The FBI’s Joint High Tech Reign of Terror & A Targeted Individual’s Depiction of Typical, Personal, Horrendous Victimization

“The very absence of the freedom to criticize against your own or any other government is all the more a reason to loudly shout-out for democracy!  If that is wrong, Drew boldly went on, then I would rather be wrong than to be numbered among the majority of the so-called righteous people whose only mandate seems to be controlling people.

If a government is against its people expressing themselves, then that government is obviously hiding something criminal from its people and the world, and it is therefore afraid of being exposed and losing whatever power it has.”  Excerpt Andrew James Pritchard, “Circle In the Sand”


Excerpted from Max H. Williams’ blog

(Published by Rudy Andria on June 13th, 2011 with permission of the author)

Author’s Note

The world is learning that in the last half of the twentieth century, scientists developed a device/method that allowed them to locate, focus on, and lock onto a person’s brain by remote to manipulate that person’s thoughts and thus his actions. Mind control assaults now loom as one of the main challenges to human rights in the 21st century. The targeted person often never discovers that he has become a mind control victim, and he ends up hurting others, taking his own life, or simply becoming another “Alzheimer” statistic. This paper discusses some of the elements of what I call electronic stalking and mind control (ESMC). I am one of the targeted individuals (TIs) of those activities.

Organized stalking on the ground often accompanies the remote-operated electronic and mind control harassment. The on-ground stalking entails a variety of criminal acts committed on the victim, including monitoring his location on foot and in a vehicle, covertly entering his domicile, tampering with his food, introducing gases and odors into his dwelling, harassing him in his workplace, vandalizing his vehicle and other property, and strangers making rude signals and engaging in rude behavior with him wherever he goes.

However, victims of organized stalking are not always victims of electronic and mind control effects. Likewise, targets of remote-operated electronic stalking and mind control are not always physically stalked. This paper deals mainly with electronic and mind control activities.

In The Silent Massacre, I discuss my particular case, inform readers of what I know for certain about the ESMC, and speculate about other facets of it. Targeted individuals will readily identify with what I talk about in this paper. They understand the veracity of my descriptions of the effects of electronic and mind control attacks, which to others read like science fiction. This paper is written principally for those victims. However, readers who are not TIs but who are intellectually curious about electronic and mind control assault will learn much about the sick attack on hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of targets, that also indirectly affects everybody in those targets’ lives.

The human resources and the enormous cost required to carry out electronic stalking and mind control, re-enforced in many cases by organized stalking, almost certainly limit its use to governments. Only governments can mobilize the enormous outlay of funds and successfully camouflage the use of those funds. Only governments have the sophisticated, highly-classified equipment and computers required for electronic abuse and mind control. Only governments can train in secrecy the cadre of handlers who administer the electronic assault and mind control activities, using deception and psychology. The intelligence community in the United States operates with an almost limitless secret budget without Congressional oversight.

Having stated that, I recognize that the secret device(s) and method(s), after decades of usage, may have been purloined by those involved and passed on to other entities. It is also possible that other scientists discovered the device(s) and method(s) either collaterally or later independently. Effort from many sources went into the development of electronic stalking and mind control. With so many pure and applied scientists, social scientists, CIA/military propagandists, intelligence agents, high-ranking government officials, and medical personnel involved in the development, the secret could have been stolen and used for many originally-unintended purposes.

Nevertheless, no non-government entity could carry out electronic stalking without government knowledge of it. U.S. Government intelligence and military units continually scan the airwaves for suspicious radio frequencies. Thus, even mega-corporations, businesses, and other groups would not be able to carry out electronic assault and mind control in secrecy unless they did so under cover of the government and with government protection. Several countries, including the United States of America, have experimented with directed energy weaponry (DEW) and mind control for many years. Once-secret documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act prove that the CIA and other elements of the intelligence community have electronically targeted American citizens without their knowledge and consent for almost three-quarters of a century.

Fortunately for TIs, the internet brings together targeted individuals of electronic torture and mind control from all conceivable backgrounds. Race and ethnicity, color, gender, religion, politics, philosophical views, and all other human characteristics and thought become insignificant as targets unite to do battle with their unseen enemies. The internet provides a link among the many targets of electronic stalking and mind control. Working together, we shall eventually identify the devices and methods used in the remote torture, learn the identity of the perpetrators, and bring the cowardly perpetrators to justice.

The perpetrators also recognize the value of the Internet; consequently, they fill the internet with a massive amount of misinformation on electronic stalking and mind control activities and work relentlessly toward curtailing targets’ use of the internet. The government’s supercomputer system, called Echelon, sweeps the internet and monitors our phone calls, looking for any signs of unrest against the status quo in the name of “War on Terrorism.”

In the following chapters, I often use several terms concerning the ESMC. I shall define briefly three of those terms. Many targets use the term “perpetrator,” or perp, in a generic sense to refer to all of the persons involved in electronic stalking and mind control. I prefer to differentiate between the perps and the other assailants.

Powerbrokers or perpetrators (perps) refers to the group that sponsors the ESMC. That group probably represents one or more of the following:

(1) national law enforcement and intelligence agencies or a coalition of those entities, which operate under the executive branch of the U. S. Government;

(2) a Radical Right or other so-called civic organization or PAC powerful enough to command the support and protection of the executive branches of all levels of government; or

(3) a foreign power, working with the knowledge and acquiescence of the U. S. Government or a group in the U.S. that works for that foreign government.

Handlers work for the powerbrokers in actually employing the still-secret device(s) to carry out the torture and mind control on targets by remote.

Accomplices support the handlers by engaging in on-site organized stalking, spreading rumors, and interfering with the targets’ communications and their daily lives.

The handlers and their accomplices seek to neutralize TIs in any possible way. Interfering with the targets’ ability to communicate aids the handlers in neutralizing the targets. My handlers, who have had access to my computer for years, tried their best to prevent my writing this paper. They especially interfered with the sections dealing with the perpetrators and the psychiatrists by continually deleting my text, keeping me from saving the text to the computer, causing countless other mechanical problems, and distracting me with their voice-to-skull telepathy (more about that later).  But they failed to silence me. Their downfall will come from public awareness. I shall do my part to educate the public.

The Discovery

All targets of electronic stalking and mind control can remember when they first realized that they had been targeted. Although it is now obvious that I had been targeted since at least the mid-1970s and very probably even from the early 1960s, I did not discover it until December 2005, when my assailants, or handlers, started bombarding me with electrical-like jolts, strong vibrations, and other physical torture. The first electronic vibrations struck me with such force that I could hardly stand on my feet. Only a few days later, I began hearing voices from unseen speakers. Only I could hear those voices.

I gradually learned that the physical electronic effects, although annoying and often painful, were simply used to “soften” or “sensitize” or “pre-condition” me for the real objective – mind control. I later learned that victims are normally targeted for years before they finally realize it. Some targets suffer physical attacks for long periods and visit doctors frequently without realizing that their symptoms are not natural consequences. Other targets die, sometimes probably from the consequences of their torture, without ever having discovered that they were targeted.

Four days after the electronic attack, the handlers began “talking” to me subliminally through my brain. I later discovered that TIs call that communication voice-to-skull or V2K. It is also sometimes called “synthetic telepathy, microwave hearing,” or “subliminal communication.” Of course, by design, only the victim can hear the talking. At the time that the ESMC hurled me into reality, I was sixty-eight years old and in exceptional physical and mental health. I knew full well that I was not delusional.

The voices first occurred as I drove in Texas near the Mexican border. The vehicle radio was not on. At first, the voices sounded like they came from the door panel on the driver’s side. I thought that someone for some reason had perhaps planted a bug in the door. I later learned that targets can be located using their cell phones. However, at that time, I did not use a cell phone. When I reached Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I sought out a private detective who did a bug sweep on my vehicle without finding anything. At that time, the voices that seemed to come from the vehicle were very weak and scarcely “audible.”

Shortly after visiting the private detective, I figured out that the voices were not coming from the vehicle but from my own body. Having had much dental work performed overseas, I suspected that a bug might be hidden in a tooth. A few days later, I went to a dentist and requested that he take full x-rays of my teeth and mouth. He saw nothing unusual in the x-rays. I did not either at the time, as I was looking for a clearly visible, well-defined object; however, later, in May of 2009, I found those same x-rays and looked at them very closely. In the roof of my mouth were two tiny specks of what looked to be the same metallic substance used for fillings. In my gums was a very slender, light-colored, cylindrical-shaped sliver of some object. Those objects are still unidentified, as I can get no doctor’s order to examine more closely those specks.

The first few months of electronic and mind control attacks threw me into a state of confusion. I was completely disoriented, as I could not understand what was happening. I later discovered that all targets go through that stage of initial bewilderment without having anywhere to turn for help.

As a historian and former government employee, I understand the value of documentation. Thus, on the very day that the electronic effects first pounded me, I started recording a detailed journal in which I recount my experiences and my thoughts concerning them. I later realized that my handlers could utilize my journal as a written record of the effects of their torture, could adjust their effects on my mind and body accordingly, and could circulate a written copy of my journal among themselves. Despite that, I felt that it was more important to keep a record of those occurrences than to attempt to shield myself by not keeping it. The journal today comprises nine volumes and well over a thousand pages of single spaced typescript.

I do not yet know how the perpetrators of the electronic and mind control assault “hooked” my brain by remote; however, I suspect that I was implanted with a microchip or several microchips over the years. I have had many inoculations, much dental work, and several minor medical procedures performed in various locations. Locating the microchips is a major problem, for they can be inserted in any part of the body, either only slightly below the surface of the skin or very deep into the muscle tissue. I have determined that there are probably nineteen or twenty locations on and in my body where microchips could have been implanted.

Not being able to pin down the location makes finding the devices much more difficult. In addition, if doctors know that a victim wants an x-ray, CT Scan, or MRI to look for a microchip, they will not write orders for those searches. In fact, they will ordinarily advise the authorities of your purpose in wanting those pictures, in effect suggesting that you are paranoid schizophrenic.

As the reader will later see, whatever method was used to “hook” my brain had been employed in my case perhaps by the early- or mid-1970s and no later than the mid-1980s. More recently, I have recalled conditions and events that indicate that I could have been targeted even in the early 1960s. If the latter date proves correct, it would probably implicate the military doctors and other military medical personnel who gave me shots and inoculations when I served in the Active Army Reserves in 1961. I used to wonder how our U.S. rescue forces were able to locate lost servicemen who had become separated from their units during a battle. The capability of locating those disoriented troops suggests that all servicemen are routinely micro chipped upon entry.

Theories of Methods Used in ESMC 

We know that electronic and mind control assault operates by remote, but we know little about its delivery system. The delivery has to be either satellite-driven, land-based, or a combination of the two. The debate about which one it is goes on. Likewise, there is still some question about whether the delivery system requires a device implanted in the human body or can be delivered without that implanted device.

“Remote” means that some object is used to make contact with the human body over a distance through the air. Whatever is beamed into the body does not waft aimlessly through space but follows a line of trajectory or a frequency. Anything that makes a sound or a movement creates a frequency. There are thousands, probably millions, of frequencies. Almost anything today can be controlled by remote using particular radio frequencies.

Today remote-controlled objects are also used in guiding satellites and unmanned space ships, sending and operating military spy drones, changing TV functions, opening garage doors, turning on light switches, and working almost any other motorized or electrical object. It would be difficult today for an American to live without remote devices.

Electromagnetism may play a role in the targeting. A field of electromagnetism seems to envelop the target’s surroundings. In my case, it appears to cover my house and the pastures and fields immediately around it, as whenever I am outside, the handlers’ voices, or V2K, come through stronger and clearer. Once again, we do not know whether that electromagnetic field is projected by satellite, from a land site, or from a hidden device in or near the victim’s house. Notwithstanding, what if there were some type device that could make contact with that electromagnetic field that surrounds the target and then operates within that field to attack us along our particular brain frequencies? If that were true, the distance would be no object and a person could be pinpointed among several nearby people for electronic assault.

Satellites now possess amazing capabilities, all performed by remote, and they may very well be utilized in electronic assaults and mind control. In a 2003 article called Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance, John Fleming wrote about the use of satellites in ESMC assault. Discussing the realities of satellite-driven ESMC, Fleming said: “The victim’s movements will be known, his conversations heard, his thoughts picked clean, and his whole life subjected to bogus moralizing, should his tormentor diabolically use the information gained. A sadist could harass his target with sound bites, or audio messages, directly broadcast into his room; with physical assault with a laser; with subliminal audio messages that disturb his sleep or manipulate persons around him into saying something that emotionally distresses him . . . .”

The satellite-guided GPS almost certainly figures somehow in the electronic assault and mind control activities. Programs such as Google Earth can locate and zoom in on houses and other objects on maps. That a victim can be targeted regardless of his location and movement argues that a satellite is very likely involved. For a satellite to be able to follow and pinpoint the target wherever he goes, however, probably requires an object, a substance, or a special condition in the target’s body or, as suggested above, a device that can operate within and upon the electromagnetic field around the target. The voices that many targets hear may be piggybacked over the GPS into that electromagnetic field. Targets know that the intelligence community and other agencies possess through-the-wall surveillance capability.

If satellites are used, distance is no object. Our torture could be carried out from other countries just as easily as from the United States. China, India, Israel, Russia, and other countries possess that capability. Consider the use of drones in warfare. Today (November 2009), the United States often sends drones, or unidentified aerial vehicles (UAVs), to strike targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Forward observers identify the target, get permission to call in, and then communicate with the drone operators. Those drones are guided by computer software by remote from facilities in the United States, notably Fort Meade, Maryland, from thousands of miles away through the GPS with pinpoint precision.

The use of satellites, however, does not prove that the attacks come from a great distance. Satellites can also be used along with the GPS from nearby. Handlers who live near targets can utilize satellites and the satellite-driven GPS, using the same devices and methods, just as easily as handlers who operate thousands of miles away. Information concerning weaponry capable of being used by satellite for physical and neurological torture is purposely vague about distances. Eventually, we shall know from what range our handlers operate. It will probably vary from case to case. Many targets believe that our electronic harassment comes from U. S. Government facilities near Fairbanks, Alaska called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or simply HAARP.

This paper does not explore in depth the methods used to zero in on a person body and mind by remote. There are many schools of thought on that subject. Here are some of them.

One theory believes that one’s voice can be recorded, transferred to a computer, and the computer then used to locate the particular voice and lock onto that voice’s brain. Experiments show that that can indeed be done. Voices give off distinct vibrations that are as peculiar to a person as his fingerprints and DNA. One day when the handlers were vibrating me mercilessly, I tensed my throat, and the vibrations stopped.

That caused me to remember an incident that occurred when I served in Africa in the 1980s. One day while working in my office, the secretary of the embassy political section, the office that serves as a front for our CIA agents, called me to ask some question that anyone could have answered. I hardly knew the caller; thus, I instantly realized that the real purpose of her call was to record my voice…






Note that the author of the above link is in fact an ex-FBI agent, now also Targeted.



There is nothing honorable about the covert high-tech murder from highly advanced operation center’s today.  If I were not experiencing it personally, I would not believe such covert evil exists and was quietly legalized and is even documented as being a historical fact.

The fact is, as many know, I am not alone in enduring this horrific monstrous wrong.  I continue to post my experiences, after the realization that the only thing that seems to slow the effort around me is ongoing exposure of these high-tech operations who have banked on the belief that people will not believe numerous and growing numbers of targeted individuals.  This is unbelievable with many saying the same thing and documenting near identical experiences in “The Program.” Recognition of what many are reporting as being factual is the last thing these efforts want and, frankly, the reason you will see my post what they are doing to me, or around me.   My doing this may be the only reason I am actually still alive.

This program is successful because of lack of awareness, knowledge of electromagnetic capabilities, the strategic discrediting of thousands of victims, and high-level government agencies, and connections, such as the Association of Psychiatry, being used to report targets instead as having mass delusions, strategically. There is an ongoing and very effect agenda in place to create disbelief through twisted media promotions, gag order silencing, as well as to ensure that even patented technology and abstracts, firmly documenting the capabilities of psycho-physical technology portrayed as unbelievable, nonexistent or not in use in the covert global agenda.  I have also found that the level of such evil at work today is difficult for many to digest.

History proves otherwise related to government’s mass control goals and objectives, and many are awakening to a covert high-tech invasion reality targeting not only individuals but groups and large populations, of such great propensity, that many are beginning to ask:

“Is the US DOD and DOJ Secretly Permitting Military and Law Enforcement Assaults on US Citizens?”

Let me answer this question, based on personal experience and numerous accounts of untold numbers of victims, the answer is a resounding **YES!**

Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons?

By strategically combining specific laws, such as the PATRIOT Act, National Security Letters, EO 12333, DOD Regulation 5240.1.R and specifically the “Exception Clause” of US Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a, authorizing riot/crowd control biological weapon testing for military and law enforcement personnel, nonconsensually on anyone, a high tech covert, land, sea and space-based weapon system, and portable patented devices of a Goliath program has been unleashed and today is contributing to covert horror and terror so massive making US citizen’s targets on America soil with none existent enforcement of Constitutional, Civil or Human Rights.


“The Program” is materializing as being so ruthless, and inhumane, and manned by desensitized human beings, sitting at the helm of this, decades long in perfecting, psychophysical weapon system, that they seem to relish in the capability of the strategic focus of a powerful life destroying ability.  For example, the nerves in my legs are targeted, or the beam is focused on creating a bulging a disk to ensure extremely painful synthetic sciatica which at times literally brings me to my knees at with intense pain.  Many who refuse to be silenced have made the hit list of these operations.  Other mornings, characteristic of covert technological capabilities, I wake with obviously low-frequency cooking of my eyes, waking with fluid draining from both eyes as my vision is now blurred and being slowly diminished by what I recognized, is intentional, unified DOD / DOJ cruelty, and the enforcer’s pumped up false patriotism, false doctrine, and of whom are likely programmed so intensely, under the guise of for the greater good, and who historically, history reveals will kill and murder at the drop of a dime in the illusion.

If even a small portion of FBI quotes on corruption is true as shown in the link below, to include a historic, Freemason, Illuminati connection, then murdering me, a nobody, preferably outside of the pubic’s eye, and the hope to do so covertly, is not outrageous.  The fact is I am not some high-level target, however, today with numerous targeting methods, and satellites orbiting Earth, there is a concerted high technology effort now made available, in unified targeting efforts, and use of the technology is nearly cost-free to Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies from operation centers, for these specific types of targeting, and using military personnel and military technology turned on US citizens as dissidents in well over 100 operation center’s nationwide:


FBI involvement continues to be played out around me specifically in a connected effort.

Recently I asked a person whom I met at the gym, and who later became my workout buddy, after seeing FBI agents in my new neighborhood over a year ago, and going into three houses on my block as well, and who periodically follow me around town as an act of intimidation, had she been contacted by the FBI just to see what her response would be and out of curiosity.  I reasoned that from my experiences, and in these targeting efforts, the first thing that happens is that anyone around the target is contacted, indoctrinated for assisting in bringing the target down due to personal contact.

In her case, I knew that one of her three daughters had, had some legal issues in the past, however, had since straightened her life out and was now progressing.  Actually, I was surprised after my probing when she told me that an FBI agent called her phone about a month ago and that he intentionally asked to speak with her daughter. This later revealed itself as a strategic ploy to set the stage for fear of a mother for her child and during the conversation, without a doubt, use a mother’s love the always protection mode for her daughter.  The problem is if it came down to me or her child, I would not stand a chance.  What concerned me was during our conversations she repeatedly told me that God told her to do this or that.  When I told her that could mean that she and her family are targeted, she was adamant that it was God speaking to her.  Her telling me that her husband was visited by his ex-business partner who recently died seal it for me.  I recognized, that as I felt all along, that likely the family was targeted and instead of a ghost beamed into her husband’s business a hologram.  Personally, I liked them both, however, I just could not run the risk of God telling her to do or say something to destroy me,  which would be 100% motivated by this effort around me, and zeroing in on anyone I am in contact with, hoping to use them while sitting comfortably at a workstation and never leaving the building.

I recognized, that as I felt all along, that likely the family was targeted and instead of a ghost beamed into her husband’s business a hologram.  Personally, I liked them both, however, I just could not run the risk of God telling her to do or say something to destroy me,  which would be 100% motivated by this effort around me, and zeroing in on anyone I am in contact with, hoping to use them while sitting comfortably at a workstation and never leaving the building.

The likely implication by the FBI agent was that if my gym buddy helped them with the intense effort to silence me, there would be no legal trouble for her daughter although there were no actual legal issues surrounding her daughter and the insinuation of trouble related to her likely groundless.

This is a well-known tactic and one that is being used to recruit individuals, with many incentives, to include, paying bills, vacations, cars, believe it or not, as well as through covert blackmail into playing a role for the FBI, and helping in the ongoing targeting efforts for many.  In fact, I did not see the real neighbor next door to where I lived until I was preparing to move, and she returned home.  While being introduced at the post boxes one day, she inadvertently told me she had been on a lengthy vacation of 7 months and visiting family.

Mind Control

If I have to say who would be at the top of the list, hand’s down and continues to be revealed as 100% involvement, and in most cases, the spearheading agency invested in torturing and murdering me,  evidence would point to FBI involvement.  One of these men has been following me around for quite some time, and twice he has made his presence known, along with three younger men he is supervising or training.

If this operation cannot come into the open, and the Psy-Op mind control effort, using highly advanced electromagnetic, extremely low-frequency manipulation, and influencing, essentially covert brainwashing frequencies, and these joint targeting efforts are unsuccessful at technologically convincing the target of wrongdoing and fail, I and many others have been reporting that it 100% can and will get covertly ugly, and deadly, especially if you become a threat through credible exposure.

These efforts then become “Covert Technological Murder: Big Brother Approved!

The key to corruption and bogus official / unofficial efforts is revealed in the truth that they appear willing to kill or leave the target maimed, and will do so without blinking an eye, then move on to the next victim.

As I have stated, I asked Myron May, “The Targeting of Myron May: Florida State University Gunman” before the FSU tragedy, who was targeting him, he said they were black men.

In the Psy-Op games of these high-tech efforts, the fact is, and as shown in the official patent below, specifically related to the Neurophone capability, the Neurophone is said to be responsible for the satellite beamed “Hearing Voices” effect aka being used for bogus schizophrenia labeling.

The Neurophone was developed by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in 1958, at the age of 14.  It was confiscated by the government for 10 years and returned to him in 1968 for patenting.

US Patent # 3,393,279. July 16th, 1968

US Patent # 3,647,970. March 7th, 1972


It’s a device that converts sound to electrical impulses. In its original form electrodes were placed on the skin but with defense department developments, the signals can be delivered via satellite. They then travel the nervous system directly to the brain (bypassing normal hearing mechanisms). Dr. Flanagan’s “3D holographic sound system” can place sounds in any location as perceived by the targeted/tortured listener.

This allows for a variety of deceptions for gullible victims.

Today, unified efforts of many agencies, Federal, State and local, use satellites and ground – based equipment to deliver verbal threats, relentless harassment, deafening noise harassment and propaganda.  The includes anything from TV’s/radio’s appearing to operate when switched off through to what the DOD actually calls the “Voices from God” and bogus encounters with “telepathic” aliens are all cons jobs using neurophone technologies.  The effort is to torment, deceive and (most importantly) discredit targets.  A major asset is the fact that the system can mimic anyone’s voice as well as automatic computer translations into any language.  This is handy when other languages are spoken around a target, or the target speaks another language.

The fact is, it was an FBI field agent who took the over an hour and a half drive to my residence to be a part of and leads the team of three, who came to my door.  This was the day after the tragedy.  As I have documented previously, the trio included the US Postal Inspector and a local Sheriff whom I had met before and was actually glad she was there.  This was apparently to ensure, I later realized, that they got their hand’s on the certified mailing, mailed to me by Myron May personally, among other nine recipients, and that I did not open the certified mail package.   I was told by the Postal Inspector it had been left on my doorstep and of which they brought in with them when I answered the door.

As noted in the Myron May story, the FBI agent there that morning also made obvious and great effort to intimidate me, inside my home, while the question and answer session was going on led by the US Postal Inspector.  He did this by placing himself behind me and out of my view. In hindsight, it appears his hope that I would be more concerned, and agitated, or paranoid about what he was possibly doing behind my back.  I ignored him.  As the effort prepared to leave, the look of confusion on his face, after the hour-long interview, revealed his egotistical disappointment and under the circumstances, I willingly gave the mailed package freely and bid the trio farewell as I have reported before.  However, later, I would ultimately publish May’s story after locating an email he had sent me and publish the information as quickly as I could knowing of the effort to insure all packages were confiscated nationwide, as well as  24 hours a day, 7 days a week surveillance of me without a doubt.

Download a **FREE EBOOK** version to your computer, smartphone, or tablet of “The Targeting of Myron May…”

So what is the FBI really up to today?  Historically as shown in the video below, the agenda of the FBI’S COINTELPRO is well known, documented and clear and has not changed much historically.



Mind Control in 60s


There is a slight difference today no longer hidden from the public and with the emergence and naming of counter-terrorism divisions.  FBI high-tech efforts, across the country today are spearheaded from these locations which are revealed below, by example, as the Joint Resource Intelligence Center located in Norwalk, California.  This location is one of much nationwide, along with similar operations at the state, military, and local level connection.  And, little known or publicized is the use and advancement of technology which is being revealed as social and mass population control technology, now working hand-in-hand with efforts typical of the FBI’s typical historic goals.  Some would argue to stop the truth being told by the 99% versus the puppet master the 1%.



JRIC Operator 2

High tech harassment, aka “Synthetic Telepathy” DOD “Voice of God”, mind reading for fine tuning covert harassment specific to a target, denigration, threats, dream manipulation, subliminal influence, coercive physical torture today is a reality for agencies operating miles away, or as close as portable devices beamed from neighboring locations, of those involved in mobilized stalking efforts.  This is while overseen in from satellite real-time centers for situational awareness.  

How could anyone, specifically a target get away with a mass shooting under these circumstances, and global surveillance many are asking?

Space Surveillance Network





The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) clearly connects the dots with other state and local law enforcement agencies across the USA and examples as similar unified nationwide efforts.  This is also how state and local. i.e., LAPD / LA CLEAR and their torture chamber, “War Room” (psycho-physical technology room) are connected and involved who switch off around me.  What most don’t realize is that we are not dealing with a program specific only to the USA, but one that is emerging as a determined agenda and global effort, and a purposeful global connection.  Military personnel has also been seen coming from specific houses around me as well.  In this respect, with so many players, these efforts lead clearly back to specifically DOD / DOJ in unified efforts and a legalized technology testing program.  Allegations by anyone can get anyone, placed into this program to test this technology in the ever present search for, and use of human guinea pigs vitally needed.  In fact, as was revealed during the Jesse Ventura, Brain Invader, Episode, December 2012, now elderly Harlan Girard, a longtime activist, and whistleblower, is still targeted, 30 years later, resulting from a negative comment he made about George Bush senior unleashing the Goon Squad testing program on him now elderly.

TV Substantiation of Mind Control & the Direct Energy Weapon Torture Program by TruTV Episode, with Jesse Venture, entitled “BRAIN INVADERS”


MILITARY CHIPPING SOLDIERS (NOTE:  Law enforcement heavily recruits soldiers from bases)




What is it going to take to convince US citizens of a heinous reality today that is science NONFICTION?  This is as many victims continue to come forth and detailed their personal stories who are obviously highly credible “Targeted Individuals.”

What will it take to convince US citizens, and the world, of a global program so heinous, ruthless, and immoral, and of which is based on a solid foundation and unified cover-up efforts, decades in the making as standard procedure, and what millions are actually reporting, globally, as actually having a standard operating procedure with varying levels of targeting determined by how much a target needs to be silenced or has become a threat to rock the status quo, and efforts to reveal a monstrosity in the form of technological and psychological operations many years in the making?


As shown in the link below, “rape” is a typical code word in these efforts reported by a complete stranger to me, and stated as happening to others.  The men in this effort continually attempt to use this to frighten me.

As shown in the lengthy list in the link, admittedly, bizarre gang / organized stalking tactics, what many are reporting, depending, again, on the level of their targeting, as a soft or hard target, or based on the necessity of how much these efforts need to silenced the target which was evolved blacklisted US citizens deemed a threat as “Domestic Terrorist” for speaking up against these wrongs.  Many are enduring outrageous targeting, that in some cases, are so deeply rooted in extreme psychological operation tactics and games that even reporting the truth and what those working these program are actually doing, which they perceived as fun and games, is horrific and again difficult to believe.

The below excerpts stand’s out for many,  revealing a systematic Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and high a higher level unification of governments.  As I mentioned previously for example:

Use of “catch phrases” – multiple random stalkers repeating the same phrase to target. “Haven’t we met before?”, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”. Repeated innuendo about suicide, death, unemployment, homelessness, mental illness, rape.

Lastly, the link reveals the horrific truth related to Organized Gang Stalking / Electronic Harassment which I felt is well said.  In spite of this, those sitting at the helm of this weapons system as puppets, and whose minds appear to have been completely taken over, desensitized, or even likely even programmed as minions themselves, and so intensely that they cannot see how wrong this program truly is amazing to me.  When has covert torture, and high tech “slow kill” murder, fun and games or moral and humane?

NOT a joke, amusing, funny, a game, or impressive. If you are knowingly involved or complicit with OGS/EH  in any way, shape, or form, you are in fact involved in a conspiracy to murder. It is sadistic abuse and for someone to be knowingly involved and think they are innocent just because “all I did was ____” is overwhelming ignorance and denial. If you are not willing to walk up to a targeted individual in broad daylight and stab them, then you have no business participating in their psychological torture either. You don’t stab someone “just a little bit”, there is NOTHING innocent about it. It is indeed VIOLENT and ALL participants have blood on their hands. The above tactics are done repeatedly, deliberately, and with the intent to cause fear/harm.


What is “Gang Stalking?”










Gunderson on Gang Stalking – Quoted From Gunderson (Retired FBI agent)

Ted L. Gunderson is not your average targeted individual. He has a storied career of almost three decades as an FBI Chief behind him and also has been involved in media covered cases involving government corruption as a private investigator. His professional opinion on gang stalking (a personal struggle for him after speaking publicly about FBI corruption three decades ago) is posted below:

In this sworn affidavit, Gunderson lays out the anatomy of a government catastrophe. This is the origins of American totalitarianism.  Basically, the DOD is using the FBI and CIA as errand boys for a military-led goon squad with a trillion dollar budget (about half of it classified).  All of the actors are funding gang stalking through black-ops. In other words, the government is running rackets on a big level from narcotics and prostitution to human trafficking. His findings of thousands of American victims of government gang stalking are backed by information from active and former members of the Intelligence agencies, criminals informants at all levels in ongoing syndicate crime, and countless victim testimonies…

The Army Reserve, who are the 250,000 plus citizen reservists? Most are firefighters, cops and other civil servants have been converted into the goon squad boys involved in gang stalking. The military has set up shop throughout civilian society and has hand picked the leaders of the American version of the Red Guard. This feeds into the military-industrial complex in a big way.  According to Dr. John Hall, most of the gangstalking vehicles in the San Antonio, TX area have plates leading back to defense contractors.  We are talking about Boeing Company with its Narus systems that are a domestic version of Echelon used by FBI, NSA, and DARPA. These systems can monitor and data-mine tens of millions of calls instantly, making privacy a quaint idea.

We have embarked on the era of gang stalking also known as organized stalking government conspiracy, high crimes, and cover-ups in America. Is anybody from the Patriot movement listening? I hope so!

Official confirms what thousands of victims have long known: an evil U.S. shadow government is conducting a covert, taxpayer-funded genocidal purge of American society — while Congress and an apparently entrained Obama administration sleep…

Stand up

Or, in my case, even if having to crawl from covert intense Directed Energy Weapon assaults to my legs, beamed both inside and outside my residence, and relentless covert harassment and terrorism, from two to three unified state-of-the-art operation center personnel, legally testing this technology, and unrestrained, immorally, and malicious unjust conduct. This is happening by those we are programmed to respect who have been in reality, for decades, actually serving the higher global interest of greed and corruption of a small few pulling the strings, and dedicated to enforcing their ideations instead of “We the People!

QUESTION:  Why hide from man what God can see?

And… “Don’t expect me to cower, be silent, or fearful, as this unified effort ultimately continues to slowly destroy my health and body, in what appears to be a hope to covertly ice me and hope that the blame can be placed strategically elsewhere or some other cause!!!







  1. Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism and human experimentation of Brazil

    My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life means to break free of this harassment. Criminals step into the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People. Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,

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