“Bigger Than Snowden” Part II – The WHISTLEBLOWER’S List Continues to Grow with Various Perspectives…

“The U.S. didn’t achieve its liberty or prosperity by mistake.  It was by design, and the architects were the Founding Fathers.  Don’t mess with the Constitution.  The Constitution matters.” ~ A.E. Samaan


Ongoing Reports of Electromagnetic Weapons Being Used To Torture and Subjugate Countless American Citizens in a Global Paradigm… 


– June 13, 2019 –



Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.51.43 PM.png

Dr. Eric Karlstrom

Emeritus Professor of Geography, Cal State


Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 1.50.45 PM.png


Eric Karlstrom began teaching at California State University, Stanislaus in 1990. Since the corporate media now presents us mostly with “info-tainment) / propaganda rather than facts and the truth, it now seems incumbent upon citizens / researchers to discern the truth from many various sources and disseminate the facts to their fellow citizens.  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 1.41.40 PM.png

Toma Shibata, Ph.D, Author, Advisory

Board Member for Freedom for Targeted Individuals

As a resident of California, Dr. Shibata is lobbying legislative to sponsorship a bill proposal criminalizing “organized covert torture,” by principally amending the penal code, to the California State Legislature. “Organized covert torture” is defined as a multitude of conspiring individuals’ knowing and willful course of conduct that inflicts extreme or cruel pain or suffering by non-impulsively and clandestinely inflicting grave bodily injury, centrally coordinated by a corrupt organization. These injuries are mostly invisible or often seem to have naturally occurred, and are inflicted in such sophisticated methods as to render the victim’s torture complaint perceived as delusional or paranoid.   Read more.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 2.54.12 PM.png

Dr. Milicent Black, Ph.D

Pastor, Doctorate in Christian Education and Social Justice

A large percentage of these cases have a military connection , in this case the U.S.A.F.

Dr. Black states that her ‘stalker’ is a former U.S.A.F sergeant with whom she had a previous relationship . The sergeant will be the prime target , as he will be a MK neural implant & programming victim , it would seem that Dr.Black was in the wrong relationship at the wrong time and suffered the same fate . Targets are often grouped together in specific areas for easier control , the ultimate global divide & conquer scheme

The intention is to divert attention from the technology which involves implants & international satellite & communications systems operated by military organisations & subsidiary private military corporations . The goal is to discredit the target completely , the ultimate goal being detention , sectioning or self harming . It is always a bonus if the target commits suicide . What is less well known is that this stage of the ‘game’ the so called ‘perpetrator’ or ‘handler’ is actually a simulated computer entity , often disguised as multiple sources with the use of differing computer simulated ‘personalities’ . The target is now connected to the Machine via the implants and a brain computer interface (BCI) feedback loop .  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 3.19.30 PM.png

Dr. Mathew Arneguard (Matthew Aaron) 

The United Nations must break its silence on directed energy weapons

Dr. Matthew Aaron has compelling evidence that he is criminally targeted with organized stalking tactics and severe microwave harassment in Vancouver, British Columbia, by a vigilante-style group of white-collar criminals affiliated with one of Vancouver’s largest property management companies. Apparently, the motive behind the targeting of Dr. Aaron was to drive him away from Vancouver after he learned too much about the operations and personnel of a criminal harassment network in the heart of downtown Vancouver (operating right across the alley from his apartment). Dr. Matthew Aaron gave a riveting speech regarding the plight of thousands across the nation and millions globally suffering ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation and at the TI Springtime Rally, April 26-27, 2019. Read more.


Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 11.56.01 AM.png

Mojmir Babacek, Contributing Writer – Global Research

Mojmir Babacek, founder of the International Movement for the Ban of the Manipulation of the Human Nervous System by Technical Means, author of numerous articles on the issue of mind manipulation, offers via email on May 24, 2019 this preface to an Open Letter recently published at numerous non-mainstream media outlets, and seeking wider exposure.  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 3.31.31 PM.png

Ken Peartree, USAF (Retired)

My background is 25+ years of military service from which I retired honorably in 2004. I earned a range of Outstanding Performance Medals and Awards, and served as a member, and as the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of a Base Air Force Honor Guard unit. After the Military, I worked as a Construction Manager and as a Project Manager, positions that allowed me to earn a combined income of well over $150,000 annually before they striped me of my profession. The sophisticated Psychological Operation (PSYOPS) against me and thousands of other lawful citizens is designed to block our voices while Federally funded programs systematically destroy our lives. This is his thanks for 25 Years of service.  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.01.12 PM.png

Allison Ireland, Human Rights Advocate,

Targeting Awareness Event Coordinator

Dangerous electromagnetic neurological technologies are being used to hack, control, and torture innocent people around the world. This is a factual statement. You probably, or may not believe this right now, but my hope is you might be more convinced.  I want you to imagine a world where people sit behind computers with security clearances and listen to your most personal thoughts, spy on your most private moments, and actually, control your mind and body. This is not science fiction.  This is reality.  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.36.19 PM.png

John J. McMurtrey, 

International Christians Against Mental Slavery



John J. McMurtrey, holds a B.S. in Biology graduating with Honors in 1973, a M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 1975, and attended Medical School from 1977-1980 at Tulane University.

Articles: Project Bizarre Weapons Implications: Are Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Microwave Exposure Standards Presumptive?  He is also a member of an international, evangelical Christian political group that wants the non-consensual technological monitoring or influence of human thought to be declared a crime against humanity worldwide. Read more.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 5.12.29 PM.png NO IMAGE AVAILABLE


Julianne McKinney, US Army Intelligence Officer, Veteran

 [Credo of the Association of National Security Alumni]

“The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present—and is gravely tobe regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

[President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1961]

“Covert actions are counterproductive and damaging to the national interest of the United States. They are inimical to the operation of an effective national intelligence system, and corruptive of civil liberties, including the functioning of the judiciary and a free press. Most importantly, they contradict the principles of democracy, national self-determination and international law to which the United States is publicly committed.”  Read more.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 5.54.35 PM.png

James Walbert, Covert RFID Implanted Plaintiff

Electronically Stalked and Harassed, a Kansas Judge issues Order against alleged attacker. This could be the first official recognition of the need to protect citizens against Electronic Terrorism.  James Walbert persuaded the Court that the defendant was using electronic weapons against him and his family, in addition to resorting to obvious forms of stalking. He substantiated his claim with DoD documentation and had the support of a security specialist, who proved that electronic frequencies were involved, and, it would appear, the support of a couple of police officers. He also made use of letters from Missouri Representative, Jim Guest.

The outcome: The defendant failed to show up in court to counter what Walbert reported.  The defendant had to pay all legal fees.  The defendant may not employ 3rd-party means of re-establishing contact with Walbert (which would constitute multiple stalking), and may not employ any form of “electronic means” in harassing Walbert.  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.47.20 PM.png

Stephen Shellen, Actor, Film Producer, Artist

Hollywood star Stephen Shellen has made an urgent call that send’s chills down the spines of many.  He wants every Targeted Individual (TI), regardless of position or status, to muster courage to come forward, to break deafening silence about the crime being committed against innocent TIs, and to demand justice.

“…I’ve been stolen from, gas-lit, blacklisted, surveillanced and death threatened since 1995. My acting career was finished virtually overnight and rumor has it I was nuts!”

Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.36.19 PM.png

XKeyscore, Contributing Writer, Intellihub

COINTELPRO “Creating the False Narrative”

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 11.53.54 AM.png


“XKeyscore” used this alias in order to maintain his anonymity, is a Doctoral Candidate and multiglot with two Master’s Degrees and a Baccalaureate specializing in Middle Eastern Studies.  He holds one Master’s Degree specializing in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations, and a second Master’s Degree in Security Studies. XKeyscore has studied under a United States intelligence agency analyst and now-retired, high ranking, American military officers. XKeyscore writes exclusively for Intellihub News and Politics.
Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 9.49.24 PM.png

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq., One of “U.S. Top Attorneys”

Newsweek Magazine  2012 and 2013.

Attorney and Professor Rahul Manchanda details the COINTELPRO “Organized Community / Gang Stalking” targeting and discrediting program.


Operation Vigilant Eagle is an American law enforcement effort headed by the FBI aimed at identifying and preventing violence from white supremacists and “militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups”. The operation was first mentioned in the Wall Street Journal in April 2009. “Operation Vigilant Eagle” exists as part of a larger national security effort to target individuals associated with “Left Wing” and “Right Wing” extremist groups. Example include members of (Tea Party Movements), civilian militia (Occupy Movements), and other anti-government groups. In certain cases, targets have been labeled as mentally ill with “oppositional-defiance disorder”, and more cases show that veterans are being targeted since the beginning of Operation Vigilant Eagle and the cause could be as simple as posting controversial song lyrics and political views on Facebook. Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 8.29.29 AM.png

Dr. Jeffrey Schaler, Psychologist, Author,

“Mental Health Watchdog”

Dr. Schaler was the 1999 recipient of the Thomas S. Szasz Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Cause of Civil Liberties.  Dr. Schaler confirms what many within the medical and scientific communities have known for decades, Psychiatry is a Pseudoscience.  Many others report also that the Association of Psychiatry, through  CIA psychiatrist leadership of Ewen Cameron, of Canada played a pivotal role in official MKULTRA advancement of mind control program and the Behavioral Modification agenda. Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.31.22 PM.png

Geral Sosbee, Targeted Ex-FBI Agent

Geral Sosbee’s primary focus in his efforts is humanitarian by revelation of the threat to National Security of the United States (and the accompanying assault on Humanity) by corrupt and criminal agents of the US Intelligence agencies.  Without, and of which great concern to all US citizens is the blatant abandonment of, and respect for Constitutional Rights of citizens which is today reflected across the nation by incidents of official COINTELPRO misconduct and criminal activity.  All law enforcement agencies follow FBI dual standards of unbridled arrogance and accelerating decadence. The growing chasm of distrust between the people and traitorous government agents threatens the very fabric of our Constitutional Government.  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.47.36 PM.png

Paul Baird, Australia Activist, 

Law and Economics background

“Operation Mockingbird” CIA-controlled mainstream media as well as the marginalized media, even publications like Nexus, refuse to run anything but the most derogatory items on TIs. The New York Times, Washington Post, and other misinformation strongholds, in particular, have attacked some of our better campaigners after luring them into an interview situation. They run with the mass hysteria line, or mass and social delusions aka mental illness and ignore that all the targets have done something to annoy the PTB. Personally, says Paul Baird, I would never even talk with these snakes and this is the first interview I’ve ever given, and that’s only being done because I’m convinced that the interviewer understand the issues and is totally sympathetic.  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.32.00 PM.png

Peter Mooring, Electrical Engineering / Computer

Architecture Graduate, The Netherlands

It is not difficult to accept that are mechanisms in our society are designed to try to suppress the truth. Whistleblowers, investigative journalists, activists are all being watched, and may become targeted for short or long periods. The closer to the truth and to exposing their knowledge to large groups of people, the more they are in danger from being silenced. We read in the news that they got a heart attack or committed suicide. The thought that they probably have been murdered is unacceptable with the way we have been programmed since we were born with democratic values and respect for the rule of law. Let alone we are unable to think who may have planned and executed this initially. Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment are methods used to manipulate, incapacitate, torture and murder.   Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.22.23 PM.png

Karl Karlsson, Innovator Founder CEO Center

of the Universe Global Energy Solutions, Sweden, Stokholm

Using over 100 images, Karl Karlsson, details global targeting operations, the technological capabilities and how the technology is used globally within the paradigm of social and mass population control.   Many global whistleblowers agree that what is happening today is a global mass control effort and using a playbook of Standard Operating Procedures.  Learn More.


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.17.43 PM.png

Mark Rich, Activist, Author. “The Hidden Evil”

an Introduction to “Organized Vigilante Stalking”


Mark Rich dedicated this document to the known & unknown people who have been driven to suicide or have committed acts of violence as a result of being harassed by Organized Vigilante Stalking groups. It is his goal to make their operations as visible as possible.  Read more.


Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 1.34.08 AM.png

Magnus Olssen, Mind Tech Sweden

Targeted Individual, Magnus Olssen launched a new International Coalition to bring more awareness, and justice for victims of Electronic Terrorism.

The World Coalition Against Covert Harassment (WorldCACH) is initially in, India, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, USA, Canada, Poland, and UK.

Magnus has also said well known NSA whistleblowers that have shed light in the public arena about the covert practices done by the CIA, NSA, Intelligence agencies, Corporate companies, and other organizations, have also stepped forward to help the efforts of WorldCACH.Among these whistle blowers is former National Security Agent William Binney, who received the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence, in 2015.Other former NSA, M15, M16 personnel that are familiar with the technologies, tactics and agenda of Electronic Terrorism,  have also stepped up to support the efforts of WorldCACH.  Learn More.”’
Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 6.44.37 PM.png

Ted L. Gunderson

Theodore L. Gunderson (7 November 1928 – 31 July 2011) was an American Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI. According to his son, he worked the case of Marilyn Monroe and the John F. Kennedy cases.

NOTE:  There is great controversy around deceased Ted L. Gunderson regarding whether or not he was a good guy or bad guy even today.  Many also question, did he decided to come clean and turn on the very agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he was employed for near 28 years.  In regards to what is happening today, one thing is certain, his confirmation in the statement below nails which agencies are factually running “The Program.”




Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 7.00.40 PM.png

Learn More


Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 1.47.03 AM.png

In Memoriam of Dr. Moss David Pozner (1936 – 2011)

TARGET ADVICE:  Dr. Pozner’s pep talk for Targeted Individuals, is heartwarming for growing numbers of people targeted by a monstrous program so heinous, most cannot believe it exists. His efforts until his death in 2011 were to educate the public regarding the official targeting program and the tactics of officially motivated “Organized Community / Gang Stalking,” also known as Cause Stalking, Vigilante and Organized Harassment. Learn More.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 8.20.03 AM.pngRenee Pittman, Human Rights Advocate, Author,

Blog and Website Administrator


We are all playing our individuals roles, both big and small, working together as part of a larger humanitarian team, hoping to advance humanity and the world to a more loving and conscious place.   

To do so, the old ways MUST be challenged and weakened!  ~ Renee Pittman 





Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 6.13.40 PM.png





Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 8.13.12 AM


NSA Whistleblower, Bigger than Snowden, Suing Feds for “Systematic Illegal” Spying

Bigger than Snowden: They are spying you


Although the attributed quote below is attributed to the FBI today, and everywhere by those aware of COINTELPRO tactics, in reality it is an excerpt from a speech J. Edgar Hoover made on Communism in an article in “Elks Magazine” August of 1956.


Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.02.29 AM.png

Today the above J. Edgar Hoover quote is repeatedly used, also within the article link below, as an example of FBI COINTELPRO corruption and the typical tactics of successfully using anyone in ongoing cover-ups.

The link below, details today’s modernized COINTELPRO, using the same heinous tactics to include a mobilized army of criminals who become useful as FBI Informants. The fact is anyone can be mobilized motivated by disinformation designed to sway the perception  and more important specifically to redirect the public’s attention away from the truth and what is really going on.


Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.34.01 AM.png

COINTELPRO II: The FBI Informant Army and Donald Trump VI (updated)



How did I become noteworthy to the FBI and perceived as a threat and they believed a person unable to take a rightful stand and fight a rightful battle?  It is simple, exposure.

With many today, of one thing you can be certain, agencies involved in the covert, high-tech targeting program can, will and are, going to great lengths to stop publicized exposure.  In many cases, there are three choices with targets, as I have stated before, one, come into the open with allegations, which is illogical due to having to reveal the technology in full use today in a Court by target’s reporting its use, two covertly silence the target permanently by beamed weapons and slow-kill torture operations, which many continue to expose and point the finger at the real culprits, or three, believe it or not, technologically brainwash and use people to concoct a false reality around a target with some hired and many paid.  I was told recently told that one individual, in my case, was given $500 for involvement recently as the hope continues, with likely other payouts.

The real issue is that COINTELPRO cannot compete with a massive amount of accurate truth being publicized everywhere and as shown in the Bigger Than Snowden website by many highly credible individuals, which demands logical redirection of the focus to other heinously crafted methods of silencing and disinformation.  Paying people, combined with the ability to use, patented mind invasive technology to influence anyone subliminally, to include some blackmailed by promises of relief freedom from this type of horrific, high-tech targeting, results in the traditional COINTELPRO strategic tactic.


Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 3.28.25 PM.png


In my case and many, this program wants the truth not only silenced but more importantly, a major effort and hope is to also discredit books, blogs, websites, videos, etc., the person publicizing this information as the ultimate mission within the public domain.  The belief of what is sold to mobilized community support is actually how this ongoing, nonconsensual human experimentation program, continues to thrive.

Target’s are forced into a position of which…


Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 11.24.18 AM


Trust me when I say that many are well aware of an ongoing effort for silencing combined with a major, strategic, official set-up’s evolving and concocted around targets and around their lives while standing courageously on the truth.  Among many goals is the hope to silence, and to have taken down books, blogs, websites, videos, etc., detailing “The Program.”

For example, I recently learned of my name documented, officially, to include my date of birth, Ht. Wt. etc., attached to a conviction for “Cocaine and Larceny” in June 21, 1988 in Texas. I was not in Texas in 1988 at all, nor have I ever been convicted of anything even remotely close.  Today, this information appeared with what appears to be an updated active Sheriff Department warrant in Orange County, California updated May of 2019 on numbers online background checking sites.

From 1986 to 1989 my ex-husband, myself and our children were in Stuttgart, West Germany, with one born there in 1987 in the military and on a four year tour sent directly there after leaving a two year tour in Seoul, Korea.  In January 1989 we returned to the USA and were assigned to Fort Carson, Colorado.

I have never been convicted of “Cocaine or Larceny” nor have I ever been a prostitute in my life, and my high self-esteem today was nurtured in a loving environment while a child.  However, specific labels, across the board are being use to degrade me by mobilized, official harassment campaigns hoping to break my Spirit.  This type of mendacious official documentation, is a strategic stigma typical of COINTELPRO spearheaded focus on clever character assassination.

This is what is sold to the public, publicized on the internet and used to sway and use communities, such as the Neighborhood Watch Program, etc., by bogus file creation, around many targets, increasing in numbers, who courageously are revealing what is really happening and intentional discrediting without exception.


Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 2.06.46 PM


In spite of this, the TRUTH MOVEMENT marches On…

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 1.29.23 AM.png









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