Three SUICIDE Videos of Asst. DA Myron May in Visual Recordings Prior to the FSU Strozier Library Shooting

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth

is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell





Dr. Robert P. Duncan, A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D., Government warfare and surveillance system architect, author, and independent investigator mentions Myron May in the below Veterans Today article link.







Note:  This blog was edited and proofread on 2/4/2015, 11:23 p.m., and is error-free.  Any errors, etc., after the fact, are the result of operation center personnel monitoring and continued tampering hoping to misconstrue the information and portray the author as inept by some of them who can barely spell.


Here are the three visual videos Myron May made detailing what appears to be his loss of hope.  The videos were made prior to the FSU shooting that occurred on November 20, 2014, around 12:26 a.m., at Strozier on the Florida State University Campus.  I must add that there is no justification for the action he took in fairness to everyone involved, those injured, nor condoned under any circumstances.

For the record, these videos were reportedly made approximately three days before the FSU rampage, documented to be on November 17, 2014, which law enforcement found on his computer in the location he was staying before November 20, 2014, shooting.

This logically proves that  Myron May obviously already had a plan in place, had lost hope, after the total and complete destruction of a promising life and career, and in despair felt his life, with little options, apparently then decided to do something drastic to end it all.



Telling is the real intent topping the list in these types of targeting. The very first objective for EVERYONE targeted numbering into the thousands today is to get the targeted individual discredited as schizophrenic, delusional, or psychotic as the first order of business.  This then results in the carefully crafted media promotion and ongoing impression of mental illness and contributes to the denial of highly advanced technology, such as DOD “Voice of God” weaponized schizophrenia technology in prevalent use.

The effort is also combined with radiofrequency consciousness-altering official patents, designed for manipulation and influence, and even highly advanced hypnotic mind control programming, which can be triggered, not to mention again, intensely organized stalking from complete strangers part of a mobilized nationwide network.  Many are targeted before knowing it and set-up intentionally.  After this, the official Psy Ops can begin as a legal effort in the grand scheme.  Many targets report being beamed suicidal thoughts also.  They even tried that mess with me.  However, it is my hope to push them over the edge via exposure.

As shown below, in the “Hypnotic Mind Control” Pdf., in these cases there could be another, unspoken, unpublicized, reality happening today right before our very eyes. However, your eyes must be wide open on many levels to consider this possibility or you may perhaps have the misfortune to being or becoming a target or know someone who is, and you believe them as some do today.  Know that there is more than what meets the eye happening today, across the board, and on many levels, and that at the foundation is long-held ideation for mass population control affecting many and those appearing to be completely normal and highly functional before a shattering strategic technological fall.


Click to access Hypnotic.pdf

The success of this program relies on many combined factors, secrecy, organized community stalking, vicious rumor campaigns, isolating the target, discrediting as mentally ill, which is devastating when you know the truth but are not believed, subsequent loss of employment, homelessness, and relentless ongoing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, technological harassment played out inside the target’s head and environment, also impacting everyone around the target, backed by sleep deprivation to weaken the spirit.


hqdefault 1


Even if there were the remotest possibility that May had any encounter with cocaine, millions know this is what Recovery is for and it is known by people from all walks of life, and that human lives are not to be used instead as a human guinea pig, cruelty, and a human being is never given a chance to defend allegations, while watching everything worked so very hard taken, as a Cum Laude graduate, taken away by vicious goons, in covert operations, who are empowered with the new technological power of which many continue to endure suffering on a daily basis and have for years.

Some would argue the great possibility that what happened is connected to, motivated, and backed by other obvious efforts that ultimately determined Myron May’s usefulness by designed to continue to hone a perception for the public for the vital need for gun control laws.

When May returned to his hometown, penniless, it is documented he began immediately studying to take the Florida BAR exam, but probably could not focus due to the relentless technological harassment being played out, which typically involves horrendous denigration.  He voiced his renewed hope to start his own firm before he appears to have snapped obviously in emotional conflict.  The truth is, if Myron May was being subliminally programmed over the weeks prior and prepared for the shooting, those at the helm are just as guilty of what happened if not more so after he was triggered via EMF!






Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM

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