Domestic Terrorists and Watch-listed Individuals: Creating the False Narrative

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9/11 was used as the backdrop to legalized little-publicized advanced technologies, with the goal of unifying the military, with Federal, State, and local police departments under one umbrella, where anyone can be labeled a “Domestic Terrorist.”

The end result was approval based on creating fear then unleashing a massive, human guinea pig nonconsensual human experimentation program by highly advanced, patented, psychophysical technology.

In reality, it’s about mass, social, and population control spearheaded from state-of-the-art FBI Intel / DHS Fusion centers with at least two, in some states three, of these high-tech centers in each state.
The Constitution, Civil, and basic Human Rights have left the building and replaced by high-tech barbarism for subjugation. 


(INTELLIHUB) — When an individual has been “watch-listed” as a domestic threat, rogue factions within the FBI will feed false information to the data fusion centers, in order to get innocent Americans targeted for surveillance and harassment via DHS and civilian hirees, which include but are not limited to ex-cons, criminals, illegal immigrants, neighbors, store and restaurant owners/employees, etc. InfraGard, the FBI’s “civilian” branch also most likely plays a role in assisting with “monitoring” watch-listed individuals on a domestic basis.

Who is watch-listed?

If you have done something in the past like reporting a state or federal agency for corruption or negligence, if you were arrested for something minor, offended a highly-placed individual or a person with political affiliations, you too can be placed on a watch-list. Subsequently, your normal and legal activities will intentionally be misinterpreted or falsely portrayed in order to prove that you demonstrate a predisposition for criminal behavior. Then the level of surveillance and harassment is increased depending on your “value,” and “potential threat level.”

Who else can be placed on a watch-list?

Activists, LGBT supporters, out-of-the-box thinkers, military veterans, retired law enforcement personnel with IED disposal experience, Black Lives Matter participants, PETA and Greenpeace members, investigative journalists, academics, conservatives, Tea Party members, Rand Paul supporters, Oath Keepers, “Sovereign Citizens,” whistle-blowers, Pro-Lifers, Americans who are married to foreign-born individuals, Americans who have a bank account or property in a foreign country, firearm owners, and NRA members are all “potential domestic threats.”

This is not a finite list; individuals belonging to other “terrorist” groups not listed above may also be included. As time progresses, the list is getting longer and encompasses even more diverse actors.

Accused individuals are never availed of due process. They were watch-listed extra-judicially, via a federal, closed-door decision-making process referred to as a “Star Chamber.” Most “domestic terrorists” have not committed any crimes, or certainly any crimes worthy of their being targeted at the expense of tax-payers.

Most of those on watch-lists had no idea that since they were firearm owners, military veterans, retired law enforcement personnel with IED disposal training, or university students who once protested the poor treatment of Shamu the killer whale at Sea World, that they had participated in activities, or had occupations, which would result in them getting flagged as terrorists, along with Osama bin Laden.

Most people are unaware that they have been placed on a watch-list, which should not be confused with a “No-Fly” list. A “No-Fly” list is simply one of many watch-lists, which are in part categorized by threat-level.

And it needs to be noted that when the FBI or DHS watch-lists you (no legal hearing or proof needed of course) as a terrorist, they do not mention to the different law enforcement agencies or Data Fusion Centers, that all you did was raise a sign saying “Free Shamu.” Literally, anyone can become suspect.

You see, when someone is red-flagged and watch-listed, those blurry lines work to the advantage of the aggressors (which in many cases are the FBI) who are ignoring the constitutional process, in order to target, harass, incarcerate, or extra-judicially eliminate innocent Americans.

So think twice before you raise a sign for Shamu the killer whale, protest for the rights of unborn babies, or join the NRA.

If you belong to one (or several) of the groups above, then you, like me are considered a “potential national security threat.” Now you can kiss your constitutional rights good-bye, as well as the basic rights provided to human beings as designated by the Nuremberg Code, which the United States is a signatory to.

What follows is part of my personal story of being watch-listed by the FBI and targeted in foreign countries. This is a summary of what happened to me – with a few details changed in order to maintain my anonymity.


So the FBI has their eye on you because you fall in several of the aforementioned categories. Maybe you are (1) a military veteran or whistle-blower, (2) you married a Christian girl from Mozambique, which has a Muslim population, (3) you opened a bank account in Mozambique, (4) you traveled throughout Africa, and (5) you studied some Islamic-related topics as part of a Middle Eastern Studies Program for your university degree – which these days implies that you are a potential Muslim convert.


The FBI tells the government in Mozambique that you are on a watch-list in the United States as a “domestic terrorist” (i.e. – “terrorist”) and that you should be “heavily monitored,” which basically equates to being put under 24/7 surveillance and harassed by the security apparatus of the country you are visiting. And in many places, Americans are high-value targets without the extra attention. The FBI is well aware of this and uses this to their advantage.

The FBI will also create a false criminal background for you (the “terrorist”) in order to further alarm the foreign government. This, in turn, results in the security apparatus of the foreign government  increasing their level of monitoring and harassment of you, the extra-judiciously targeted “”potential domestic threat.”

With the help of local authorities, Americans in the employ of the U.S. federal government will also funnel your wife’s family and the police in the foreign country of your residence additional false information in order to stir up even more trouble.

Here are some of the narratives which I have seen deployed:

You are suspected of “kidnapping” or “human trafficking,” (even though you have never even been involved in anything even remotely like that).

When you were 21, fifteen to twenty years ago, you were arrested for the possession of a small amount of marijuana (a few joints). Guess what? You are now a known “drug trafficker” and “dealer.”

As a fifteen-year-old, you were snagged shoplifting a small bag of Sweet Tarts by your mom at a local food store. Your pissed-off mother then marched you back into the store by your ear and made you return the stolen candy, after which you returned home to grounding, and promises that both Satan and God had a special spot in hell reserved just for you.

Now as a thirty-five or forty-year-old, the FBI, already knowing every detail of your background, has relayed to your wife’s family and foreign government, that you were the subject of “an armed robbery investigation” in your home town.

But they “fail” to mention that the situation occurred twenty years ago, your mother caught you, made you return the stolen bag of Sweet Tarts to the store, that there were no weapons involved (you left your florescent green squirt-gun at home that day), you were a stupid fifteen-year-old, and that the FBI and DHS knowingly got the story from a family member who has an ax to grind with you.

And by the way, if you are watch-listed, Homeland Security and the FBI will speak to anyone you had a legal dispute with or anyone else who could possibly hold a grudge against you. Indeed, those are the type of people they seek out during the commencement phase of their sabotage campaign against individuals who they have labeled as “threats.” You sued your ex-business partner and won the case against him twenty years ago? Guess who they are going to speak to first…

As an added “bonus” these gangster-style federal agents attempt to create turmoil in the “target’s” life, create tension, cause hardships, ruin relationships, destroy family ties, facilitate financial loss, etc. Their goal is to totally destroy the watch-listed individual.

Now let’s say you fly from Mozambique to Morocco, Italy, or the United Arab Emirates to visit a friend, start a business, or take a vacation. FBI employees already stationed in the country of your destination will be alerted to your impending arrival. They will then have you flagged in “Country B.” Let’s pretend that “Country B” is Italy.

They will inform the Italian government that you are a suspected “terrorist” in the United States, that you were born as a Christian, yet “showed interest in Islam” (but they will not mention that it was required as part of your curriculum), and that your wife’s family and the government of Mozambique are worried about your possible involvement in kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and armed robbery.

And that aspect of the story is true since it was US federal government employees who created the false narrative and then began to disseminate it to every person you associated with in Country A. So, of course, the government in Mozambique and your wife’s family is now worried and even begins the divorce process.

US government employees will also monitor and intercept all of your phone calls, VOIP, SMS, and e-mails within the foreign countries you frequent in order to “harvest” all of your contacts. There are classified and dedicated operations that address that, in every country in which Americans are present.

Now what the FBI will not reveal to “Country B” is that they fabricated all of the information and that they were the ones who caused the uproar by lying to the government of “Country A.” Now in “Country B (Italy),” they might add something additional and extra-juicy to the recipe in order for the targeted American’s harassment to escalate. The idea is to create a snowball effect and to keep the snowball rolling and growing.

Now God-forbid, this individual who was falsely targeted in the U.S., who is now set up for false arrest and extra-judicial detention (proxy detention) in both “Country A” and “Country B” by the FBI, travels to a “Country C” or “Country D.” In each new locale, the stories get bigger, the list of alleged “crimes” grows longer, and the FBI “kicks the hornets’ nest” even harder.

And then what the FBI does is re-directs or re-loops the growing misinformation stream to all of the foreign governments of the countries the target travels to. And they keep on recycling the misinformation until the level of alarm of the security apparatus in each of these countries grows exponentially, all compliments of their lies and fairy-tales.

FBI agents will contact the government of “Country A” and let them know that “the subject is also under investigation in “Countries B, C,” and “D.” They will do that for all of the involved countries, and even help law enforcement in each of those countries to network with each other, in order to trigger the illegal arrest and illegal detention of the targeted American, should he ever venture to any of those countries again.

These agents will facilitate the false arrest of Americans who have never committed a crime. This is called proxy detention, and in a third world country it can be a death sentence, and the FBI knows it. That is the goal: eliminate the terrorist, the target while maintaining a high level of plausible deniability. And let me tell you – from experience – they put a lot of effort into trying to pull it off.


If the FBI employees based in the foreign countries which the “watch-listed terrorist” travels to are feeling especially cheery, they may set up the American for a crime, entrapment, or assault. Local harassment and theft are standard operating procedure.

They will create scenarios to provoke the “terrorist,” to facilitate a loss of his/her funds, reputation, life, health, and freedom. And guess what. The misinformation has also been conveyed to the State Department, so if you do end up in trouble, and call the embassy, you are already red-flagged on their databases and are on your own.


If and when the American terrorist returns home intact (which really upsets them), the FBI will then feed the entire false narrative and bogus investigations (from Countries A to Z) to the Department of Homeland Security and also the Regional Data Fusion Centers.

While abroad, “Subject Q” was the “focus of terrorism investigations” in four countries. He/she was also suspected of/under investigation for: kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking and armed robbery.

Now, all of this misinformation appears as “red flags” on the networks which connect federal, state, county, and city law enforcement – via the Regional Data Fusion Centers. The more flags an individual has attached to his name, the more value he or she has, and the greater possible “threat level” they represent. If an individual simply protested Shamu the killer whale at Sea World five years ago and works as a cashier in a restaurant, the federal government will certainly not spend as much time, money and effort targeting them.

If an individual has a high level of education, military background, familiarity with weapons, travels to dangerous locales, etc., then they very quickly become a “higher-level” target. Which means more resources are spent and more assets are assigned to neutralize or eliminate them as a threat.

Most law enforcement officers at the city and county level have no idea that the FBI created the entire false narrative for the targeted “terrorist.” Compartmentalization is utilized in order to keep fusion center employees, comprised of local, state and federal law enforcement officers; plus some civilians with security clearance, out of the loop, which operates on a need-to-know basis.

Additionally, the false criminal history created by the FBI (parallel construction) can then illegally be used as “legal” cause to set up sting operations to entrap the target. A sting operation can only (legally) be set up if an individual has shown a predisposition for committing a certain type of crime.

So now the entire false narrative created by the FBI, and then “re-collected” from foreign authorities, provides the basis (predisposition) for unconstitutional entrapment operations which outwardly appear to be legal sting operations.

Domestic law enforcement personnel, in addition to local, state and federal prosecutors (should the “target” ever be arrested) have no idea that the FBI created the bogus criminal history for the “terrorist,” which now portrays him or her of being suspected of criminal acts in foreign countries. In addition to causing grief for the “domestic threat” at home, they have turned the US citizen into an internationally-wanted target as a result of their parallel construction, lies, and sophomoric fairy-tales.

Now the US citizen is put on additional “domestic tasking lists.” With the assistance of the FBI and Homeland Security, private security contractors, utilize civilian hirees to harass the domestic “extremists.”

The federal authorities will provide medical records, financial information and academic records to these non-governmental security contractors, as well as domestic law enforcement personnel. Much of this personal identifying information (PII), which is supposed to be protected by the Privacy Act, is also available on data fusion center networks, which are tied into dozens of law enforcement databases, all the way up to the federal level.

While the aforementioned scenario spanned foreign countries, this type of situation can also happen domestically. “Country A” and “Country B” can just as easily be “City A” and “City B;” both within the United States.

Personnel working for the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security will create the false narratives, the fantastic stories, and absurd fairy tales, “feed” them to different recipients, be they different law enforcement groups in cities in the United States, or to foreign governments, and then they help the false narrative to “snowball” and spin out of control. The bigger the snowball and more absurd the stories become, the better.

Federally-funded private security contractors and their thuggish, street-level hirees will harass the watch-listed individual with acts such as vandalism, theft, cyber-harassment, provocations in public locations, pet poisonings, and defamation of character with family, friends and co-workers.

While it is difficult to pin down who is involved in the cyber-harassment, the most likely culprits are the regional data fusion centers, the FBI’s Data Interception Technology Unit (DITU), and several privately-owned cyber-companies based here in the U.S. which produce and deploy “weaponized” software and technologies.

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security, which is actually represented at both federal and county levels, dispatches personnel to inform the watch-listed individual’s familiars that he or she “poses a grave threat to the community” and “should be monitored.”

Familiars include professors, faculty, and students should the watch-listed individual go to school, co-workers, family members, friends, and landlords. DHS personnel or private security contractor hirees will also go to the commercial locations the individual frequents: gyms, restaurants, stores, clubs, salons, and barbershops.

In some cases, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or National Security Letters (NSLs) are flashed in order to “impress” upon the target’s familiars the “urgency” of the situation in regards to national security.

Homeland Security will also financially compensate neighbors, friends, landlords, and co-workers for their “assistance” in monitoring domestic “terrorists.” It is a huge business, which is funded by the sleeping taxpayers.

In order to maximize trauma to the “target,” who in reality is a victim of outrageous government conduct, the governmentally-affiliated parties involved will also relay to all of the watch-listed individual’s contacts, that he or she is mentally unstable, delusional, involved in pedophilia, child pornography, bestiality, rape, sexual deviancy, is a homosexual, has a history of violence, or has committed a crime of moral turpitude.

This defamation of character is an integral aspect of their tactical operations, which is referred to as “Zersetzung” (social decomposition), and was developed by the former East German Stasi. The goal is to totally destroy the person’s reputation, relationships, family and income-stream. This is also known as “No-touch torture or Soft-kill.”

The specific narrative (i.e. – defamation of character) is based on the information recipients. If the target’s neighbor has children, then he or she is falsely labeled as a pedophile. If the target works at a bank, then he or she is falsely accused of having a history of theft, and all of the target’s co-workers will be informed. The false narrative which the FBI and DHS create is tailor-made and adjusted to each recipient based on the situation and context.

These Stasi-styled operations are geared to silently isolate and destroy individuals who have been “red-flagged” and “black-listed” for being potential “domestic extremists” or “domestic terrorists.” What has been described above is illegal, is a RICO statute violation, is in violation of the Nuremberg Code, is considered cruel and unusual punishment, and is representative of outrageous government conduct.

Unfortunately, these tactics are common tools that are employed by certain groups within the federal government against innocent American citizens, and these activities – which amount to a counter-intelligence operation, are now much more commonplace than people assume.

In the 1970s, the Church Committee held hearings which publicized the FBI’s counter-intelligence program (COINTELPRO), which was supposed to have been terminated. Apparently, once again certain factions within the federal government have launched another classified program that is targeting innocent Americans.






Domestic terrorists and watch-listed individuals: Creating the false narrative


 27-year veteran supervisor of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ted L. Gunderson,  reveals covert and overt operations.





Ted Gunderson




Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.36.53 AM



FBI and NSA Outsource Harassment of Targeted Individuals and Watchlisted Individuals to Private Firms










In today’s COINTEL Program, one of the FBI’s favorite soft kill tactics is to label targeted individuals as pedophiles, rapists, sexual deviants, or “mentally unstable” in order to isolate and destroy them.


In actuality, the FBI re-named the program, gave it additional veneers of security classification(s), and it still continues today, albeit with the assistance of advanced technology and the cooperation of the NSA and DHS.

The goal of today’s COINTELPRO is in part based on what is referred to as the 5 D’s by the United Kingdom’s General Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). The 5 D’s are Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, and inevitably Destroy the target.

Well, who are the targets one might logically ask next?

If one looks at potential threats through the eyes of the federal government, they will soon discover that NRA members, returning veterans, activists, whistle-blowers, watch-dog bloggers, and investigative journalists are lumped in with the likes of al Qaeda and ISIS operatives. In many cases, these “domestic threats” are considered to be more of a risk than actual terrorists.

Why one may ask?

Well, because there are tens of thousands more innocent Americans than there are real terrorists, it keeps federal budgets plump and fluffy, whilst simultaneously allowing for asset seizure under (false) premises. Additionally, it appears as though Americans with a strong moral compass are a threat to the status quo, to the corrupt power structure.

So what is one of the FBI’s primary operational tools to Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, and inevitably Destroy the targeted individual?

What I refer to as “Project Pedophile.”

The FBI, patterning their operations in part after the East German Stasi’s Zersetzung operations and GCHQ’s 5D strategy spend hundreds of millions of dollars going after soft targets – innocent Americans, who were never involved in any criminal activity. The FBI uses a 5D/Zersetzung combinatory strategy in order to isolate, potentially radicalize and/or destroy the targeted individual.

In street parlance this is referred to as “Gang Stalking” since civilian hirees are often utilized for this sadistic and cruel work.

What better way to isolate an individual than accuse him or her of violent crimes of moral turpitude against helpless people – such as children. The FBI’s favorite 5D/Zersetzung Soft Kill tactic is to label the targeted individual as a pedophile, rapist, or sexual deviant to his or her friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers.

That is all that is necessary. Let’s face it. If someone from law enforcement (whom we should be able to trust) approached you or I with a bona fide charge that one of our friends or family members was a pedophile, how would we react? I know that I would avoid the individual at all costs. That serves to immediately isolate the targeted individual.

The FBI and DHS have two sets of records (at least). They maintain an internal grouping of records with the individuals’ actual personal and biographical information, medical history, financial and academic records, etc. These are reviewed by the FBI’s in-house psychologists and are utilized as part of their Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) targeting protocol. The “higher” level the target, the more individuals, man-hours, harassment, and isolation they are set up for.

But then the FBI also have the false records with fabricated criminal backgrounds which they have so diligently worked to create for the targets of their 5D/Zersetzung operations – a.k.a. COINTEL Program.

The bogus records and false information are relayed to state, county, and local law enforcement agencies, in addition to foreign governments, should the targeted individual travel. The FBI will also infuse the bogus criminal records with factual data-bytes from the individuals’ personal history in order to “build” a more “convincing” and “realistic” case against their targets.

Examples: “Tommy Target was an altar boy at a church where a priest once molested children four decades ago, even though Tommy Target was never a victim himself.” This translates to “Tommy Target was a victim of pedophilia at a very young age, hates children and is now engaged in crimes of moral turpitude with children.”

“Susie Subversive, a passive Greenpeace activist volunteers at an animal shelter on weekends and wants to become a veterinarian.” This translates to “Susie Subversive has an unnatural attraction to large canines, is involved in bestiality and trolls websites depicting abnormal human-animal interactions in her spare time.”

I refer to this as “creating the narrative.” The disinformation created by the FBI and fed to the targeted individuals’ contacts is tailored to the information recipients, and in many cases is based on some factual aspects regarding the target’s actual lifestyle in order to make the false background more believable. “Tommy Target” was an altar boy at a church where a priest was defrocked for inappropriate activity with young males and “Susie Subversive” does indeed spend a lot of time with animals.

If the target’s neighbors have young boys, then the neighbors are told that the target likes male toddlers. If the target’s landlord is a seventy-something-year-old widower, then the target is labeled as a sexual deviant who has an unhealthy interest in senior citizens.

Like disinformation will also be relayed to all of the commercial locations the target frequents in order to compel his/her contacts at those locations to “cooperate with the authorities in keeping the community safe.”

But what about witnesses and testimony? The FBI will access court records and speak to family members under the guise of an “official investigation.” Your ex-wife wasn’t happy with her divorce settlement, or maybe your ex-partner has an ax to grind over a failed business two decades ago. The FBI doesn’t care. Those people are approached, coerced, cajoled and compensated in order to give “evidence” and “testimony” which lends credence to, and neatly collaborates with the false narrative the FBI has created for the targeted individual.

Ready for the kicker? This fabricated criminal background is what gets passed around to non-federal law enforcement agencies through regional data fusion centers, and to foreign governments, if one travels. And yes, the FBI will also make sure that the bogus information is also fused with your passport and travel records held by the Department of State.

Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade and Destroy. Ain’t that special.

Oh but the FBI is not done yet. They will create bogus social networking accounts, such as Facebook, in the targeted individual’s name, post his or her picture, link them to old friends and then friend him or her with young children or German Shepherds in the case of Susie Subversive. This occurs after the Facebook account has been directly linked to, and verified through the target’s email account – which they also hacked. In turn, the bogus social networking account(s) will be paraded to neighbors, family, colleagues and at commercial locations, the targeted individual frequents, by the FBI, DHS and their civilian entourage.

The FBI’s DITU (Data Interception Technology Unit), and the NSA may work together on these targeting and harassment protocols, especially since the NSA’s TAO (Tailored Access Operations) has a better ability to scoop up all of a targeted individual’s communications than the FBI. U.S. Cyber-command, based at Fort Meade along with the NSA, may also be involved in this activity targeting innocent Americans

If one goes on-line and reads blog entries, watches YouTube videos or reviews past allegations against individuals who are considered politically outspoken, one of the most common threads in all of their stories are that they are either accused of pedophilia, child pornography or mental instability. The mental health accusations were a tactic used by Stalin in Soviet Russia, who institutionalized anyone he considered to be a threat.

The movie “Kill the Messenger,” which describes how journalist Gary Webb became a targeted individual provides for a peek behind the curtain into the FBI’s “Project Pedophile” operation. While another agency was involved in Webb’s targeting, the FBI’s 5d/Zersetzung combinatory strategy is accurately depicted in this movie.

I believe that there are decent FBI, DHS, and NSA employees who really are focused on protecting the general population and who want no part of the FBI’s extra-judicial COINTEL Program.

Many of these employees are not on a need-to-know basis, and secondly, since these ops are so illegal and unconstitutional, they are compartmentalized. Thirdly, if any of those belonging to the honest cadre of federal employees were to step forward, they too would become targets themselves, and would be thrust into the media limelight while their respective agencies trumpeted buzzwords and catch-phrases such as “pedophile, sexual deviant” and of course “mentally unstable.”

I am always careful to emphasize that most state and local law enforcement personnel are decent people and deserve our respect. It is not their fault that the FBI, in conjunction with the NSA and DHS, are filling regional data fusion center databases and networks with terabytes of disinformation.

Look at it this way: the FBI is abusing its power and is engaged in outrageous government conduct and cruel and unusual punishment. They are jerking around local and state law enforcement, traumatizing the neighbors, landlords, family members, friends and colleagues of the targeted individuals, are methodically terrorizing innocent Americans, and bloating information systems vital to our national security with disinformation in order to meet their agenda, no matter how immoral and treasonous it might be.


Targeting America: The FBI, COINTELPRO, and Project Pedophile





FISA approval is being used to target activists, whistleblowers, Human Rights Advocates, and basically, anyone revealing the advancement and use of patented “Mind Control” technologies today. The technologies in full use today, combined with USAF military intel training are using US citizens as human guinea pigs. This is widely reported across the nation today as part of ongoing human experimentation.

Human lives have been marginalized as useful for testing within the paradigm for mass and social population control. The patented technologies mind invasive, i.e., subliminal influence, behavioral modification, mind-reading, to include Directed Energy Weapon subjugation technologies, including consciousness-altering and brainwave manipulation which can create many psychophysical results.


FISA Court Opinion Outlines FBI Abuse of Key Intelligence Surveillance Authority























How to Survive America’s Kill List








Click to access Advforhumankind4.pdf




Gangstalkers Are Police, Military, Intelligence, and Security Firm Agents







Who Really Owns the Military Industrial Complex: The Highland Forum Exposed










Rogue Federal Operatives – Electronic Surveillance, Microwave Harassment, and Subjugation Torture



Fusion Centers, Citizen Spies and the Debasement of the American Character



This is the power grab hiding in plain sight.

The government has become very good at using legitimate crises and manufactured diversions as a means of expanding their power at the expense of our freedoms.

This is how the government continues to exploit crises and use them as opportunities for power grabs under the guise of national security. Indeed, this is exactly how the government added red flag gun laws, precrime surveillance, fusion centers, threat assessments, mental health assessments, involuntary confinement to its arsenal of weaponized powers.

The objective is not to make America safe again. That has never been the government’s aim. As with every other so-called past crisis, the government is working hard to expand—and entrench—their powers at our expense.

With so much hanging in the balance, we need your support now more than ever. Your tax-deductible donations make it possible for The Rutherford Institute—nonpartisan, apolitical, and committed to the principles enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights—to push back against the government’s over reaches, power grabs, and ongoing assaults on the Constitution.


~ John Whitehead







Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM




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