Target vs. Target Manipulated by Strategic Military COINTELPRO PSYOPS / PSYWAR

NOTE:  This blog was updated by removal of inserted typographical errors,  and misspelled words, misconstrued sentences, etc., January 1, 2019, as an official sabotage effort continues involving specific agencies spearheading “The Program” and logically unhappy with exposure.

As of May of 2019, the unified military COINTELPRO operation centered around me involved in heinous covert targeting operations in Los Angeles County, now, even more so, after failed efforts to attach mental illness to me, are in what appears to be a desperate search for someone to use to discredit me or worse.  They and many report will do so by subliminally influencing a target into action, thus “Killing two birds with one stone.”  This program is not joke and those involved do not want the truth known or publicized.  Would they use this woman or some other poor soul? Yes!!!

Satellite Targeted Justice Subliminal Msg

This is obvious as they continue searching my blogs for anything useful and hoping to motivate someone by, again, subliminal influence, they believe I had a past beef with.  Several of my blogs rightfully detail ongoing discrediting attacks from within the “Targeted Community” by three people.  It is clear, after the personal attacks, that I had no choice but to respond to protect my reputation with this blog.  And, coincidentally, the discrediting erupted, strategically after the Myron May FSU tragedy which was also used to wrongly associate me with his decision, and in many other ways.

***   UPDATE   ***


January 27, 2019 

Without a doubt, the targeting effort around me is trying to create fear by using Darlene R. Miles and portraying her now as a programmed shooter.  These official, common bullies, are just not used to anyone not fearing them while exposing this hidden targeting program.

I can guarantee that everything, again everything, I do is monitored and tracked, to include my social networks, blogs, website, etc., and it typical of targets nationwide.

The LAPD goon squad. spearheading the real-time surveillance effort and drone tracking, through my tapped phone line, and the beamed harassment communication system,  stated: “She is going sue you.” This apparently was the hope that I would become fearful of a lawsuit.  When the reaction they hoped, fear, was fruitless, the hope was followed up by a post revealed below by an individual calling themself “Someone.”  One thing I can say about Miles is that 95% of the time she will use her own name.

The reference to my home address is to create the perception that she is searching for it and will show up at my door to “Light me up” which could mean even a shooting.  One thing is certain, based on her post revelations is that she is targeted and all targeted, typically without exception, are monitored in real-time from state-of-the-art operation centers, reported nationwide and in my case an intense COINTELPRO effort unified by the JRIC – FBI, USAF, LAPD satellite / drone divisions, 24/7, which today is standard procedure within the “Police State.”

If anyone shows up at my door, as the post below subtly implies, they were, without a doubt, nudged and influenced that I am the cause of their woes, and, were tracked and monitored every step of the way and given my address.  However, if Darlene R. Miles asks, I will give her the address having no fear of any type of lawsuit.

What must be understood, the hope of this operation is to destroy as many people as possible, and who does not matter as long as exposure stops.  And, what does the insinuation, in the post below mean of my being weak?  This program, and the childlike human monsters enforcing it, are just viciously ridiculous!  I am no coward at all and this perception of the writer of this post is bogus in itself.  With Darlene R. Miles as a target, numbering among many across the USA, the objective of this operation could likely be to kill two birds with one stone as was the case with Assistant DA Myron May.

Below is the actual post.

Posted by:  So CalledSomeone”

“Renee Pitman Mitchell why do you continue to slander Darlene Miles, while hiding yourself and address. Miss Miles does not post such bullshit. Use your own name you coward. We pray they light your ass up or ms miles finds you. Weak.”

On November 12, 2018, I received the email below from Darlene R. Miles.  I am amazed that she still does not get it.  It is simple, she invited herself as a stranger into my life trying to destroy my credibility.

I have asked her several times, continuing to received hate mail from her, as revealed in the blog preface below, stating that as soon as she recants that I had a book cover made for a dead man, the day of this death, namely, Asst. DA Myon May, which she even contradicts as even a real death, at Florida State University, November 14, 2014, that I will gladly take this blog down.  Until then for my credibility, I cannot because she publicized an outright LIE!

At this point, it appears, she is possibly being used, by her Handlers,  those who are targeting her with their goal of programming her to redirect her anger and focus to me as this effort continues to escalate a horrendous strategic takedown of me by any means, necessary, and continually using ANYONE it can.  It would be nothing for a strategically crafted, “Kill two birds with one stone” themed tactic.  I felt this also regarding Myron May’s focus on me.

This program effortlessly can control the emotions of targets, create beamed deep-seated hatred designed to nudge someone into action, and even murder.  I have witnessed also beamed extreme maniacal jealousy, use of people as those involved, play on the weaknesses of targets with the continued goal to destroy everything around a person and in their despair influencing the target to search for relief, and, with some so desperately wanting to be just left alone then do what is requested by a false belief.  This was possibly the case with Myron May as well.  Oh, and by the way THEY the puppet master loves creating black on black crime and has destroyed lives this way for DECADES by high-tech beamed influence using patented technology!

With the inability to direct the wrath to those officially pulling the strings, and destroying their hope for a normal life, some, it has been proven, redirect their anger towards others battling for their lives and under the gun while the overseers watch in sociopathic amusement.

It would be nothing for this operation to give her a gun and my address and twist her mind so heinously that she is convinced that I do not have a right to protest after she tried to smear my reputation as a guest on a public conference call.

Lastly, the last time anyone had heard from her, after the destruction of FFCHS which she led, she reported, that a beamed cooked a large portion of hair off her head as they do with many who are heavily targeted officially!

How can you PRAY that someone dies which she writes?  This is again programming and reveals she is being used or perhaps this is who she really is, a programmed psychotic making her even more susceptible to being used as a puppet for this program in her weakness.  Surely she is not that important as she perceives, frankly nor am I.

This statement itself reeks of operation center influence and again, very possible programming!  Those with ego, issues, the know it alls, are very easy for this program to control and this program is known to drive some INSANE driving some crazy under extreme duress, 24/7!



There were several attempts to create disinformation specifically related to me, and an amped effort to discredit me immediately after the FSU tragedy.  Attempting to connect me with this tragedy were two strangers, Todd Giffen, and blogger Anthony Forwood both of whom I had never heard of before either.  You can bet that if I were involved in any way in the Myron May tragedy and his death, I would NOT have sent a powerful United States Federal Judge a copy of the finished book, “The Targeting of Myron May:  Assistant DA Pushed Over the Edge” before my effort was FBI sabotaged.

For the record, I have never been involved in, or a member of, any organization,  which includes Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). 

In light of my relentless exposure of the horrors covertly happening today to targeted individuals, and my other proactive efforts, it makes people promoting disinformation about me and the book look like the opportunist.  The fact is many targets have more worthwhile things to do than dissecting the targeted individual community, creating chaos and separation among those suffering horrifically by strategic false allegations.  Because of this, and the good a person is doing, a veil is lifted.

In the suicide letter, Myron May asked that his story never dies of which many have honored revealed by simply Googling his name.  The story of his plight, in his own words, is a free ebook, see details below, on

The official suicide letter written by Myron May and confirmed by authorities, along with nine recipients was documented as being addressed to me.  In the ongoing charade after the death of this man, continued efforts by some, to attach me negatively are getting to be sadly pathetic!  But such is life…  You just can’t please people nor do I have any desire too.

Anthony Forwood, the blogger, sought to create controversy after Giffen altered Myron May’s original suicide letter.  In a completely bogus blog, he then reported that I, and Todd Giffen, were in cahoots or knew each other which was a blatant outright lie.  In my opinion, overall these type of efforts, appear to be strategic ongoing operations to confuse the public related to this tragedy and the targeted individual community.  (See also blogs I wrote in response to both Todd Giffen, as well as Anthony Forwood.)  My response to everyone is rightfully documented as it should be.  They came into my life, not I into theirs.

For a better understanding of Anthony Forwood, which he personally documents below, detailing the conditions of his day to day experiences, it becomes obvious that his views of the world could be negatively impacted as well as by his living circumstances.  This is based on what he has written and in spite of his so-called intellect, which should certainly lift the best of men out of such dire conditions.  What becomes obvious is that Anthony Forwood reporting he is living in “squalor” his word and it appears to be his very own personal Hell on Earth which can only be described by him and chooses to redirect his anger at the wrong person.


Based on personal experiences, I do not doubt that those employed by this program, and at the helm of the highly advanced technology, from their operation center will try to stop truthful information and possibly use those already targeted, by radio frequency PATENTED systems and devices, instead to spend their talents on the attack of other targets by high-level PSYOPS cleverly redirected from the real culprit.

As stated, Forwood immediately went on a full attack against me, via social network.  This was after the FSU shooting and after both, again strangers, Giffen and Forwood contacted me on Facebook requesting information Myron May sent to me via texts, emails, etc., for their blogs and websites.  When I refused both, again, still in shock, the result by Forwood was for him to then attempt to connect me, outrageously with Todd Giffen or that I killed Myron May for profit.  I am not about profit, but about saving my life through exposure.  This was specifically after Giffen’s unethical alteration of a dead man’s suicide letter showing himself as the addressee, and Forwood’s ongoing attempts to exploit himself as blogger extraordinaire and his declaring that May was actually still alive at first, which appeared to be an effort of officially creating controversy!


The fact is people will attach themselves to you, controversially, and purely for this reason to cleverly draw their much-wanted attention to themselves, if the spotlight is on a person for a brief period.  The hope is to use the tragedy to step into and share what they perceive limelight by the connection and creating controversy.

Forwood also is good at enveloping his stories in what appears to be legitimate research of which is convincingly sold to those detached and not personally involved by experience in what is happening today and who know the truth related to person discrediting attacks.

He is on the record attacking anything good of which many are trying to do to include John Akwei’s NSA lawsuit to Robert Duncan,  etc., etc., etc.   He then taunts those he is making his reputation off of saying “Thanks for the traffic to my blog” or “Sue me.”  Everyone knows you can’t bleed a turnip!  And, Anthony Forwood, the turnip, knows this too!



This information is listed simply to show how many came after me during the FSU incident.

My responses to Forwood’s blogged information posted in the “reply/comment” section of his “stories” on me did not get published morally which would provide another side of the attack, nor did my challenge for him, to “Expose the “Real” Truth” which he obviously does not know because in many cases he is not personally involved, said to live in Canada, and his blogs are based on his personal desire to gain notoriety and again, written, apparently under horrendous personal circumstances.  Forwood is known to be, I would later learn, and believed by some to be an expert, high-level shill, and so clever as a writer that he literally could sell iceboxes to Eskimos.  Sadly he is not using his talent for anything positive for the targeted community.

In one of Forwood’s blogs, he actually reports that I suppose, childishly, sent him a link to my blog complaining that he was getting more views and traffic which were just hilarious.  This is not true at all nor is this a contest nor am in competition with anyone.  With me, it is about human lives, to include my own, being saved through awareness and help to stop the destruction and, suicide and deaths 100%.  My blogs, books, websites, etc., and the new video documentary clearly show which side I am on.

My issue was with the obvious fact that out of the clear blue sky his blogs about me. appeared to be an official hope to discredit me which amazingly zoomed all the way to the top of Google Images conveniently. When someone searched for my name they instead first encountered discrediting information which indicated the involvement of me in the death and likely by an agency using the influence and connects to Google.  I recognized this, not as Forwood’s doing, but likely the agency targeting me.  My point was that it was highly unlikely there was a sudden interest in Forwood, however, you can bet, intense focus was on me and specifically after book publication of information the FBI thought they had confiscated related to Myron May of which I had just published.  The information was published as quickly as I could not wanting to put my life in danger after the FBI left my home menacingly and I found the info in an email.  My position was that due to 24/7 monitoring of me, that there was an awareness of me having the information and either destroy it or get it out.   The fact is some are specifically hired to work and target social network, Google Plus, Facebook, blogs, etc., and all of which are constantly monitored by government agents.

FBI Disinformation Agents

In reality, it appears that the agency overseeing and motivating this situation from the start, are at least aware, of who destroyed Myron May’s life as Myron May reported, and thought it a good idea now to try to discredit me and Myron May’s book detailing his plight.

This is likely the possible foundation for the renewed attacks which would again be focused on me publicly and involve yet another, AGAIN STRANGER, Darlene R. Miles of Ohio on a Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance member’s live broadcast. Noteworthy, there was even an official attempt by the agency targeting me to even contact Amazon in an attempt to have “The Targeting of Myron May: Assistant DA Pushed Over the Edge, completely taken down.   Amazon about $$$ refused.


All I can say is a big WOW!

Understand that my position is that exposure efforts must be taken outside of the TI community, first and far most and books can do this.  This is my motivation for the five books in this series and now six.  Everyone within, I have learned from personal experiences are so heavily targeted and some to the point that they cannot see straight.  In a few cases, a select few have turned their venom and viciousness on other targets who are trying to expose what is happening, with their very lives in danger, with someone at a higher level fully understanding and realizing that exposure is a powerful weapon.

Many who are familiar with me know that I walk alone and prefer it this way!  I have never needed validation from anyone on this journey.  I do what I believe is right, in spite of the ongoing covert, personal attacks 24/7.

Note that all of the people in the attack, past, are also, self-professed, victims of the technology and targeted, or said to be themselves for years relentlessly.

Again, for the record, the authentic suicide letter was not addressed to Todd Giffen, yet he put his name as the original addressee, and also added other recipients to promote himself, making him questionable, and on his website in what appears to be desperation for recognition as he reports being a victim of horrific radio frequency psycho-physical technology for decades.  It is my belief that Forwood is an opportunist seeking to gain recognition and his allegation outrageous regarding me.  When I revealed the alteration,  Giffen then, outrageously, accused me of being jealous of him resulting in his dis-info hope focused on his website.  Frankly I don’t care.  It was designed to draw traffic to his site, and by using my name, and his subsequent efforts to also leave the impression that I was responsible for the FSU tragedy in some way as well.

Again, who are these people, I asked then.  I don’t know them nor do they know me.

Another was “All-Star Activist,” again unknown to me after I did the Santilli show, Episode #848 deleted but a link recovered.  He is yet another who said I lured Myron May to me after myself and others on Facebook had only been contacted by Myron May, a mere six days, before the tragedy and initially through social networking Facebook messaging with none ever heard of him before in a well-known community.  The official suicide letter should be enough for intelligent people to surmise, dated November 17, 2015, that he had already made a fatal decision for his actions on November 20, 2014, and had apparently, it appears lost hope.

And, yet even more surprisingly a “Before it’s News” blogger, Glenn Canady, actually accused me of being a Federal Agent which is still amusing to me.  It is obvious I am not.  I would later learn that “Before It’s News” is believed, by many, to  actually be a disinformation reporting website with credible information intertwined with disinformation strategically:


From experience, as we transition from Mainstream Media, Alternative News will follow the same scenario.  For effectiveness, this will be to mix truth strategically combined with false information.  Anyone calling me a Federal Agent, makes the above link highly questionable and reveals the likely clever source, of disinformation Federal Agents.


These are just a few examples of ongoing efforts to discredit me, cleverly, as I and many others, seek to, again, expose a horrendous inhumane program, covertly operating, and truthful accounts of the machinations of “The Program.” Some are in the business of using others to promote themselves and disinformation for the public for $$$ and they hide behind a cover.




What is clear is that, after my refusal to provide him information, still in shock,  he then blogged, discrediting conjecture about me.


Many are well aware that Federal agents hire internet trolls and shills, or use targeted patsies, or themselves use social media, and others to disrupt comments on social media, to create wrongful perceptions, chaos, and division, through disinformation, etc., etc., as shown by the link below:



NOTE:  March 24, 2015 – Cleared up more inserted typos not originally in this blog AGAIN…







Below is the actual podcast related to the subject of  Darlene R. Miles, and my detailing what I believe is likely ongoing operation center tampering with people who report being targeted in this program such as she.  If you have a huge ego, you can be easily toyed with and in this case, brainwashed that a media event for a False Flag as Miles accuses.

As stated previously, this blog became necessary only after the comments Darlene R. Miles made on Talk Shoe.  This was while interviewed by “dewvictim13” call #130288, March 5, 2015.

This woman, a stranger to me, again, insinuated that I, Renee Pittman, was somehow connected to the murder of Assistant DA Myron May saying I had a book cover ready the day he went postal at Florida State University library which was utterly false.

Myron May, injured three and he himself was ultimately gunned down by police.

The comments in question start at 2 hours, 33 minutes and 12 seconds.

It must be understood, I was FED UP, excuse the pun at the overt and covert effort to silence me and my books, blog, website, video, etc.  I simply asked and still do,  Darlene R. Miles to substantiate her allegations and when she does, this blog will come done.  If not, I have no other choice but to rightfully defend horrendous, bogus allegations made by a complete strangers them both.

The fact is, I had absolutely no clue who this woman was until then…

Who is Darlene R. Miles and how in God’s name did she, in an obvious, 100%, attempt to discredit me, mention my name as being a bogus targeted individual, intentionally, and questioning my credibility, and brazenly, tell a malicious, outright LIE about me that is completely without merit or has an ounce of truth?  I am still completely amazed.

I must confess that for these, and similar reasons, I decided a long time ago to steer clear of the targeted individual community, as best I could, not really knowing who is legit, or who is not.  I have learned, this include’s manipulated close friends, and some family members, who many reports, are also used, that it is in my best interest under the circumstances.

On March 5, 2015, during a interview hosted by KAREN’S TI TALK aka dewvictim13, in a Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance platform for members of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, during one of many community conferences their member’s host, I learned, that again, at about 2 hours and 33 minutes and 12 seconds into the conference, link above, yet another person, Darlene R. Miles, and would not know from a can of paint, either personally, professionally, or otherwise, verbally attempted to discredit my long term efforts of exposure of covert technological crimes, personal torturer, and exposure efforts to listeners during the call.


The conference calls aired at 6:00 p.m. PST and 9:00 p.m., EST, and are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings which I do not follow.

Darlene Miles, a guest on the Conference Call said that Myron May was a trainer insinuating he was an insider and a fraud in reality.  Her rationale was that he sounded too calm during his video recordings right before he went postal, and also when requesting that I pick up his calls to me while I was on the phone, and more importantly, said that “This Renee Person” had the book cover already made the day of the shooting.”  When I heard this it nearly knocked me off my feet.

The only person connecting us was Ken Rhoades, whom I have long suspected works both sides of the fence, likely in his old age seeking relief himself.  He was one of the few I would even talk to by phone, until recently when he gave out my personal phone to someone after I told him that I and this person did not see eye to eye and that I prefer flying solo due to less drama and the divide and conquer FBI PsyOps, 100%, he did anyway disregarded my request.  He also continually verbalized his perception that Derrick Robinson, FFCHS director is dirty publicly.  Whether fact or fiction, without a doubt, he was trying to pull me into the ongoing drama prevalent due to infiltration into the targeted community and until Darlene Miles came along and become his instrument.

I asked him…

“If Derrick called me, and my knowing Rhoades stated a feeling about him, did he think I would give out his personal phone number to him?  The person he gave the number too wanted me to be a part of her FFCHS platform conference call which I declined.

In regard to Darlene Miles, for once I would like to see a liar’s pants catch on fire!

The implication was that the incident was a hoax along with the book, and my UNWANTED INVOLVEMENT WITH ALL STRANGERS A PLOY, and, to create the perception that I am less than honorable of which a small few have levied against me, in spite of this obvious wrongful concocted image, a related to the FSU shooting.

Regarding Myron May, calling me with a plan, let me make myself perfectly clear, to anyone with a plan and decide I will be their voice after they shoot someone, DO NOT CALL ME!!!

For the record, I was perfectly happy with my four books on the subject before  “The Targeting of Myron May, Asst. DA Pushed Over the Edge” the fifth, hoping to tell his story and how he connected himself to me, for my own protection, in the series of which I call the “Mind Control Technology” book series.  And the book cover was not created at all by me, it came from the link below.

Myron May: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know


My personal contribution to the exposure of technological tyranny today was in the mix long before this incident was dumped into my lap.  I have no desire to exploit anyone, but I do have a sincere desire to expose.  I felt I had provided all of the information I could in the first four books at that time and actually hoped to write about my favorite subject, which would have been another spiritual book, to expound on “The Heart is Another Name for God” until this incident prompted me to show another side to the story of what may have happened with Myron May from notes he sent and written in his own words.

It was only fair.  I have no secrets with anyone and will expose it all!





If I had, I later realized, I would have been connected as a motivating source, strategically for the decision, fact or fiction, it appears Myron May made documented in advance by the FBI who showed up at my door that morning and Florida police who phoned me in California with insinuations!

Prior to the Myron May incident, I had never dreamed of not only fighting for my life against the agency specifically targeting me, or that in this battle, I would also have to fend off attacks coming from within the Targeted Individual community as well.  Many allegations were made immediately after three highly publicized interviews shortly after the incident, to include an interview request by Ken Rhoades, of me to do the Pete Santilli show that Saturday.

Two also were written interviews with an NBC reporter and also one from Reuters. The third was a televised interview with an ABC reporter out of Tampa, Florida, named Courtney Robinson. She contacted me after Derrick Robinson said he would interview, but she said he then became unavailable reporting computer issues and recommended me saying that I had had more contact with May.

However, Myron May’s personal emails, later proved that Derrick Robinson was contacted by Myron May as early as November 3, 2014, with his offering legal assistance for Targeted Individuals, desperately needed and also seeking support.  In a return email,  Derrick sent his a membership token for a $20 donation and a promise to call him.

I was amazed that right after the incident, again, that several unknown to me people showed up, and others believing themselves closer to me than social network friends, and likely I weak-minded, stating that they felt Myron May was a secret agent because he figured out that this is a program quickly.  It is documented that he was exceptionally smart and literature on what he described is everywhere to include Mark A. Rich’s “Hidden Evil” pdf., online.

I believe, his being reportedly, highly intelligent, resulted in his recognizing that he would never get his life back, and quickly decided to call a spade a spade along with a likely, the ongoing Directed Energy Weapon torture and even possibly intense hypnotic programming or intense programming.  Personally, I am still trying to figure out where he got a gun after reported in the “Certified Mail” he sent to many people that he left a gun he purchased in Las Cruces, New Mexico before returning to Florida.

Mind invasive technology is a patented reality, which can also be done while the target is sleeping and/or through strategic vulnerability resulting from sleep deprivation, and trauma of extreme personal losses and around the clock, high tech harassment of which thousands report relentless as psychological and physical harassment. Factually no one has ever made it out of this program. I use, for example, now elderly, bless his soul, Harlan Girard whose targeting dates back decades.

Some even went on the attack against me when I was initially unsure if May was legit.  This is especially true when he appeared to focus specifically on me. I now believe it was his hope that I would tell his story, after the fact, and his wrongful belief that what he did would end, what is happening to many targets “once and for all” which he stated during the voicemail recordings.

In the case of Darlene Miles, I will put this out there, this “Renee Person” as she states in the recording, is not someone to redirect your venom too. Tread lightly around making unsubstantiated allegations, this serious, of my having the cover for the book for Myron May’s story ready for promotion the day of the shooting as an utter, horrific deception, and verbalizing it on the air no less.

I had absolutely no involvement in what happened, as many try to associate, to include, again, law enforcement, strategically.  An odd coincidence was the use of the Pittman Funeral home, which admittedly blew me away.  I first thought set-up Psy Ops by federal agents targeting me.  I contacted this business and spoke with the owner who confirmed he has been the funeral planner for this family for decades and has held burials or nearly all of Myron’s May family, aunts, uncles, etc., as the only African American owned Funeral Services provider in the vicinity and it is an hour away from May’s hometown.

The effort intensified, as this operation watch me continue to research and document everything happening around me.  After FBI confiscation of the “Certified Mail” package, he book, was never supposed to be published and I did publish it, admittedly quickly thus using an internet image.

I believe that the foundation for the ongoing attacks is because Myron May would have made a highly credible targeted individual in life, a fact possibly contributing to his silencing, and even in death.  Had not the certified mailings not been confiscated or intercepted, with mine brought to my door.

Let me make this clear, and be completely honest, I WAS PISSED HE INVOLVED ME IN THIS.  I had just met him along with many others on social media, the same day, again, 6 days prior before his plan!  I later discovered in an unknown email, of which he had also sent to me via email.  I remember asking him why not send everyone emails.

No one is questioning the three visual video’s now downloaded on youtube where you see him explaining his loss of hope, great personal pain, destruction of his brilliant career, with spurts of emotion in his voice while trying to regain composure.  This is as he details a list of people he felt betrayed him and hurt him deeply except Darlene R. Miles who was involved with Ken Rhoades in the failed take-over and destruction of FFCHS.  I now wonder was the result actually to abolish it altogether because this is ultimately what actually happened.

From what I gathered, trying to understand what happened, that it appears the losses appeared to have been too much for him to cope with.  This is especially true when you consider his friends named him “Sensitive Joe” in college.

Someone also mentioned that he did not look same, who had never met him, but his physician girlfriend stated that when she last saw him, before his return to Florida, he did not look the same either after sleep deprivation, loss of weight, frazzled due to reportedly ongoing covert harassment, and relentless Directed Energy Weapon assaults and EXPERT discrediting and frantically trying to prove his credibility while barefoot in a parking lot and wearing clothes that did not fit, saying he believed a microphone had been placed inside his shoes and barefoot and he took them off likely bombarded by patented Synthetic / Artificial Telepathy typical harassment know to thousands of targets in this program.

Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars


Darlene R. Miles, as if she was connected to Myron May’s family funeral arrangements, stated that there never was even a funeral.  This rang familiar is an official tactic, or possibly an assumption based on her internet search, similar to the agency, possibly impersonating Anthony Forwood, I started to believe.

I would also like her to prove this.  After a blogger tried to connect me to the funeral home name, I spoke with an attorney friend of May’s, who did know him personally, and who was one of the intended recipients of the confiscated Certified Mail packages who went to the funeral and also, again, the funeral home owner.  May’s friend assured me it was just a coincidence, the funeral did take place, and in further checking, again, this funeral home, again, has buried several of May’s family members long before Myron May, for many years. The video he made was typically in the calm manner, known to those closest to him who reported it part of his personality, since a child, and not the arrogant, misconstrued, expertise, and misperception of Darlene R. Miles, who did not know him personally at all, nor did  any of us.

The information revealed in the packages, later would prove a well-thought-out plan even down to setting the arrival dates to the ten specific recipients, which included detailed plans for his property and even his dog, within the packages and it appeared a belief that the recipients would not receive the packages which were confiscated by the US Postal Inspector and the FBI>

Darlene R. Miles, apparently just does not get it.  Understand that if I wanted to play games with whoever is pulling her strings,  and providing disinformation to her about me, of which motivated her to daringly say something I consider a vicious personal attack like this, that it could be grounds for a defamation lawsuit which I am sure the Puppet Master overseeing it all as entertainment, would completely find amusing pitting target against target.  Again, I have never had any contact with this woman, except for Ken Rhoades’ asking me did I know her, twice, which I thought was odd one day,  several months prior and I saying had never heard of her.

To Darlene Mile, because I completely get it.  This is because I live with, on a daily basis, harassment and ongoing and continuous effort to discredit, destroy and silence me, and deteriorate my health horrendously.

I have just one request.   Please provide proof that I had a book ready for a dead man the day he died!



The funny thing is that as I listened to the show waiting for mention of me, after being contacted by someone revealing what was said by Darlene R. Miles, another stranger, I was in total agreement with what many targeted individuals are saying related to Targeted Individual issues to include hers until she attacked me.  My website details US Codes, the role of Executive Orders, National Security Letters, the Patriot Act, Electronic Surveillance laws, FISA, and DOD Regulations as well.

I suggest that Darlene Miles read Myron May’s story.  It is a free ebook.

 “The Targeting of Myron May: Assistant DA Pushed Over the Edge”


Download to your computer, tablet or smartphone and begin reading immediately:


Stand alone but together

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  1. Renee~

    I thoroughly appreciate this and your stance. You’re a terrific example of activism and commitment to truth being all that really matters.

    It requires great courage and bravery to be a beacon of truth these days and will most likely win you few admirers. The truth may be painful for everyone, but ignorance is far more deleterious to both the individual and society.

    Thanks for carrying the torch the way that YOU do.

  2. I’m behind you Renee and can attest to the volatile outbursts and brazen slander of Miles. Why she chose to attack me during the Senator Wyatt letter campaign is still way beyond my comprehension as it destroyed our chances of receiving the much needed attention, goes without saying. I use to receive [no actions on my behalf–out of absolute nowhere] screaming accusation emails from Miles with countless BC’s. This went on for at least a year and half. Imagine the humiliation she’s caused, and not just you or I–there are others. Not long ago, I received another unprovoked email from Miles [16 in one day] to at least 2 to 3 of my separate email accounts. One of Miles emails that day [in her haste] sent me by accident an email that she intended her rage to still yet another female TI ripping her apart. That TI is well known in our community. I’m at a sad loss and even more sorry to hear she’s doing this to you,now. I know its hard but try to ignore them.

    Unwitting Experimentee speaks for me. May God be with you now and always. You know, I think he is. Be blessed and please receive as I think you’ll get it. Just listen. Lissa

    Michael 3 14 The Revelation Of YOUR Walks Purpose ___Be Blessed and Receive This

  3. Renee, this is Darlene Miles. You would do anything to sell a fake book. Take my name off your Blog and move on. No, I don’t believe a Myron May existed. So there you are.

    You are really stupid to write an article using my name.

  4. APRIL FOOL’S DAY 2015

    Darlene Miles finally showed up give me her expert opinion as an authority within the Targeted Individual Community on everything it seems and believing her words the Gospel.

    Am I missing something here? Did not this women seek to defame me on the air in a Talkshoe conference call which could lead to a defamation lawsuit, and of which prompted my response in this blog, rightfully?

    Where did she come from? I don’t run in the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance circle and don’t know any of them overall. As a matter of fact, it was by accident that I even knew that the comment was made, again because, I don’t follow FFCHS activities, or participant and never have.

    The fact is, Darlene Miles had no contact with the Tallahassee police department, FBI agents, United States Postal Inspector, and Sheriff in my house, nor has read the Coroner’s Report, or had personal contact with Myron May and listened to the hopelessness and anger in his voice, or reports of eyewitness students outside the library, nor spoken with one of his attorney friends who attended the funeral, or also the well-known, altruistic, Mrs. Taunton, the family friend who allowed him to stay in her guesthouse, nor the funeral director, etc., etc., etc. That’s a lot of people against Darlene Mile’s delusions of grandeur and delusion of expertise. It’s actually funny that her Handler’s had her remark to my blog, up for almost a month now, on April 1, 2015. What is clear, is that she is obviously being instigated with someone decisively, more than likely, pulling her strings. People with distorted egos are perfect for this because they believe they are right all the time, when it is in reality a suggestion beamed to them for a useful purpose. This is how “The Program” works.

    The fact still remains that I do not know her, nor had, again, ever heard of her prior to her remarks during the Talkshoe interview. I say bring it! I am in this and still standing due to my courage. Trust and believe I am of reasonable intelligence and not easily duped which can be confirmed by people who have known me personally and professionally for a long, long time!

    It is obvious, that the objective continues to be a promotion that I am trying to profit, off May’s book when I had four published prior to his. My objective, from the first book, has been EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, TO TAKE WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY OUTSIDE OF THE TARGETED INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY MANIPULATED BY ONGOING CHAOS, AND ONGOING BACK BITING.

    Divide and keep conquered.

    The Feds obviously believe that using and promoting puppets that my efforts are for financial gain is key to discrediting me. In reality this is who is really after me, and not the small fish called Darlene Miles. Again, I make no money on these books, and do not really need the $100 or less each month to live on at all, thank God! These books have always been a contribution to exposure and a work of love of which I have lost a body part with each book through Directed Energy Weapon torture attempting to stop me, which doctors report as deviant deterioration to the norm.

    So many, I have learned, have set themselves up as experts in the Targeted Individual community, and some of the more egotistical targets, at the expense of others. If Darlene Miles had any class she would not try to tear down other heavily targeted individuals down, and in my case on the word of someone instigating her, covertly and overtly, and who would love to see two African American women go at it, which many believe typical behavior, then sit back and laugh. At the end of the day with all of Darlene Miles’ purported expertise, she still ends up being a targeted individual who along with the rest of us has been unsuccessful at getting it to stop or figuring out how to do so. May I suggest that she direct her wrath to those targeting her and manipulating her. Her opinion of someone not connected to the situation at all is groundless, except for those who are using her and, wisely, stay away from me.

    Truthfully, Darlene Mile’s reckless promotion of allegations of which she cannot substantiate, makes her one day away from a defamation lawsuit! AGAIN, the five books, first published in 2011, DO NOT PAY THE LIGHT BILLS so I am not gaining financially. And, as stated previously, I have given away over a 1000 freely as Ebook downloads.

    I must ask, is she missing a screw? She is the one who came after me with false, unsubstantiated allegations, which I challenge her again, to prove told to her by someone I have come to believe is an instigator and speaks with a forked tongue, and now she is showing up on April Fool’s day, no less, as if she is someone important and important to me. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!

    Lastly, some would argue that if you listen to Myron May’s video recordings that there are periods where he fights for composure with his voice shaking. Perhaps her Handler’s blocked her awareness of this obvious fact. This man was used and killed in cold-blood and those pulling the strings of many are trying to discredit this fact who thought they had when they confiscated his 10 certified packages. And you must ask, why did a government agency also attempt to have the book taken down and Amazon decided against their requests.

    Darlene Miles does not understand that many people quickly figure this program out especially if you know yourself and recognize thoughts which are uncharacteristic of your beliefs and May is reported to have been highly intelligent. The first thing you do is try to connect the dots of what you are experiencing and there is a multitude of credible info in the public domain for confirmation. In fact what he described was actually taken from a website he found to explain the program among his other research on electromagnetic weapons also in his book. In the book I detail that Myron May revealed that he was being accused of using Cocaine. The book documents that he had initiated a lawsuit against what he said were false allegations which were used to opened him up to the targeting after someone lied on him. Attorney’s make enemies every day.

    One thing is certain, if he was, and many report he was not, to include Mr. Taunton, on the air, that is what Recovery is for known by Doctors, lawyers, janitors, students, and Indian Chiefs, etc. Yet, it appears that instead of guaranteeing him a right to face his accuser, someone decided a young black man, earning more than they, also typically cocky as many lawyers are, likely useful more so as a target for a higher purpose and destroyed his life almost overnight and possibly even set him up beforehand which many report also. It is easy to label people as being on drugs today and this is one of the reasons Electronic Surveillance can start officially. However, today, true too, false allegations can be made by anyone, and the result is you are then placed into a human guinea pig technology testing program using mind invasive technology in “The Program” for the rest of your life. I don’t know of a single person who has been let out and May must have realized this. If you figure it out quickly, and have the potential to become a threat, especially a well connected attorney, it could become detrimental to your health and psychological well-being resulting in intense psychological electronic verbal assaults, sleep deprivation, and physical torture, etc., etc., etc., by those targeting and toying with a human life, and the sadness is overwhelming, especially after he lost a great deal meaning, EVERYTHING!

    My challenge to Darlene Miles is prove your allegations related to me. I did not have a book cover ready the day Myron May died. You are entitled to your own opinion but not entitled to trying to discredit me publicly and maliciously. That remark is an outright, blatant, slanderous, LIE!!!

    You’re barking up the wrong tree! “B”

  5. @Lissakrhumanlife… WOW! In a nutshell, they seem to go after real targets who are effective in alerting the public in some way.

    Hang in there! God bless you too!

  6. Yes ‘and’ those who ‘expose aka whistleblowers claimants – they got away with one of the worse murderous deaths on their properties, a global scale YES when they got away with my husband’s murder (their supervisors) on site.. it went down on a global scale straight thru wall street.

  7. The keywords in surviving the Darlene R Miles of this world are to IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE. She is trouble–period. Most all say the same in the FFCHS corridor.

  8. She preys, stalks our sites. She even went after Connie Marshall, and me — reported us to the very ones that did this to us. What provoked her sending 16 emails to me in 1 day and Connie: Nothing. She goes into tantrums, rages to those of us whom don’t give her attention. Last year, I recd a return email from another she contacted. He and others are baffled by her actions. She’s riding on a FFCH stardom for the moment, thou 2011-2014 they couldn’t stand her… other FFCH support mods detest her. But that circle is trouble day-one, most all 2-faced. We know that. Its why I don’t bother with them, either. Right now she’s claiming a lawsuit victory which would be impossible to sue the gov, her claims. Please trust me on this, and think… how did she find your posts? She watches, stalks us, same as she did to me last year 24-7 insisting I take down a petition post that she begged me to put up. I took it down, later sorry I did. May God forgive her fore she knows not what she does because she’s probably targeted — this causes many to act out irrationally, hatefully, lashing out at fellow victim’s. Feel pity for her. As lousy as I feel targeted, I want no pity… its the last stronghold of our dignity, our spirituality. The weapons they use are neuron/brain. The face we wear is but one. Your commrade in these darktimes. Lissa — my nickname; real name Chris. My bio –

  9. Renee Pittman M and Lisssa (Chris Melissa Weldman Meyers), you both have nothing better to do… I Darlene Miles, can care less about a ‘so-called’ ‘ hypothetical’ shooter who ‘hypothetical’ shot innocent citizens who have disappeared. You two, Renee Pittman Mitchell and Chris Lisssa Weldman Meyers are the dangerous ones. Yes, these technologies exist, and yes, there are DOD directives unethically allow the testing and evaluation on all U.S. Persons and others on U.S. soil. As for me believing in a Myron May, and your very quick book being sold…. I still have the email you sent with you Myron May book cover story about his life?????; and it was within days of this mind-control ‘hypothetical targeted individuals’ ATTEMPTED MURDER OF INNOCENT CITIZENS.
    For you to reference me as a Bitch, now really. You are weak, have nothing better to do with your life and are as crazy as everyone has stated that you are. First you post random messages of a crazed man, then a month (or longer) you post this quiet confident person stating calmly that he is going to commit a crime that what…. Happened to be targeting innocent citizens. The world should be afraid of you two for your in support of a murderer who rants about murder of the innocent. It matters what is being done to victims of technology abuse in this country, however, there are laws designed to be utilized to fight back for the damage caused by many who are government funded and developing and testing war weapons on the citizens of this country……NOT GO OUT AND HARM other innocent citizens. So you support Myron (so-called) May, or who every you want. I say it again, any person who calmly sits and discusses ‘targeting’ in such a manner was not running around trying to hide as was told, trying to destroy his clothing as was told, running around dirty and in a rented car….. this was not the calm face they YOU say and he, (whom ever) plotted to murder innocent students. Why would you even consider writing a book about such a person? Of course, for money.
    So how about this ‘B’, I don’t play either so you had BETTER TAKE MY NAME OFF YOUR BLOG NOW THIS IS YOUR ‘CEASE AND DESIST WARNING’ AS OF 04-07-2015.
    As for ‘Lisssa’ take your comments and place them where the sun don’t shine. You both have serious issues. And Renee, what you want is publicity and you are not getting it from me. Again, remove my name from your website or I will move forward with legal actions after all, you are already targeted and should be. Who in the hell supports a murder? You are truly mind-controlled and dangerous to society as I was told.

  10. My effort, related to Myron May’s book, has been to simply tell another side of the story, revealed in his words, derived from the information found in the Certified mailings, which the FBI thought they had confiscated, and known to thousands suffering the same plight and what appears to be a expertly crafted cover-up and promotion of disinformation.

    Below is interesting information on Myron May which takes an in depth look into this tragedy and from many perspectives and opinions.

    Someone who obviously loved him, and knew him personally, showed up in the comment section of this link:


    Anonymous says:

    November 21, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    You know NOTHING and sound ignorant which you are… He grew up in a small town of less than 1,000 people in the SOUTH, I knew him personally. Religion is a dominating factor in this area, especially that town. He is not this delusional monster, in fact quite the opposite. don’t judge that which you don’t know.

    Personally I am not religious at all but I will say nothing about his actions are typical to who he was. He was VERY successful. He didn’t “fail to succeed” by any means, nor did he blame others for his troubles. He practiced law in 2 states TX & NM and was about to take the bar in FL. Sorry but that’s not failure, know your facts bro. He didn’t expect God to “fix” all his problems rather he held the typical religious beliefs he grew up on. He was a kind and gentle spirit, the guy who was loved by everyone he came in contact with. Success can come at a costly price, in this case – sanity. I think medication plays a part, it definitely induced paranoia. Conspiracies are out there and obviously became an obsession of his but nobody knows why he suddenly consumed himself in that. However I am not here to argue with you but I knew him for who he really was. I grew up with him.

    You know nothing about him yet you speak for him. I never respond to these things on any subject matter but this incident has lit some fire in me and to see the hate thrown his way by people who are mere strangers is disheartening. I hate what he did, but I love who he was. I wish I had told him how much of an impact he had on my life growing up and how much it meant to me that 15+ years later he made it a point to stay in touch.

    Even more I wish he had the support he gave to everyone around him. I will not remember him for this…

    The fact is, there are numerous, and I do mean numerous patents, patented at the US Patent and Trademark Office which are designed to alter a person’s reality and consciousness, technologically, which are mind invasive, and also harass a target relentlessly around the clock, from a distance, from state-of-the-art operation centers via radio frequencies in research TESTING, and development for decades.

    Blacks continue to be historically human guinea pigs, in a historic climate of taught and learned racial prejudice designed to keep society hating each other and blaming everyone except the puppet master. We are living in a climate of ongoing wars and ongoing efforts for a NWO agenda where human lives mean nothing to those at the top.

    The patents listed in the link below are not sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Could Myron May, have become useful to advance a global agenda related to gun control laws when he realized he was targeted and began a hope for legal action? Many activist, whistleblowers, dissidents, etc., continue to be targeted and through patented psycho-physical covert torture are being silenced.


    If a lot of people are saying the same thing as Targeted Individuals, LISTEN UP!

  11. I would love to place this anonymous statement on this blog for ALL to see because ‘thou shall not judge.’

    What a great comment. This benefits all of us. What are the naysayer’s thinking?

    Thank you Renee.

  12. I was a supporter yet the way she has treated me has been horrid. Mind you, I’ve never spoken to her one on one, either nor in public or on calls, only via emails. She turned on me over and over again, out of no where… that entire ffch bunch are gossipers, a click and not a nice one either. As victim’s they’ve help keep us more alienated.

    A piece I ran pushing her book which she was selling/pushing after being targeted. She has a ton of nerve saying that about you. You’re books help get our message out and its your business, personal, private.

    PS – I’m taking this off later.

  13. The above gives excellent information, and reasons, such as using others as a scapegoat, on why Targeted Individuals, feeling powerless against the group, or agency, destroying their lives, causing loss of finances, home, and bankruptcy, then turn their uncontrollable anger on others.

    Here also is one of the links:

    [audio src="" /]

  14. Myron May’s Autopsy Report:

    Click to access Myron_May_autopsy_report.pdf

    It can also be found here:

  15. Sad that anyone much less a ‘fellow victim’ could say such a thing without as much as doing a little research. Renee, look at the top of Ken’s website, what does it say? He hates TIs that do not google things themselves. LOL They’re not all that… their hypocracy is skywards. Be thankful you’re awaken to their antics and just prepare yourself next time you’re talking in their forums that way you’ll have more control. Now you know them. That’s more than half the battle won… and they don’t even know it. But, you do.

  16. NOTE: Myron May’s official autopsy reports that he had amphetamines in his system due to being likely prescribed as treatment for ADD. This is a known treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder, and said to actually have a reverse affect on those diagnosed with ADD as calming similar to Ritalin.

    I felt I should make it clear after someone asked why in Targeted Individual’s International. I hardly think that medication he took since childhood pushed him over the edge.


  17. Some that are targeted by this technology, as I have stated, known to have a PATENTED capability to manipulate, influence, decipher the target’s thoughts, alter consciousness, and more importantly, erase memory, combined with subliminal suggestion programming, as Targeted Individuals, at times, will see and hear what the operation center wants them to see and hear.

    Someone relatively new to this program, egotistically, may not grasp the powerful capability to program anyone and into heinous acts against their will.


    The patents below prove many psychological electronic, technological capabilities, deployed via many methods, for use of mind invasive technology. Understand this technology is in ongoing research, TESTING, and development for decades!!!


  18. Wondering how many other victims there are whom never get the chance to go public… this is as I said, super-sad Renee. Its Miles and Ken. Let them go. They’re not worth it.

  19. I came home and had an inbox message from Lissa Mires, about the ongoing drama with Darlene Miles. Not wanting to continue with nonsense, I immediately told her this was a dead issue for me. She then accused me of making up with a complete stranger, Darlene R. Miles, a person, I have never met, and that I must now be turning against her which was quite bizarre. She then blocked me on Facebook.

    I then checked my blog comment section and saw she had added the below post to my and her blog. However, on hers she imaged the email sent to her specifically from Darlene R. Miles titled:

    “More Hatemail Trouble from Darlene R Miles and I don’t even know her” | Lissa’s Humane Life
    April 14, 2015 at 9:22 pm.

    She also wrote and included my initial blog and link:

    […] Here’s another victim having very similar if not same issues with Miles asking if she’s missing a screw:… […]

    What the heck is going on?

    After I made my comments below, I noticed today that Lissa Mires then immediately took the so called post and email image off on her website, entitled “More Hatemail Trouble from Darlene R. Miles email…” as if it never existed.

    Wow! Confused!



  20. See how easy it is to get caught up!

    However, I must admit that Darlene R. Miles attack on me was a deep and penetrating blow. I am no monster!

    To: Lissa Mires:

    Are you saying that she sent you her response comments also, that I did not post on my blog, to your email address recently? Remember, I sent it to you and you promised you would not post the information. I expressed to you my hope to not keep a lot of nonsense going. However, if you posted the comments, after she sent them to you also, that is your right. I sent them to you, as I explained, because your name was in her comments. It is possible she likely sent them because I did not post her response as she had hoped.

    In answer to you, you were pulled into this after you commented on my blog that she had sabotaged, a very positive exposure effort, of which you were involved, and what was your hope to get Congressional/Senate involvement for targeted individual issues.

    She is referring to my comment of “You’re barking up the wrong tree “B” and another location in my blog, again my writing, “B” with the B in quotes as shown.

    Lissa, if she sent you her comments, via email, after the fact, then your reaction makes a lot of sense to me now and why you reacted the way that you did with me.

    This is especially true after you telling me of her ongoing, vicious, harassment, by numerous emails to you over a few years, of which you are still totally confused as to what you did to her that would warrant such vicious attacks from, as with me, a total and complete stranger.

    Understand that I came in after a fairly nice day, with my mind on something positive, and saw your message and my mood immediately changed. What is happening today is bigger than Darlene R. Miles although her ego tells her differently. I try to steer clear of being involved in ongoing drama unless it knocks on my door and I feel it necessary to respond.

    Admittedly, I should have read the top of the message/response, you sent to me, from her of which you posted on your blog in which she called me a “mind-controlled idiot.” LOL, someone mind-controlled does not write books exposing the reality of this program, and the books should reveal that I am anything but. If so, they would not exist, nor would my website, and my ongoing efforts, etc., etc., etc. exposing something government agencies do not want exposed.

    For the record, I do not, have not, spoken with, contacted, or ever met Darlene R. Miles in any way. Nor do I have any desire to. For the record, I am not taking down a blog where I responded to her vicious, wrongful, allegations.

    This woman is so targeted that it is almost sickening. I looked up her court case, the official version filed with the Court, on the Court’s website, because she did not show the Exhibit images she mentioned. This was after she posted the case to Ken Rhoade’s website,, where she writes everything for him as he told me. ALL of her hair is missing off the top of her head, it looked like her foot is swollen and bruised from what looks like directed energy weapon attacks via drones, which she say is the culprit, it appeared she has open sores, and has lost everything, finances, etc., and filed bankruptcy, from this targeting. However, that does not give her the right to attempt to focus on me and attempt to tear me down. I will not stand for it!

    She should be the first to understand that some targeted individuals, like Myron May, simply cannot withstand these great, powerful, and painful losses and the resulting intense emotional pain.

    Truthfully, this whole situation, for ALL is so very sad to me so I continually try to keep myself positive, overall. And in spite of it all my continued hope that through exposure of the reality of what is happening today, we will win against this GOLIATH.

    How did I become involved in this specific situation? As I said before, it appears related to, and definitely connected to my persistent, ongoing exposure and the atrocities of which those involved will kill to keep hidden. The operation center, radio frequency employees are pulling many strings, comfortably sitting at their computer terminals, and now has targets, targeting me, and anyone else they can use, manipulate, influence. Creating a distraction and to keep me tied up in complete nonsense could also the possible too.

    Understand Lissa I am on no one’s team personally. Know that I would never hurt you or anyone else but will take a stand when under attack, from ALL strangers, and have the right to a rebuttal to horrifically false allegations made against me and a personal hope to understand why.

    Regarding Miles, if she wants to take this matter to Court, as stated in the email info you took down, fine.

    What a waste of her time, energy, and resources.

    God Bless all Targeted Individals!

  21. Darlene R. Miles cases, from page 128 through 144 in the Exhibits show the horrors of this woman’s targeting.

    Darlene R. Miles vs. United States of America and Others, Case#: 2015-cv-01082-JLG-EPD

    NOTE: Initially the case was posted on Ken Rhoade’s website, of which, again, Darlene R. Miles writes for Ken Rhoades, but it has been taken down, it appears, due to, what appears to be, ongoing divisiveness within the Targeted Individual community:

    FYI: Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows anyone to obtain case and docket information online from federal. appellate, district court records, and bankruptcy courts, using the PACER Case Locator. Case information cost 10 cents a page.

  22. This case, filed by Darlene R. Miles vs. USA, et. al., March 26, 2015 is not filed specifically for the Targeted Individual community as a whole, or as a unified effort, such as a class action as some believe.

    It should be clear that Case: 2015-cv-01082-JLG-EPD, is NOT filed on behalf of 1-100,000 Plaintiffs (Targeted Individuals) but allegations against 1-100,000 alleged Defendants targeting Darlene R. Miles.

    The case focuses, among other issues, on also her not receiving a tax return along with other typical allegations of stalking/technological harassment known to the Targeted Individual community, of which the Defendant has alleged that she has not proven effectively by Court standards, or for Court intervention which is typical also.

    Darlene Miles is her own attorney, i.e., Individually and Pro Se, in a case where Motions to Dismiss, by the Ohio US Attorney, Ohio police and fire Department, have already been filed beginning 4/16/2015 for “Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction,” and even improper formatting of the numerous documents submitted. Proper presentation is mandatory in filing these types of court case, and if against the Rules for submission a case can be dismissed also.

    More importantly, the Defendant, the USA, et al., is alleging her disputes are not clearly stated and more importantly not clarified and unable to substantiate.

    The case in its entirety can be accessed and viewed after registration with PACER for 10 cents a page. This is a personal case and does not appear to be Class Action Lawsuit related.

  23. Understand that I posted the Darlene R. Miles lawsuit because someone posted, and many were starting to believe, it as a Class Action for Targeted Individuals and it simply is not.

    Understand also that I would not wish the horrors that are happening to literally thousands on my worse enemy.

    I recognize the real enemy is “The Program.”

    Understand also, that I am not a fan after horrific allegations against me levied by this woman.

  24. Actually if you read D.M.’s case, it appears that this targeting initiated after hiring a contractor she says for building a new home, for a property that in 1996 sold for $13,000, of which she purchased in 1998 as shown in the excerpt from the civil complaint she wrote below to the Ohio Southern District Court.

    Interesting, D.M. reports, during a conference call on Karen’s TI Talk, March 5, 2015, that the stalking began in 2008. She gives the impression that it was initiated due to her ‘honorable’ desire to not to work on sensor technology deployed from Drones after being contracted. She also states, during this conference call, saying, “I am an innocent person, never been charged with a crime, never committed a crime, never used drugs, never used illegal drugs, never broke the law outside of speeding, and if I did got a ticket” as if different from others.

    Here is what she documents as the cause, in 1998 in her court documents:



    “Where the Plaintiffs targeting by the City of Cleveland Heights Ohio appears to have begin 1998 unknowledgeable to the Plaintiff, this was when the Plaintiff began to build her home in the City of Cleveland Heights Ohio and the Building Department allowed the builder to not comply to all building regulations and city laws and the Plaintiff was a black single woman building a home in a city that had not had new homes built in years.”

    “The city with a building permit from the builder for six months to build the Plaintiffs home allowed the builder to not comply to code violations, and more for nearly one year forcing the Plaintiff to pay a construction loan, mortgage payments and a construction loan while living in a hotel all at her expense. The city had the owners to implement the laws and enforce building code violations which were many, yet the city of Cleveland Heights turned their backs even with many calls and reports of violations by the builder and non compliance to building codes, schedules or designs.”

    The fact, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to insure no Code violations, not the city of Cleveland Heights, nor the Building Department. It appears, that D.M. begin blaming the City of Cleveland Heights, and the Building Department. It appears she then became a person of interest, which may have ignited her as a person of interest for city officials which snowballed into IRS checking her finances. This resulted in a tax audits, for tax year 2007 in 2009 and 2012 where the IRS believed that she did not make approximately $59,525, as she had claimed, but that she had earned approximately $73,785. In 2012 they found approximately, 98,000 which she contests. She is on the record stating she is a ‘self-employed’ consultant for approximately 30 years.

    Two links below detail homeowner responsibilities when hiring contractors:

    Her detailed explanations begins at:


    The official case, and actual number Case Number: 2:15-cv-01082-JLG-EPD As stated, it can be viewed on PACER along with the responses from the Defendants and their reasons for dismissal.


    Later in this complaint, D.M. says that her accountant missed “$4,000 book donations.”

    She then, oddly, insinuates that after she gave the IRS auditing agent two free copies of her book, it resulted in the IRS Agent then billing her $7,000 appearing to make a connection between giving the two books and a $7,000 IRS bill. She writes:

    “Agent as in IRS Glenda Leon as she was responsible to inflating the Plaintiff income in 2012 to 98,000.00 after contacting one of the “Plaintiffs unethical former technology clients who was responsible for contract fraud.” When IRS Agent Glenda Leon could not find any errors in the Plaintiffs 2007 taxes or Scheduled deductions she contacted a former client to ask that client about the Plaintiff tax filings status which was unethical and beyond IRS tax filing laws as the Plaintiffs filing status had nothing to do with one independent contract with one of her clients. The Plaintiff had ALWAYS complied and filed her taxes correctly and per IRS filing tax rules, regulations and laws.”

    The IRS is not an organization with personal feelings, but about taxes, and they will find unreported income if it applies to ANYONE.

    D.M. reveals the property located on Montecito as worth $389,000 in court documents saying:

    “As years of community targeting by local police, unnamed unidentified air crafts, and community groups was made clear to the Plaintiff in 2008, the targeting, harassment, physical and emotional attacks have continued and escalated now for years, and to this date without ceasing against the Plaintiff; at the point in which the more severe targeting and attacks began to occurred against the Plaintiff, her home was valued then in 2008 at over $389,000.00 and was the Plaintiff only residence, and the only new home built in decades on the street of Monticello Blvd., Cleveland Heights Ohio where the Plaintiff resided in the city of Cleveland Heights from 1998. With pride in her home and landscaping, the Plaintiff performed her own landscaping for years investing nearly $10,000 in plants and trees around her home even as the age-old evergreen trees were purposefully killed during the tampering of her property.”

    The link below shows that in 1996, this lot factually sold for $13,000. However, it is highly unlikely that the price jumped up to close to $375,000 in two years in 1998.

    It appears that interest focused on D.M., the same way my interest has now after outrageous allegations and blaming someone else for the contractor code violations, which prompted her targeting, and truthfully, my curiosity to learn more about what this woman is really about.

    It appears that the rest of this case, 209 pages, which, again, can be grounds for dismissal alone of any case, is gift wrapped in very real targeted individual, non-consensual targeting, by horrific torture, and stalking, identical to what Myron May reported, that pushed him over the edge, and what many, many others report.

    I find it interesting, that D.M. promotes herself as a different targeted individual, not like everyone else, saying, I don’t do drugs, legal or illegal, nor have I committed any crime as documented earlier.

    The issue is that this covert program is wrong no matter how or why you are targeted. This program denies Constitutional, Civil and Human Rights!

    The fact is that intentional drug infiltration into specific communities, is, continues to be, and has always been a very effective mind control method, also used during MK Ultra, designed to take resources from a community and keep people docile and screwed up in the head as a strategic effort, believe it or not!

    Apparently, those who initiated D.M.’s, very real, obvious targeting believe differently in this case.

    The fact is, this case has the potential to reflect either negatively or positively on the Targeted Individual community.

    We hope and pray positively.

    And, frankly, I am utterly surprised at Ken Rhoades backing this. He is on the record telling target’s that Court filings are useless wastes of time over and over again. Hmmm…

    It is my belief that we will beat this program with the truth and it cannot be sugar coated!


  25. RENEE PITTMAN MITCHELL, YOU STUPID BITCH. Now we all know you are really crazy and trying to harm every citizen of this country, and I have stated that what is happening in and to our country is about EVERY CITIZEN, while you want to label yourself with letters TI, please add BS as well. And what community are you referring too? I am not of any community. Move the hell on to someone else you crazy Bitch, as every person you come in contact with knows you are under mind-control, and idiot and will sell your soul and anyone else to sell one of your books. And lastly, this issues are about the survival of a country and the ‘criminal enterprise’ that has been created to harm it and all citizens, at all levels. Get a life and find a new topic and leave Darlene Miles alone, she has done more than you could have ever done for this country and victims of technology abuses. Period.

  26. Wait a minute, did I ignite this?

    The comment above from Darlene R. Miles commented surprisingly as “Unknown” is exactly the reason that would keep any person questioning, defensively, her actions and motives, apparently, to include the IRS, City, State, and Government Officials as shown in her Civil Complaint to the Ohio Southern District Court filed March 26, 2015 and someone I have never met much less heard of before.

    Sorry folks, but I cannot allow a complete stranger to step into my domain, and attempt to INTENTIONALLY discredit me without a right to voice my feelings and research a possible reason.

    The fact is a reason is pivotal also for the Court which sets aside a plaintiff highlighting programs and blaming although, admittedly this program is immoral but legal. The first question is, who is Darlene R. Miles trying to fool? Oh yea, that’s right a highly educated judicial court system.

    Part of the reason, honestly, that my attention was drawn to look at her case was the fact of it being immediately set for dismissal as of April 16, 2015, 3 weeks after filing, on March 26, 2015 and my wanting to understand what justification was being used by the Defendants. The reality is, if dismissed, it will not be because of anything I have done or said as she cleverly alludes. I am one in billions on this planet and do not have that type of pull. It will be because of a convoluted, 209 page, repetitive complaint, that is ineffective, is all over the place combined with scant and deflective information.

    She also, outrageously, alleges before the court in Section 42b that she has won a Federal case and has been determined to be FEDERAL CRIME VICTIM. This is yet another outrageous exaggeration by this woman who won factually, on Appeal, at the Social Security Administration, Office of Disability Adjudication Review (ODAR) in Ohio a Social Security Disability claim I was informed. The fact is these disability cases are determined not by, Joint Targeting Forces, technology, or aka nonhuman entities who originated this program, as she states on her March 5, 2015 Karen TI Talk interview, or even how your health was deteriorated. It is determined by medical records showing definite health issues which would prevent you from working, your age, education, work experience and more importantly by a set of laws which are used to determine a person disabled solely based on your health. PERIOD! The ODAR, appeal’s office cannot label anyone a FEDERAL CRIME VICTIM as she appears to outrageously imply!

    Some who have come under Darlene R. Miles venomous attacks, I hear, would argue that it is Darlene R. Miles, who is trying to harm every citizen of the United States after attempting to hoodwink the public into a belief of her integrity and basing everything on DOD Regulation 5240.l.R as the reason for her targeting alone as being a nonconsensual human guinea testing program which is factual, and can be partly true. This is while downplaying the fact that several other enacted laws allow this type of targeting, legally, by law enforcement and the military for suspected criminal activity which grants approval of Electronic Surveillance Laws via FISA of anyone committing a crime on American soil.

    To date, there have been four, very real, hardworking targets, whistleblowers, activist, that I know of, who have been attacked, viciously, it appears by this woman, and falsely, in my case of which she cannot and will not substantiate.

    1. Derrick Robinson – Possibly provoked by Ken Rhoades, as dirty, along with allegations made that people of FFCHS want to harm her also on the Karen TI Talk – March 5, 2015, as the reason she cannot divulge information on what she calls winning a Federal Law Suit but again, is in reality winning an Appeal for Social Security Disability.

    2. Lissa Mires – Reported that after taking her name from one of Darlene R. Miles’ petitions at, she began to received numerous, upon, numerous, upon numerous, vicious emails from Miles on a daily basis.

    3. Connie Marshall – It was also reported that in the influx of email attacks from Darlene R. Miles to Lissa Mires, Miles erroneously sent an email written by Darlene R. Miles, meant for Connie Marshall of which she was also attacking Connie Marshall. I don’t know how true this is because Marshall is listed on her Civil Complaint for confirmation.

    4. Christoper Brunson – Who, after attacks by her also, still supports her and recently told me that he has too because her case is a reflection of his reality. This shows good people and the desperation for any help and exposure.

    It goes without saying that after horrific allegations, in the form of a very personal attack against me, that I had a book cover prepared the day Myron May died, is an obvious attack on my credibility as a targeted individual overall, along with continue attacks that I am promoting a fake book and my efforts based on this. Again, not true at all. His story was based on the information, the FBI and US Postal Inspector thought was confiscated and intercepted derived from his own words in the Certified mailings to 10 people across the nation. This also is an ongoing falsehood being promoted by those targeting me, hoping also to discredit me, after failing to have the books taken down by Amazon and Amazon refusing when asked, and who then went to Plan B.

    Some would argue that Darlene R. Miles appears to be attempting to make her reputation off others who have done her no harm and it appears a hope to bring herself to the forefront and limelight of what should be a unified battle. Why attack other targets in the exact same boat?

    This woman is not a hero or savior by attempting to destroy others in her path. Note that I have asked her to reveal her source and to substantiate her horrific, and totally false vicious allegations against me of which have gone unanswered, and of which she cannot because, they simply are not true. I can prove myself, and can guarantee, she can’t related to me at all!

    Some things that trouble me about her continue to paint a picture for me as ‘possibly’ self-serving first and far most as a result of her attacks of others. She mentioned also during the Karen TI Talk, March 5, 2010 that as a result of her contacting the DOJ, that the Police Chief, and 51 police officers were fired after they did an investigation. I found no evidence of this, after she reported that KKK was written on her house. I could be wrong, and don’t need to be right all the time, but would like to see proof. It is not listed anywhere and would have at least made her local paper. Logically, only those typically responsible would have been, more than likely, reprimanded in what are covert stalking activities, that no one wants revealed as existing, to include specifically the DOJ and DOD.

    It is not difficult to figure her ‘possible’ source related especially to me, and Derrick Robinson, of which I have no alliance with. Ken Rhoades is someone placed, on the record, into the horrific, officially documented, trauma based MK Ultra mind control program as early at age 5. Is he now her Handler, behind the scenes, or possibly a provocateur within the Targeted Individual Community? Darlene R. Miles, again, writes every single word on his website with Ken saying it is due to his being labeled mentally slow initially as a child. In fact, anywhere you see any writing with Ken Rhoades name on it are written for him. The website is

    It is no secret, that I will cut ties with anyone quickly when nonsense arrives at my door or invades my territory which some may consider an insult to them. I don’t need the outside hassle or complication from anyone. Truthfully, I prefer to walk peacefully, among the noise and haste unless attacked by strangers!

    The people Darlene R. Miles mentions, as my severing ties with, of whom she continues to insist have ill feeling towards me are few. I am not that important, and if so, so what!!! However, these so called people, have not said one word publicly, attempting to damage me, and apparently it appears are using her instead, as she reports this childish foolishness hoping for impact.

    News flash, we are not in grade school, and I do not care what other people think. This is not a popularity or personality contest as she, and I have learned, many ego driven targets believe, hoping to make a name for themselves.

    As I have reported, Ken Rhoades and I use to talk periodically, and some have realized that I cannot not be used, or programmed into a belief, or to attack other targets, or even possibly set-up, and more importantly, don’t bother me! This is again, unless I am forced to defend myself against, HORRIFIC ALLEGATIONS WHICH I WILL NOT TOLERATE AND ALLOW TO GO WITHOUT RESPONSE! PERIOD!

    Understand that someone placed in this intense program beginning at age 5, as Ken Rhoades reports in the video below, of which is documented as a deep seated, trauma based, mind separating program, creating alters, could possibly be possibly deeply, subconsciously influenced, especially when programmed at such an early age. A severe droopy eyelid, nearly closed, is also said to be symptom of Monarch Mind Control Droopy Eye Syndrome programming as well. Is this the case with Rhoades?

    Darlene R. Miles makes outrageous allegations, of my trying to harm every citizen of this country. The fact is everyone can be questioned and I am not the judge deciding her complaint. She is concerned about her reputation and not every citizen of the United States by this beyond silly remark cleverly turned around for again impact. I am one among billions on this planet and do not have that type of power or pull, especially within the judicial system, where it counts, or her case. The Court does not care about my opinion. The Court looks for clear, concise statements of a claim with pinpoint accuracy, mandatory correctly formatted filings, that are BRIEF, and within reason regarding page count, and more importantly, jurisprudence, in a battle of a Pro Se Plaintiff, against highly educated government attorneys, who will challenge anyone, expertly, based on their experience, and similar cases dismissed, with Pro Se litigants being unable to compete without a law degree.

    Darlene R. Miles actually believes that a convoluted 209 page Civil Complaint, is going to move the Judge portraying her victimization, or be the catalyst to elevate her to hero worship, presented again, before highly intelligent judges, who look for a reason for dismissal of a program, they cannot reveal under National Security Orders, and she appears to believe that her filing is exceptional after again winning a Social Security Administration appeal, of which she leads folks to believe was a Federal lawsuit win. However, if you read between the lines, her filing could also appear as an attempt to cover her tracks after a legalized criminal investigation, involving many government agencies, legitimately, albeit heinously, allowing law enforcement, to use this technology in joint efforts combined with the military’s involvement.

    Several other things I find interesting about this woman.

    She appears to boasts a belief that she has done more for the targeted individual community than I. Who the heck cares? I don’t! Some would argue this a definite delusion of grandeur as she repeatedly attempts to make her reputation off others by putting them down, and hoping to destroy and assassinate their character.

    Yes, she has, along with many, many, many other people initiated several petitions, however, the fact is that her petitions have fallen short, with one coming close, to the numbered goal necessary to make an impact of 2000 necessary signatures for recognition, as far as I can see, and as a result rendered fruitless. However, we still will give her an A for effort.

    Again, I have yet for her to disclose her source openly, and substantiate that I had a book cover ready for a dead man the day he died and be upfront.

    Many, in light of what can be described as a, manipulated credible impression, of this woman, with the GIFT OF GAB, may believe me wrong for going on the defense against her and ask why is it important to me? Her false allegations, are 100% INTENTIONAL credibility destroying and is a sure sign something else may be afloat. There is no response to me for substantiation, but she is full of vicious attacks. I will state, again, and again… I never heard of Darlene R. Miles before she made these insulting allegations against me.

    I find Darlene R. Miles, personally, to be an Intellectually Dishonest Narcissist Hustler.

    She is on the record, previously, saying she earned a six figure income, during her near 30 year career, yet the IRS has issues with her, and also that she saved for 10 years to build the house on Monticello in 1998 which she documents as starting her targeting.

    During this March 5, 2015 Conference Call, she reports unethical, bankers insurance companies and pharmaceutical as being about getting things done the cheapest way they can. However, ‘IF’ she hired a contractor, under the table, who did not cut the mustard, she could be accused of the same thing.

    She also reports that she saved for 10 years to build this “dream” home in 1998, which would be beginning in 1988, again reported during the Karen TI talk interview. But court documents show that she, with all of her alleged, boastful, financial security, and boastful great success, and boastful promotion of herself as a highly sought after technology consultant, extraordinaire mind you, a Darlene R. Miles factually filed for bankruptcy three times beginning and as far back as 1991 which is a matter of public record. If the last four of her SSN is 6060 then it is her after Pacer linked “Associated Cases”

    1. 1991 – U.S. Bankruptcy Court- Northern District of Ohio (Cleveland)

    Bankruptcy Petition #: 91-10340-rb
    Assigned to: JUDGE RANDOLPH BAXTER – Chapter 7
    No asset

    Date filed: 01/18/1991
    Date terminated: 09/12/1991
    Date discharged: 05/24/1991
    Deadline for objecting to discharge: 05/03/1991

    Debtor -Darlene R. Miles – SSN / ITIN: xxx-xx-6060
    fka Darlene Phillips – represented by:

    Saul Eisen
    24100 Chagrin Blvd.
    Beachwood, OH 44122
    (216) 687-3377

    2. 2008 – U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Ohio (Cleveland)
    Bankruptcy Petition #: 08-14622-rb

    Assigned to: JUDGE RANDOLPH BAXTER- Chapter 13

    Claims Register

    Debtor disposition: Dismissed for failure to make plan payments

    Date filed: 06/17/2008
    Date terminated: 03/20/2009
    Debtor dismissed: 01/30/2009
    Plan confirmed: 09/18/2008
    341 meeting: 07/30/2008

    3: 2012 – 12-bk-59509 – Darlene R. Miles

    Case type: BK
    Chapter: 7
    Asset: No
    Vol: v
    Judge: John E. Hoffman Jr.

    Date filed: 11/01/2012
    Date of last filing: 09/23/2013
    Debtor discharged: 07/24/2013
    Date terminated: 09/23/2013

    And on top it all, she plays the race card, as a distraction, of which the judicial system will see through saying that attention arose against her as a ‘single black female’ in 1998 when building a house, in an area that did not have new homes built, or something to this effect which sounds ridiculous. Not everything is about race and she insinuates that those targeting her, did not believe, because of her race, that she could afford to renovate this property for this as a reason in all her financial glory.

    She also alleges a personal connection with the Senate Intelligence Committee, during the conference call, saying that she sent them, the Senate Intelligence Committee, questions for them to ask during their investigation as if they needed her expertise – LOL! THIS IS COMPLETELY HILARIOUS!

    GET REAL! She, nor anyone else, simply are not that special that the Senate Intel Committee, who know their jobs, and what questions are vital, would turn to Darlene R. Miles. I mean really, come on now!

    Selling herself as a “featured” author in a small publishing business, with one book published by the company, HERS, is classic. Anyone can pay a fee, become known as “Doing Business As” Mondar Media Publishing, which she did, then inconspicuously promote themselves. Published in 2008 she had a hearty 3 review on Amazon.


    Interestingly if she was so financially secure after saving for 10 years for her dream home, why did she skip out on paying her landlord 2 month’s rent, October and November of 1998, before moving to Monticello in December of 1998? Yes, she was able to reverse the decision, temporarily, claiming that the house at 3466 Monticello Blvd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121 did not have a post box out front yet. However, if she had saved for 10 years, beginning in 1988, (although it is now known she filed bankruptcy in 1991) logically, most would have completed the lease ‘contract,’ and dealt with any other landlord/tenant issues by other legal methods.


    Again, folks, understand, that I simply cannot, and will not allow this woman to target me. She came after me, not I after her.

    The fact is, in reality, EVERYONE can be question and if you don’t want people delving into your life:


    May I suggest she find someone else to blame for her failures and not others fighting for their lives in this heinous government program and an intentional cover-up by many highly placed government agencies to include the military.

    ******* PERIOD *******

  27. Use the link below to (Case Locator – PACER) to access official, additional information, which is public record, and all documents about this case on the United States Court’s PACER system for the Ohio Southern District Court as the case is no longer available for viewing on

    A free subscription to PACER is required.

    PACER allows online access to the Electronic Court Filings (ECF) System showing all documents filed by both the Plaintiff and Defendants up to date.

    The Case Number is 2015-cv-01082-JLG-EPD

    How long before she, typically, blames someone else as being the reason she now has taken the case down from her and Ken Rhoades website?

  28. Is this Forwood character for REAL? The proof is in the fact that at first he made several blogs, with so called “documented proof” that Myron May was not dead and the FSU shooting did not exist and published it all over the internet. Now revealing himself as a true opportunist, shill, and also discrediting everyone faithfully trying to expose these heinous crimes, via disinformation with his new blog he is now saying it did happen. This again appears to be his ongoing efforts for attention and to glorify himself. He needs to take his meds! You can’t have it both ways by promoting a lie then turning around and saying what you promoted was not the truth.

    Folks, imagine this poor soul sitting in one room, isolated on the psyche ward. His only contact with the rest of the world is through his laptop computer, blogging and the thrill he gets from the attention he is creating through controversy. Sadly it is Targeted Individuals who pay the price especially with the promotion of wrong information to those hoping to understand what is happening today.

    He couldn’t beat the truth, that the Myron May FSU rampage could have been motivated by electromagnetic, radio frequency hypnotic manipulation and influence technology and he is dead, at the hands of people far more powerful than other targeted individuals fighting for their lives as well, so now he has horrifically changed his tune with new allegations he is insinuating that he now believes the FSU shooting, to get attention, saying the situation did exist.


    He is simply a jokester with a catchy blog name. He needs to try exposing the REAL truth. He will also thank you for bringing exposure to him, after he attaches himself to other activist, and then say sue me…

    Everyone knows you can’t bleed a turnip.



    Oddly her remarks were posted in the comment section of another one of my blogs, instead of here, entitled: “The Use of Electromagnetic Radio Frequency Energy and Mind Control Factually Dates Back to Ancient Egypt.”

    I guess it is true, as I was told, that she trolls websites, and blogs, etc., of other targets.


    June 2, 2015 at 4:22 pm

    Renee Pittman Mitchell you are clearly a sick lonely thirsty for publicity bitch. I have printed each page of your so called inforrmation on Darlene R. Miles. You dump mind controlled Bitch, if laws apply on your slander, YOU will be sued by me…. another Darlene R. Miles. You are so fuckin sick that you would mix my inforrmation with others in the same state in order to slander me. How fuckin dumb. This is my last warning. Remove my name and any likeness immediately on you will be sued for slander 06.03.2015



    June 2, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Is it a great possibility that this woman is possibly severely mentally disturbed before her targeting and now allowing herself to be used? Again, she invited herself into my life with horrific, outrageous, allegations of which I have repeatedly asked her to substantiate. I had never in my life heard of “Darlene R. Miles” before my rightful response.

    I thirst for nothing EXCEPT the total revelation and exposure of a heinous psycho-physical program destroying many lives, and having a voice of which many, government agents, wish to silence.

    NOTE: If you use PACER to access public information court information, the system links the social security number of the individuals to ALL previous cases with the same SSN. Now revealed, Miles appears to be pretending there is another in her state and not her which is pure insanity. She is an original!

  30. Don’t allow those in the destructive-mode to dry your thirst for that total revelation and exposure of these heinous psycho-physical program. And, may God bless you.

  31. Thanks Lissa. To you as well. It is important to stay focused on a very real technological Goliath using, abusing and destroying many lives!

  32. “The human spirit must prevail over technology” ~ Albert Einstein

    Here is an excellent article on the type of targeting by highly advanced technology attempting to control me, and FAILED, and what many others endure by Dr. Robert Duncan in Veterans Today.


    He also mentions how Myron May may have been manipulated and influenced.




  33. Excerpt:

    Were you aware that US government operatives know how to use hypnosis to induce trance, provoke an average person to commit murder, then forget that it happened? This process has been documented as part of the government’s effort to create a real Jason Bourne-like operative. Of course, experiments were secretly forced upon healthy yet vulnerable citizens and mental hospital patients, but that is another story…

    Learn more:

    NOTE: Believe it or not, my posting this and similar types of information “everywhere” is factually contributing to the foundation for an intense disinformation and discrediting effort which continues around me.


  34. Yes there are paid Government disinformation agents, propaganda promoters, trolls, shills, on social media, and social networks commenting, on blogs, forums, news reports, and websites, etc., etc., etc.







  35. Veterans Today Article with Dr. Robert Duncan about Myron May Tragedy

    Dr. Robert P. Duncan, A.B., S.M.,
    M.B.A., Ph.D., Government warfare and surveillance
    system architect, author, and independent
    investigator mentions Myron May in the below
    Veterans Today article link.


    Global Research article related to Myron May

    REFERENCE: “The Targeting of Myron May: Florida State University Gunman”


  36. We have already learned that even a highly educated attorney who graduated with honors, or one from one of the best law schools in the country is not above being used as a human test subject for mind invasive technology, in this decades long testing program where diagnosis is key to destroying credibility and some believe they should be taken down to their rightful place!

  37. 75 year old Hirlan Girard, targeted, intentionally misdiagnosed, his life destroyed as yet another victim for 30 years in this heinous, psycho-physical, mind invasive human guinea pig technology testing program dating back decades who became an activist.


    Many remember him from the Jesse Ventura’s TruTV “Brain Invader” episode detailing this program and the technological/PATENTED “Hearing Voices” effect around for DECADES.

    LINK to TruTV full Brain Invader Episode:


  38. All target’s are forced to attempt to represent themselves regarding to these cases unless you have thousands of dollars to hire an attorney or law firm to go up against “Big Brother” aka United States of America. Many attorneys won’t touch these career destroying cases due to the legalization of this program.

    Numerous Civil Complaints brought against the US government, and government agencies by Targeted Individuals for extreme Electronic Harassment, stalking, etc. are being dismissed for:


    A key factor, also is the Plaintiff’s inability to fully grasp then express the intricacy of legal requirements in court documents, and present the case effectively in pleadings by zeroing in on the specific Claim in Court required procedure.

    The definition for “Failure to State a Claim” is below:



    Definition of Failure to State a Claim:

    Failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted is a defense to a legal claim. It means that the claimant has failed to present sufficient facts which, if taken as true, would indicate that a violation of law had occurred or that the claimant was entitled to a legal remedy.


    In U.S. federal courts, the defense is set forth at Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 12(b)(6).

    To defeat a motion to dismiss filed pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6), a plaintiff must plead “enough facts to state a claim to relief that is plausible on its face.”[1] A claim meets the “plausibility test”

    “ when the plaintiff pleads factual content that allows the court to draw the reasonable inference that the defendant is liable for the misconduct alleged. The plausibility standard is not akin to a ‘probability requirement,’ but it asks for more than a sheer possibility that a defendant has acted unlawfully.”[2] ”

    While a complaint need not contain detailed factual allegations, it must set forth “more than labels and conclusions, and a formulaic recitation of the elements of a cause of action will not do.”[3] The “[f]actual allegations of [a complaint] must be enough to raise a right to relief above the speculative level . . . on the assumption that all the allegations in the complaint are true (even if doubtful in fact).”[4] When the allegations of the pleading do not allow the court to infer more than the mere possibility of wrongdoing, they fall short of showing that the pleader is entitled to relief.[5]

    In reviewing a Rule 12(b)(6) motion, the court must accept all well-pleaded facts in the complaint as true and view them in the light most favorable to the plaintiff.[6] In ruling on such a motion, the court cannot look beyond the pleadings.[7] The pleadings include the complaint and any documents attached to it.[8] Likewise, “‘[d]ocuments that a defendant attaches to a motion to dismiss are considered part of the pleadings if they are referred to in the plaintiff’s complaint and are central to [the plaintiff’s] claims.'”[9]

    The ultimate question in a Rule 12(b)(6) motion is whether the complaint states a valid claim when it is viewed in the light most favorable to the plaintiff.[10] While well-pleaded facts of a complaint are to be accepted as true, legal conclusions are not “entitled to the assumption of truth.”[11] Further, a court is not to strain to find inferences favorable to the plaintiff and is not to accept conclusory allegations, unwarranted deductions, or legal conclusions.[12] The court does not evaluate the plaintiff’s likelihood of success; instead, it only determines whether the plaintiff has pleaded a legally cognizable claim.[13] Stated another way, when a court deals with a Rule 12(b)(6) motion, its task is to test the sufficiency of the allegations contained in the pleadings to determine whether they are adequate enough to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.[14] Accordingly, denial of a 12(b)(6) motion has no bearing on whether a plaintiff ultimately establishes the necessary proof to prevail on a claim that withstands a 12(b)(6) challenge.[15]

  39. FYI: Again, Court documents are “public record” and easily accessed on PACER. If you search for open cases related to a specific Plaintiff, all linked and related cases, bankrupty, etc., will show under the person’s name. You don’t need private information such as the social security number.

    As the targeting effort around me continually, continues to search, under the rock they crawled from under, for anything they can use to silence my overall efforts, understand that I welcome any frivolous opportunity to take what is happening today before a court system, and under any circumstances!

    These efforts sit all day and night, working in shifts around a target, watching, waiting, listening, tracking, plotting, following your blogs, internet searches, and your social network post. They research your credit to strategically destroy it if they can, and numerous target’s report their hope to use anyone around you or far away, family, friends, associates. This is all the while sitting on them smelly rear-ends in these operations, working in 8 hour shifts, looking for anyway to sabotage the target or targets with unethical, covert activities, nudging into action, and using extremely low frequency, psycho-physical manipulation and influence mind invasive technology while watching everything being played out in satellite surveillance real-time in these operation centers for them with front row seats.

    These criminals, suited, uniformed, with their mind’s completely gone, are assaulting people, across the USA, with deadly weapons. They actually think that what they are doing is good work while ironically hoping to keep this program and the truth hidden. This is while these efforts unleash inhumane atrocities, covertly, destroying lives, and most in these operations appear so egotistically damaged that they actually think it is okay or WORSE. Torturing and slowly killing proves in reality the complete opposite and why they do not want it publicized or known to Courts or the public.


    One private citizen, likely a mind controlled patsy, named in Darlene R. Miles’ Civil Complaint, Grace Vaughn Evans, is listed in the complaint stalking Darlene R. Miles. When Grace Vaughn Evans did not respond to Miles’ allegations, likely unable to afford an attorney, either, or even possibly told she ultimately would not need one, a Default Judgement was issued in October of 2015.

    The Court declared the Default Judgment saying:

    “It appears that the Defendant Grace Vaughn Evans, is in default, having failed to plead or otherwise defend in this cause as required by law; Now, therefore, in accordance with Rule 55 (a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Default is hereby entered against this Defendant on this 19th day of October 2015.”

    On the her website, GMNKen, which Darlene R. Miles writes for Ken Rhoades, some would argue that it appears that she won a major Court battle. Had she won a default judgment against, for example against John J. Stark, the US Attorney, et al., it would be a completely different “story” or even if against, Grace Vaughn Evans and the unnamed defendants 1 to 100,000 plus she lists.

    The fact is, it is nothing new, nearly EVERYONE has absolutely no choice but to file these cases, on your own behalf. Attorneys simply don’t want to tackle a legalized program or go up against the real Defendant, the USA and the cost is astronomical.

  41. Not just this one but ALL of these, numerous filed cases are dismissed typically for “Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction.” That includes cases brought by the ACLU and EFF. And on top of this, it is assured to be documented within court records, in some cases, that the Plaintiff is a mentally ill conspiracy theory designed to insure the case is never attempted again. In all cases Targeted Individuals are forced to try to bring the information to the Court Pro Per or on their own behalf and don’t stand a chance against the US Attorney who clandestinely approves these targeting for any reason.

    I was told by a top attorney in Los Angeles that many people are afraid to go up against what is happening today, although it is well-known, for fear of losing their careers and good name to include, judges, doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs.

    What is happening today is the “Crime of the Century” legalized by Congress and the Senate, legitimized under National Security, US Codes, DOD Regulations, the PATRIOT Act, etc., etc., etc.

    LINK: Judge Quashes 650 million dollar Government Mind Control Lawsuit.

    Can you blame them? They do not want known or publicized that human lives are being used and destroyed though highly perfected psycho-physical technology from numerous established high tech operation centers, not only within the US but similar complaints all over the world!

  42. A few weeks ago, I was received a message on FB from someone, connected with FFCHS, Christopher Brunson. He said he had spoken with Amy Anderson and Renata and thought I would make a great president. I did not respond because I have no interest and found it amusing. For the record, I have no allegiance with Ken Rhoades or anyone else and for obvious reason’s prefer it this way! I would get nothing accomplished if caught up in bickering…

    Today, I noticed he posted this on Carol Board’s Timeline:

    NOTE: The next day Carol Board deleted the interaction between Brunson and I which I completely understand.

    Here is the original interaction, again on Carol Board’s timeline in which Brunson responds to a post Carol Board made about the new FFCHS leadership.

    Christopher Brunson to Carol Board

    I hope you are not going to be disappointed. Ken Rhoades brought in Darlene like he did with Renee Pittman Mitchell. See:…/is…/

    When I saw this show up on my timeline I responded

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Excuse me. Keep me out of this mess!!! I have never been involved with FFCHS on any level, and have no connection whatsoever.

    And, I am still trying to figure out why you, Brunson, contacted me and said Amy Anderson and Renata suggested me for this position. I hope my response, being no response, was clear!

    I guess this explains the jump in traffic to this specific blog I have observed over the past two weeks… I wondered why!

    Christopher Brunson

    I don’t blame you. It is a complete mess because of ken and darlene.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    LOL! Okay then. I was getting ready to go on defense. (smile emoticon)

    Christopher Brunson

    I wanted you on the board. but there was rumors.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    In box me on Facebook.

    NOTE: During our in box FB chat Brunson revealed, but would not give names, that the rumor is that I was responsible for the Myron May tragedy. After chatting with him, I decided that several things he said just did not feel right to me based on other experiences with him.

    I posted the following on Carol Board’s timeline related to the origination of this interaction.

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    It figures… I hear the rumor is that I was responsible for Myron May’s death in this dysfunctional family.


    I like several others on Facebook heard from Myron May for the first time on November 13, with him saying he wanted to send us a package and a video we later learned was his suicide video proving he already set his plan into motion.

    It is documented that he contacted FFCHS, Derrick Robinson on November 3, 10 days prior offering legal assistance.

    Last I heard, FFCHS is supposed to be the support group AND organization for people in crisis, and not a heavily targeted individual who can’t be sure who is on the other end of a computer or know who to trust, for obvious reasons.

    Myron May via email documents he received no response from Derrick Robinson. When he resent the email to Derrick Robinson a second time, Derrick Robinson responded that he never received the first one. However, after offering his assistance, he did get a $20 membership and token.

    I do recall that Ken Rhoades, and I would talk periodically, and thought he was an ok fellow. When I told him I had located the information Myron May sent by an unmarked email, I did not opened immediately, and was going to publish it as quickly as possible, due to the monitoring of everything I do around the clock, and under the circumstances, he laughed and said the whole thing was a hoax. Later his confidante, Darlene Miles whom I never even heard of before, because I am not involved with FFCHS, nor ever have been, said the same thing. The connection here is Ken Rhoades.

    In fact, the only reason I am responding now is due to you, another FFCHS connected reviving negativity. I have absolutely no interest in ongoing nonsense and remain focused on saving my life, and hope to help others understand the reality of this program relentlessly.

    Anyone interested in the real story of how and why, related to Myron May, can download to their computer, laptop, smartphone or Tablet his story absolutely free forever.

    Amazon set the price for the printed version due to printing, page count, and shipping.

    One thing is certain, it seems that outside tampering and the proven “Divide and Conquer” dynamic is highly effect and is alive and well and thriving with FFCHS.

    I again posted:

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Frankly Brunson, you are revealing yourself as a trouble maker. You stated above that Ken Rhoades brought I and Darlene Miles in, yet you link my blog on the subject, related to my interaction with them, which proves I am not involved with either of these two and as a broken link.

    After you inboxed me as I requested above, you said there were rumors. You said that you had recommended me before you heard the rumors.

    I remember that a few months specifically after the Myron May tragedy, you were one of the people promoting on your blog that I was responsible for what happened to Myron May. When I saw this, I was shocked because I thought you were a supporter on Google Plus. I then commented on the Google Plus post, and you then quickly responded. You said that the blog was a mistake and you then took it down. Now you are saying it is rumored over a year later by others?

    Fast forward to today, here we are with you, again, connecting me with Rhoades and Miles in your post on Carol Board’s FB Timeline in, again, what appears to be a typical disinformation fashion. I am not sure what role you are playing or what game you are playing, but keep me out of this situation. Understand one thing, and trust me on this one, I am not some weak minded person you can manipulate or influence, based on our chat, or instigate into action, or nudge into battle, and again, anyone can be at the other end of a computer.

    I am not interested in being the clean up woman and do not tolerate BS very well so I would not be a good fit for the position! And, again, if anyone is interested in the details of what happened to Myron May, his story, written in his own words, is available at the link.

    Understand that nothing I do, nor my effort has never been for profit with any of the books in my series, but simply the method how I chose to fight back and, more importantly the hope to take what is happening today to a larger audience and not just within the community of victims.

    Amazon set the price for the printed version of books. This is due to page count, using their paper, printing, press, and shipping.

    I then again posted, to make sure my position is know:

    Renee Pittman Mitchell

    Let me make this clear, I wish the best for any sincere effort for FFCHS, or any organization, hoping to expose this monstrous program, and as a result, typically would obviously, come under full COINTELPRO Psy Ops attacks or what arises as a result. This is as long as it does not affect me, mention my name, negatively, as I continue the battle in the ongoing Covert WAR around me.

    Lastly, it behooves victims to know, and remain focused on who the real enemy is.

    Knowledge is power – Awareness is key – Truth the weapon!


  43. Darlene R. Miles case number 2:15-cv-1082 was dismissed for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction officially on 12/11/2015.

    The subsequent Appeal to the Appellant Court, filed in early January 2016 was dismissed because the original case was dismissed so the Court determined the Appeal would be frivolous as well, and denied the Appeal.

    Case: 2:15-cv-01082-JLG-EPD Doc #: 86 Filed: 02/03/16

    Page: 1 of 2 PAGEID #: 1116

    Darlene Miles, Plaintiff,


    The United States of America, et al., Defendants.

    Case No. 2:15-CV-1082 Judge Graham Magistrate Judge Deavers



    Darlene Miles moves for leave to proceed in forma pauperis (“IFP”) on appeal. (Pl.’s Mot., doc. 82). Because the appeal is not taken in good faith, Miles’s Motion is denied.

    I. Background

    Miles paid the filing fee and filed a 210-page complaint alleging a vast government conspiracy to cause her to suffer. (Compl., doc. 1).

    The Court dismissed the case because the Court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction; it lacked subject-matter jurisdiction because Miles’s complaint failed to present a substantial federal question; the complaint failed to present a substantial federal question because the allegations it contained were “deemed totally implausible.”

    Apple v. Glenn, 183 F.3d 477, 479 (6th Cir. 1999); (Op. & Order, doc. 79, Dec. 11, 2015).

    The Court refunded Miles’s filing fee when it dismissed her claims. (Op. & Order at 8).

    Miles filed a notice of appeal and a motion to proceed IFP. (Docs. 81, 82). Miles provided a financial affidavit supporting her IFP motion. (Doc. 82).

    Case: 2:15-cv-01082-JLG-EPD Doc #: 86 Filed: 02/03/16 Page: 2 of 2 PAGEID #: 1117

    II. Discussion

    The Court will deny Miles’s motion to proceed IFP on appeal because the appeal is not taken in good faith.

    “An appeal may not be taken in forma pauperis if the trial court certifies in writing that it is not taken in good faith.” 28 U.S.C. § 1915(a)(3). “‘[G]ood faith’ in this context must be judged by an objective standard. We consider a defendant’s good faith in this type of case demonstrated when he seeks appellate review of any issue not frivolous.”

    Coppedge v. United States, 369 U.S. 438, 445 (1962).

    This Court already determined that Miles’s claims were frivolous and for the same reasons now finds that appellate review of these issues is also frivolous. (See Op. & Order, doc. 79). Therefore, the Court certifies that the appeal is not taken in good faith.

    III. Conclusion

    Since the appeal is not taken in good faith, the Court DENIES Miles’s Motion to Proceed IFP on Appeal. (Doc. 82). The clerk is directed to “notify the parties and the court of appeals” of the denial of the motion to proceed IFP on appeal. Fed. R. App. P. 24(a)(4).


    DATE: February 3, 2016

    s/ James L. Graham JAMES L. GRAHAM United States District Judge

  44. In fairness, every and all cases, to include mine, filed related to a factual, covert psycho-physical “government” covert torture and nonconsensual technology testing program, approved for military, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, have ALL been dismissed for nearly the exact same reason. This includes also cases filed by the experienced attorneys of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU.

    Many, high level agencies, and some would argue also Federal Courts, and judges, know what is happening today, but are also being silenced under National Security Orders. Add to this the fact that “The Program” has been cleverly, strategically, legalized for ongoing testing of psychological electronic advanced technology. This also is because of global use of highly advanced psychological electronic technology in full use today in ongoing war status. Key also is the capability to victimized victims, again, reported by growing numbers, from a distance deployed from state-of-the-art operations centers, nationwide, using electromagnetic, radio wave as extremely low frequencies. Because of this characteristic, it leaves victims with no recourse for relief, due to the difficulty of proving the truth and what is happening today and open to further covert victimization.

    What is the solution?


    Approximately 500,000 victims, and growing, must relentlessly continue exposing the truth at every turn and publicize as much information as possible for the general public. We must take the information to 20 to 30 million Americans who have not a clue of what is happening today in light of mainstream media being placed under media gag order.

    Knowledge is power – Awareness is Key – Truth the weapon!

    Know who the real enemy to the Constitution, Civil and Human Rights is. It certainly is not other victims of this horrific wrong and program!

  45. The fact of the matter of this tragedy is Myron May contacted several people on November 14, 2014 for the first time on Facebook. Prior to this no one had ever heard of Myron May before.

    The suicide letter was written on November 17, 2014, showing he must have lost hope, and premeditated the FSU tragedy November 20, 2016.

    Here is the televised news interview with me as I myself tried to make sense of what happened.–283839771.html

  46. Renee Pittman Mitchell you are a fuckin black bitch. Why are you still using Darlene Miles name so you can sell your poorly written garbage. You ain’t shit. Use your own fuckin name. See if anybody vonesvto your page then. I hope one day Darline slaps the a shit out of you. But now you are a bitchass coward. Leave her alone you ain’t one quarter the person she is. Post that.

  47. Well if you insist…

    I see Darlene R. Miles has a fan club of at least one. This is after the destruction of the FFCHS group by inner working and sabotage by a determined few.

    And, the fan in reality could be herself.

    This person appears to believe there is some sort of competition with me, in childish and immature games, of which no one ever informed me I am a player. My life is on the line, I have no time to play!




    Be woman enough to at least use your real name if you decide to create a post like this. Your simply using K. is factually a very good example of a coward.

    This post, daring me to post it, is just another example of the bitterness and viciousness, and in this case blame, failure and frustrations of a small group of narcissist within the targeted victim community who look to redirect their anger. This type of response is almost, 100%, typically motivated by Handlers of some of the weaker minded victims, under extreme duress, by those who sit in state-of-the art operation centers, nationwide, and effortlessly create conflict and chaos, manipulation and influence. This is as the lives of targeted victims are being shattered and destroyed and they watch it played out in real time by their very own satellite reality television production and it shown on their computer monitors. This is without even leaving the building and working in shifts around the clock. Of this you can depend.

    The fact is high level government agency psychological operations are the rule of the day.

    Modernized COINTELPRO Psy Ops and military combined targeting are factually after activist, whistleblowers, whom they cannot handle and who effectively are exposing this program within the public domain. They would prefer that the knowledge and in fighting continue as a distraction, and that information of these horrors remain only within the targeted community alone.

    This blog, about this incident, gets very little people clicking to read it from the public. And, my books have been around beginning in 2010. So you point is mute, literally. IF you know what I mean.

    Let me get this straight. A complete stranger, Darlene R. Miles, whom I had never heard of makes an outrageous, intentional reputation destroying comment, on the air about me, and I am not suppose to defend the vicious attack?

    She said that I had a book cover already made the day of the Myron May FSU shooting and death of Myron May which was devastating and horrifically untrue. I asked her to prove this allegations. I have yet to receive a response.

    When she does the blog comes down.

    Furthermore, as I stand and fight against powerful government agencies, rightfully, determined to destroy me, to the intelligent, cowardice obviously is the last thing I am. A blind man could see this truth.

    Lastly, I am sure this operation, monitoring and tracking me and everyone typically around the clock, and pulling ego driven targeted victim’s strings, in the relentless 24 hour a day, 7 days a week victimizations, would love to see two black women fighting it out in the streets while the culprit sits back laughing then both hauled off to jail. Controlling the minds of people of all races and nudging people into deviant behavior is really what this program is all about.

    For the record, again, I had books that continue to be helping people, I sincerely hope. The books were published before the Myron May tragedy. The covert agency take-down effort has also followed me since day one of publication and by using anyone they can. I am just a woman doing what I can to help, and more importantly, one who never crosses over into anyone’s lane to attack and destroy them.

    My books as garbage is a matter of opinion and obviously by someone with personal issues and who condones and supports typical street physical violence, and who foolishly can’t accept WHAT DARLENE R. MILES SAID WAS WRONG, or even then take any grievances before a judge, intelligently, and not the streets.

    Darlene R. Miles and I are not in the same circle. And if she by chance ends up in my environment, she was given the finances and given a one way ticket by her Handlers, in a beamed hypnotic state, easily influenced, on the hunt and in the search of someone to blame. 🙂

    My conclusion of your post… TOTALLY GHETTO!

  48. More from Darlene Miles, November 30, 2018

    As the author of this blog, I have tried to comment by response regarding Darlene R. Miles and my interactions, several times after receiving the email below on November 30, 2018. Each time, believe it or not, after I detail the likelihood of possible COINTELPRO manipulation and influence of her, by so-called Handlers, the comments have been deleted and have totally disappear. This proves something else is a play here. I had to back them up this time just in case deleted AGAIN.

    Regarding the most recent email received from Darlene R. Miles revealed below…

    Again, and again, I find it completely amazing that this woman is now crying fowl and looking for someone to blame after I rightfully responded to her malicious attempt to tear me down on the Karen TI’s Talkshoe podcast revealed in this original blog above leaving me no choice but to counter her remarks, and then try to find out who this woman is, having never heard of her before. The research was simple.

    In fact, her original remarks reek of possible COINTELPRO manipulation and influence by her Handler or possibly disinformation agents doing what they are hired and paid to do, discredit, slyly.

    She is now outrageously playing victim, still using fowl language to express herself, while attempting to portray herself as a victim saying that I am sabotaging her life. This is bizarre one would think she is out of touch with reality by her programmers. Again, and again, I rightfully responded to a stranger trying to destroy my credibility on a podcast interview.

    What is outrageous is that thousands targeted today, nationwide and globally, fully understand the sole purpose of this official GOVERNMENT high-tech targeting program is to silence, discredit, destroy employment and opportunities, and any ability to support yourself. This is done by extreme financial destruction and again, ultimately to see target’s homeless, or institutionalized in psych wards strategically. This is backed by labeling with the mental illness tag. However, one thing is certain, this program can also create insanity through loss and despair, and the target misdirecting the blame due to the 24/7 destruction operation around targets, and Directed Energy Weapon attacks combined with relentless, vicious covert harassment.

    If Darlene R. Miles is seeking employment from the government, as a so-called government contractor, the government COINTELPRO targeting program factually will call ahead to sabotage any employment opportunity by reporting the target is not what they are portraying themselves to be, a criminal. In reality, it is COINTELPRO operatives who are the ones factually doing the slander and this is a historic typical tactic.


    Many I have learned, due to huge egos, vanity, and conceit, misdirected anger, are easily manipulated and influenced because they think they are smarter than everyone else which this program uses. What these agents are good at is buttering the target up, then sabotaging their life, then through mind invasive technology, which they are trying to conceal, then influencing the target that it is the fault of another target they want silenced, or worse, whom they are also trying to destroy. Again, these are typical COINTELPRO historic tactics and the beamed influence is extremely intense and effortlessly effective, revealed by those who have snapped, were brainwashed, or sought to do what was asked of them hoping for their freedom from this monstrosity.

    My request is simple, and rightful, prove that I had a book cover ready regarding Asst. DA Myron May on the day he went Postal at Florida State University, or recant this malicious insult and vicious lie made through Karen TI or request she cut your insulting comments from the recording, because they are not true, or provide a short written statement of this horrific error. I simply cannot allow someone to attack me this way!

    If not, I will see her in court.

    Personally, I will take getting before a judge, any type, to reveal what is happening today by any means necessary in full understanding that this the last thing this hidden, illegal program wants. What they want is to use others as the puppet. And as she cries broke, perhaps COINTELPRO will finance her!

    This woman says she is being financially destroyed by me “damaging her career and destroying her life” and will also sue WordPress.

    One thing is certain, WordPress has the ability to 100% hired high-priced attorneys but probably won’t even waste time on this frivolous lawsuit. Darlene R. Miles needs to have the courage to admit she was wrong, go away and leave me people alone. She invited herself into my life after prompting by someone else it appears.

    Because of this ludicrous threat, I also must consider that Darlene R. Miles is not only being programmed and influenced to redirect anger of her failures to me, which would create the strategic objective of hideous maniacal behavior, or her stated wish that I would die, that if possible her email may be hacked. Anything is possible and time will tell.

    It is just absurd that she asks for something from the person she tried to slander, yet is still in this email playing the role that I am a fraud. This is quite twisted and makes absolutely no sense. My work is not geared for her approval in her delusions of grandeur, nor do I need her acceptance or confirmation.

    People all over the world know I am no fraud so this is yet another futile attempt, again, motivated by her handlers, and yet another hope of discrediting, books, blog, website, creative docudrama, and another maliciously subtle, motivated attack on a person doing everything possible to expose this program, save my life, and hope to save others joining many unified, positive people, that are far to busy fighting a good fight which pisses COINTELPRO off.

    As for my responding, again rightfully and her insinuation in the email, that I am destroying and endangering her life, she must be completely insane and unable to take responsibility for something she started overall. It is she who sought to destroy and endanger my life by speaking against someone she did not know, me, and probably thought would roll over due to her perception of herself, and would allow her malicious insult.

    I am one of the Straight Shooters in this program, who will tell it all and with nothing to hide. Take it or leave it.

    This is how I sleep at night when other’s go to great lengths pretending they are something they are not and do not project the full picture of both sides involved in the targeting or how it started. I have great respect for those who do!


    Darlene Miles
    Fri 11/30/2018, 4:58 PM
    To: Renee Pittman Mitchell Fraud; WordPress Abuse; Darlene
    November 30, 2018

    Here again is the email in question.

    WordPress and Renee Pitman Mitchell,

    This is my last notice prior to filing a lawsuit against you both.

    I have nothing to do with WordPress or Renee Pittman Mitchell sick Mind Control article. Take my dam name off your website.

    You are damaging my career and endangering my life.

    This is my last notice. Next will be a Federal lawsuit for slander and unauthorized use of my professional name as a government contractor, name as an author and loss of business.

    Final notice to you both.

    Darlene Miles

  49. Many have been following this exchange. Apparently, this program has this woman thinking, that, or pretending that, Ms. Pittman is the cause of her problems to obviously use her as a weapon in some way it seems against Ms. Pittman.

    I also can’t believe her unprofessionalism in her responses and foul language. And she attacks Ms. Pittman’s books as poorly written after he book barely sold anything. Mondar Publishing which she used to publish her book is actually bogus company she established deceptively.

    What I can’t understand is why Darlene can’t just admit she was wrong, or even better, prove her accusation or possibly even recant her statement that Ms. Pittman had a book cover ready for Assistant DA Myron May the day he died. That was wrong of her and you really can’t blame Ms. Pittman.

    In my opinion, she should look at those targeting her, in this program, and those at the helm of the advanced technology, targeting her for a special reason, and also the manipulation and influence that everyone knows is part of this program and destruction of lives by using people. This is reported by thousands who know by experience that one of the main objectives of this program is to destroy employment opportunities, friend and family relationships, and see all target’s destitute, or committed to psych wards, homeless and penniless.

    By the way I have read Renee Pittman’s books and they are not poorly written at all. And this is although written under extreme duress and repeated Directed Energy Weapon attacks what she accomplished is commendable. They helped me a lot.

    The link below shows that many already know who the real culprit is in this official program. It is not Ms. Pittman. Again, it seems like she is being programmed and jealous.

  50. Darlene Miles is a victim of this heinous targeting program too. We wish her well.

    Ms. Pittman is right for asking Darlene Miles to substantiate her allegations after it appears she tried to discredit her publicly.

    Let’s all hope that this secret government COINTELPRO targeting and silencing program, do not try to use Darlene Miles to silence Ms. Pittman as Darlene Miles searches for blame and not blame the agency seeking to use and destroy her as well.

    These corrupt agencies and this program for many years, I learned are good at using others to do their dirty work then saying the people used were mentally ill. And, the fact is, as shown in this very informational blog, the technology for subliminal influence and manipulation is patented, deceptive and brilliant to the point that the target thinks the idea or suggestion for destruction is their own.

    The personnel involved, using military technology and military personnel as well, don’t care about any of us as long as what is happening remains hidden and covered-up.

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