Mind Control and The Early Targeting of Children & How Family Targeting is Brilliantly Orchestrated for Discrediting Whistleblowers















One of the first book covers for the book “The Body Electric” by Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden, below, revealed research into Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) with Hyperactivity using frequency brainwave manipulation.  It stands to reason, logically, that if children are being manipulated also by brainwaves tampering into ADD, these human experimentation programs would report that research also included creating Attention Deficit Disorder.

Note the back cover of this famous book cover below the statement on frequency manipulations of brainwave patterns.   It reveals that Attention Deficit Disorder can be cured with frequency manipulation.

Body Electric



Again, the elementary school suggesting Ritalin for my oldest daughter, and my telling them that was not going to happen.  I lived with her daily and knew she was normal, above average creatively while the other two excelled academically.  She later turned out to be gifted in her chosen creative field of writing and music.




Dr. Leon Eisenberg, the ‘father’ of ADHD, said just before
his death that ADHD ‘is a prime example of a fictitious disease.’


On the original book cover for this book’s back matter, first published in 1985, the author’s document how “Brain Entrainment” can create and it documented cure many things including Attention Deficit Disorder. It stands to reason, that specific disorders created by manipulation of the body electric can also be created. This scientific information would never be published for obvious reasons. The fact is, whether fact or fiction, again, reportedly, the individual who coined the term Attention Deficit Disorder, Leon Eisenberg, on his death bed revealed ADD as a fictious.





No one is exempt from mass human experimentation for social and population control. In fact historic studies reveal the most effective programming often began in childhood resulting in a mass controlled and programmed adult society!  Believe it or not!

As shown above, the back matter of this book originally went into detail about how brainwave manipulation can be used for mind control and impact various medical and psych issues including hypnosis. I searched for the original back cover which I found many years ago and it is MIA. It was replaced with the back matter shown in the image below when mass experimentation began. 

Why? Believe it or not, this change was likely due to mass human experimentation of men, women and children.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 9.27.09 PM




Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 3.06.30 AM






Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 11.36.05 AM


Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 6.49.11 PM


Children as young as four years old, were not exempt from the Human Monsters spearheading this massive secret nonconsensual human experimentation program yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

For many years, I have known that I have been targeted in this program.  As a child, while being monitored, sexually stimulated, after testing gifted at age 7, over the years, there have been so many surreal experiences of which I knew something was at play but I did know, how what or why.  Everyone, no matter what race has been used for scientific military mind control experimentation for DECADES, however, with African Americans, a mere 12% of the population, it has been an intense effort, and I believe the African American community has suffered greatly by not only intentional drug infiltration but also has been hit the hardest by negative subliminal influence resulting in mass incarcerations the new “Jim Crow.” The key of mind control is for the target, individuals, groups, communities, or large population to sabotage themselves, and this a documented modus operandi of those at the helm of mind invasive subliminal influencing technology that portray human beings as nonhumans.



Specifically the goal was and is today, is to ensure continued oppression and lack of progress by a Nazi originated behavioral modification program with people marginalized as little more than human lab rats.  And as shown below, this type of focus for African Americans dates back before official MKULTA experiments and even farther back than the 50s.  Obviously, the ruthless, inhumane perception of what many classify as nonhuman humans, which applies to the hideous enforcers and involved in this program and malicious treatment of African Americans continues in one way or another to this day.


Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 3.31.48 PM


Excerpted from: “Psychiatric Oppression of African Americans,” Citizens Commission on Human Rights (an organ of the Church of Scientology), http://www.cchr.org/ racism/pooaa1.htm, accessed May 25, 2004.  (Note:  Remove space from URL.)

See also: “Black Hearts in White Coats,” Freedom Magazine, Church of Scientology, http://www.freedommag.org/ english/vol36i1/page11b.htm, accessed June 8, 2004.  (Note:  Remove space from URL.)

Tulane fully embraced the work of Heath and in 1985 awarded him an honorary Doctor of Science degree and created an endowed chair in his honor.  In 2004, the occupant of the Robert G. Heath Chair of Psychiatry/Neurology was Dr. Daniel K. Winstead.  Tulane further extended its tribute to Heath by establishing the Heath Endowed Lectureship in Psychiatry and Neurology in 1993.  Heath died September 21, 1999, in St. Petersburg, Florida, at 84. In 2018, an objection was finally voiced against Tulane’s continuing tribute to Heath and his legacy. For further information about Heath’s mind control experiments at Tulane, see Valerie Wolf’s 1995 interview and the additional links there.


Tulane Medicine, Winter, 1999, p. 29.

See also: “Dr. Robert G. Heath, Researcher, Educator,” The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, September 23, 1999, p. B-4 (Obituary).


One of the two major goals of this program overall is to discredit targets and another major focus is to destroy all family relationships thereby isolating the target from loved ones and any type of support group or support system by the subliminal influence of those close to the target.  Once discredited, using family members to confirm the mental illness tag, the logic of human experimentation is that the target is subdued and is less likely to be believed when seeking help to include legal.  And, it is then open season for continued inhumane ongoing testing of mind invasive technology on them and then also their families.  I must also state that destroying African American families, with the family structure the source of growth and development and more important unity has been a strategic tactic focused on Black people since slavery.  This was accomplished by after a child was born it was taken from its mother’s arms and sold to the highest bidder.

Twice one of my daughters was used to have me committed to a psych ward after she herself was set up strategically for failed, hopeful human trafficking to blackmail her.  I was told that the official deviants after seeing how attractive she is, then in her mid-20s, the black men involved in the “Remote Neural Monitoring” program as puppets, part of the Los Angeles Police Department’s “Secret Police” unit attempted to set her up to also use and abuse her sexually.  Typically this is a major strategy for blackmail and subjugation police use to use someone.  The target, after set-up is then threatened with jail if they do not comply.  When they first started targeting her for the set-up, she lived in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles not far from LAPD Headquarters underground satellite/drone operation.  She reported first she would hear those at the helm of the beamed communication system calling her name as if coming out of thin air.  Shortly after, while showering and dressing and undressing she could hear lewd comments originating from the ceiling down.  At one time, she because so frightened that she ran from her apartment to an older woman’s apartment who also lived in the building telling her what was happening.  Of course, the woman thought she was losing her mind as many do who do not understan the capability of beamed systems and devices operated from a distance.






I am grateful, I was able to put a stop to the hopeful sexual abuse of her quickly after a friend, a highly credible source, a social worker with a Master’s Degree alerted me to what the LAPD trash perverts blacks whose role is solely to target the black community were trying while under the watchful eye of their Handlers, the FBI.  This is happening to women of every race.  I can also, which I document in my book series, look back with the clarity of many questionable incidents which now appears to be the result of negative subliminal influence of her which continues to this day.  If a family is bitter, angry, fearing failure in their lives and career choices, they become pliable to ongoing manipulation and influence, technologically and effortlessly.  Many targeted realize something else is afoot when thoughts materialized that are totally against their normal beliefs and typically related to things you would never even consider which are prompting you.  However, it was not until recently that I realized the depth this program is willing to go, to use family and the hideous brilliance of subliminal mind-control technology programming.

For the record, trust and believe that the relentless effort around me wants me silenced, logically, and apparently by any means necessary.  Since beginning this blog in 2014, and my website in 2010, I have reached well over a million people on a global scale exposing this program.  The result is the hideous human monsters, within the official military unified, law enforcement operation unleashed Post 9/11 are testing patented mind invasive technologies on the public, where no one is exempt, confirmed by untold numbers to people nationwide and globally of which exposure threatens in more ways than one.  The result is a COINTELPRO typical modus operandi with specifically focused efforts of desecration of not only the character of many whistleblowers but also doing so, using psychotronic weapons on any and everyone in a so-called “Top Secret” program hidden under the guise of National Security Orders due to the patented psychophysical technologies being used and this happening for DECADES!  I thank God I know what is happening and the truth instead stops the levels this program reaches using the uninformed.  Knowledge and awareness is the key.


For the record, my oldest daughter put into the program, has never been abused, randomly spanked yes, but not abused as she exaggerates and was being programmed to believe.  If this was true, trust that I would never publish this here.  Nor did I push my ex-policeman down the stairs during an argument right before I filed for divorce in the mid 90s.  This was the set-up after he moved out then moved back in deciding he had the power through his job to get me out of the house and keep both the children and the house.  He went to work baiting me that night while he laid in our bed upstairs in a full cast and using crutches calling me malicious names after using my oldest daughter as a spy.  He had been questioning her, before coming home from his mother if any man had called the house.  The answer was yes and she told him yes.  With his cheating on me before, I knew at that point the marriage was over. Yes, while out socializing with friends, I had given someone my phone number to someone who called once.   After learning of this, now vindictively angry and after he first begged me to take him back, it worked.  The plan he and his mother hatched was set into motion and successful.  

This program may have possibly had a hand in his psychological destruction as I think back today. Part of the psychological operation combined with beamed influence is focused on playing back past regrets over and over in the human experimentee mind.  To this day, now 40 years later, he is stuck in an anachronism, still regretting a mistake made in college and the emotion abnormally deep, regret repeated over and over to this day which resulted in bitterness, alcoholism and thwarted his moving forward.  Without a doubt, this again is an official modus operandi of the mind control program and used after many human guinea pigs are unknowingly set up to fail in some cases due to those at the helm psychotic racial hatred. 

If I had pushed him down the stairs, I would have been charged with attempted murder in 1994 or felonious assault at least after he called the police on me then bailed me out the next morning expecting humility.  Again, at that time, the man was in a full hard cast, on crutches as he headed down the stairs.  Below is an image of the exact long leg cast he had on that night as we factually argued as he hopped along heading down the stairs telling me, he was calling the precinct, and he was going to get me out of our house instead of him leaving.  The children had been sent to their room, yet when his police buddies arrived, one a neighbor, they knocked on the door of a six and seven years old and said they saw me push him down the stairs.  Later the domestic charge was dropped.  However, still using his job, he then set me up for a Violation of Restraining Order charge after he again realized it was really over, and he brought the kids to the city where I was staying 60 miles away in a desperate attempt trying to get away from him.  The final blow was his involvement in the targeting program now officially around me to this day beginning in 2006.

So, you must ask, why am I detailing all of this and what does it have to do with mind control on children around targets?  Recently, as the FBI, USAF, and LAPD escalate the takedown effort to a new level knowing that a possible lawsuit is coming due to monitoring, they have begun an extreme intense focus on my daughters, during a heated debate with one of them now adults with children of their own, I asked her to detail one instance of abuse.  She could not, instead,  she proceeded to report and obviously convinced, that I had factually pushed the policeman down the stairs over 20 years ago and it now August of 2020.  Her exact words were “You pushed dad down the stairs and it was scary.”  

Forgive me, but a sense of humor is a must and I cannot help but laugh as I document this here and state, 100% her father never fell down any stairs, and if so, again it would have harmed him deeply or perhaps killed him.  He hobbled down the stairs, to call the police on me.  I wanted out of the marriage and not to harm him.    



Identical Type Cast My Ex had on in 1994

His injury resulted from playing in a policeman basketball tournament.  Yet, one of my daughters is 100% convinced that I did push him and he fell and a huge argument erupted when I tried to tell her exactly what happened recently.  This is while all of us are monitored and the FBI listened in the background, and, her responses appearing subliminally prompted by the unified military program using mind invasive technology targeting me and using them for their goal of discrediting.  She was so adamant about something that did not happen.

Later while visiting this daughter, in 2020 this program continued trying to convince her that I would molest my beloved granddaughter.  In 2012 while living at another location before I purchased the house I am in now, this program had begun setting the stage to influence her.  For example, my daughter asked me to watch my granddaughter while she showered one day.  As I sat in the bedroom playing with her, she then quietly peeked inside the room and said, “Don’t you be touching my baby.” It felt like the two of us were in some type of hypnotic trance within the Twilight Zone recognizable to me.  The reason I have been targeted for so long and since a child is that I have always been able to recognize it but did not know what, why, or how. 

The people enforcing this program are little more than despicable non-human humans.  And, as many, many people being used as human guinea pigs report, you can’t tell anyone, family included what is happening.  They are beamed programmed that as you speak due to the 24/7 human experimentation program that you are crazy and do not want to accept that their thoughts are not their own.  If I asked my daughter about this incident, she would go into a frenzy, with the operators monitoring us, pushing her buttons through the beamed weapon systems, and then say it never happened when as God as my witness, it did.  

This technology in the hands of these official Mucky Mucks, who are clean-shaven, suited, and in official uniform,  is no joke and they don’t care who they use to around human experimentation hoping to destroy you while trying and trying and trying to silence and more importantly discredit high-profile targets.  

This is how this massive, ongoing, military unified modernized high-tech COINTELPRO is unleashed and now operating under one umbrella, Post 9/11, through federal, state, and local police departments and high-tech state-of-the-art operation centers aka counterterrorism divisions are using psychophysical, mind invasive technology.  They are using it to tamper with lives mentally,  physically, and emotionally it accomplished electromagnetically using bioweapon for example the “Hive Mind” beamed system detailed below and done effortlessly without leaving the building.


How can this be?  Those involved in this program, around me since a child to present day already know this is not true and if around me they were around my children and as I documented in “Diary of an Angry Targeted Individual” Book IV in my book series.  

My dad kept trying to tell me he was involved in some type of human experimentation and likely microchipped in the mid-40s. I brushed it off as nonsense then but today not.


Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 6.52.28 PM


Many tactics reported today by many are still used and the game plan is outside influence playing a role in the demise of marriages and separation of families in official psychophysical targeting unleashed under the cloak of a bogus investigation now officially out of the closet.  And, what is amazing is her obvious programming refused to even listen to the truth not even letting me speak which in turn upset me while the high-tech motivators listened in the background and probably high-fived each other while eating popcorn.

I was planning to spend my birthday with her and we had just planned it out. I guess I won’t be spending my birthday for 2020 there next week with this program’s 100% influenced after all. and as we planned.  With me, no worries, the fact I was raised as an only child so I operate comfortably alone and as you can see, I obviously always have something very positive and worthwhile to do, ongoing exposure.

The goal is to create useful sadness, depression which is amplified by the targeting and is combined with continual denigration hoping to break the target through relentless beamed harassment and beamed torture while down.  Simply stated they want to push you over the edge.  The hope is that the target will be so devastated, and distraught, after a mental programming session of anyone, family especially, that you will snap.  Below is a video detailing how this program can and is using “Remote Neural Monitoring” technology on anyone, and it can happen no matter where a person or persons are any place on the face of the Earth and the biometric bioelectromagnetic connection instantaneous.

The goal of this program is to tarnish the image, especially of successful whistleblowers, using extreme character assassination, and this an age-old COINTELPRO tactic, child abuser is high on the list of many coaxed, strategic labels. 

As shown below, I am not the only one reporting targeting of entire families.  Without exception, human experimentation exempts no one, and especially focuses on anyone around the target and anywhere they go.  Sadly, Black families have been a focal point as stated however, again, no one is exempt.


I could go on and on.  I have also witnessed police and military beamed influence of both my granddaughters as a drone followed me to visits and yes, set over her house while there.  While visiting a year ago, and playing with the then six-year-old, she said out loud, “I can’t call my Nana a bad name” out of the clear blue.  On another occasion more recently when the oldest visited me here in California, I listened as those at the helm repeatedly called out her daughter’s name then a 2-year-old, and scared the life out of the child as she screamed and my daughter tried to find out what was wrong.  If I did not know what was going on, both could grow up to be labeled schizo as many, many children have.  

After I finally pushed the, now adult, bird for the nest she called me to announce her pregnancy two years later now in love and living out of state.  I was elated and sent her baby things, which included a baby crib.  She phoned so grateful and told me “Mom, I just want to say I love you.”  A few days later there was a complete 360 degree turn around with her telling me “I will never have you around my family.”  I later learned she had been paid $500 to make false reports about me.  I have seen people being compensated with cars which others have witnessed as well as reported below.

Below is a video made a target revealing why family, friends, loved ones, and hopeful love relationships, etc., are destroyed and people turned on targets to insure isolation and why every effort possible is made to discredited targets using the connection of biblical scripture.  Forgive me, but I am not on board with any end of time prophesy, predicted for eons on this planet, as the evolutionary process continues to evolve the human soul on Earth School.  However, I still think what she says is beautiful and one thing is certain, I fully align myself to the service of the Highest God and within this awareness is from whence my strength and endurance are derived!



Familiar with this program’s beamed, patented influence capability, it did not take a brain surgeon to understand what happened.  The people at the helm of this technology decided to reprogram her again.  She was / is far more valuable to them to use as a weapon against me.  She loves me and always have and I could hear the gratitude and pure emotions in her voice. I also completely understand based on numerous experiences how these “Rogue Federal Operatives” are using “Remote Neural Monitoring” and without leaving the state-of-the-art operation center building using satellites and drones, or portable systems and devices set-up in neighboring locations.   I finally realized that she had been compromised, when while staying with me, mad at the world, now forced into adulthood, I found the key to my house, after she left under the reclining chair she sat in, in the family room while I worked upstairs with the garage door open.  A key can be easily made by pressing it into a wax mold.  I can guarantee, I did not put it there.  A short while later, someone entered my house, a typical tactic reported as “Gaslighting” by many targeted today,  as a threat to prove, “We can get to you” by leaving an obvious clear message of entry.  

For the record, I am guilty of spoiling this kid, my oldest, rotten, paying for everything, and when the well ran dry,  she was not happy AT ALL!  I had to let go realizing I was not helping her being a money train.  But guess what, I LOVE MY CHILDREN, always, no matter what!






I watched her baby daughter screaming and knew what they were doing using the DOD “Voice of God” weapon system, and watched her do what everyone does when they hear the beamed harassment.  Again, they were calling her name over and over.  She did not look around for any person calling her name inside my home, but immediately up at the ceiling knowing, instinctually that the sound was coming from the ceiling down.  I knew it was from the drone, one of two positioned over my house which tracks and monitor’s me and operated by both the USAF and LAPD satellite/drone personnel on this training and targeting mission from the corner house behind and USAF personnel also using several compliant neighborhood locations within the “Neighborhood Watch Program” under the guise of a training exercise.

During another visit three years ago, I watch the FBI enter the townhouse next door to where one of my other daughters, her sister lived at the time.  I heard the scratching against the wall of the weapon being placed against it and focused right before we went to bed.  We fell asleep watching movies in the same bed with my granddaughter in the middle.  Around 2:00 a.m. I woke to the beamed torture, and as I tried to get back to sleep I saw this daughter get up as if sleepwalking.  When I asked her where she was going she looked at me appearing to be in a trance and hissed at me like a cat.  I was not surprised and wide awake by now.  I watched her go downstairs to the kitchen, hear the drawer rattle where she kept utensils, then turn around and come back up and get back into bed.  Believe it or not.

I could not help but think how easy it would be to program her while she slept to get a knife and harm me especially after, 100% seeing the agent entering next door.  There are many reports that many are programmed to harm family saying the “Voice of God” or the devil told them to. I must say, it was bizarre and duly noted after an even earlier and similar incident that happened a few years back sparked my attention to this high-tech capability.

Thank God for the awareness today and from the experience and open literature evidence, videos, etc., detailing the capabilities of these psychotronic weapons backed by also by the similar plights of many, many people in this program who again are highly credible.  The ability to hide behind these beamed weapons and commit atrocities is part of the reason we persist by revealing our experiences in the hope it will help others navigate through this unbelievably, ruthless, vicious targeting program that has marginalized human lives as science projects.

The key to the relentless discrediting whistleblowers specifically is focused due to exposure of unbelievable cruelty by military and intel agencies, and law enforcement resulting in heinous corruption, torture, mind control, etc., through massive use of Bioelectromagnetic weapons on the civilian population.  

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 8.05.36 PM


As shown above in the Targeted Justice website image, depicting the official military / unified, Federal, state and local police unified COINTELPRO targeting connection, circled in red at the bottom, middle in the image, many within the targeted community are well aware through the personal experience of intense efforts, typically using mind invasive technologies, to separate family and friends, etc., and this a key component  to “The Program.”  The ongoing, relentless, strategic effort, is to keep targets isolated leaving no support system hoping for an emotional breakdown (PsyOps) while under 24/7 psychophysical torture combined with beamed denigration harassment through the communication system in use.  











“Electromagnetic weapons operate at the speed of light; they can kill, torture, and enslave; but the public is largely unaware that they exist because these weapons operate by stealth and leave no physical evidence. Electromagnetic weapons have been tested on human beings since 1976. By widely dispersing the involuntary human test subjects, and vehemently attacking their credibility, it has been possible for the United States to proceed with these human experiments unhindered by discussions or criticisms, let alone opposition…”




Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 1.01.07 PM


They bet wrong with me, I WILL TELL IT ALL! 

For the record, my oldest daughter was contacted at the onset of this effort around me in 2006, the other two out of state with their dad at that time.  I think the Dogs saw how attractive she is, then decided to use her in more ways than one toying with her to be abused by sleazy LAPD cops and their recruited reserve cop program who earn about $50 a month, who get to pretend they are finally important. 

So how could my daughter, report an exaggerated version of their upbringing as abusive?  For those that understand the hideous nature of this program, and these monstrous abuses of a person’s mind, the ability to plant thoughts, and false memories, and the goal of mind control technology being tested, believe it or not, it can happen effortlessly by using psychophysical neuro weapons to create “False Memory Syndrome.”




Mind Control Scientists Find New Memory Manipulation Technology



Believe it or not, this officially overseen military, intel agency program, will go to great lengths to keep the truth hidden, and logically so.  The technology in research, TESTING, and development programs for again, DECADES, is highly perfected and brilliantly effective making electromagnetic mind invasive influence and tampering of thoughts effortless.   Know of a surety that everything that I, and many others expose, and in my case publish in books, blogs, website, is a threat to the secrecy and ego-driven belief that people cannot figure out the truth.

Another example of early targeting of the oldest was in elementary school when the school tried to claim she had Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity and needed to be medicated.  I totally disagreed, lived with her, and knew if anything she was a very bright child who in the 8th grade was reading at the 12th-grade level, and if anything, I felt was not being stimulated in an outdated classroom structure.

Today, many are awakening to the reality that many so-called disorders are false, and profitable for the Association of Psychiatry, and intel agencies inhuman ongoing human experimentation and if you ask many, part of this massive ongoing experimentation program has always focused on children and to curtail and redirect their early development.  If controlled in early childhood, they make, in some cases, a subservient, passive, controlled adult society after the brainwashing hijacks their normal development and creates a new reality by the outside influence.  This program is not about watching the target succeed, the goal is to steal hope and destroy dreams.











For the record also, I vividly recall a teacher in the elementary school and take great pride in, her giving me the utmost compliment as she watched them in a predominantly white school district waiting for me to pick them up after school.  She made it a point to walk over to me and say,  “Mrs. Mitchell, you have two of the most well-adjusted children I’ve seen.”  This is in spite of what I now realize were attempts to isolate my oldest in elementary school and give her a complex as a child that no one liked her or wanted to play with, which I felt was odd even them, or convince her younger sister, as a child toying with her that she was going to die of a deadly disease at age 6 with no foundation and for no apparent reason.  For the record, it is a waste of time telling family what is happening, believe me I have tried, or how they are being used, along with subliminal influence.  They are programmed that targets are crazy and not to be believed.  Plus if this is happening to them, they must be crazy too.  Get the picture?   

I remember I was always bewildered these weird occurrences came.  That is until the program opened up with identical tactics widely revealed by many as a reported Standard Operating Procedure for many years.  As I stated above, I am that little girl who clearly remembers being sexually stimulated around that age around little girls, although I have never had any physical or sexual attraction to women.  I have always had best friends who were like sisters throughout life though.  This I admit had me homophobic for years.  That was until this program became official coming out of the darkness, into the light and began yet again the sexual stimulation as an adult and it also reported by thousands, men and women as a high-tech, patented beamed system used for sexual terrorism and used by some of the seedier men in this program for sexual exploitation of targets.

This program did not work with me then, nor has it effectively been able to destroy me over my life of which these human monsters have tried and tried and tried and continue.   I at one time thought, did they have a crystal ball and knew in advance who would grow up to reveal this program due to the monitoring and programming of which failure revealed their efforts ineffectiveness not only around me but thousands of others?  Are we the ones targeted today?  Of one thing that is certain, this is a generational targeting program so they would logically want to check families to see if any had the same defiant trait resistant to programming.












Stranger Than Fiction: The Real-life CIA Projects
that Inspired ‘Stranger Things’







“STRANGER Things has attracted a global audience of over 20 million viewers who love the show for its eerie plotlines involving secret government experiments…”




‘Stranger Things’: The Secret CIA Programs That Inspired Hit Series

















MK Ultra Girl update
In 2015, I discovered myself in this famous photo. I had already surmounted my difficult upbringing but sought answers to the haunting trouble in my natal family. My mother was a patient of Dr. Ewan Cameron. My father had been in the psych ward. My sister went crazy and my brother died young. Then as now, this subject is taboo. I am changing that by integrating my search for answers, a quest for justice with my work as a visual artist, and media influencer. Go to my blog, mkultragirl.org to understand more. Stand by for UltraNationMedia.com













One thing is certain, early mind control

insures a future of Sheeple, the OBJECTIVE!












Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 10.09.03 PM






I would take John Whitehead’s revelation a bit farther and say that it is not out of the question to first sexually stimulate children or adults around children so that they believe that the urge is their own using the patent below.  Again, as an adult, the military tried to use it on me with LAPD freaks showing up while I was in Arizona hoping to satisfy the urge.  This can and by some reports also being used to draw attractive women into a net of hopeful sexual trafficking and also to set up and blackmail anyone.  Obviously,, it has been around for many years and tested long before official patenting.  It is believed that Hendricus Loos is a fake name for a major Neuroscientist W. Ross Adey who worked, Walter Reed Army Hospital, Loma Linda, and UCLA.  UCLA’s mind control program at one time afterward was headed by Louis Jolyon West, with no relationship to Kanye West who was taken thereafter mental breakdowns.  In my case, intelligence is stimulating for me and not a Box of Rocks.  

As mentioned previously these buffoons tried this technology on me, hoping for sexual gratification, and coincidentally during the same time frame while I was in Arizona and my oldest in Los Angeles, someone tried to get into her apartment late one night around 2:00 a.m. likely trying to rape her.  Dr. John Hall, in his book “Satellite Terrorism,” details a similar situation that led him on the path to exposure happening to a close female friend, targeted, monitored inside her home then drugged and raped and he also documents an FBI connection.  

Also a few weeks before she told me this, she was frightened when receiving threatening messages that miraculously were typed on her television screen while it was turned off which is clearly part of the targeting narrative.  

I had the locks changed for her apartment immediately after she told me.

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 5.53.36 PM







Many will not find such statements surprising, considering West himself, whose history includes controversial LSD experiments for the Central Intelligence Agency and even more controversial plans to construct secret installations for the “study” and modification — by electric shock, chemical castration, and other means — of the behavior of citizens, particularly minorities.

Indeed, any discussion of CIA “mind-control” endeavors, such as the infamous MK-Ultra, would be incomplete without West, who has, according to information provided to Freedom, enjoyed a long and lucrative career in this field. Although he has sometimes posed as a civil libertarian, he has not sought to expose dangers of an intelligence agency “mind-control” techniques, but rather to secretly perfect its use on others…”










His children were threatened and stolen and he was warned to not talk about what happened or he was dead! He experienced death threats among other things.

Stephen was warned that he would lose everything. Well, he isn’t dead and he didn’t lose everything! He is a champion for children everywhere, especially those that have experienced Ritual Abuse. Far from crazy, he is a voice where others fear to tread. I know him, he is great and not crying in his beer (he doesn’t drink anymore). It may be sad about what has happened to children that are victims of abuse but Stephen is not sad, far from it and he continues pumping out art, performance art, short films, etc, and being an advocate for human rights. I suppose for some it may seem strange but maybe if you had children and they were threatened you might understand. By the way, many of the films that are listed post-1995 on his IMDB page were made prior to 1995.

He was a top-tier film actor whose career, including films such as A River Runs Through It, was derailed. He is an award-winning short filmmaker, playwright, and artist who uses his art to speak about atrocities he has learned about as a result of what happened regarding his children and subsequent harassment. Any of you had to live with death threats? He has and he isn’t afraid but rather he is willing to be a spokesperson for those around us with no voice. His fruit fly video was a parody…his attempt to make fun of those of us who take conspiracies a little too seriously. Too bad online journalism is so crappy, anyone doing 5 minutes of research would have known it came from a comedy channel! Plus all this talk about bad taste, well I can think of a lot of bad taste online, this fruit fly joke isn’t one of them so maybe give your head a toss and analyze who is really crazy here.

The sad reality, in light of what has been uncovered today, as people awaken, is that there is a factual monstrous mind control testing program, which continues to evolve and thrive.  In light of this,  many children reporting imaginary friends, for decades may have been in ongoing human experimentation programs that date back well over 50 years.

No one is exempt from the vicious, degenerative human beings, as ruthless operators of technology in these operations, in a program that has been documented to focus strategically on generations of families for mental control, searching for the exceptional and no matter what age.   And, I cannot begin to tell you how some of the seedier individuals given access to this technology are using it around children.  That is a whole other book.  “Deceived Beyond Belief” – Summer 2018.  The technology is neurological and the resulting trauma-based mind control focused on the nervous system is one aspect.

Case and point:  A few weeks ago, I thought to myself, fearlessly, of course, if I were to die at home, with no one around me, no one would know I was dead for days, or longer because I live alone.  A few days later a relative phoned and said she woke up crying after a dream that I was in my house, dead, and no one knew it.  Is there a connection to the technological capability to focus on anyone on the face of the Earth, effortlessly by this high-tech program?  YES!

As I wrapped up the docudrama/horror video depicting the use of “Synthetic Telepathy, and the DOD “Voice of God” technology today, death threats were relentless by the Techno Terrorist.  I went to bed one night, with threats to harm family from the USAF and Los Angeles Police Department mission.

Of course under the circumstances and the awareness of this program, how it is structured and knowledge again documented by open literature evidence, the target can be tracked, picked, prodded, influenced, mentally programmed and manipulated, etc., anywhere on the face of the Earth, effortlessly by the Electronic Brain Link (EBL) global system.

The fact is, there is no amount of fear that will stop what I do.  Exposure is the ongoing hope of many victims, Human Rights Advocates, activists, and whistleblowers who continue to expose the monstrous truth and are saving lives that are being covertly shattered and destroyed.  The covert focus, on children and family members in many cases by those targeted, is used as pawns no matter what age.  And once added to the program they and their lives also become targets for ongoing human experimentation studies for the rest of their lives.

How far will the human monsters operating in these high-level testing operations go hoping to keep the truth hidden?  Thank God that in spite of this evil, many continue to take a stand, putting their very lives on the line by exposure of this hideous reality where discrediting comes with the territory.

Project Artichoke, Bluebird, and MK Ultra continue in legalized testing programs, under different names which appear, as it has in the past, to not have a problem with using anyone as human guinea pigs  ruthlessly and heinously.

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 4.47.44 PM



Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 3.14.47 PM




Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 5.51.28 PM




Click to access 221275_dV5NXarumrBZocXsaaZEXoBvR.pdf





The fact is drugging children Ritalin, etc., continues also to play a major role, for a ficticious diagnosis and is not only profitable but has been part of an ongoing mass mind-control effort, beginning in the early stages of child development as stated previously.  Early medicating also serves the dual benefit of creating dependency throughout life after children are told something is wrong with them of which a drug can fix for life.

Victims of this massive testing program, dating back decades, are today awakening to a monstrous reality of actual ongoing victimization with their families, unknowingly, non-consensually.  You can’t tell them, because they are programmed that the real target is crazy.  Would you believe that this too is strategic and serves ongoing studies by then applying the “hereditary condition” label which allows testing throughout families again for decades?  But more importantly, it allows, issues to be written off, instead as bogusly passed on from generation to generation, which could, in reality, be instead generations of nonconsensual human experimentation focus on individuals, groups, communities, and large populations.

Early testing also assists in the mental illness tag if the victim if labeled as a child and later in life, as the human guinea pig is taken to the various phases of “The Program” and the assumed belief of a negative psych diagnosis the contributor for any reactions to the experimentation and without question.




There are two actual experiments that prove that people, will or especially if given government approval, will feed the wrong wolf and destroy another.

1. Milgram Experiment


2. Stanford Prison Experiment


The truth is individuals working these covert operations have become inhumane malicious, vicious, vindictive beyond belief, Goons in ongoing efforts that last a lifetime, designed by higher-level government agencies.  The testing is for continued and complete control over civilization, which is an ego-driven monstrous objective founded on psychopathic false power.  This appears to be the motivation for those working these operations by a twisted sense of residual power, in the so-called name of science and how they earn their living.

Apparently, they will tuck their own children in bed, kiss them on the forehead goodnight, then head out to a shift where they will focus on and destroy another’s baby.















The turbulent 60s ignited social control and mass population testing programs hoping to curtail massive protests of the war, Civil Rights, etc.   The upheaval and mass protests resulting in unleashing a hopeful high-tech desire to silence, activist, whistleblowers, dissidents, public unification or anyone exposing corruption, including distractions by intel agencies then and now.

Here are two videos from two other well-known targeted individuals exposing how these efforts also target children around the target.



The game is to target children early which eventually leads to a misdiagnosis which then makes them prey for Big Pharma’s ongoing mind-control drugs beginning in the early years.  ADD is a good example.


Holyrood inquiry to probe historic CIA-backed human brainwashing experiments.  THE Holyrood inquiry into historic child abuse will be asked to investigate Scottish links to an infamous CIA-backed brainwashing program, the Sunday Express can now reveal…










Retired State Representative James Guest confirms children are being targeted as well in the letter above and the search for a remedy to his constituents.  His office became involved after being contacted by James Walbert whose targeting included Electronic Assaults, reported microchipping, and harassment of his family for silencing.






If a lot of people are saying the same thing, LISTEN!


NOTE:  The official version of the above Missouri State Representative, James Guest, now retired.  The original letter can be found on Scribd along with additional information.






It is a documented well-known fact, that the early stages of MK ULTRA focused on children, as shown in the video above.   Today, we are awakening to the reality of continued, horrendous, ongoing testing that never ended with the “Church Committee” hearings.

















MK ULTRA LINKS – Torture-based,

Mind Control Experimentation on Children





Mind Control in 60s



The note below is without a doubt a reality today in joint official targeting operations, unifying federal, state (Sheriff), and local police departments, with military technology and personnel, which are materializing in some cases as COVERT slow-kill operations.  A video follows…





NOTE:  Eleanor White, a prolific Canadian Whistleblower / Activist for 30 years with hundreds of publication’s websites, raven1.net, the site mentioned is no longer available on the internet. 





Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 3.43.04 PM




Again, if a lot of people are saying the same thing, LISTEN!

Citizens Cattle







Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM








Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 5.24.16 PM



Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 9.21.01 PM


The wolf


  1. Watch “DECEIVED – Mind Control: Schizophrenic High Tech Fraud” also FREE on Vimeo or Youtube.

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