HOW I Became a Target…



After active duty, working for two, Two Star Generals, a Three Star and a Four Star General, I exited the military and went, immediately, that same day, into the exact same position for the DOD as a US Army civilian in Seoul Korea, then to Germany and then Fort Carson, Colorado totally 16 years of government service.

As a Stenographer, working at the executive level, I had earned my promotion to Sergeant and was one month shy of having my Sergeant striped pinned on in March of 1985. I passed the Military Board and testing to make Sergeant in December of 1984. After passing there is a 90 day waiting period. While in the military I earned an Army Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medals, and Expert Badge for the M-16.



Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 7.06.25 PM

While working for the Department of the Army / DOD, and VA, from that point on, and for near 16 years, I earned five Exceptional Performance Awards, a Special Act/Service Award, and two On-the-Spot Cash Awards for exceptional job performance.

Amazingly the operation around me is now effectively convincing people I am some type of deadbeat, a prostitute, and child abuser, maliciously, to strategically get people to sign up to stalk and also discredit me combined with a fully mobilized malicious effort with has evolved 24/7 designed in a program to torture anyone into submission.

It becomes horrendously wrong when law enforcement, Federal, state (Sheriff) now working under one umbrella in the “Militarized Police State” using highly advance covert weapon systems that have become judge, jury, and executioner.  It is horrifically wrong when any human being is denied the ability to address any allegations against them which were once upon a time was a moral entitlement guaranteed by the Constitution, Civil and basic Human Rights.  Today many are placed into a human experimentation program using patented mind-control technology.   Those at the helm, through subliminal influence, manipulation, and beamed weapon assaults then try to create the goal they seek, IF THEY CAN!  

Frankly, the only thing I needed from the VA when I went there in 2002 was emotional support, to get grounded, and hope to heal during a very difficult time in my life when I had briefly lost my way although I had had emotional unaddressed issues after leaving the military ultimately gradually leading to total dysfunction.  This decision would turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

Most civilian hospitals typically want the bill paid, however, the DOD hospital has a totally different agenda. I appeared to be and apparently many others on the US Vet facility of which Linda Miles was a staff member, more valuable as a human test subject during a time when I was severely and critically depressed.




Without the negative interference, 100%, that originated by my going there, it is more than likely, after healing and proper emotional and therapy, around good and positive people, I would have landed on my feet.   Clear symptoms of PTSD was recognized by staff members and not myself, and denied by me, not wanting to accept it, believing my reactions were normal and they were not.

Yet, I instead became a human guinea pig, with many targeted on the facility since arrival which originated in my being placed into this program today, and the subsequently after intense, life-saving research, the realization of likely being in it for decades, which is a monstrous reality, so heinous, most cannot believe this type of evil exists.

Oh… But it does!

Those at the top of this massive mind-control technology and Big Pharma drug testing program, for decades, have been, as stated, testing both legal and illegal drugs and more on individuals, groups, communities, and large populations know this is the truth. But the low life working these programs are not privy to this truth who instead chose “Covert Technological Murder – Pain Ray Beam.”

Today, an entire operation has evolved around me to covertly deteriorate my health and silence me by official criminals, who some would argue, are borderline sociopaths and psychopaths in efforts across the nations which in my case escalated when I had the courage to stand, tell my story, point the finger, and rightfully fight for my God-given life of which clean-shaven, suited, and official uniform, ego-driven morons find offensive.

The lowest of the low are hired to work these specific types of jobs who are so power-hungry that they begin calling evil good.  To them, hiding and using covert psychophysical torture to create the reality they seek is highly prestigious and thrilling.

It is cosigned by corrupt legalization, although still intentionally well hidden for obvious reason thus the intense take-down effort that has evolved around many reporting the harsher truths today of high-level corruption. And so sick are some, not all, that they, in a herd mentality, bouncing sickness off each other, actually enjoy the psychopathic power of legally hiding and torturing victims within an inch of life. This is while they watch certain victims reporting identical experiences across the USA slowly perish, or nudged to snap, and with some placed into covert slow kill operations, who decide to commit suicide.

YOUTUBE VIDEO EXCERPT “Mind Control – America’s Secret War




Human guinea pigs





Deceived Prologue Cover



Let’s start with an alcoholic, vindictive,

policeman ex-husband…  

Years later, even today, his involvement is

still painful reality of emotional vengeance

reported to me by my children, no longer involved with him…


His involvement is revealed in Book II, “You Are Not My Big Brother…”

However, after years of researching this horrifically wrong program, denying even basic Human Rights, much less Constitutional and Civil, revealed in my book series, without a doubt, it became clear that many targeted today, have in fact been in this program possibly for years.   The revelation that a massive nonconsensual ongoing human experimentation program, focused on individuals, men, women and children, groups,  COMMUNITIES, and large population guided under subtle high-tech manipulation and influence within military operations for hopeful destruction and sabotage and to prevent success.

The prison system today is full of victims who have not a clue to the mastery of this highly advanced technological hidden evil, and patented mind invasive technologies and a Nazi styled hope that specific communities will remain dysfunctional and not survive.

The documented fact is, Los Angeles, California was running major programs beginning in the 60s and nationwide focused on individuals, groups, communities, and large populations, and black communities became a haven for nonconsensual human experimentation to include numerous poor communities, of all races, reduced to human guinea pigs by scientific human monsters.

For specific details on how I became a victim of this monstrous covert psycho-physical program, after going to a VA, facility, as a homeless female vet, seeking absolutely nothing except a hope to get a grip on my life, after divorce, and in an extreme emotional crisis, see  Book II, “You Are Not My Big Brother” which details how and why, and what I was told is the VA’s Operation Final Payment initiative which the VA has repeatedly denied any involvement.  Again, add a mentally disturbed, alcoholic policeman ex-husband a now retired to the catalyst, vindictively, after my wanting out of the destructive marriage of nearly 15 years, of which he still blames me today for destroying 20 years later, and you have a recipe human experimentation targeting and the constant search for human guinea pigs.  I later learned that LAPD also targeted a young woman to use as a patsy and that she and her family had likely been targeted, manipulated and influence in the ongoing human experimentation program across Los Angeles County with bizarre outrageous accusations and a person I had not seen in 15 years.

One of the top reasons for placement into “The Program” are accusations of a “horrible crime” of which the target has gotten away with which is also used to discredit and destroy his or her reputation.  However, reasons vary to include silencing anyone “knowing too much,” Human Rights Advocates, activists, whistleblowers, and protesters.

“The Program” is well hidden because it is a torturous, barbaric, inhumane targeting through covert “Electronic Assaults,” with overt Organized Community Stalking and testing various official mind invasive patents.




The other person was the “Women’s Advanced Program” female veteran liaison officer, who after arriving at the US Vets facility in Long Beach, California was instrumental in mandatory classes for female vets suffering from PTSD.

Note that I, nor many of the homeless women there, had ever lived on Skid Row as Linda, the liaison officer depicts herself, nor had an intense history of extreme drug abuse.  I was married to a cop for near 15 years, for Christ’s Sake.  The women on the facility all believed we were in a good, safe place for recovery, from total emotional dysfunction with trusted staff focused only on our good, and sincere.

Now in desperation to silence me, and likely other female veteran’s victimized subsequently, this woman apparently has no recollection of her role in trying to help homeless female veterans, under LAPD pressure to lie determined to silence and avoid disgrace, nor of her role of establishing the “Renew Program” and mandatory classes, for Military Sexual Trauma.

The question is, is she now targeted by the high-level takedown effort, who are not above using mind invasive technology on anyone to control their thoughts and actions. This program, I must admit is brilliant, by the subtle nudging of using one person against another and it masterfully accomplished by not leaving the state-of-the-art operation center building and before a supercomputer.  The Total Information Awareness Program allows effortless biometric targeting which includes a DNA bio-coded beamed weapon psychophysical torture system able to locate any person, whether targeted or not, any place on the face of the earth.  Below is how “The Program” evolved.


Total “Terrorism” Information Awareness (TIA)

With mind invasive technology used today by federal agents and also state and local police departments such as the LAPD, anything is possible when they want to keep what they are really doing with psychological electronic technology hidden for good reason.  For the unaware, the technology can be used by beamed influence to create the object through high-tech influence.  It is when the technology fails on specific targets that things get ugly.

Truthfully, many who understand the structure of this hidden, mind invasive, technological subliminal, manipulation influence effort, and covert beamed patented torture subjugation, now in the hands of official, unscrupulous men, know that everything thousands across the USA are reporting is not only possible but factual.

In awareness of how this highly advanced, patented, mind invasive technological program works by technological influence, and full use today, you wonder just how many are being groomed as puppets for specific objectives a high-tech capability?  

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.44.46 AM

Using this patent, people can be influenced while asleep then triggered when awake, after subliminal influence pushes them to act out the suggestion, through manipulative jolts to the nervous system after the fact.


Sadly, federal investigations, now in a mobilized effort, who have run out of options as I and many expose this hideous effort, who in reality want to remain out of the spotlight,  and who are manning this technological psychological electronic program nationwide, knowing I will tell the truth, after failure, are determined to silence whistleblowers by any means necessary and using ANYONE they can.  And yes, this technology can create not only patsies but also people brainwashed into the needs of these operations who will do the dirt for them by patented subliminal influence.  A person can be influenced by this global system in any state or country.







“One thing was absolutely clear while I sat talking with the Special Agent, in the OIG, detailing my experiences, and this hopeful book is that if he could have escorted me directly over to Building 500, the large hospital on the facility and personally had me committed at that very moment he would have undoubtedly done so and brazenly hinted at doing just that. It was not until I heard a faint voice, a man’s voice, which he heard also, emanate from the ceiling just over our heads say “This girl is no joke” did his playful, arrogant, sarcastic, demeanor quickly change and his expression immediately became serious as if looking at me with new eyes. I was not a threat or danger to myself or others and nothing I said was threatening, however, when I left the factually they did try to contact VA hospital personnel attempting to have me picked up from the shelter on the facility.  The only threat I became was by exposing the technological effort destroying lives and they are trying to silence me.”

NOTE: Facility was changed to factually in the above book excerpt. This was due to repeated monitoring while I wrote this book through relentless computer hacking.


“I believed the Veterans Administration Special Agent when I received a call from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in 2008 from the West Los Angeles campus saying that the Office of the Inspector General unequivocally was not involved in any investigation surrounding me nor to the best of her knowledge, the female special agent explained, were any other agency.

Especially regarding another agency, this was not true at all. Later in 2011, I called to the OIG headquarters in Washington, D.C. I would be told again it was not the VA but this time factually told likely another agency. The fact is that everything around me indicated that some agency was factually involved 100 percent.”

This book actually had more reviews and was published in 2012. Several have been deleted recently. I believe that certain targets are being inspired to delete their reviews. You don’t give a good review for a book then years later decide you don’t like the book typically.  Why?  This book details who and why which lends credibility in and of itself by confirming that this program is not run by aliens or demons but official human monsters in flesh and blood.


Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 12.24.23 PM






I stand eager for any official to come into the open, with an ongoing hope to bring my situation before the justice system and have tried and failed three times, a fool for an attorney because even attorneys trying to help can and will be destroyed (See Book V in my book series).   I also hope that when and if THEY decide THEY have CREATED a case, from the Black Bag of tricks, that they bring the two hip joints, resulting in two surgeries, slow-cooked away over the nearing 15 years of being a covert victim of this monstrous program.  










Today, victims, targeted for every reason under the Sun, again, are being denied Constitutional, Civil or even basic Human Rights much less moral Due Process.  These things should be not only a God-given right but also a Human Right which men of honor will agree.  

Instead, people are placed into this targeting program of nonconsensual, ongoing human experimentation as the technology in research, TESTING, and development program continues to advance.  Again, psych wards and the prison system are full of innocent victims who have actually been victims of ongoing non-consensual advanced technology testing, set-up, marginalized as nothing for Frankenscientist on the record, as MK ULTRA, etc., escalated officially during the Cold War then sending in their corrupt enforcers, who are the military and police force.  In the hope to give them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they do not understand decades of human experimentation, however, when they begin to torture and covertly kill with these weapon systems and devices, they reveal themselves as official criminals.

What has evolved is a high-level human experimentation program, decades perfecting,  unleashed after 9/11 legally on the public using officially patented mind invasive technology with victims targeting in secret operations around the globe.  The testing is specifically designed for psychological manipulation, and covert influence, and typically brainwashing towards the hopeful results these military/police “Militarized Police State” operation’s seeks and demand victory over others at all cost.  Again, these two specific groups, operating at all levels of police, Federal, state, local, military and military technology,  are the only groups authorized for nonconsensual testing today.  

As stated, the program is using patented, mind invasive technology in targeting operations, ruthlessly, and some of the technology is patented dating back to 1962 with years of unofficial testing before.  It is patented to beamed subliminal influence, nervous system manipulation, extreme verbal harassment, while backed 24/7 by intense, coercive, extreme, microwave and ultrasound Directed Energy Weapon attacks, capable of slowly deteriorating health, and ongoing threats in the background of a victim’s phone or inside the victim’s home using the Hypersonic Sound Devices as an example by drones.  Many are unable to cope with the relentless attacks after watching the surreal destruction of their lives, losing everything, family, etc., and homeless and as stated suicide becomes a way out, a goal of the targeting operation.

As I stated, I personally have tried three times for official judicial intervention, submitting documents to Federal Court, however, due to the tactics used in what are essentially hopeful brainwashing/mind control operations, manipulation of anyone, and 24/7 tracking and monitoring, every step the victim makes is known in advance and sabotaged.  The last thing these operation’s want is the revelation of the technologies heinous uses and many have learned as well, with many, many filings, apparently the truth before any Court.

Sadly, the burden of proof is on victims who are up against, powerful agencies, originating “The Program” and Electromagnetic technology, hired ruthless operators, to include paroled criminals, and it difficult to prove due to the characteristic of technology created using the Electromagnetic Spectrum that is unseen or detectable to the human eye but the deterioration results are very real.  As a result of this difficulty to prove invisible attacks, by highly effective, again, patented technology, “The Program” has evolved as a heinous secret program in secret operations, that instead is covertly, destroying and shattering human lives, used as guinea pigs to include, destruction of employment, hopeful employment due to 24/7 monitoring, businesses, and careers.

I and many others, Human Rights Advocates, whistleblowers, and awakened human lab rats, are standing, rightfully, determined that the use of this technology must be revealed.  This makes us a focus by blacklisting, or even labeled as a “Domestic Terrorist.”   The growing truth and exposure efforts is a heartfelt hope to save our lives from this hidden evil and that of others again, with many unaware.  This is why exposure is crucial

Knowledge is power, awareness is key and TRUTH a powerful weapon!

Truth is the only weapon needed in exposing these heinous, covert activities, founded on specific tactics, for example, defined in the declassified document revealing focused testing below and confirming decades of set-ups by subliminal manipulation and influence of the human mind and body.  

The goal, is and has always been social and mass population.












America’s Long History of Human Experimentation

Prior examples include:

— In 1931, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads infected human subjects with cancer cells under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations; Rhoads later conducted radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients;

— In 1932, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study began on 200 black men; they’re weren’t told of their illness, were denied treatment, and were used as human guinea pigs to follow their disease symptoms and progression; they all subsequently died;

— in 1940, 400 Chicago prisoners were infected with malaria to study the effects of new and experimental drugs;

— from 1942 – 1945, the US Navy used human subjects (locked in chambers) to test gas masks and clothing;

— since the 1940s, human radiation experiments were conducted to test its effects and determine how much can kill; unwitting subjects were used in prisons, hospitals, orphanages, and mental institutions, including men, women, children, and the unborn of all races, mostly people from lower socio-economic brackets; in addition, more than 200,000 US soldiers were exposed to above-ground nuclear tests; many later became ill and died;

— in 1945, the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) implemented “Program F,” the most exhaustive American study of fluoride’s health effects – a key component in atomic bomb production and one of the most toxic chemicals known; it causes marked adverse central nervous system effects; in the interest of national security, the information was suppressed;

in 1945, VA hospital patients became guinea pigs for medical experiments;

— in 1947, the AEC’s Colonel EE Kirkpatrick issued secret document #07075001, stating that the agency will begin administering intravenous doses of radioactive substances to human subjects;

— in 1949, the US Army released biological agents in US cities to study the effects of a real germ warfare attack; tests continued secretly through at least the 1960s in San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, Panama City and Key West, FL, Minnesota, other midwest locations, along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and elsewhere;

— in 1950, the Defense Department (DOD) began open-air testing of nuclear weapons in desert areas, then monitored downwind residents for medical problems and mortality rates;

— in 1951, African-Americans were exposed to potentially fatal stimulants as part of a race-specific fungal weapons test in Virginia;

— in 1953, DOD released zinc cadmium sulfide gas over Winnipeg, Canada, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, the Monocacy River Valley, MD, and Leesburg, VA – to determine how efficiently chemical agents can be dispersed;

— in 1953, joint Army-Navy-CIA experiments were conducted in New York and San Francisco, exposing tens of thousands of people to the airborne agents Serratia marcescens and Bacillus glogigii;

— in 1955, the CIA released bacteria from the Army’s Tampa, FL biological warfare arsenal to test its ability to infect human populations;

— in 1956, the US military released mosquitoes infected with Yellow Fever over Savannah, GA, and Avon Park, FL to test the health effects on humans;

— in 1965, Homesburg State Prison, Philadelphia prisoners were subjected to dioxin, the highly toxic Agent Orange agent, to study their carcinogenic effects;

— in 1966, the New York subway system was used for a germ warfare experiment;

— in 1969, an apparent nerve agent killed thousands of sheep in Utah;

— in 1970, the Military Review reported that “ethnic weapons” development was intensified to be able to target specific ethnic groups thought susceptible to genetic differences and DNA variations;

— in 1976, Americans were warned about an earlier Swine Flu scare, urging everyone to be vaccinated; millions complied, many of whom were harmed; 500 Guillan-Barre Syndrome (GBS – the deadly nerve disorder) resulted; people died from respiratory failure after severe paralysis, and experts said the vaccine increased the GBS risk level eight-fold;

— in 1985 and 1986, open-air biological agents testing was done in populated areas;

— in 1990, over 1,500 six-month-old Los Angeles black and Hispanic babies were given an experimental measles vaccine, never informing parents of the potential harm

— in 1990 and 1991 before deploying to the Persian Gulf, all US troops were inoculated with experimental anthrax and botulinum toxoid vaccines, even though concerns were raised about their adverse long-term effects; over 12,000 died and over 30% became ill from non-combat-related factors in what subsequently was called Gulf War Syndrome, the result of exposure to a variety of toxins;

— in 1994, Senator Jay Rockefeller issued a report revealing that for the past 50 or more years, DOD used hundreds of thousands of US military personnel, exposing them to dangerous substances experimentally; materials included mustard and nerve gas, ionizing radiation, psycho=chemicals, hallucinogens, and other drugs;

— in 1995, Dr. Garth Nicolson discovered that toxic agents used during the Gulf War were pre-tested on the Texas Department of Corrections prisoners;

— in 1996, DOD admitted that Gulf War troops were exposed to chemical agents; and

— in 2009, experimental vaccines were again used to inoculate people globally in response to another hyped Swine Flu scare; scattered reports of illnesses and deaths followed.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.55.04 PM


After DECADES of ongoing human experimentation a highly perfected mass, social, and global population high-tech, psychophysical control program has been UNLEASHED under the guise of a bogus investigation who cannot come into the open without risking what is really going on, technology, patents, etc., continue many, many methods of entrapment, set-ups, to malicious discrediting.
With 9/11 as the springboard, advanced technology is now infused operations, counter-terrorism division, operating at the Federal, state and local levels of law enforcement, from high-tech operation centers in joint and unified efforts using military technology and military personnel. 


Statue of Liberty












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