HISTORY CHANNEL “That’s Impossible – Mind Control?” – Open Literature Evidence Documents “IT IS 100% POSSIBLE!”


Research, TESTING, and development programs of mind invasive, psychophysical technology continue to flourish, targeting, men, women, and children, individuals, groups, communities, and large populations today…

Malinintent demonstration






NOTE: As of 9:30 p.m., March 26, 2015, this blog has been edited and proofread and is error-free. Any inserted errors, after the fact, are clearly the work of the operation center’s focused attempts to stop exposure and create a perception of illiteracy.  The software used for this is called CIPAV. It is downloaded and used on the computers of those placed on a “Watch List,” blacklisted,  activist, and whistleblower’s computers too.


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It’s not only digital criminals who like to secretly infect people’s computers with invasive malware. In fact, the FBI likes malware so much, it created its own special brand. We don’t know much about it, but now that the US Department of Justice is pushing for policy changes that’ll allow the FBI to install spyware on citizens’ computers even more easily, it’s time to take a closer look.

Malware is a broad term for malicious computer code like viruses and Trojan horses. It’s called spyware when it’s used to snoop on and track someone else’s digital behavior without their knowledge. Thieves like it because it’s an easy route to gain enough information on someone to leech off their bank accounts or steal their identity. The FBI likes it because it can help pinpoint people crouching behind their keyboards to commit crimes.

The FBI’s bespoke surveillance malware—called Computer and IP Address Verifier (CIPAV)—is designed to track criminal suspects by logging their IP address, MAC address, computer programs running, operating system details, browser details, and other identifying computer information.







Although mind reading is being portrayed today via the media as a new scientific development, with little detailed historical information, the fact is the capability dates back decades, and, to bring the technology to its current high state of perfection it took many non-consensual human guinea pigs as experiments over the years. One of the first official mind-reading devices was called the Brain Wave Monitors / Analyzers. This mind/thought deciphering software was first developed by Dr. Donald York and Dr. Thomas Jensen.

In 1994, the brain wave patterns of 40 subjects were officially correlated with both spoken words and silent thought. This was achieved by the two, one a neurophysiologist, Dr. Donald York, and the other a speech pathologist, Dr. Thomas Jensen from the University of Missouri. They clearly identified in 1994, 27 words, and syllables in specific brain wave patterns shown by EEG and then produced a computer program based on brainwaves which would eventually lead to a complete brain wave vocabulary.

Today, from state-of-the-art operation centers, using lasers, satellites, and high-powered computers, government agencies at the Federal, State, and local levels of law enforcement, uniformly, in combined military operations gained, years ago, the ability to decipher human thoughts and from a considerable distance (instantaneously) and the software also does mind reads in many languages with a today computer vocabulary of thousands of words and phrases today.

The Brainwave Monitor is described as a personal scanning and tracking system involving the monitoring of an individual’s electromagnetic frequency which is the nature of human biometric signatures, via remote means, aka Remote Neural Monitoring; by Satellite.  Biometric Surveillance refers to tracking human beings after downloading DNA, iris, gait, facial recognition, etc., into a mega computer system than using a bio-coded weapon system.  The results are fed to thought activated computers as lasers, with pinpoint accuracy, focus on brain activity around the target or target’s head.  As with many of the officially patented inventions, patented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, revealed at the bigbrotherwatchinus.com website (Mind Control Patent’s tab) many of the extremely low frequency, software, systems and devices in use, or Black Bag technology, they can also be used for the betterment of humanity.  In fact, the Brainwave Monitor/Scanner’s one use could be to communicate with stroke victims.

Synthetic Telepathy (Hearing Voices Effect beamed into a person’s head disguised as schizophrenia) could also be used to communicate with the deaf.  However, more often, these advancements are being used to viciously harass civilian targets, reported into the thousands, relentlessly and verbally; with their thoughts being referenced immediately by personnel sitting in advanced operation centers across the U.S., which by design and intent, sprang up immediately to establish the Police State and “War on Terror” after 9/11.  The War on Terror, also known as the Global War on Terrorism, refers to the international military campaign that started after September 11, 2001.



Without a doubt, I cannot reinforce enough that it took a lot of non-consensual human guinea pigs and destruction of lives, to bring all of the now highly advanced, and, again, officially patented radio frequency, electromagnetic, radio waves techno, and various forms of energy weapons to their current high state of perfection and research is ongoing.

The personnel in these centers, believe it or not, are paid to sit repeating back what you are thinking as a form of ongoing psychological harassment.  Because the brain has no firewall there is nothing you can do to stop the mind invasion by mind invasive technology.  They are calling the target vicious names combined with torture by energy weapons to include beaming death threats, then using radio frequency cloned fear in hopes of forcing the target to submit or conform to whatever they want.  And, these operations also have the capability to record a target’s thoughts for future use.  This is another effective mind control technique and method useful in convincing the target of something.  The technology is so advanced that it can actually mimic the target’s voice and on playback make suggestions, in the target’s head which materialize subliminally convincing the target that the thought is their authentic belief. Think of the implications of this capability in a God-forsaken, globally mobilized technological program today, with many layers and held under high-level secrecy orders.

Perhaps what is most dangerous of all is the capability to also use EEGs to clone the target’s emotions. This is a system where the target’s electromagnetic frequency is monitored remotely, and the EEG results are fed back to them (or others) in which the target’s emotional patterns; e.g. fear, anger, etc., have been copied and downloaded for this purpose.  In other words, super-computers clone your emotions when you are fearful, angry, depressed, etc., download the emotion via EEG brain waves into a computer system, keep it on file, then beam the feeling back to you to induce fear or panic at a specific time.  The cloning can then be used to manipulate, influence, and to control a target in some way through fear, for example, or to nudge the target into taking some type of action. The sole purpose of EEG cloning is to induce emotional and psychological responses in a target at an opportune time and for a specific reason.  For example, feedback of Delta waves may induce drowsiness after waking since these are familiar waves when in deep sleep.  If beamed back to the target, the target will become drowsy at any time of the day.  This is also true if the target is beamed, when awake, anger, rage, agitation, or a sense of urgency.  This could assist in technological nudging from these operations into a target committing a specific act, crime, etc.  EEG cloning is especially useful when combined with subliminal influencing via radio frequencies for example of mass shooters held also in a hypnotic trance. In fact, Delta Programming is used for Manchurian Candidate assassins.

One of the greatest assets of the mind control technological agenda, deployed from advanced military and law enforcement operations, and statewide counter-terrorism divisions, i.e., LAPD RACR satellite division, hand’s down are these two abilities. Just think about it, without this capability those working these intense technological psychological operations in legalized non-consensual human testing efforts, would be fruitless and ineffective if there is no access to the responses from the target enabling the operation to determine if what they are doing is working.

Remote Neural Monitoring, coined by one of the first individuals to bring a lawsuit related to “Remote Brain Targeting”, John Akwei, is a form of functional neuroimaging that extracts EEG data from the human brain at a distance with no contacts or electrodes required. It is further claimed that this method has the capability to decode this data and to extract subvocalizations, which includes also visual and auditory data. In effect, it allows access to a person’s thoughts without their knowledge or permission and can see images the targets have in their mind. It has been alleged that various organizations have been using Remote Neural Monitoring everyone in the United States and other citizens for surveillance, technology testing, and harassment purposes for decades through a well-orchestrated cover-up designed to keep this reality hidden and conveniently results in complete discrediting and labeling of those who catch on heinously as mentally ill which also destroy lives and livelihood.

The Department of Veterans Affairs, which incidentally, has historically documented, the success of the “Frey Effect” named after Alan Frey, officially, as a method connected to the microwave hearing voices effect.  This was after a demonstration in 1975 by  Dr. Justesen, a VA Neuroscientist, and documenting the technology’s success in the “American Psychologist” magazine that same year.  Yet if veterans report that they are experiencing this technological effect at the VA telling staff, you could be first heavily medicated after being committed to the psych ward.

The fact is, the VA has an ongoing history in human guinea pig testing with a specific focus on Behavior Modification for mind control for the Department of Defense.   In my case, my encounter with the VA, over 10 years ago, has evolved in directed energy weapon attacks around the clock, as attempts to keep me silent about what is happening today, in what today is a new paradigm which combined military and law enforcement legally testing of what the government calls Black Bag technology and these efforts an intentional unifying of many agencies after we were convinced for the War on Terror. However, the techno has been turned against U.S. citizens, for many reasons, whistleblowers, and activists, etc., and thousands of targeted individuals given no recourse due to disbelief that something so very evil is really happening today.

In fact, upon waking, the operation center immediately focused the beam on my heart muscle, for a good 3 minutes this morning.  This was yet another clear message for me, technologically, to keep quiet or else and I am noticing the length of time for this specific focus on my heart continues to increase through sporadic, slow, intense cooking, deceptively from this operation on this vital organ in the human body.  They must realize that my heart is where my courage comes from.

The fact is if death occurs, it will be undetectable through a technological heart attack or stroke when in reality it was manipulated by energy weapon attacks from this operation of which the average man or woman believes does not exist and have been effectively kept in the dark about technological realities.

Today, a Disabled Veteran’s organization reports that not only are patients used as human guinea pigs at the VA, but it is not unheard of to even use hospital staff, doctors, etc., who can also be manipulated from a distance, and used as shown in the link below.  Had I not seen this with my very own eyes, I would not believe that testing has reached this level of manipulation and influence on anyone at a personal level.  Today, no one is exempt and many who know what is happening live in fear, do what they are told, or, are subliminally suggested to do so, or know that their lives could be destroyed in the blink of an eye, if they do not, believe it or not.  This program originates at the highest levels of government connecting global idealism.



Telling is the intentional, legalization of technology, usage for biometric targeting specifically for military and law enforcement agencies, as shown in the link below in the “Exception Clause” of U.S. Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a.

This Code approved biological testing legally for these two agencies, for riot and crowd control purposes, however, today has evolved into a testing program, of unmonitored personnel nationwide, on steroids from literally hundreds of operation centers using technology straight out of science fiction, however, science nonfiction!



Subvocal thought deciphering is the epitome of mind control today used in combination with Synthetic Telepathy, also known as, Artificial Telepathy, and the DOD’s Voice of God “Hearing Voices” effect.  It is funny how it is proven as real, documented as very effective, patented, yet that millions believe this technology does not exist, however, and more importantly, no one believes it is being used rampantly and blatantly, for such great evil in these testing efforts.  The verbal harassment in reality beamed is not some phantom inside the target’s head, as the controlled media reports, and governments want to be publicized, but that of other human beings, operation center personnel, working in shifts around the clock, in these positions until retirement and targeting the same individuals up till their death bed unless the target goes postal or commits suicide.  They are hired for these positions, and are testing various methods for mass population control, are well paid, and earn their living this way.  They could care less about anyone as long as it puts food on their tables.  And, similar to Nazi Germany tactics, which also encompass community organized stalking efforts, directed at the target, they will surely say, we are “Just Following Orders” under the guidance of official approval.



We must understand how powerful sub vocal thought mind reading can be in the hands of those targeting others and using individuals as human guinea pigs.  If a person begins to believe that a passing thought, which typically, if not motivated further by others from a distance, it would be just that, a passing thought. However, when operation center personnel read subvocal thoughts, they essentially amplify something that the person thinking the thought had no intention of acting on or materializing. For example, a person may think, subvocally, “I am so angry I could strangle him or her” with no intention of actually doing this. Using the software, today called Malintent or Hewlett Packard’s PreCrime system, the thought is magnified as a possibility which can lead to targeting and becoming essentially a test subject, and being picked and prodded.  Sadly, those sitting in these positions are not highly educated but believe themselves highly intelligent because of the technology when in reality, the technology is brilliant and anyone could do what they are doing.  You could sit little Billy in front of the computer system and say, “Billy, push this button and say you’re dead” and little Billy’s voice would loom in the target’s head.  They are street cops and individuals who joined the military, in some cases, right out of High School who then become the “Thought Police” and are greatly empowered, ego-driven, to control and destroy and take a life if ordered.

NOTE:  I noticed inserted typographical errors in the paragraph above upon review which is logical based on what is written and constant tampering by subtle insertions by this operation around me…

You must ask, again, why is it that many people know that the hearing voices effect is technologically capable, and in widespread use today, with the exception of the general public who do not have a clue?  Why?  It is because great effort and powerful intent continue to be made by government officials and government agencies, military and law enforcement, to keep it well hidden.  What if the public begins to believe that mass murders, or mothers who murder their children, as a sacrifice, who report hearing voices before the heinous crime are actually being used in ruthless, horrific technology testing programs and have been for decades after Nazi scientist, who committed unspeakable atrocities in concentration camps, were brought to the United States during Operation Paperclip, to continue mass population control studies?

The link below explains how sub vocal thought and Synthetic / Artificial Telepathy function together revealing a technological reality that works hand-in-hand together.





The cover-up of this technology and its evil uses and intentions continues as the public is steered away from the truth for obvious reasons.  This is after the public has been cleverly media programmed that many are instead suffering from what is a term documented to have been coined, by individuals initiating mind control testing decades ago and as a brilliant deception to cover up testing of also drugs, and to non-consensually continuing the global ideation for complete and total control of individuals, groups, small, and large populations.

This technology is no joke!

Nobody wants to accept the reality that today we live in a climate where human lives just do not matter at a higher echelon. This is as we watch, right before our very eyes, ongoing wars destroying lives along with continued manipulation of this factual reality as honorable, through effective human brainwashing through several mediums.  We also live a reality also of which we have been intentionally desensitized to death and murder by one of the greatest tools, the television in every household, which continues to be a highly effective and powerful form of mind control in and of itself.

The CBS mind-reading episode below touches on the mind-reading capability below as much as the media is allowed under National Secrecy and gag orders produced in 2009.  As usual, the impression is intentionally given that mind reading is a new phenomenon.

We must also understand that there is a method to the madness of the psychopaths today advancing their global agenda today trickling down to pathetic puppets in these operations.  The very fact that they are willing to kill says it all.  It uses to be considered immoral, and an act of powerful evil and a sin to take life.

The very fact that the “Total Information Awareness Program” of 2003 existed reveals an objective for mass population control.  As I have stated in a previous blog the “Total Information Awareness Program” objective, which was was quite successful, by the way, ensuring that…





Below is the factual Malintent software today being used which deciphers thought via EEG brainwaves as shown in the image and employee demo to what appears to be likely government officials.  Understand that this technology was approved legally, as stated above, for Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, naturally the military, originating there, in today’s combined efforts in the War on Terror for the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and Department of Justice in what has OFFICIALLY evolved the “Militarized Police State!”










Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM




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