentic letter of which many credible people were supposed to receive, albeit, officially confiscated.


photo 2-3photo 3photo 4

I am forever grateful that Myron May documented, in this letter, that none of the recipients had a clue what he had planned.  In my case, it may have saved my life from the agency continually hoping to entrap and silence me.

And My efforts, long before my inadvertent involvement, across the board, had been and continue as a work of love and belief that exposure is key and a powerful weapon through truth!  Violence reflects negatively on the entire community of people hoping for credibility as it should.

Sadly the Myron May tragedy zeroes in on actual ongoing human guinea pig testing efforts in this arena, in behavioral modification and mind control official programs where any and every one no matter who can be victimized as lab rats.  And through open literature evidence, the factual capability of programming and using anyone, for a specific reason or cause has been reported to be in research, TESTING, and high-tech development programs dating back DECADES!






We will beat this program with the truth!  

Hang in there, victims!!!





Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.22.03 AM

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 1.58.30 AM




Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.07.01 PM





Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.02.38 PM






This program is a high-tech, inhumane targeting nighmare.
Make sure you taste the words before you spit them out!


  1. I think Todd Giffen is a narc, aka an informant for law enforcement. He is spinning tales of woe against the government to shade the rest of those who identify as TI.
    Not that it matters; I wouldn’t hang around a guy with a history of violence like that for too long anyways. He seems to be an caricature of a radical like David Koresh of Waco. Realize the Department of Justice, the ones that initiated the historic Waco siege in fact, made a special investigation group specifically for radicals where Giffen would fit the bill. Thanks but no thanks; I don’t buy into his level of propaganda, he is a group breaker-upper, tailor-made to fool those who might have foul intentions.

  2. Thanks Lori… they sure did turn him loose on me, 100%, the day after the May incident and for days afterwards as an obvious programmed individual similar how personnel from the operation center act around me! He went to work immediately attempting to discredit me enraged after I refused his request for information. Prior to this, I had never heard his or Forwood’s name ever so the hatred he sent my way had to be motivated possibly from another source.

  3. If Todd Giffen got a close shave and a nice haircut, he would be halfway believable. Nonetheless, these heavy matters eventually get thrown out of court. And for these very reasons

  4. You’re right, perhaps if he looked sane, and like the nice looking image he promotes, it might be different for him.

    The government agents targeting me and many targets, simultaneously, have access to everyone that is being used as human test subjects in this program. There is an obvious hope, it appears, to continue attempting to use Todd Giffen, around me, in an effort they believe will frighten me. They are desperate and have been trying anything they can with me. This is why for about 5 minutes each day, the USAF, in a joint effort, with FBI and LAPD, focuses the beam on my heart. They cannot off me quickly and prefer to make it look like a heart attack or stroke through the slow deterioration of the focused beam or using someone they continue to threaten. We know that these are fear operations because some are controlled by fear. Had I not written the books in this series, I would have long been dead! Believe me when I say, they want this book series taken down!!!

    Is Todd Michael Giffen being used around me to destroy him and hopefully me as well?



    Here is what he posted for the second time on my Facebook Book page.

    Todd Giffen – Renee Pittman M – Books – posted July 7 at 2:00am

    He writes:

    “Here to get some tasty Renee Pittman Mitchell filled lunch.”

    Lunch is a reference to my website:


    I write after “You Are Not My Big Brother” in the book’s description and on my website:


    Either he is being used, finally hoping to get rid of him by setting him up, and to silence me, or he is, an opportunist, seeking to advance his cause by making his reputation off me and anyone he can and it appears in desperation. And on top of that he believes himself smarter than everyone else. The police in his city literally beat the crap out of him whom I had to contact due to his lingering via social network and not moving on around me.

    Again, typical of these operations, in the ever present hope to scare victims into submission, those targeting me continue threats of rape, murder, and, from their entry point in my ceiling, continually say “We are going to use someone else to get you for us.” Believe it or not!

    However, obviously I fear nothing or no one or would stop what I am doing along with many others.

    Recently, a person in a beat up vehicle, that looked like Giffen was parked on my block; Unsure if it was him but there was a resemblance. When I left home, he ducked down and hid. I then circled the block and it was a person appearing to look like this Giffen character, beard and all. However, it could be the operation trying to play games on their threats about him.

    Does he have my address 100%? Yes. Would they use him? Yes. Do I fear him or those in an operation of ego driven psychopaths targeting me and pissed off at efforts to silence me which continue to fail and my exposure revealing their disgrace? NO!

    If he shows up at my door he can expect jail or permanent institutionalizing guaranteed after speaking with officials in his hometown, and mine, again after repeated threats, and other Facebook remarks and posts related to me, and continued efforts around me by his continued focus on me.

    The fact is, Giffen, and anyone else is expendable to those at the helm of this technology in this massive, non-consensual technology, COVERT, testing program destroying many lives today, and you can bet they do not want it publicized!!!

  5. Lori, you might be right in your January 2015 post here. It did cross my mind about Giffen actually working, cleverly, for the other side. This was after he blatantly posted that “Targeted Individuals should kill people to get the message out because it is the only way” as brazen, bold, outrageous, pure insanity, and dangerous and most of all discrediting to targeted individuals.

    We know that the FBI, and military are trolling all social networks especially Targeted Individual groups. Someone agreeing with Giffen online would have surely brought them to their door which is what they want today in the hope to silence many speaking out, and even more so to the public who is beginning to pay attention. They tried and tried after the Myron May incident to connect me as a provocateur, involved, or motivating what happened. I had just met Myron May, as did others on Facebook through FB messaging a few days prior to the shooting.

    Just imagine if someone had agreed with Giffen’s post, to go out and kill, documented on FB which was strategically posted to many major Targeted Individual Facebook groups and IMMEDIATELY after the Myron May incident. There are many positive groups where real targets discuss their targeting and gain positive support, who do not promote violence, such as his post, posted in Targeted Individuals International. It just did not seem right what he posted. And if anything, that alone, should have rendered him a danger to self and others and committed to a psyche ward for evaluation and indefinitely if he truly believes this.

    His comments on my book page, may or may not even be written by him. It is not unheard of for those sitting in these operations to use an image of someone, to continued comments on my Facebook book page in the ongoing hope to scare me strategically. Apparently this comment was made because the group around me did not know I had already detailed my experiences with Giffen and others who say they are targets but appear to be targeting me. Also, many report these government operatives can and are accessing social network pages and pretending they are the target and posting information they hope people will be believed as being from the target. And even better if it makes targeted individuals look dangerous and mentally deranged. That way people could be afraid to say they are targeted, because of the created perception, after the manipulation of the perception of the public’s view. An image of victims as killer nutcases who say they are Targeted Individuals makes us all look strategically bad.

    In fact, there is a major target, around for quite some time, that someone emailed me saying that this operation is pretending to be the person who may not even be alive anymore. If so it would be quite clever as disinformation experts continue to do anything to infiltrate the Targeted Individual Community creating conflict, confusion, separation, and to keep what they are doing literally under the radar.

    We are fighting for exposure. They are diligently fighting to keep what they are doing hidden.

  6. I received an alert that someone had commented on a post I made regarding Anthony Forwood nearly a year ago. I decided to view it.

    It was yet another attack focused on me, and others, related to the Myron May tragedy, in 2014 and the bogus insinuation that I was involved negatively. I had nothing to do with what happened to Myron May. Those targeting him, however did, and anyone that cannot see this has a specific agenda of their own.

    What I think is happening with this anonymous Dennis McCobb’s recent comments is that possibly Forwood may be trying to recreate himself after locating my original post which I linked a blog he wrote describing his living conditions. He may be trying to separate himself from the foolish image on the blog he wrote, which surfaced depicting as him sitting on a motorcycle, with nothing on but his underwear, and a sock in his underwear and again, describing the unsanitary conditions of his hotel room.

    This McCobb person, as we conversed writes exactly as Forwood does, and he appears to be promoting that Forwood is now deceased, or missing permanently. He then outrageously insinuates that his missing is directly related to Forwood exposing information on US citizens, within the targeted community, who had him killed to silence him which is completely ridiculous, amusing, and absurd. To me it appears more like an act of desperation that is designed to recover from looking like a deviant and to pick up, and start anew from where he left off with BS or in some cases “Exposing Untruth.”

    Frankly, personally, I wish A.F. and anyone else, under any and every circumstance, long life and happiness.

    My comments are in the “Reply” section to McCobb’s posts.

    While trying to recreate himself, possibly as Dennis McCobb, this person is again using the same blogs which Forwood used to sell controversy and to gain the interest of the public and promote himself into notoriety in certain cases by any means necessary.

  7. Sadly, people like Todd Giffen, and quite a few others as well, some believe, can be, or have been, set-up as Manchurians, assassins, mass shooters, etc., who are in reality fall guys as documented in “The Targeting of Myron May – Florida State University Gunman.”

    Covert unified military / Intel agency Psy Ops, some would argue is documented to intentionally use people that these operations believe conveniently already have a negative history of mental health issues or confinement. Logically, a tragedy could easily then be written off as the act of a severely disturbed person when in reality those at the helm of the technology wanted to covertly silence someone and are the ones factually severely disturbed, albeit, clean shaven, suited and uniformed. This strategic tactic creates plausible denial.

    The covertly engineered effort, then banks on the person’s background and history which plays a very useful tool used to deflect away from officially patented high tech mind control technology, and extremely low frequency systems patented to covertly, manipulation and influence, individuals, groups, and large populations, communities and combined with patented subliminal technology doing the nudging.

    In fact, documented in “The Targeting of Myron May…” Myron May reported in a Facebook post, right before the tragedy, that those he called his “Handers” requested that he killed if he wanted his freedom back.

    The website below has a free ebook link in the book section:


  8. On April 8, I was contacted to do a show on Talkshoe by Shelly Hoyle on April 9. I was unable to. On April 10, I listened to the opening of the show, then decided to respond to comments Shelly Hoyle made during the beginning of the live broadcast and also I added my response comment to a Facebook post she made.

    Below is our interaction posted as a response to her Facebook post and also on Talkshoe.

    Hi. In listening to your show this morning, I felt compelled to comment regarding comments you made at the beginning about me and one of the books in my five book series. Many that know me, know that the Myron May tragedy is a very small part of my overall activism and efforts as well as my relentless determination to expose the horrors of this program and connecting the dots. As we know, I had never heard of you before. This is because I pretty much work alone and make my contributions without the negativity prevalent with this community of reported victims. It was my understanding we were suppose to talk about what I am doing now and not something that happened 2 years ago, or Myron May’s book at all, nor was it mentioned during our conversation, so I don’t get the connection you mention here with the interview.

    “The Targeting of Myron May – Florida State University Gunman” is a book which simply, fairly, hopes to reveals another side of the story of which the controlled media did or could not report. Many victims report how highly credible people are having their lives destroyed, completely, and are framed in these covert high tech operations. The fact is, I had four books published, which are my focus and written long before I knew Myron May, incidentally, as someone I had never met or knew existed six days prior to the tragedy.

    Lastly, frankly, under the circumstances, I do not feel any show set-up for Todd Giffen and I to appear together is not positive for me at all. We have had major differences in the past which resulted in shills, disinformation agents, and trolls trying to connect us both together as a team and being involved in the death of Myron May in a unified effort. I had never heard of Todd Giffen either.

    Todd Giffen at this point goes his way in his whistleblowing and I go mine. Many victims are making various contributions, by telling of their experiences, giving a full picture and as a result contributing to the very real horrors of this program and everyone has a story in life to include the deceased.


    NOTE: The above response is my hope for clarity after Shelly Hoyle posted the following on her Facebook page, April 8, 2016, it appears shortly after hanging up the phone with me after a request by her for me to be on Talkshoe April 9, 2016. She wrote the post in all capital letters which typically means yelling:



    On April 10th, I posted my response above to this Facebook post for clarity of my position. My response was immediately deleted and I, surprisingly, was immediately blocked from Shelly Hoyle’s Facebook page. This was strange because we have never been Facebook friends and I never met her or heard of her and she had contacted me. I was also surprised, as I told her that she had my private phone number. At first she told me she got it off Facebook during the call, which I knew to be completely untrue, and later when asked again, she said that she still has the 4000 FFCHS data base of victims of FFCHS of which my name and number had been added to. Since I have never been involved with FFCHS in anyway, I requested that my name and private phone number be removed from the list and data base.

    Again, my position is clear to many who know of my activism.

    Everyone has a story which I strongly believe contributes to a greater understanding of the overall horrors of this program and connects the dots. I remain focused that the “The Program” 100% is my primary focus!

    Knowledge is power, awareness is key, TRUTH the weapon!

    I gave three stars on Shelly Hoyle’s Talkshoe page because it is not my desire to bring anyone down as I walk my designated path and do my own thing!


  9. In an effort to find out who Shelly Hoyle is, I Googled FFCHS and her name.

    Let me make this clear, without malice. I want absolutely nothing to do with the negativity around anyone of any organization, or its players, such as shown in the link here. If caught up in BS, I would never get anything done, and the powers that be want it this way. I fully understand the dynamic and characteristic of this as part of Psy Ops being “Organized Confusion” typically backed up with discrediting and disinformation. I walk alone and with this comes peace of mind and focus on the bigger issue “THE PROGRAM.”

    My goal continues to be a relentless effort to spread the word, expose, inform and educate, and take the message of what is happening today to 300,000 million Americans who do not have a clue of the horrors of what is happening today and human lives being destroyed by many ways. If there are close to 500,000 targeted victims within the US versus 300,000 million of US citizens overall there is great work to do of which I remain committed.

    Anyone who follows my blogs, as Shelly Hoyle said she has when I mentioned another blog, would understand that Todd Giffen set-up to be on the same show, without my knowing in advance, could be an issue for me. She should have invited Anthony Forwood too. It would have been a real circus then!


  10. Many, victims, activist and whistleblowers, had never known or heard of Myron May when he contacted several people across the USA for the very first time, November 14, 2014. This was a mere 6 days before the FSU shooting and on Facebook.

    Anyone can be at the other end of a computer. Personally, I have learned to be very, very careful, regarding the ongoing take down effort around me now entering 10 years, or it could cost me my life by set-up. Add to this reality is that the primary group hired around me are black men so for obvious reasons, my trust level is very low with anyone contacting me, out of the blue, and of whom I have never heard of before. Over 10 years, this effort has tried and tried to place one of their own around me, likely to neutralized me, etc., and have repeatedly failed. This logically added to my extreme caution as well.

    Due to the suicide letter and videos being dated November 17, 2014, it appears this brilliant young Public Defender, on the rise, had lost hope, after witnessing the high tech, covert total destruction of his life, and based on this had already formulated a plan of which was played out November 20, 2014, just after midnight at FSU.

    I was on the phone when these VM messages were sent and had no clue what his plan was after, some would argue, his microchipped was activated to go postal. In hindsight, I realized that had I answered, I would likely have been labeled as being involved which happened anyway the next morning with the FBI pounding on my door.

    I THANK GOD!–283839771.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari

    The messages is clear, Targets of this ruthless, covert, life destroying program, must stay strong in spite of great and severe loses of everything you hold dear in life, family, friends and career. If victims don’t then victim’s play into the ongoing expertly crafted image designed to intentionally to promote, by human monsters working in these operations, and hoping to conceal a horrifically heinous program that patented psycho-physical mind invasive technology is not real or the culprit setting the stage, or in full use today but instead mental illness. This tactic has worked effectively and for decades!

    We are wide awake now!


    Knowledge is power, awareness is key and TRUTH the weapon


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