Covert Organized Community Stalking Efforts by Federal Agents and Military Psy Ops & Covert Murder

NOTE:  This blog was proofread and edited at 3:30 a.m. on 2/24/2015.  It then had to be re-edited on 2/25/2015.  Any insertion of errors, misconstrued information, after the fact, is the work of the operation center continued monitoring of this blog and attempting to discredit.

Who is really behind the Organized Stalking effort and where is the money coming from to pay those recruited into “The Program?”   Don’t ask the DOD / DOJ as shown in the link below:

Here is who two ex-FBI agents Ted Gunderson, deceased, and Gerald Sosbee say are the real culprits and the reason organized community stalking continues unobstructed and is leading to unspeakable acts COVERTLY:


Make no mistake about it murder is being funded and financed via “The Program” by corrupt federal agents who believe they need to kill to stop exposure of what they are doing as puppets for globalization and their belief of their lofty positions while at the helm of this technology. I have not seen one of the homeowners for about a month now.  Some are given paid vacations. I have seen this happen before, believe it or not!  There is a large amount of funding for these fused group efforts today, combining several agencies, and communities, covertly, viciously in ‘hiding’ keyword.


The new paradigm for the NWO is the unification of law enforcement, at ALL levels, federal, state, local, and military under one umbrella.  An example of funding for this program is the Byrne Formula Grant with millions of dollars to blow for Black Operations and a reality of very little real terrorist within the US to target except US citizens designated “Domestic Terrorist” for exposing corruption, and others targeted for various reasons.  Make no mistake about it, mobilized efforts materialized after setting up neighborhood operations overseen from state-of-the-art operation centers which are two to three in each state, across the US, then also contributing is the approval 30,000 drones in US skies by this year, 2015.  It is 2015!



fbi map



What kicked off this escalation was the 5th book in my “Mind Control Technology” book series and specifically my publishing information which many felt had been confiscated by the FBI and US Postal Inspector.  This was shortly after the FSU shooting and after a personal visit to my residence by both an FBI agent and US Postal Inspector together the day after to get the certified mailed package mail to me by the shooter.  Five published books on the subject of psychological electronic technology and covert psychophysical torture, varied by official patents, and officiating laws for non-consensual technology testing, logically could also, understandably, get someone placed high on the blacklist, or conveniently labeled a “Domestic Terrorist” to silence them by any means necessary.


If you ask me, I would say these men are mentally disturbed, and some would argue crazy, psychopaths, for any attempt to officially murder or the desire to, but legally doing so appears to remove all guilt using powerful, covert frequency wave technology today which also removes accountability.   History proves that of any group in which programming and indoctrination are vital or would be totally necessary, it would be both military and law enforcement personnel, and also as the very first groups possibly intensely monitored and mind controlled and possibly from another location themselves.  This would not be so far-fetched, if not historically, there is actual technology in place to mentally control cops that date back decades, first originating in the US designed specifically for their covert robotization.  After tested and proven success in the US, the technology this specific technology called the TETRA system was passed to the UK.  This is a documented fact.


These operations would not be effective without a large amount of funding coming from somewhere such as the Byrne Formula Grant. Neighbors are hired, deputized, silenced, then paid for the use of their homes especially those that are closest to a target.  Paying makes the offer even more appealing financially when combined with disinformation about the target needing to be watched for some bogus reason.  In reality, these are slow kill operations depending on what level the target has advanced to in “The Program.”

Before I moved, I did not see my real neighbor next door until I was packing to move after living there for 2 years and they finally came home as the effort refocused on my new location.  By then I had four books under my belt.  When I moved I saw the same person pretending to be the homeowner at the old location, now at a home in the new location, who outrageously was trying to disguise himself, believe it or not, with a fake mustache attached to his silly face which was just plain ridiculous.  My life has become a Hollywood script literally.

Understand also that, because the spearheading agency cannot reveal what they are doing technologically, these efforts are strategically designed to 100% technologically push the target over the edge instead.  Case and point: Under full attack for a few years now, watched in real time around the clock also for years, admittedly I take blood pressure calming medicine, although I do not have high blood pressure.  I find it helps to keep me cool, calm, and collected under the circumstances and also calms the intentional agitative effect of radio frequency technology beamed at me for hopeful nervous system influencing.  I got the typical prescription in the mail and did not open it and brought it inside my home about a week ago.  On several occasions, these individuals have covertly entered my home, at other locations leaving clear signs of entry intentionally.  This is their attempt to frighten me and show me that they can get to me inside my home.   This is a tactic called Gas Lighting.  Essentially they come in and move things around in your home or take things.  They are trained in Covert Entry each year and I document the yearly training program in one of the books.

For example, if you have three candles as a set decorating a table, you come home and find one has mysteriously disappeared or even furniture has been moved.  The operation center in my case then beams “rape” to me from a nearby location or from the operation center said from their entry point in my ceiling of which they watch me from the operation center also searching for their creation of useful fear.

The other day I searched high and low looking for the Rx then also noticed another missing item.  The Rx, unopened, absolutely was nowhere to be found disappearing from my bedroom. This was after double checking the dumpster outside and every square inch of my residence.  They believe it should be even more frightening for be because I live alone after isolating me they hope from everyone by tampering with anyone around me from the center.  I simply went and got another refill having seen this scenario before.

I can guarantee that this operation is searching and wondering why they have not been able to affect me and create the supreme agitative effect typical of this technology used to nudge the target into entrapment the way they have many, pushing target’s over the edge.  With the disappearance from inside my home, they likely thought that by taking the Rx it could be used to their advantage for radio frequency physical effect.  Understand too, the objective of these operations is to push the target over the edge through agitation/harassment, and specifically relentless verbal degradation, pushing some to hurt self and resulting in hurting others. This is, again, because they actually cannot come into the open any other way.  They appear to care less about casualties of these types of technological psycho-physical assault.  Their primary focus is to push the target to suicide, jail, or permanently into the psyche ward, or worse, which is also an effective means of silencing, in and of itself.  This is why strategic disinformation about the target being crazy, a druggie, etc., is put into place immediately, and this labeling pivotal.

The question is… Are neighbors actually being intimidated?  The fact is, intimidation comes very easy after many years of programming by the media and a belief that certain government agencies, etc., are real patriots with our best interest in mind and at heart. When in fact today, whistleblowers, activist, and those speaking the harsher truths, who have put their lives on the line, love this country dearly, are being targeted in these horrendously cruel COVERT operations designed to silence unspeakable covert horror, destruction of lives and families.  After creating this blog around 11:30 p.m., one night, at 3:00 p.m., I was awakened by the shift working 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. They were hitting me with the nausea beam causing me to wake to vomit.  Funny thing is that before going back to bed, I looked out the window and the homeowner of one of the houses I had outed, as a possible location, this time was now home.  Hmmm…  very interesting… I had not seen one of the residents for almost a month and this residence was undoubtedly occupied by someone with the beam appearing to come from this direction.  I would be willing to bet also that this group, upset that I keep outing the houses, and posting partial license plates, etc., on a social network, they called one of the residents home believing they could use a neighbor for a hopeful lawsuit for violation of privacy through my blogging.  The fact is this was mentioned.  They want me homeless which is also part of their ongoing threats combined with around the clock death threats.

Some actually would be perfect candidates for this type of usage appearing to have something to prove, a manufactured belief that I am in the wrong and deserving, and a belief that I personally made him/her look bad as I fight against unethical, immoral, official, common criminals attempting murder.  Good luck!  I personally want to stand before ANY judge related to this matter and by any means possible.  You can bet that neighbors will say they have not a clue what I am talking about and that I must be crazy. This is what happened at a previous residence before law enforcement tried to have me committed on a 51/50 (72-hour hold).  However to their dismay, after I explained what was really happening, the hospital let me go within a few short hours.

Getting rid of these situations once activated around a target is like pulling gum off the bottom of your shoe.  Many have been suffering in these types of testing program for well over 50 years.  This is especially true of operation center and aerial technology focuses today within the new paradigm.  When I woke the next morning, whoever had been using one of the residences and parked in the driveways was now gone.  Would  Federal Agents want it publicized that they are attempting to murder someone publicized on a social network by someone proclaiming it very real if you actually are?  My doing so is helping to keep me alive it appears!  However, as soon as I open my eyes each morning, the scratching around in the wall to focus the Drone’s beam from the operation center can still be heard and my joints are then under attack immediately designed to ensure I can’t walk for the day.  This appears to give those directing the beam some sort of personal satisfaction in light of fruitlessness around me maliciously.

My doing so is helping to keep me alive it appears!  However, as soon as I open my eyes each morning, the scratching around in the wall to focus the Drone’s beam from the operation center can still be heard and my joints are then under attack immediately designed to ensure I can’t walk for the day.  This appears to give those directing the beam some sort of personal satisfaction in light of fruitlessness around me maliciously.


NOTE:  I do apologize.  Initially, I listed the wrong patent for Directed Energy Weapon beamed nausea which was deleted.

Here is information on the beam that is being used to, among many capabilities of energy weapons, to make the target extremely nauseated as a form of physical, sickening, extreme torture:

Smaller handheld versions of a Sonic Nausea Device can even be purchased on Amazon and eBay as shown by the link below.  However, in most cases, specifically related to targeted individuals, it is radar laser beam delivered from state-of-the-art operation centers.

I found myself thinking recently, if these 100% mind control individuals, and their agencies, programmed to keep this program secret and under wraps were even capable of speaking up, without losing their jobs and livelihood, they could save many lives denied basic Human Rights not to mention, many of whom unknowingly being used and suffering as human guinea pigs.  Instead, these men are feeding hugely distorted egos, motivated by confused patriotism, patriotic only to and dedicated to, the deception today of the evil forces hoping to control the world.

Many targets are bogusly labeled as criminals, and some even set up beforehand, as part of Psy Ops, used to officiate their placement into the program legally.  Entire communities are targeted for testing by first heinously infiltrating specific communities with illegal drugs or Nazi train psychiatry prescribing mind altering, addicting legal drugs also as part of ongoing mind control programs and studies.  Tell-a-vision is then used, subtly, to portray the victim as inferior, mentally disturbed, or as non-human, thereby effectively swaying public perception against the victims.  This is while the culprit, who are also profiting billions, are glorified and envied for material wealth.  Many will believe exactly what the media tell them.

Make no mistake about it, Nazi-trained psychiatrist used LSD, in Remote Neural Monitoring programs and several other drugs during the early stages of mind control experiments lasting for over 20 years officially in this country known as MK Ultra and then learned that drugs are a very effective method, then and now, through this research and can be used to control communities.  They know what works and how to expertly redirect attention away from the truth through their controlled media.

In reality, this program is not about any type of moral, ethical, or even basic human rights or even honoring a God given life in any way. It is about ruthless non-consensual technology testing, mind control, human guinea pigs, and more importantly global population control testing and efforts to silence anyone who might create any problems and mobilized efforts against the NWO agenda.

We see corruption by government agencies on a daily basis, blatantly, but it does not register as wrong because of expert programming by tell-a-vision that those working these operations are all honorable and in fact are today, quite possibly, mind controlled by necessity and who have pledged allegiance to the wrong energy. Those at the very top know exactly what they are looking for when hiring specific personality types for these positions and these efforts and this is likely the foundation stopping any dispute and massive cover-up by those desperately seeking any resemblance of false power or ego driven self-importance.  An example of the testing process known during the hiring process is the ‘psychological exam’.   The end result is employment of some of the most ruthless individuals, then programmed for war, destruction, and death, without conscious, and even some by nature, who are then cleaned up and given official titles and told they are special and above others then given permission to even murder legally today which is downright sinful at best.  And, this is happening without even blinking an eye and told likely in the name of science or for the greater good.

As I stated in a previous blog, several highly credible people were a saving grace for me when this first begin to happen around me.  One was Judy Wall and another Cheryl Welsh.

Cheryl Welsh has a well-informed website as shown below.




Biometric signature downloading of EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE within the USA was the goal and intent in 2003, and it appears to have been a totally successful endeavor by DARPA’S Total Information Awareness Program.  Biometric signatures, include tracking, surveillance, and directed a bio weapon system targeting after DNA, iris, facial recognition, gait, etc., are downloaded, and today used to effortlessly manipulate communities, groups, individuals, and large populations.








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