MILITARY COINTELPRO – The History of the Covert, TARGETING Program That Evolved into Today’s, Massive, High-Tech Paradigm

The high-tech COINTELPRO unification today brings together, under one umbrella, Federal, State and local police departments nationwide with Fusion and FBI Joint Intel Centers, operating basically under one roof, all connected through high-tech operation centers, with military personnel and mind invasive, psychophysical torture, patented military technology, including the use of military weaponized Predator, and Reaper drones.  This is widely reported by victim’s nationwide.  



d. Centralized Authority: FBI and Military Intelligence

The basic policy of President Roosevelt and his four Attorneys General was to centralize civilian authority for domestic intelligence in the FBI. Consolidation of domestic intelligence was viewed as a means of protecting civil liberties. Recalling the hysteria of World War I, Attorney General Frank Murphy declared:

Twenty years ago, inhuman and cruel things were done in the name of justice; sometimes vigilantes and others took over the work. We do not want such things done today, for the work has now been localized in the FBI. 53

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 6.25.06 PM





Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 11.25.25 AM









Millions are unaware that everyone around a target can be, and in most cases, are being subliminally influenced by these highly advanced operations.  This I have learned is the hardest for most to accept as a high-tech reality and especially the one being used.  It is even more difficult for the outsider, to believe that his or her thoughts are not their own.  From experience, many learn, it is a waste of time trying to tell someone they are being technologically influenced.  This technology is nothing less than BRILLIANT!



The cold, hard, indigestible, painful truth, is that many are afraid to report targeting by our military and military technology harassment in the USA for fear of appearing to lack patriotism, and not supporting our troops.  This is although, it is a documented fact that it is the Department of Defense and our US military who must follow orders heavily involved.   It is also unpublicized that in fact similar military operations have always played a pivotal role in psychological electronic testing and targeting programs and ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation both historically, and blatantly today.




As a result, various technologies are being used within the public domain, for example, mind-reading by Subvocal Thought interpretation and also, little known, the ability to see through the target’s eyes everything the target sees.

Pivotal to these operations is the ability to listen to what you are thinking and determine if your reaction is useful while terrorizing the target. Subvocal thought reading is key.

Subvocal thought is defined as:

Of or pertaining words or statements formed in thought and expressed inwardly but not, or not yet, uttered aloud.

The subvocal thought is a completely silent, subvocal, form of speech that allows the influence of the human mind at a personal level where thoughts can also be inserted.  This capability is extremely powerful in controlling the mind and especially of those unaware targeted.

There is a reason that listening to subvocal thought (mind-reading) is vital to these high-tech operations.  Let me give you an example.

Say you are arguing with your mother, and you think to yourself, “She needs to shut up dummy.”  This is not something you would ever verbalize and it is purely a passing thought and not your typical belief.  It is momentary.  You are just upset at that moment.

However, it is in this realm that these operations operate then use the negativity to lower the target’s frequency by beamed verbal attack focused on the target  How and why?

Subvocal thought is also where our doubts, frustrations,  and insecurities lie.  Every negative thought a target has, now reported consistently by those designated nonconsensual human experimentation targets report is repeated back using the beam communication system.  And the technology is so highly advanced that operators and even mimic your own voice making you believe a negative thought is your very own when it isn’t.

These operations exploit, passing subvocal thoughts of which most would not verbalize at all or act on.  For example, a target could think, “I could kill him or her” yet again, a passing thought, briefly angry.   However, if targeted in this heinous program, which many can’t believe exists, and unaware of the technological capability, using both subliminal methods, and synthetic/artificial telepathy, any and every thought can be exploited and result in tragedy.   One of the main thoughts this program is on a constant search for is fear.

Today, even commercial and/or unclassified research technology can read minds and allow the user’s brain to interact with and control a computer, and remotely monitor human vital signs.  Here are some of what commercial and/or unclassified mind reading and similar technology can do.

1. Mind-read human brainwaves with a thought-to-speech machine and convert them into electronically generated speech. This is known as SVR, sub-vocal voice recognition.

2. Allow human brainwaves to control a computer and/or electronic equipment by monitoring and analyzing brainwaves are just some of the examples of the brain/computer interface.

3. Remotely monitor human vital signs which help to determine if what the targeting is doing is working, such as creating fear.


The capability to see through the target’s eyes also ensures the eight-hour rotating shifts are entertained.  These efforts see everything you see to include if you are in the women’s gym locker room, or after you exit the shower and survey yourself in the mirror.  There are many reports of humiliating, degrading comments then made.

This ability to see through eyes was first reported in a BBC article entitled “Looking Through Cats’ Eyes.”


The objective of these targeting operations in thought, word, or deed, is to keep a target at a lowered frequency, making the target pliable, vulnerable, unnerved, and in a constant state of agitation.   And in turn, the target’s life becomes the actual playground operating in the hideous energy of which these operations have their foundation.

Sitting, watching, listening, and calling vicious names, cooking the human body everywhere torturing, creating synthetic illness, etc., are actually a lowered consciousness of which operators of these systems and devices operate. To operate on this level or in this frequency, results are inescapable even, based on the law of attraction.  Thoughts are things.

Below is an interesting article about space-based systems and mind control.  This target reports his perception that the Soviet Union is spearheading this global effort.  United States citizens report it is the US government.  Many in other heavily targeted countries report the same as being the government.  In reality, this program could not exist if not endorsed at some level.

Also, as detailed in this blog’s website, implants are no longer necessary due to a highly advanced biometric surveillance capability detailed in a previous blog.




Technological harassment refers to the use of technology to view, track, monitor, and/or harass a person near or from a distance. The technology may include audio, and/or video surveillance, GPS trackers on vehicles, “Non-Lethal Weapons” (NLWs) Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), and satellites what is known as remote neural monitoring.

Short Description of Remote Neural Monitoring

Remote Neural Monitoring has the following capabilities. Tracking is able to lock onto a human being and track that person around. Mind reading is able to read that person’s mind and give a response, answer, or reply over TVs or radios, to what you say or think privately to yourself, hit that person with directed energy and is able to tap into all electronics, TVs, radios, police scanners, computers with voice morphing synthetic voices, and is able to say things over TVs, radios, and (Voice Morph) clone or copy individual’s voices then broadcast those voices over police scanners and can imitate any actor’s voice or any individual’s voice over the TV and respond to what you are thinking or saying in that individual’s voice.

What is becoming obvious to many awakened today, is that this is a  global paradigm for many countries.   One thing is accurate, identical procedures are being used consistently in all of these operations, around the globe to the letter to include in the USA

Is the “Five Eyes Alliance” Agreement the connection?










Today, thousands report coping with advanced technology usage so ruthless most cannot believe it exists. Today growing numbers of individuals have connected the dots and recognize high tech terrorizing by the mental, physical and verbal attacks of those at the helm of highly advanced, military electromagnetic technology in relentless harassment operations.

Biometric law and military tracking-edited

Operation Center.jpg

The example above is law enforcement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week real-time covert monitoring center with the unpublicized capability for beamed psychotronic harassment.  A person can become the victim of psychophysical torture and manipulation, bioelectrically without those at the helm of energy frequency weapon advancements even leaving the building, and covertly inflict both physical and emotional pain.

The problem is, anyone, activist, whistleblowers, or someone targeted for any reason under the Sun can be deemed a “Person of Interest” or “Domestic Terrorist” and put into the military/law enforcement technology testing program in the ongoing search for human guinea pigs, then denied even basic Human and Civil Rights much less Constitutional.  The Constitution is/was in place for a moral reason!

Operation Paperclip brought Nazi scientists to the USA after World War II and human experimentation, which began in Nazi Concentration Camps,  simply continued without missing a beat.  Today, these studies have unfolded a massive nonconsensual human program testing electromagnetic weapons with includes mind invasive psychophysical torture on civilian populations all over the world.


The question: “Why is the military moving back into Cheyenne

Mountain?”  Or, did they ever leave?


Love of Peace

The problem is this type of mentality today, can get anyone targeted, labeled strategically a “Domestic Terrorista,” and placed into “The Program,” or reportedly covertly silenced, by use of a programmed Manchurian Candidate.  Creating Manchurians was a well-known objective of several MK Ultra sub-projects using hypnosis.  This is especially true if you have any type of influence or ability to mobilized masses of people resulting from being a high-profile figure.

Peace Message
circa 1971: A large Christmas peace message reading ‘War Is Over !’ from John Lennon and Yoko Ono on a billboard in New York City. The message, protesting against US involvement in the Vietnam War, is simultaneously displayed at Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles. and at six European cities. (Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)




Check out the “Technology Approval” section, in the website above which reveals joint testing approval for advanced psychophysical technology confirming what is happening today.

US Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Sections 1520a reveals the US government’s official approval to test biological weapons, aka, electromagnetic, energy weapons, psychological electronic (Psychotronic) a term invented by Russians during the Cold War, which is specifically stated in the “Exception Clause.”



What is happening today, by many accounts runs deeper than most know in a heinous objective that is literally beyond belief by typically starting test subjects in early childhood.


Big Brother is watching you


Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 11.09.37 AM

In other words…

“Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government,

when it deserves it.” — Mark Twain.

As the puppet-master continues to pull the strings, and especially those blinded, intensely programmed,  and working these horrifically wrong operations, the question becomes, who is watching, HIGH-TECH “Big Brother”?

One thing is certain, it 100% is not the Constitution, Civil or Human Rights!





1. Army Publication

Click to access atp2_22x85.pdf

2. US Army Biometric Administrator

NOTE:  The fact is, related to the link below, and 100% definitely not publicized, intentionally, is that they do not need a helmet for synthetic or artificial telepathy or to beam the voices or commands into our troop’s heads.,8599,1841108,00.html

3. USAF Directed Energy Weapon Directorate

4. US Navy Mind Control Program – Project Concussion (Memory Erasure)

4a. Project Chatter Mind Control

5. U.S. Marines




Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM





    Sunday, June 7, 2015
    Daniel J. Laveau, presents a factual complaint of major fraud and unlawful conduct of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Chicago field office and Chicago Police Department, involving a special joint task force that has operated in a contiual wrong with fraudulent concealment since May, 1992.
    The Chicago Police Department 16 th District in approx. May, 1992 placed Laveau, under investigation for a stabbing of a minor girl 14-15 years old that transpired at, around, or in a underpass located on Avondale Street ac cross the street from Howard Taft Chicago public high school.
    In 1992 The Chicago Police Department’s 16 th District was a very small station that dealt major with bursary, battery, traffic, and light gang and drug operations. And upon Laveau being a suspect of the stabbing of a minor girl at, in or around the Howard Taft public high school the 16 th District requested assistances from the Chicago Police Department’s, “Grand & Central Violent Crime Sex Crime Division”, that in 1992 contacted Laveau via his Probation officer, while he was in a 6 month in patient alcohol/drug rehabilitation program, located at 57 th & Wood Street Chicago, Illinois.
    Laveau witnessed after the Chicago Police Department contacted his probation officer that he was being followed, where 2 woman that looked as Chicago Police (one with short black hair Irish and the other long brown curly hair Polish/black mixed or well tanned) were entering into theaters, restaurants, hotels, and public parks, where Laveau was taking his girlfriends to on dates. A Chicago Police officers EX wife “Christian Cwick” that resided at 1881 N Cortland ST Chicago ILL, Were numerous times upon Laveau in public areas of recreation he was harassed by Chicago Police uniformed officers coming up to him and his dates asking if she was alright after May, 1992 till 1993 intill he was unfortunately incarcerated as a detainee in the Cook County Jail on a probation violation. this Chicago Police officers, Ex wife’s husband resided 6 blocks away from the Laveau’s families residence right down the block from his father in law “Kenneth Kohonen”, and they were both friends and knew each other, a Chicago Police officer assigned to the “California & Shakespeare Station , the same jurisdiction where 2 Kidnappings, 1 roof top sniping, 1 stabbing, and 1 drive by shooting “Laveau” was targeted for transpired. “That he never committed”.
    The Chicago Police Department’s Grand & Central Violent Crime Sex Crime Division upon being asked for assistance for the stabbing of a minor girl at Howard Taft public high school in or around a underpass across the street from the school formed a special joint task force with the Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigation School Gang Crime/Sex Crime Division, and together done 24 hour a day Roving Surveillance on Laveau since May, 1992.
    The Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigation’s and Chicago Police Department’s Violent Crime/Sex Crime Divisions together entered inside the Illinois State Department of Correction’s, operating a “Roving Surveillance Prison Monitoring Special Agent Behavior Science Project”, that in 1994 consisted of monitoring Laveau’s in/out postage, phone communications and communications between other inmates, Etc.
    Upon Laveau Paroling out of Pontiac Illinois Correctional Center in Approx. May 1995, the special agent Federal Bureau of Investigation’s unit and Chicago Police monitoring Laveau, learned of a residence at; 3111 Lake Street, Glenview Illinois, where “Philip Laveau” tied his wife “Marry Laveau” in the attic Where was discovered her night gown and “Philip Laveau’s trousers”, and numerous toys, all items manufactured prior to 1965 with over 30 years of accumulation dust on them. And also suppressed the fact a individual named “Jerry Mahalic” used I/V drugs in the attic in 1988 during a keg party.(Where was discovered his blood and D.N.A. and he admitted to using the drugs in the attic to the original detectives in 1995.)
    The Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigation’s field office and the Chicago Police Department in a premeditated criminal undertaking suppressed the fact that they together done 24 hour a day Roving Surveillance on Laveau since May, 1992 and factually knew he never committed any Kidnapping, Homicide , or any other crime they have unlawfully targeted him for and operated in a planned series of events in major premeditated fraud to the State of Illinois and United States Department of Justice/National Security Administration to get access and funding to operate a Behavior Science Experimental Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s, that used “Live Satellite Roving Surveillance with Advanced Voice Print Bio-Metrics” and 30 – 100 Federal Bureau of Investigation’s agents assigned from around the United States from Quantico Virgina and Washington D.C. and numerous local law enforcement joint task force agents, to do a Unlawful Enhanced Roving Interrogation, using a Dangerous Vigil Anti Style Stalking, INVOLVING THE IMMEDIATE THREATS OF DEATH BY SEXUAL ORGAN MUTILATION, STABBING, KIDNAPPING, AND HOME EVASIONS TO LAVEAU AND HIS FAMILY MEMBERS,OPERATING IN A UNACCEPTABLE, UNLAWFUL CONDUCT FOR ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY.
    The fact is that “Greg Laveau”, Daniel Laveau’s brother was at the time 1994 was on Bond for Drug Trafficking, and Armed Violence Weapons Charges, ( numerous handguns ), and the FBI and Chicago Police, had him while he was out on Bond and Appeal, and his wife “Dawn Laveau/Dawn Kohonon, Surveillanced selling Cocaine and holding Weapons and discharging fire arms, which would of violated his bond and incarcerated him and his wife, giving him a Bond Forfiture, which means under Illinois State law consecutive sentencing of 2 class X felonies 6-30 years each,
    The Chicago Police in numerous planned series of criminal events with the Chicago FBI, Targeted “Lavaeu”, as a Serial Murderer, to operate a special joint task force, involving FBI special agents State of Illinois Police, and Chicago Police Special Operations officers, believe he was a Drug addict dying of A.I.D.’S, because of the health condition the couple he left the building to upon moving “Cynthia & Joseph Burns” that both had A.I.D.’S, at Approx. 1423 N Greenview St, Chicago , ILL, where prior to “Laveau” residing between late November 1992 – March 93, 2 Latino Children were abused tied to space heaters, window bars, and bunkbeds, with handcuffs, and 1 child was unfortunately Murdered by it father in July of 1991, where his body sat in the basement of the residence for approx, 2 weeks till removed by the Chicago Police. The residence was owned by a Cook County Sheriff Jail Nurse “Dorthy Dilman”, that resided with a Cook County Sheriff employed at the Jail.
    The original detectives operated in a premeditated criminal undetaking believing they would operate their Special FBI, State of Illinois, Chicago Police, Cook County Sheriff joint task force till “Laveau” died of A.I.D.’S, and then place numerous missing and/or dead children inside the solved, closed crime scenes, and get career advancement and the access to the D.O.D, N.S.A technology “Advanced Satellite and Bio- Metric Voice Print Technologies” the FBI was given to do Roving Enhanced Interrogations, in Special saturation Units, Special Programs of the Behavior Science Division of the FBI.
    The FBI have at the present time entered into a criminal design of making factually fraudulent statements to the Public of “Laveau” being a convicted child predator and to have sexually assaulted his friends children that are deceased that died unfortunately from A.I.D.’S, to get “Carte Blanche” operating powers creating a highly dangerous environment wielding powers of the dangerous Chicago Corrupt Machine, and city infrastructure. And after Laveau filed with the United States Inspector General’s office in Washington and Chicago petitions to Immediate provide the essential Investigation and needed Protection from these deranged Chicago FBI officials, they have tried to tell the Public that the tactics of the statements of the Predator Assaults were made in a tactic to Investigate another crime, of “Laveau” killing a Black child Toddler discovered on the westside of Chicago inside a 5 gallon bucket, that there is not any evidence to support a white man to have ever committed… Solely
    to keep a highly dangerous environment of coercion going and keep the honest white non law enforcement officials from demanding their full criminal Investigation and Indictment and telling the truth of the Misconduct they have witnessed.
    At the present time there are rich Multi Millionaire Law Enforcement Political Officials racketeering wielding powers of the dangerous Chicago Corrupt Machine, misleading the white Non Law enforcement Public, to Stop/Hinder any type of professional Investigation from taking place solely to stop the biggest high profile Investigation from happening involving the complete Chicago, Illinois Federal law enforcement establishment and Washington United States Justice Department, where the Chicago Police and FBI in a common criminal design undermined the United States Justice department…Self evident of the direct Family connection between Daniel J. Laveau, his Ex girlfriend Christian Cwick, his father in law being employed in the same jurisdiction where the Kidnappings took place and the solved crime scene evidence of the residence owned by a cook county Sheriff…and the fact his father in law resided right down the block from his Ex girlfriends house all Chicago Police of the residing in the 16 th District, where the original Investigation started in may of 1992, for a stabbing that transpired at or around Howard Taft high school, aforementioned…
    Posted by Daniel LaVeaux at 10:27 PM No comments:
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    ..And want to know more info on the arrangement, etc…call 7734594631 ask for d.j. thank you…
    I am looking for a room in a good non-drug environment, a social drink or joint is cool, as long as you are not a druggie and am wanting to ?get this Legal stuff motion.

  2. Hello I read your story my husband and I are experiencing similar situations and has got worse over time. We are living in faraday cage and using a combination of argen material we also use infrared. You described to a tee what is the most heinous a person can go through. Not being able to see the perpetrator and or know why this is happening to you while in the comfort of your own bed. This is inhuman and without adoubt a part of the new world order to make man slaves to the elite. The people are waking up. I just pray God will being great punishment on those who has done this. God Bless to all those out suffering. Please stay strong live be happy celebrate eachday. Peace to all

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