TARGETED – COINTELPRO Use of Strategic Stereotypes to Motivate Community Compliance in “Slow Kill” Directed Energy Weapon Assaults

*** NOTICE ***



It is not a personal attack on any race, 
nor is it a hope to incite deep-seated emotions!
It is merely hoping for a greater understanding of how coined
labels, based on racism, using stereotypes promoted mass perceptions can be used for
destruction of human lives or worse.

FOR THE RECORD:  Neighbors are not at the helm of psychophysical weapons. they are approved for military and law enforcement ongoing human experimentation.

This blog would not be necessary if it were not for the COINTELPRO recently amped, strategic silencing effort continually growing around me, which is now focused on using negative stereotypes knowing of the hypnotic trance placed on society by the promulgation of specific perceptions.  Yes, without a doubt, the use of specific stereotypes, has been highly successful overall which includes the mass portrayal of negativity towards women overall typically being something they are not, nor have ever been.

The effectiveness of this approach is due to expertly crafted media promotions by those who consider themselves the controllers of Sheeple, with a great understanding of media influence used to masterfully influence public perceptions.

In reality, what I am enduring, Targeted in “The Program” is no different from what many women of all races endure targeted in one way or another with the effort to annihilate self-esteem, however, this blog’s intent is to define a specific type of focus directed at black women by design through the creation created of good women instead of being a drug-addicted prostitute.   This understanding is especially poignant when understood that a mobilized effort founded heinous lies is used to create this perception and portrayal before the community and judicial system in the hope to destroy whistleblowers by COINTELPRO character assassination.

To get to the deeper meaning of why the agency now hopes to portray me this way and believe it will be successful, it takes a required historical look backward and the honed consciousness of America and review of consistent documentation of many others familiar with the dynamic of strategic degradation, how and why it is used and its effectiveness.  The current perceptions took an in-depth look into the fabric of America and the weaving of perceptions for decades.  Across the board, as shown in the links below, many have sought to explain the frame of mind behind destructive imagery and the consensus and conclusions are virtually the same.

From my personal experiences and nearing 15 years, the reality is that this program has had two major focused objectives within the Psychological Operation (PsyOps) playbook around me.  I have been repeatedly called me a “Whore” or “Ho” from day one using the beamed communication system by operatives of this program, ranging from the lowest level to the highest, by men, both Black and White working in rotating 8-hour shifts, as part of their employment, and PsyOps training from state-of-the-art real-time operation centers, to include from neighboring locations using portable systems and devices for continued psychophysical torture and beamed harassment.   Many times, with me it has been absurd and because it not true, almost amusing.  One thing is certain, this program knows full well that I am not a prostitute, never have been yet, I observed the continual bizarre hope to convince me and others otherwise by repetitive insults.

The second objective is and continues to be a major focus, is the inhumane use of Directed Energy Weapon microwave assaults hoping to subjugate my rightful exposure efforts, through the creation beamed “pain rays” which I continue to report.  To this day, it is hard to digest that this program would go to such great lengths and so ruthlessly to destroy body parts, typically tissue, organs, and joints as part of their targeting and training agenda on beamed weapons, however, it is very true.  The fact is when people are given the opportunity to hide behind beamed technology, unseen to the human eye, or undetectable for proof by the target, some will apparently do in the dark what they would not do in the light or in the public eye.

In fact, as I created this blog, held up in the corner house behind me, and the operation rotating periodically to locations reported to be compliant, communities are those hired, through the “Confidential Human Resource Program” typically trained by USAF personnel from nearby military bases across the USA.  It is reported as official “Organized Community Stalking” with high-tech harassment.  This program actually has an official name.  It is overseen by the FBI and widely used in a horrific, massive COINTELPRO targeting efforts unifying military personnel and technology which again includes beamed torture subjugation.



Confidential Human Source Re-engineering Project

“In October 2004, the FBI initiated the FBI’s Confidential Human Source Re-engineering Project. Described as the “one-source concept,” its key goals were to enhance the consistency, efficiency, and integrity of our Confidential Human Source Program across the FBI and better align source management with our current mission.

The one-source concept focused on creating a Confidential Human Source Program that operated consistently across locations and across investigative programs.  Aside from the direct goal of implementing more efficient operation and oversight of the program, this approach allows for greater efficiency in training and continuity of performance as personnel work across individual mission boundaries. Moreover, this enables the FBI to more effectively contribute to partnerships as we increase our focus on joint operations.

Core elements of the re-engineering project included the development and deployment of a new policy manual, a disciplined validation process, and rigorous training and oversight to ensure compliance with the guidelines. The guidance set forth in the “Confidential Human Source Policy Manual” and the “Confidential Human Source Validation Manual” went into effect in June 2007.

The “Confidential Human Source Policy Manual” establishes FBI policy and procedure for the operation and administration of confidential human sources. This manual ensures the FBI fulfills its intelligence collection and information dissemination mission in compliance with the Attorney General guideline requirements, protocols, rules, regulations, and memorandums of understanding with various law enforcement and intelligence community partners governing the FBI’s Confidential Human Source Program…”

NOTE:  The “Confidential Human Source Policy Manual” is likely why targets report identical methods in massive targeting efforts nationwide.







Recently, it was brought to my attention the renewed hope to use typical PROGRAMMED stereotypes in America which have a relentless a goal to characterize black women as prostitutes since arrival in this country for discrediting.

When I stumbled on the false conviction report in the image below a strategic goal began to take shape.  A person with my age, DOB, Ht. and Wt. was documented to have been convicted in Texas in 1988 was absolutely not me.  It was updated as an Active Warrant in May of 2019 the site revealed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  What was ridiculous was that during this timeframe, I and my military family were overseas and had been for there for five years during a six-year tour as I, after leaving the military in Korea worked as a DOD civilian.  We returned to the US in January of 1989 and assignment to Fort Carson, Colorado where I began working for the Army Hospital on base.  I did not move back to California until 1996 after my divorce and had never lived in Texas nor convicted of the charges nor anything ever remotely close in my life.

If a curious person were to do an online background check using one of numerous, ‘so-called’ credible websites designed for checking into a person’s background, you might come up with this completely bogus listing specifically attached to me.   And because of the special circumstances of the effort of silencing around me, intensely it is not difficult to figure out the likely culprit.





When it is all said and done, the “Mind Control Technology” book series, a successful blog, and website have proven a worthy adversary to this program.  And, apparently, the only thing the unified COINTELPRO has fallen back on is the use of ingrained negative stereotypes sold to the public about black women, which have been deeply implanted into the psyche of some Americans and specifically unique characterization specific to black women.

I must be clear here.  In reality, again, it is not only black women being marginalized as worthless but targeted women in this program overall.   Reportedly 70% of those targeted by law enforcement today, in this officially legalized, ongoing, nonconsensual human experimentation program reportedly are women and today also being connected with high tech influence for human trafficking.  This includes numerous women reporting that while targeted, the hope of the men working this program intentionally destroying all hope for a love interest and loving relationships designed to keep single women isolated, used, and abused.

A Theory why Single Women are

Frequently Targeted by Gang Stalkers


“So, when you look at the techniques of gang stalking with particular reference to women, you see these forms of attack: Slander – making out that the women are a prostitute or sexually immoral.  This destroys the option of a good relationship and sabotages job opportunities.  Telling the world that a woman is a prostitute guarantee that the worst men in the vicinity will take an interest in her, destroys her safety, and privacy and sets her up for sexual attack.  Slander and attack long being known as ways of forcing women into becoming prostitutes. Harassment in public spaces is a traditional technique for “keeping women in their place” and are standard methods still commonly used in third world countries, such as Latin American countries and India.  Constant noise means the woman can’t simply hide in her room and write novels, or compose music, be an artist, or otherwise engage in a constructive activity independently, which might become a foundation for a career.   All creative work requires a non-distracting environment. Techniques to make the woman look insane, again are old techniques still used in third world societies, and historically in Western societies (or the alternative of being accused of being a witch), to reduce the woman to a sub-human status where she has no protection from any violation, physical or mental…”




However, the uniqueness of the African American woman experience in the United States since exiting the slave ship, and targeting operations can realistically take a slightly different persona of which the FBI now hope to bank on.  This by use of strategically promoted perceptions of black women overall as sexual deviants and animals.

In this respect, the uniqueness of the Black woman’s targeting experiences and focus becomes unique only in one area.  Unlike White women, who allegedly had been placed on a pedestal, and assumed too delicate to exercise basic civil rights like the right to vote, The Black women who had plowed and planted and endured the ravages of slavery and too were denied the right to vote. In short, abolitionist arguments used to subordinate White women were different from and at times contradicted by arguments that were used to subordinate Black women.

I remember being stunned after the documented CIA infiltrated of powerfully addicting drugs into urban African American communities, already impoverished became a documented fact.  Anyone who knows history, and understood that poor people were not connected to bringing drugs into this country and today, as drug addiction continues to elevate a destructive path,  with mass surveillance, to include space-based by satellites, the question is not only how but why.  The fact is drug infiltration typically is intentional and are in fact a successful type of biological warfare testing powerfully addicting drugs and the resulting effects.  This includes, what some believe, a NAZI style attempt to stop progress and keep specific communities from progressing hatefully.

I was equally stunned, after 20 years of destruction of plagued poor communities, that while watching television, or reading articles by major newspapers, to include watching scenes in major movies, written into the script were labels obviously designed to leave a lasting impression and verbalized depictions attributed specifically to black women as being “Crack Whores.”

The author of “The New Jim Crow” writes…

As an African American woman, with three young children … in 1982, before crack became an issue in the media or a crisis in poor black … with images of black “crack whores,” “crack dealers,” and “crack babies”…



Click to access The_New_Jim_Crow.pdf


With widespread medial images promulgated by mainstream media, in reality, the goal seemed to be to confirm that the victims of intentional drug infiltration and ongoing human experimentation were deserving and should be viewed as less than animals.  Of course, this was the promotion by those bringing drugs and testing the Behavioral Modification program in this country.  The beauty of this deeply ingrained perception, typically programmed in early childhood, as a Nazi the ideations, results in a mentality that anything goes to include inhumane, ruthless atrocities, after the focus by those with an agenda desire to redirect focus away from them.   At this point, I must say “Sorry, Black Community, but I make no excuses for the role Black men play in assisting the twisted destruction of African American communities and the massive musical prodigal and approval by the elite to promote specific types of music which validate and confirms the perception for $$$ and has resulted in wealth.

However, we rise and as we always do, in spite of countermeasures designed to bank on promoted evil-hearted and negative impressions.


Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 1.12.08 PM



The pop culture landscape is littered with lazy images of black women ― the nurturer, the hussy, the angry bitch. Hovering around the all-encompassing myth of the “strong black woman,” those paper-thin characterizations fail to represent real women in all their complexity and vulnerability.


Despite the monolithic representations that appear so often in TV series, advertisements, films, and the imaginations of those who digest them, artists have long worked to provide images that speak to the depth and sweet fallibility of all human beings ― black women included.


Black Women Artists Tackle The Dangerous Stereotypes

That Have Never Defined Them


Huffington Post:  Let’s look beyond the Mammy, the Jezebel, and the Sapphire.

The perception of white supremacy demands, that women of color, using a strategically crafted identity is advanced using the perception of the African American population in America to in reality to justify nonhuman treatment.  This is the uniqueness that plagues the Black Community and separates perceptions from what others experience in this respect only.

The Black male image took a beating by massive media publications, resulting in the resulting self-hatred of self for some weaker-minds.  And if anything at all Black women “Angry Black Women Syndrome” is angry at the Black men and their inability to protect us, our families, or our communities.  The fact is, ironically, many black men are working hand-in-hand with this targeting program and in some cases are just as vicious as their leadership to include more so hoping to prove themselves and continued employment for their livelihood in what, all of them view as prestigious employment opportunities.

Today Black men cannot protect themselves, their families, children nor their communities, and have been powerless and emasculated in this country with some playing out the script of the promoted perception of them, while employed and enjoying the destruction of lives by the very program of those strategically oppressing and incarcerating them.

Admittedly, at times I am tempted to used stereotypes as well after repeated attempts around me hoping to lower my self-esteem.  When it comes right down to it, ultimately, I have concluded that it is a certain type of man, in all races, who are a special breed and appear to thrive in this program of torture, and the psychopathic hope to control and destroy of others, emotionally at all cost.  They are the type receive gratification through false reality self-importance, grandiosity, and narcissism.  Today, this program has found a use for men of all races, creeds, and colors through the FBI “Confidential Human Source Program” who become pumped up by destruction and  heinous torturing as recruits of “The Program.”  Historic influence, condoning this type of behavior thrives within the fabric of America founded on separation, haves, and have nots and racial hatred.

Personally, I have yet to hear of Meth and Heroin addiction growing numbers depicted so negatively as the focused perception geared towards the African Community with historical objectives of which, apparently I am told, the FBI now hopes to apply to me.









View at




Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 1.26.22 PM



This, internet spread persona of me was revealed as planted.  This was after contacting an attorney and also the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for credibility.  As a result, the creation revealed yet another disinformation effort designed to deflect attention away from whistleblowing and tarnish my name, my reputation, and direct attention away from numerous publications on the subject of the official use of the “Mind Control Technology” plague in America and the disinformation likely placed online for this specific reason hoping to build on and connect a typical stereotype.

As stated, the bogus ‘open warrant’ information came up during a background check into one of the top online background checking websites in the country which is used by thousands with similar information disseminated to similiar sites numbering into over a hundred.

The company was contacted for deletion, however, after doing do and a follow-up, the next day, yet another bizarre contrived incident was revealed while speaking with Customer Service.

As shown in the email excerpt below sent to me the following day from the company, somehow they thought to document in my request for deletion,  that I was using the site inappropriately and illegally, to include a report that I contacted the company by phone and personally spoke with Customer Service and admitted this.  The email for me used was not my email of which originated, it appeared in Thailand.  The problem is why would someone all the way in Thailand waste money on phoning this company and reporting I was using the site inappropriately?

The email I received is as follows:

“We recently noticed suspicious activity in your account that we believe violates our terms of use.  We have canceled and refunded the most recent charges on your account effective immediately.  Your refund will be processed immediately, but may take as many as 7-10 business days to post to your account…”

Suspicious activity to my account?

Although connected to me it certainly was not me.  If you asked me it was likely done, again, by the COINTELPRO effort, immediately, monitoring my internet activity and also listening to phone calls then realizing that the “cat was out of the bag” about the bogus conviction posted online.

I spent the greater part of the next day, calling several of these types of companies requesting and getting instruction on how to opt-out of information about me, and also requesting removal of my information requested by numerous emails.


Logically, how can someone have an open warrant in Orange County, California, resulting from an arrest and conviction in June of 1988 in Texas when out of the country?  From 1986 to 1989, my family and I were overseas, for six years while in the military and a military family.  And, more importantly, nor have I ever been convicted of anything remotely close to “Cocaine or Larceny” but apparently someone somewhere had gone to great lengths to create the negative perception then promoted massively by these types of background checking websites.  Today these websites, for a fee are connected and numbering over 100 background checking similar websites housing the same online documentation.  It took several hours, and the greater part of the day to call and email numerous sites which typically have the same information.

Without a doubt, the information was definitely intentionally planted and likely the culprit for the placement has a hope to play on advancing a stereotype connected to me, revealed by insults and a desire to leave a negative impression of me during online background searches.

The fact is, the black community continues to be plagued with negative misrepresentation overall by design and pathetic classification of black women, sold to the public who like to believe black women, overall to be drugged out prostitutes which tops the list in the public programming agenda and apparently now the hope for use in typical, ongoing COINTELPRO discrediting campaigns.





There is a disconnection between the visual and visuality when it comes to the issues of representation and identity for a particular group of people. According to Sturken and Cartwright (2001), visuality can concern how we see everyday objects and people, not just those things we think of as visual texts (p. 370). The relationship between images and their visuality renders serious consequences when the group (i.e. Black women) in question is misrepresented. Images of misrepresentation are even more consequential when it occurs within the realms of mass media and popular visual culture because the viewing audience is pervasive. So then, the question that must be asked is how can marginalized groups that are misrepresented in a highly visual world take control of their images? How can they acquire the agency to construct self and group identity? These questions addressed in this research study where their answers can be cultivated and examined within the realm of contemporary art, mass media, and popular visual culture.

I use a mixed-methods approach to collect data through the development of both a focus group and the use of content analysis, rhetorical analysis, and a quantitative survey (i.e., The Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale). A focus group is useful in gaining knowledge from disenfranchised or marginalized groups. Specifically, the goals of this study call for the use of Participatory Action Research (PAR) with a small population of Black women at The Ohio State University and the use of a survey and questionnaires that measure self- esteem and perception.

The main goal for conducting a theoretical and participatory study of the images of Black women in visual art and popular visual culture is to develop pedagogical recommendations of how visual culture scholars can use narrative inquiry and counter-narrative to explore race and gender representation.




Powerful controlling images perpetuate misguided messages about impoverished African American women that contribute to the oppression these women endure. These images inform policies and behavior that create and maintain structural barriers such as lack of access to education and meaningful employment further marginalizing oppressed individuals. This article uses in-depth interview data to analyze interlocking oppressions in the lived experience of impoverished African American women. The authentic women’s voices presented serve as a counter-narrative of resistance. Our larger goal in writing this paper is to encourage the public, policymakers, service providers, and impoverished African American women themselves to fight against controlling images by deconstructing personal biases, educating the public, and developing culturally congruent interventions to social problems.









This study uses discourse analysis to examine the representation of violence against African American women in local TV news coverage of Freaknik, an annual “spring break” ritual that drew African American college students from throughout the country to Atlanta, Georgia in the 1990s. It draws on Black feminist theory in its examination of the ways that gender, race, and class intersected to shape the representation of the victims, the perpetrators, and the violence. The results indicate that the convergence of gender, race, and class oppressions minimized the seriousness of the violence, portrayed most of its victims as stereotypic Jezebels whose lewd behavior provoked assault, and absolved the perpetrators of responsibility. Coverage also reinforced race and class stereotypes by representing locals as underclass troublemakers prone to crime while students were linked to law-abiding, middle-class values, and norms. In demonstrating the utility of addressing the intersectionality of gender, race, and class, this study argues that such an approach is necessary for the study of representation.



Click to access 5ac2cc09d6fc5163a5994ac8b57f092b722b.pdf

Black women and girls make up 13% of the female population,
yet they constitute 33% of the females killed in police encounters.


(Stereotype: Threatening)
The wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Black woman, was recently called a “former crack addict” by a New York City police officer.
(Stereotype: Criminal, Morally Deficient)
Horrific online postings about Sasha Obama, President, and First Lady Obama’s youngest daughter, included comments such as: “Hope u get raped.”
(Stereotype: Uppity – Needs to be put in her place)
Leslie Jones, a comedian on Saturday Night Live and an actor in the remake of Ghostbusters, was called an ape and other names on Twitter.
(Stereotype: Animalistic)
A DC police officer manhandled a Black female school teacher after assuming she was a prostitute.
(Stereotype: Criminal, Sexually permissive, Morally deficient)
A Black woman, incarcerated for failure to complete classes following a traffic violation, was left in jail for multiple days without needed feminine products, toothpaste, deodorant or the ability to shower, and was paraded into court before a judge, seemingly without pants.
(Stereotype: Animalistic)

Serena Williams, the greatest female tennis player in the open era, has been called n*gger, a man, and an ape, among other things. Some expressed outrage that she was selected by Sports Illustrated as its 2015 Person of the Year over a horse.

NOTE: Any black woman, to include successful ‘athletes’ who performance demands being physically fit, become a threat to the manhood of puny men, ego-driven by delusions of grandiosity and the result is the depiction of women stronger than them,  unbreakable, to include mentally or physically, as a man or an Ape.  And, this being yet another massive negative stereotypical promotion of insecure, hateful psychosis, of men of all races.

Personally, I am about as much of a drugged-out prostitute as Michelle Obama is a man.

(Stereotype:  HIV Positive)

Many targeted women and men are reporting that to further discredit them and to motivate the community to turn on them and approve treating the target inhumanely, or less than human, official agency personnel, unified in the COINTELPRO silencing effort and their hired stalker network, are spreading outright lies about the target.  New to the list of healthy targets “The Program” has started publicizing that targets are HIV Positive and spreading AIDS.

During the April 26-27 2019 rally in California, before the California State Capital a young African American woman, homeless and sleeping in her vehicle, ostracized, and isolated, a widespread strategy in this program reported that people are being told she is HIV Positive.

It is obvious why this program would resort to such low, below the belt tactics, by clandestinely spreading this type of rumor. They are cowards fearful of exposure of the truth and the resulting shame and disgrace which follows.

As the truth continues to grow, they appear desperate to discredit whistleblowers, activists, and nonconsensual human lab rats, with labels they believe, will automatically make the public not listen to the truth and discard the people exposing this heinous, horrifically monstrous targeting program.  The last thing this program wants to be known or publicized is they are using advanced electromagnetic weapons to factually kill, playing God motivated by spiritual wickedness using beamed heart attacks, focus on the head creating aneurysms, breast cooking female targets, and ongoing slow deterioration of tissue, organs and joint crippling. 

I guess HIV Positive should now be added to the list below created after input from many targets reporting how they are being officially discredited in their communities in order to gain support from the public for high-tech,  immoral torture, destruction of their lives and their families being inflicted covertly by official legalization for use of these weapons, for Federal, state (Sheriff), and local police departments, unified with and using military technology with military personnel at the helm.

The people involved in the program are not the good honorable people on this planet and should not be mistaken for them.  The general consensus is that they are the despicable, self-serving sociopaths and narcissists officiated.  Who, if given the opportunity to kill, will do so as long as it is hidden from public view and derive great personal satisfaction from the act.

The allegations below would warrant “Due Process” as a Constitutional Right.  In this program, those using this technology today have no desire to come into the open and will do everything possible to keep the truth from entering the judicial system and open Court.  Why?  This is a technology testing program using the civilian population as human guinea pigs where lies on top of lies are told within the official cover-up.

Many have been targeted to their death beds under the guise of a bogus, never-ending investigation which in reality is approved, ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation.


Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 5.36.26 PM



“Dismantling this trope requires overcoming barriers of race (within the community of women) and gender (within the Black community); it requires the sort of intersectional analysis set forth in this Article. Listening to the voices of Black women not only renders the experiences of Black women visible, but it also has the potential to transform understandings of racism and sexism. Ultimately, the trope of the Angry Black Woman is simultaneously about race and gender. It is about a woman “acting against form” and about a person of color “acting true to form.” Eliminating this trope would mean that all women would be more empowered to challenge the reins of sexism and all people of color would enjoy greater power to challenge the reins of racism.”






Musicians at a banquet. Mural from the tomb of Rekhmire, vizier under Thutmosis III (1490-1439 BCE) and Amenophis II (1439-1413 BCE). 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom, Egypt.

at a banquet. Mural from the tomb of Rekhmire, vizier under Thutmosis III (1490-1439 BCE) and Amenophis II (1439-1413 BCE). 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom, Egypt.





1101 Film_Review_-_Harriet.1


This is no great mystery…

The intent is to justify and validate, extreme, inhumane, treatment, covert destruction of lives, and mentally programmed psychopathic hatred.  And this tactic historically is used and continues to be used by those involved in inhumane nonconsensual human experimentation programs and targeting specific communities with physical and biological warfare using cleverly promoted perceptions to redirect the focus away from their heinous activities.

Thank God that the promoted negative perceptions of anyone are not shared or bought into by the intelligent global community who are the vast majority as opposed to the small-minded apparently power-hungry delusional individuals involved in this global control program overall who will kill to preserve to the secrecy.





After witnessing this technology being used to thought control, manipulate dreams, read minds searching for useful information to use and patented use of subliminal influence,  around family, friends, or associates, officially used covertly to turn family members against targets by implanting the reality for them, the realization of the powerful, PATENTED capability of manipulative and influencing technology is realized as NO JOKE!

Anyone can be used, by “The Program” and from personal experiences, documented by many nationwide and globally, if so desired and when all else has failed, used to create the reality technologically which is brainwashing.  Today by the hope of Federal, state, and local police departments operating from state-of-the-art operations centers, under one umbrella, overseen and motivated COINTELPRO AND various military operations throughout the USA goal is clear.  It is doing whatever it takes, abuse, and use anyone to keep the truth hidden, including shame and disgrace.  As a result, there is only one reality…  This program is no joke and the general consensus is that it MUST BE EXPOSED TO SAVE LIVES FROM UNETHICAL HEINOUS ACTIVITIES.




Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this technology can be and is being used to create the reality sought by this official, covert, targeting program.  This is a high-tech mind invasive, life, and health-destroying program, which is massive and has been for many years in research, TESTING, and development programs which advanced technology so monstrous, most cannot believe it exists.

After the infiltration of drugs into specific communities, the results were watched and created by likely subliminal influence overseen by major military testing sites still active today, as they had during the MK ULTRA heyday.  The objective I have found of this ongoing, again nonconsensual human experimentation program is to destroy the targets or targeted populations’ inner self.  Using subliminal influence technology the objective continues to be to destruction divine feminisms, where is a powerful energy.  Many women targeted have factually been set-up for Human Trafficking by this technology which changed their perceptions self through subtle nudging into behavior which this program exploited then used to destroy them with relentless shame and disgrace.  Many believe that this major effort can be and likely continues today through focus from reported underground military bases, and other intelligence agency testing sites with hundreds in full force during the 20 years “Behavioral Modification” targeting program.

In essence individuals, groups, communities, and large populations targeted are set-up for self-sabotage unaware that the influence is coming from a beyond belief heinous source operating a monstrous, Frankenstein mass, social, and population targeting program today, decades perfected.


Psychophysical weapons and their widespread use are today reported nationwide and globally and familiar to everyone targeted within the USA and globally as well.

The link below is an example of the global use connecting reports of people across the USA also reporting high-tech microwave crippling and worse and it reported by not only myself but obviously many others.






I must admit I am greatly confused.  How is Israel, as the link below suggests, responsible for the horrific, inhumane treatment, death, and murder by police targeting all races, within the civilian population of the USA?

And, what is the connection and repercussions of Nazi Scientist brought to the USA after World War II “Operation Paperclip” who continued mind control programming studies focused on individuals, groups, communities and large populations which ultimately evolved into a massive “Behavioral Modification” program operating officially for over 20 years, which went underground after exposure by the “Church Committee Hearings” and today, resulted in the high-tech, advanced, social and mass population control technology plague today?


NOTE:  While I can’t say I believe personally that Israel is the culprit, this articial created by “Veterans Today” is a thought provoking read with many similaries to actual real-life experiences reported nationwide today.


Part V: US Police Brutalize Our Own Citizens, Thank Israel. A NWO/Deep State Crash Course






Murder Profit




Book Ad Prologue Added





Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM





Author and Human Rights Advocate Renee Pittman Mitchell

Blog and Website Administrator
















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