Government Covert Deadly Operations and Clever Plausible Deniability





The term ‘plausible deniability’ was introduced into the English language in 1975 when the Church Committee, a US Senate committee, conducted an investigation into the intelligence agencies.

It described the situation where the President was not informed of actions such as to assassinate Fidel Castro, but in the view of the Church Committee, it was clearly in favor of the action. By not being informed, the president could state that he had no knowledge of the actions. He had a plausible denial.

Plausible deniability has been honed since in government and private enterprise, into an art form. We all do it –  at home with the kids, at work, with our mates from our club and sometimes sadly, with ourselves.

The problem for me is that plausible deniability is a phrase that equates to lack of accountability.

There are, however, telltale techniques that we and others – wittingly or unwittingly – use, created on the base of fallacious arguments that should let us know that what we are being offered or are offering is not the whole truth.

The technique I have heard most often used of late is the technique of offering a plausible argument whilst setting up a defensive shield to deny any request to justify the original proposition embodied in a query.

For example, a hypothetical reporter might ask, “Have you seen the cable referring to the corruption allegations?” A hypothetical politician or civil servant might answer, “I receive hundreds of thousands of cables into my office every year. I can’t be expected to read all of them”.

This technique, in terms of regularity of use of late, has been closely followed by the use of a word to attach a clear but subtle change in meaning to what seems to be a simple unequivocal message. The reason for using this technique is to enable the respondent to be equivocal at a later stage if their lines of defense have been stripped away.

Our hypothetical reporter might ask, “Were you involved in a meeting where the details of the new concessional taxation arrangements were discussed before the budget was announced?” Our hypothetical politician might reply, “I have no specific recall that any details were discussed”. The plausible denial has two parts; “specific” and “recall”. An alternate answer might have been, “Sure, we had a meeting and discussed the concessions, but I can’t remember the exact words in the discussion”.

Another technique to look for is the omission of information. Look for what is not said rather than what is said. For example, a hypothetical human resources manager might ask of a line manager who is recommending someone for a promotion, “Tell me about her performance”.

The hypothetical line manager may answer: “She is always punctual, everything is done on time. She has a very good knowledge of the subject matter and is considered to be an authority on the topic of policy”.

The inference in the answer is that the person is competent. However, by looking for what is not said one can pick that this may not be the whole truth. There was nothing said about personal skills, for instance.

Another answer consistent with the first might have been: “She has no interpersonal skills and the quality of her work, whilst good technically and punctual, has no human element. Her work colleagues are frustrated because of that and it negatively affects the team performance”.

By not answering the unasked questions the line manager can move an unproductive employee on through promotion, which is much easier than managing their performance. At a later date when the capability of the individual becomes obvious, the line manager can be truthful in stating that he told no lies.

Another technique often used is to attack the credibility of the questioner, rather than addressing the substance of the question.

Adjectives and phrases such as, “minor official”, “not close to the day-to-day operation”, “intellectual” and “cynical” are used to describe the individual and therefore lessen the credibility of what they have to say without providing any proof that what they said was wrong.

Plausible deniability is an issue for public and private enterprise alike. It is an issue because it leaves open the door to abuse of authority and resources, shifting blame and deflecting accountability.

The most serious aspect of plausible deniability is that it increases the level of distrust between senior management and employees. Whilst plausible deniability works some of the time, one can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Leaders who duck accountability by using the technique of plausible deniability or other techniques lose the trust of the very people that they need to follow them. They, conversely, won the admiration of the unscrupulous as an “operator”.

When we lose trust, we can no longer lead. Of that, there is no denying.




Cleverly, plausible deniability has reared its ugly head in useful, deadly community efforts around many victims.  If by chance, a covertly targeted victim drops dead inside their home, from beamed Directed Energy Assaults, who would be accountable?  And, those spearheading the effort,  believe the unseen or detectable rays cannot be proven.

One must admit, how convenient and clever Plausible Deniability becomes for rogue government operatives, given approval from a higher authority.  Another form of plausible deniability is the fact that the deadly technology in full use is strategically labeled as non-lethal, which is a plausible denial of its full deadly potential.  Depending on how the technology is used and it widespread, available as portable, handheld, land, sea, drone and space-based systems, in targeting operations, where the target is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covert physical torture victimization becomes deadly to include covert beamed assassinations.


Return of the CIA’s ‘Rogue Elephants’

The Senate’s report on torture

shows U.S. intelligence agencies

need to be reined in again.




Click to access PlausibleDeniability_PPT_ICC-OTP_Presentation_Dorn_ReducedSize_18May2010_10June2011.pdf



The outcome of psychophysical, psychological electronic beamed “Electronic Assaults” is the insidious nature of this electronic warfare technology, since it can be used against any American citizen (through a covertly implemented national signals intelligence EMF brain mapping program in the United States, & the NSA’s Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network – which when used in conjunction with this brain mapping program is used to instantly identify the unique brain map of any American citizen) by being deployed via the EMF spectrum, while giving the incarnated evil who use these weapons against us, anonymity in committing these horrendous crimes, as they hide behind the cover of the federal organization they work for.

According to testimony taken by an FBI agent in a lawsuit filed by a man named Jesus Mendoza, who (along with his family) has been the target of directed energy weapon’s attacks for years by the FBI, the FBI was given access to directed energy weapons by the U.S. Justice Department in 1994 and has since been using them as a means in which to both torture and murder American citizens with plausible deniability.

There have been so many American citizens (oftentimes in highly visible roles) murdered by way of directed energy weaponry, whose deaths were reported to have been from natural causes, that this author (James Marino) wonders if the U.S. federal government now uses directed energy weaponry as the de facto standard for murdering anyone whom the leadership in this government takes a disliking to, yet, cannot prosecute through the legal system.

I find it of interest that activist, Judi Bari, developed breast cancer while she was in the process of suing the FBI, and died before she could see her lawsuit to fruition (Bari’s friends and family proceeded with the suit after her death and were awarded a $4.4 million judgment against the FBI – whether the FBI was ever forced to actually pay this judgment remains to be seen).” writes Marino.”

“The technology can come from many directions, and intense, burning sensation that is periodically focused on my breast as well then bounces around my body delivering microwave non-ionizing radiation with repeated attacks.”

“I find it unbelievable that rogue operatives, and those they brainwash into involvement, who must be chipped or definitely programmed, as operatives, are so damaged mentally, that they actually believe themselves important when given permission to destroy lives, and are employed in these specific positions where the goal is to ensure cover-up of the horrors and global destruction created by those who truly really don’t give a damn about them either.  Has the light gone out in their brains?”




plausible deniability


Active Denial Beam from Across the Street


If a lot of people are saying the same thing, LISTEN!


Slow Kill




The U.S. National Security Act of 1947, the Origin of “Plausible Deniability” and the Assassination of JFK:









Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM


  1. Gang Stalking : Collective action or Hate Crime built in system?

    TARGETED INDIVIDUALS – By this activity innocent people have become unwitting targets of organized crime or government initiatives. They may also simply serve as guinea pigs. They are controlled by monitoring 7 / 7 days – 24 / 24 hours, for years and sometimes for life. Most do not know why it happens to them. And often, when realizing, it’s already too late. It seeks to silence them by discrediting them. In addition, they provided the following treatment: defamation, rejection, scorn, isolation, intimidation, denial of service, harassment, sexual, electronics, and torture. The aim is destruction, all aspects of their lives are affected. They are all at the same time, all the time. These victims are isolated, without support. Why? First, because this phenomenon is unknown to the public, difficult to detect and recognize. In addition, the game consists of these criminals to discredit them, they pose as outcasts. They say for example that he or they are prostitutes, pedophiles, sexual predators, dangerous criminals, mentally ill, vagrants, thieves, etc.. They are desperate to do so. Thus discredited, they were finally isolated and silenced. It’s the perfect crime. But … IT has got to stop!

    WHAT IS THE “GANG STALKING”? – It is a form of terrorism and torture that is motivated by hatred, envy, jealousy or revenge. For many, it is a sport, and even entertainment. This crime, often taken as a simple game by the participants, is to persecute the targeted person and to isolate and eventually destroy it. The main weapons used are the constant surveillance, intimidation, slander, discredit and harassment in all its forms. The person is treated as an object with which we have fun. It hurts the target as possible before destroying it. This is a hate crime but silent because he does not leave obvious marks. Worse, these acts are committed under the gaze of all. Taken in isolation, these acts may seem harmless. But the amount of these misdeeds committed against a single person and the repetitive nature of these attacks have a cumulative and devastating. The situation is aggravated by time.

    WHO ARE THOSE CRIMINALS? – The “Gang Stalking” can be initiated or controlled by an individual or a group of people. They can hire professional organizations to track and harass the targeted person. They have a vast network of human resources not to mention the criminal gangs who are ready to accomplish the task. It is just business for them. Their networks extend to all strata of society, even government bodies. Their contacts may have links all over the world. The targeted person can not escape by traveling or moving. This crime is heinous and evil perpetrated by large numbers of people. Personal relationships, business and even relatives are often involved, but most often without their knowledge.

    CONSEQUENCES – For the victims: intense humiliation, mental and physical injuries, family breakdown, isolation, lack of privacy, inadequate services, various health problems. They live in various losses: identity, reputation, social network, self-esteem, work, income, dignity, etc.. They find themselves living extreme pain which can even lead to suicide very insidiously.For the community because a false sense of insecurity among citizens caused by the mere presence of the targeted individuals in their environment. Thus, many felt threatened or inadequately protected by the justice system, take part in the “surveillance” of those targeted or harassed. Gang Stalking is unknown, some authority figures may also be involved. But criminals also. These take the opportunity to reduce their sentences this way. Citizens participating in believer do a good deed. Instead they become complicit in this crime, often because they had presented these individuals as potentially dangerous under the false accusations, false evidence in support (false records, photos or videos faked, misinformation, blacklisting corrupt etc..) Caution! You can be targeted too even if you participate. Maybe you are already targeted and you do not know.

    By France Quenneville, décember 14th, 2010.

    EDUCATE AND DENOUNCE – You can view or send this information by email and circulate everywhere on the net. For more information here are some addresses:,, ou
    French :‐en‐reseau.htm
    GANG STALKING, Harcèlement Urbain :

  2. A lucrative business for gangs: torturing false outcasts.

    Gangs make false sex offender for having control on them torture them. It’s business! And bunch of people ready to put his two cents. Why? Because they have a phobia of sexual predators. Many people are willing to pay to “clean up” the planet of this junk. But there are not that much. So they must find those who can not defend themselves and let the others beleive these are outcasts to be able to torture them with peace of mind.

    Everyone agrees in silence. They doe’s not want them and they are against them. They are ready to denied their dignity and humanity. They do not listen what they have to say, they serve them waste as food. They tell about them at the others exactly the opposite of what they are. Those one’s are denied in their right to be alive.

    Worse, They want to see them suffer! For this reason, they are tortured psychologically and physically as well as destroying their lives and those they love. They are monitored 24/24 hours, 7 / 7 days. All citizens can be involved. Anti-pedophiles, sanctimonious, activists, religious extremists of all kinds do not need to know the truth to rise and form vigilante groups. They are all convinced that these are people who do not deserve to live. They took the opportunity to spill their hatred.

    Basically, this business runs by itself. The gangs knows. But it must be that people that are unable to defend themselves for being taken for fools and mad. It is important not whether educated people, professionals or people smart enough to realize what is happening. If yes, they will do all their possible to discredit them.

    But, these gangs, those who torture others, do it without thinking. They have contracts from organized crime. They are doing “the most dirty job” and also the most exposed. Those are the ones who will pay the price for doing this “work”. But they did not have so much choice. They were promised heaven and earth to join the gang. They were teenagers, children who had dreams and who needed to find a home group. But it was a trap.

    So they try to convince themselves that the ones who are tortured are really outcasts. They convince themself that they have the right to make them suffer. Sometimes they try to convince themselves that this is just a game, that these people are not real people or also that they do not really suffer. Instead, they say they are complaining for nothing. That’s what they were told about these people, these targets. So, they become true predators, sex offenders and a lot more.

    But it’s not so easy for them. They can even switch off or get crazy. So they take drugs. The organized crime provided to them a motivator that stimulates and feeds their fury against these rogue so they torture them with greater force and violence. And they torture them to death. They dare to believe that they simulate a natural death. But deep down they know they are responsible of that mess. But, they say: “They died of their disease anyway. So it does not matter. We help the world get rid of these parasites. ”

    But they do that to innocent people! These people really suffer from all the abuses inflicted on them in addition to whatever other subject, them believing they are doing their civic duty. All of us must realize that it is a hate crime. And that perpetrators are not only members of these gangs. The first ones risponsables are those who beleive they deserve to live and for this they need to «clean» the planet of those ones they do not like, the ones they call parasits who takes their due. The risponsible are also all the people who benefit of the public lynching with the most hypocritical way.

    Par France Quenneville, october 17th, 2010.

    Immigration officer sacked for putting wife he didn’t like on terror watch list BY JUSTIN PENROSE

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