Synchronicity – Robert F. Kennedy and I, Los Angeles, 1968


I call this blog “Synchronicity” because the Director who drove Robert Kennedy to the Ambassador Hotel for his speech that fatal night was also the director of one of the versions of the “Manchurian Candidate” about MK ULTRA mind control programs and hypnotized puppets used for assassinations.  Who knew I would end up writing books on this subject.  I certainly did not!








The story below of my interaction with Robert Kennedy is 100% the unequivocal truth.  Believe me, when I say that I would never risk my credibility by falsely portraying myself as the little girl when I was not.  I have read many second-hand versions, however, the version detailed by both Rosey Grier in his letter to me is accurate, and the mention in Robert Kennedy’s sister’s book is the most accurate related specifically to me with both he and me there.

What is amusing is that these Federal Agents have checked as well and know it was me.

As revealed Robert Kennedy was concerned about many children in the crowd and rightfully so as he traveled across California and his vehicle maneuvered through massive groups of people running alongside the vehicle trying to shake his hand, children included, detailed in the book “85 DAYS…” by Jules Witcover.  This is exampled in this link detailing the campaigning through Salinas, California, which is over 300 miles away from Los Angeles, on Page 114.


Click to access 85-days-witcover.pdf

In Thurston Clarke’s book, “The Last Campaign” I was the little girl he reached down for then factually pulled into the vehicle in Los Angeles, Watts, revealed on page 263 of his book below.

I will never forget that day!

Let’s see what THEY have up their sleeves in the ongoing silencing effort, as they keep trying and trying and trying and trying to destroy my credibility and existence if they could and the finger pointed elsewhere.  Can you really blame them when you consider the information I reveal regarding this beyond evil program?  The fact is, THEY are working overtime, 24/7 trying to prevent the shame and disgrace of this monstrosity and searching for anything useful to help them.

Again, the synchronicity is that on that fatal night Robert Kennedy was driven to the Ambassador hotel by the Director, John Frankenheimer remaking The Manchurian Candidate a movie about MKULTRA’s mind-control programming, and some felt that the shooter had been programmed even the shooter himself.

All I can say is what an amazing life!    


Some men see things as they are, and ask why,” said Kennedy.
I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.
 ~ George Bernard Shaw




About three thousand people crammed into a ballroom at the El Cortez Hotel, in San Diego, before the California Primary.   Robert Frances Kennedy,  finished his speech, as he always did, by paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw, his familiar peroration.








RFK The Last Campaign


In the Thurston Clarke book, “The Last Campaign…”, on pp. 263, the author details my experiences, Ella Renee Pittman’s encounter with RFK as a young girl.  His excerpt was taken from the very rare book “That Shining Hour” and details give to and later to be written by Patricia Kennedy Lawford.

Thurston Clarke was educated at Yale University, Columbia University, Wikipedia documents, the School of Oriental and African Studies, London,  He is the author of twelve books, the most recent of which is JFK’s Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and the Emergence of a Great President (2013) and is the son in law of British Ambassador Julian Bullard.

This specific book, obviously, is his version of the last days of the RFK campaign before the assassination and was published in 2008.






On Thu, Jul 9, 2015, at 3:40 PM, Renee Pittman Mitchell

< wrote:

Dear Mr. Clarke,

Hello… My name is Renee Pittman Mitchell.  In the above-titled book on Page 263, in the excerpt below, you write:

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 5.32.54 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 5.33.25 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 5.33.53 PM

I am the little girl written about in this book, shown in the excerpt above and further detailed in the link below.

Thurston Clarke excerpt




                                                  THURSTON CLARKE’S RETURN EMAIL BACK TO ME 

Thurston Clarke (Personal address email deleted) 7/10/15

Dear Ms. Mitchell,

Thank you for your wonderful email. This is the kind of connection that I always hope to make, but rarely do. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t have interviewed before I began writing.

As to any images of the parade . . . I see from my footnote that it was covered in Life Magazine, so I imagine that their archives would have a number of photographs that they didn’t use in the issue. You might also search the LA Times archives. If the local television news programs keep archival footage you might find yourself there.

I’m bust this weekend but perhaps we could connect by telephone next week. I’m in upstate New York, three hours ahead of you.

All the Best,

Thurston Clarke



                                                            MY RESPONSE TO THURSTON CLARKE

Author Renee Pittman Books or Renee Pittman Mitchell, 7/10/15 
To: thurston@ (Personal email address deleted)

In the synchronicity of this amazing life, I am a writer, with five books about Intelligence Agency corruption, mind control programs, and technology.

Who knew?



                                                    FOLLOW-UP EMAIL TO THURSTON CLARKE

From:, 7/11/15
To: thurston (Personal email address deleted)

Subject: RE: “The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days that Inspired America

Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2015 

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I noticed in the Notes on pages 304, that the story detailing my involvement with RFK was referenced from, Ibid, Lawford, 151-52.

Would you be so kind as to tell me specifically which book? I am assuming it is one of many written about Peter Lawford.

Thank you in advance.





NOTE:  The email below was after my researching and learning that the excerpt in Thurston Clarke’s book, related to my experience as a child, was factually derived from “That Shining Hour” by Patricia Kennedy Lawford.  This is an extremely rare book with less than 10 available to the public, through Special Collections at a few University libraries.

The excerpt, detailed on Page 151-152, is related to me and exactly my experience as a little girl.





Subject: “That Shining Hour” by Patricia Lawford, 

From: Author Renee Pittman M or Renee Pittman Mitchell, 7/11/15 

To: thurston (Personal email address deleted)


I hope I do not appear to be a complete idiot. On further checking, which I should have done before emailing you, I found in your Bibliography “That Shining Hour” by Patricia Lawford.

I have a lot of irons in the fire as efforts are underway for a film. I will finally sit down and read your entire book, by all accounts wonderful, of which I checked out at the library a few days ago. My focus has been for a few weeks, around the clock, on finding the image in question from Sun up to Sundown.






Patricia Helen “Pat” Kennedy Lawford was an American socialite and the sixth of nine children of Rose and Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.  She was a sister of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and longtime Senator Ted Kennedy.

Having been particularly close to Robert, Patricia Kennedy Lawford, gathered together memories of him from many people in “That Shining Hour” which was privately printed for family and friends after his death.


Patricia Kennedy Lawford’s “That Shining Hour” published in 1969, was published as a memoir of RFK’s life, and as a keepsake for family member’s exclusive.




                                                                          JULES J. WITCOVER

Jules Joseph Witcover is a veteran newspaperman of 50 years’ standing, having written for The Baltimore Sun, the now-defunct Washington Star, the Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post. Together with Jack Germond, Witcover co-wrote “Politics Today,” a five-day-a-week syndicated column, for over 24 years.


Author Renee Pittman M or Renee Pittman Mitchel 7/10/15
To: juleswitcover (Personal email address deleted)

Dear Mr. Witcover,

In Thurston Clarke’s book The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 84 Days that Inspired America, as shown in the excerpt below:

NOTE:  This excerpt is not repeated here as the bulk of this message.  This is obviously because it is identical to the excerpt shown above detailed in the two-paragraph in Thurston Clarke’s book related to me which begins:

Bill Barry, Rafer Johnson, and Rosey Grier—holding on to one another’s waists in a chain, to prevent him being yanked into the street…. 

The rest of the email picks up here:

I am the little girl in question and am hoping for an image or footage of this event in my life if you have any images. I ask because in the note section in this Clarke’s book, on page 289, in his Note section, Note 57 reads: he noticed a little girl, then references 85 Days, your book, Witcover, page 114 as his source it appears indicating you possibly may have an image in your book 85 Days.

During further research at the library today searching for an image, I realized that you were talking about someone else and not RFK’s campaign through Watts, Los Angeles…

That Shining Hour black cover


85 Days



85 Days Witcover



                                                                        EMAIL FROM JULES WITCOVER 

JULESWITCOVER (juleswitcover@)  7/10/15

Ms. Mitchell: As you note, the footnote to which you refer was in error, referring to an entirely different RFK event that I witnessed and that took place earlier. I have no images of your encounter nor any recollection of it. Perhaps the author of the other book, who did not cover that campaign, can help you. Good luck.




                                                                        MY EMAIL TO JULES WITCOVER

Author Renee Pittman M or Renee Pittman Mitchel 7/12/15

Thank you for your response. It is true Thurston Clarke did not cover the campaign, and if you did, and did not witness me sitting in the vehicle with Robert F. Kennedy after he came through my neighborhood, Watts, Los Angeles in 1968, late afternoon, also known as South Central, then you possibly did not either. The incident happened and can be substantiated by highly credible members of the community, numerous family members, and the two black security guards, Thurston Clarke documents in his excerpt, that factually brought me home. Understand that eventually, I will find, likely unpublished footage or images or both.

The fact is, the information Thurston Clarke documented, related to the little black girl, me. with the stuffed animal and riding with RFK, in “The Last Campaign” Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America, the book’s Bibliography denotes the information was excerpted from “That Shining Hour” written in 1969 by Patricia Kennedy Lawford and is again referenced on page 151-52 of her book. A very rare book today of which I just ordered to be sent to my library. Patricia Kennedy Lawford was likely told of me by Peter Lawford, possibly.

Understand that in the synchronicity of life, and as a film begins to take shape, of this event playing less than a 10-15  second role, that I ultimately, as a writer with 5 books published in the “Mind Control Technology” book series being heavily targeted. The footage is necessary because it makes the connection with what appears to be my destiny/synchronicity of which certain agencies do not want publicized resulting in a continued effort to discredit me. I am heavily targeted in a takedown effort that started with my first book publication. If I had wanted to profit from this connection or recognition, I would have done so earlier. I am now ** years old. This is merely an effort to reveal the truth and reality of this actually happening!

IF you were to search, and IF you were actually with Robert F. Kennedy the entire trip, June 3, through the black neighborhoods, of which some were scared to be in, you would find an image of me sitting down in the convertible vehicle/motorcade driving through this neighborhood!


Renee Pittman Mitchell



                                                                         JULES WITCOVER’S EMAIL

JULESWITCOVER (juleswitcover@), July 13, 2015

What do you mean, IF? On what grounds are you challenging that I was on that trip? Are you suggesting I made up my description?


                                                                    EMAIL TO JULES WITCOVER

Author Renee Pittman M or Renee Pittman Mitchell, June 13, 2015

To:  Jules Witcover

Dear Mr. Witcover,

Perhaps I was oversensitive and it showed. It can be a flaw at times, both good and bad combined with a personality known to be direct.

I felt that your writing, in your return email to me, that the other author, Thurston Clarke, who published a similar book to yours when you stated: “who did not cover the campaign” insinuated that the factual incident around me, could be mistakenly interpreted as being fictitious or it did not happen. This is although Thurston Clarke appears to have done extensive research for his version of his book. This can be proven in the reference section, showing his Notes, and Bibliography.

He documents, as I previously stated in one of my emails to you, that the information on me, the little black girl in question, was actually excerpted from “That Shining Hour” written in 1969 by Patricia Kennedy Lawford.

We know Patricia Kennedy Lawford as being the sister of JFK and RKF who was married to actor Peter Lawford. Peter Lawford was a known confidante of both John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy as depicted in the Marilyn Monroe story and likely Patricia Kennedy Lawford’s source.

Amazingly, your title and that of Thurston Clarke’s are nearly identical:

85 Day: The Last Campaign of Robert Kennedy by Jules Witcover




The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy, 82 Days

That Inspired America by Thurston Clarke




No, I am not challenging your description of the event you were involved in my now clarity. I am just trying to get the details right and obtain any images or footage to further credibility.

However, coincidentally, I just received a return phone call from Rosey Grier, who remembers me clearly. He said he remembered thinking, “What are we going to do with you?” This was as I sat in the motorcade alongside RFK and for a long time. He also told me that there were no reporters following them or taking pictures of that specific detour route, and time of the day on June 3, 1968. However, I do remember that when we reached our destination, Venice, California, there were many reporters. Perhaps I might luck up and find an image taken by one of them by chance.

Initially, I felt that the only people who might possibly have saved images, the ones unpublished, would be the photographers who were documenting the last week of the RFK campaign in photographs, June 1-5, 1968, and specifically his ride through Watts, Los Angeles. This is why I contacted you. Your book, 85 Days, implies you were with him the entire time I assumed. However, again, Rosey Grier, just told me there was not a camera crew or photographers following them that particular detour route. It will take additional research on my part in the hope to find any images or footage if it exists at all.

Thurston Clarke’s book cover photo shows, that at some point, RFK is documented in images as being in the black community. This is also true in another image shown in the Boston Globe book review linked.  It is a review of Clarke’s book.

My skepticism is also founded on my being heavily targeted, around the clock, and those targeting me, knowing of my efforts, believe it or not, who are intervening secretively, while watching and listening to my every move, internet search, or phone conversations, and typical attempts to stop the flow of information, in more ways than one, connected to anything that I do overall.

After substantiating that my involvement can be proven, the COINTELPRO effort around me, as they listen in the background of my phone line, it is not unreasonable to conclude that this effort would hope to strategically discredit me and portray that a very true, factual incident, did not happen.

In fact, while on the line, listening to my conversation with a family member, I had not spoken with for years, recollecting her, and other family member’s memories of that day, she, a now a retired LAPD administrator, the agent was repeating erroneously in the background, “No one remembers her” intentionally during another call to agitate me. This is in spite of again, members of the community, my family, Rosey Grier, and again, two of RFK’s security team who brought me home, to my address at the time, who can confirm the factual reality as well. I am grateful for Patricia Kennedy Lawford’s initial documentation.

The effort intensifies around me, which actually began long before I began, about a month ago, searching for my involvement in this historic event. Naturally, it would because a focus, as a hopeful film emerges which would connect my book series, and a COINTELPRO effort around me, with covert death threats of “She’s gone” or “We have got to get her!”

“The Synchronicity of Destiny” is a possible, tentative title.

I have often wondered if this incident, now connecting the work I am doing, in the grand scheme, on a metaphysical level, was/is, after all, my destiny and calling and that everything that led up to me becoming an author, Human Rights Advocate happened as it should have as I walk my designated path on this journey and a work of love.

I cannot think of anything in my life more rewarding than to expose the reality of mind control technology, and a program in research, testing, and development for decades destroying many lives. In fact Sirhan, Sirhan said he was mind-controlled. What if it was not by chance, that I inadvertently, I initially felt, became a book author with books becoming my chosen method of fighting back and exposure. The pen is mightier than the sword.

My thoughts are positive. This, again, is in spite of the horrifically unjust, covert effort around me attempting to silence me, again, long before I even decided to include the Kennedy / Renee Pittman Mitchell experience, and my being one of the few people personally around him right before RFK’s death as a little girl.

The fact is, this group, targeting me were floored when they recently learn, again, listening to my phone calls, and commenting in typical PSYOPS, that I factually, actually was there and that it can be proven, more importantly, that it could place me and the books, they so desperately want to be stopped in the spotlight somehow. I am just reporting truthful factual events in my life that are extraordinary and thanking God every step of the way!

As a result, I am skeptical of someone possibly giving the impression that it did not happen. In spite of it all, understand that on this journey, I, again, find life amazing.

The two most important days in your life are
the day you are born and the day you find out why ~ Mark Twain


As I continue my research, I have come across several versions of the story of myself as a little black girl or little girl.

One thing is certain, documented in Patricia Kennedy Lawford’s very rare book, there was a little black girl which is 100% me and, again, can be confirmed. This again was the initial source for Thurston Clarke’s depiction and inclusion in his book.

One of the attachments above is from pages sent to me that were taken from Patricia Kennedy’s version, “That Shining Hour” detailing I was there. Another library also was kind enough to send me also a copy of the page in your book, page 114, showing what is factual, as you stated, a completely different event. You do also confirm your depiction as having occurred earlier.  Again, what was confusing is that your books also document 85 Days which does not mean that you can’t document 85 Days of what transpired.

You are right, your version documents an event at the Salinas/Monterey Airport.

The link below clears it up detailing that on March 24, 1968, a Sunday, that you document, as your being with RFK again, as a different story of another little girl in the audience at the airport:


Here is another link below which also details that RFK, entering the campaign trail, March of 1968, and the fact that RFK often flew back and forth between, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, campaigning.

The Huffington Post documents “Here’s what RFK did in California in 1968”

“The campaign set up its headquarters on Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles. Kennedy repeatedly toured the state and tried to hit repeatedly each of its three main media markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. He would sometimes fly from Los Angeles to the Bay Area and back again in a single day, which allowed his appearances to be shown on local newscasts in both northern and southern California. His motorcades drew unruly crowds, and his neighborhood tours often ran as the lead story. Jerry Bruno, who had been John Kennedy’s advance man, had a well-earned reputation for producing highly successful mob scenes at campaign stops. So enthusiastic were the crowds who swarmed around Kennedy’s motorcades in Latino and black neighborhoods, campaign aides feared he would lose white votes if he became overly identified with the aspirations of ethnic minorities.”


There is also the link below depicting yet another version of the 1968 incident, involving a little girl, slightly different documented in the “Oral History Interview” recorded in 1990, over 22 years later since 1968, detailed on page 25 of the transcribed recording, a slightly different depiction.  One thing is certain, many remember the little girl in one way or another and in this case to the best of their ability during a time of intense emotional pain, and trying to cope after the assassination.

Leon D. Ralph, Oral History Interview, Conducted 1990, by Arlene Lazarowitz, Oral History Program, History Department, California State University, Fullerton, for the California State Archives State Government Oral History Program.



Click to access ralph.pdf


“There was overwhelming support for Bobby throughout the African-American community. The day before his assassination he made one last sweep through California from the north through the Central Valley-Los Angeles area, which included the swing through my district and a swing through Bill Greene’s district. While we were in Bill’s district riding in an open car, Bobby saw a little girl standing on the sidewalk waving at him. He was so taken with her that he demanded that the driver stops the car. He talked with her. She wanted to ride with us, so he placed her between Ethel and himself. She rode with us to Santa Monica, our last stop before Bobby went to San Diego. San Diego was his last stop for campaigning in California. The next day was the primary election…”





Interestingly, and factual about this depiction of events, is that it reveals that Kennedy took a different route through South Central Los Angeles to avoid the crowds which are true.  However, I was not on the sidewalk waving and I was the ONLY little girl picked up that day as the campaign wined down.

It is believed he took a different route after the images portrayed blacks, on television, who loved Kennedy, as mobbing RFK, by the news in hope, some would argue, to scare white middle-class America, watching televised reports of his campaign through Black and Latino neighborhoods and the hope to not incite large numbers of supporters along major streets. The Watts riot was still fresh in the minds of many as well.

I am the result of the quieter route he did, in fact, take, coming through my neighborhood. It is documented that he came up McKinley Avenue, a small main street, and corner street on my block. The motorcade turned right onto 52nd Street heading east where he picked me up. I lived on 52nd Street and off McKinley. Again, no one asked my age, while with them. I was factually 7. However, Patricia Kennedy Lawford does say I appeared to be ‘around 5’ based on the report she was given. I was little for my age.  I did know my address and was in the Talented and Gifted Program at school and alert.

Another fact is that I was not completely barefooted and always very clean. The fact is I lost one of my shoes running to catch the motorcade, and later sat in the motorcade with one shoe on leaving the other in the street in my blind determination to catch up and determined to shake RFK’s hand. I literally ran out of one of my shoes and did not care that I did. I surely caught up with the motorcade.

When I squeezed between the slowly driven convertible with as Rosey Grier depicted who were holding on the Kennedy and the smaller crowd running alongside the vehicle with people attempting to shake RFK’s hand, I jumped up to try to shake his hand 3 times before he saw me and caught me on the third try.

Again, as confirmed, in both Patricia Kennedy Lawford’s version and Thurston Clarke’s version, RFK then pull me into the motorcade fearing that if he let me go, I would surely be trampled under the wheel if he did not. The rest is history

For the record, if we were poor, I surely did not know it. I was raised as an only child, all of my needs were met, and I often am thankful that this foundation strengthened my resolve today.  I grew up in a loving, secure environment, where I was adored, and of which I believe today laid the foundation which allows me to stand and fight, securely, careless of negativity, against powerful disinformation, discrediting campaign around me, along with covert threats, in an ongoing effort related to my as stated previously “Mind Control Technology” book series.  Ironically, any effort or official hope to discredit me on their part actually ignites curiosity then refers people to my book series, blogs, website, which these agents hope to stop.

I have never sought to gain notoriety off the event and decided to connect the dots, only recently, as a memoir of my life experiences, and again what appears to be the synchronicity of many events in my life that set me on this path.

The fact, the first information I located related to this event and documented, floored me.  I was not expecting to find anything. It is the brief book review by the Boston Globe of Thurston Clarke’s book. Amazingly, the review isolates this event, specifically, in the review.







The other version, “Oral History Interview” shows how a story can have a main focus, the little black girl, or little girl, but its interpretation foggy in the case of the oral history interview over 20 years later.  For example, I can, again, guarantee that I knew my home address as a little girl.  This is how RFK’s security team returned me to my home.

The key to these three versions, Lawford, Clarke and the Oral History, is that they all document a little girl, specifically in Watts/South Central being picked up, and only one little girl on that day, me, guaranteed, with Patricia Kennedy Lawford and Thurston Clarke’s version being nearer to the correct version of events with both second-hand information.

I also understand that my revealing the factual event, that all hint at a degree of accuracy, by substantiation overall, and substantiating that this event factually did happen.

I see no insult in the paragraph below, nor is it my intent to challenge you.  However, I do see how it appears as a challenge to your credibility.

IF you were to search, and IF you were actually with Robert F. Kennedy the entire trip, June 3, through the Black neighborhoods, of which some were scared to be in, you would find an image of me sitting down in the vehicle driving through this neighborhood!

Notice I say, “the entire trip”… The above information now leads me to believe you were with him at the Salinas-Monterey Airport a few months prior to my event.


My humble apology!


Renee Pittman Mitchell a.k.a. Renee Pittman

P.S., Trust me, my credibility is on the line for my other published books, and that I would be foolish to come forth detailing my involvement in something so powerful and it not be the absolute truth.  It would surely be an act of self-sabotage.

I will leave efforts to discredit me, overall, to COINTELPRO.


The Huffington Post article link provided earlier in this blog, Here’s What RFK Did in California in 1968 documents RFK’s travels between Southern and Northern California:

On June 3, the day before the election, Kennedy embarked on his most strenuous single day of campaigning. He traveled more than twelve hundred miles and hit each of the state’s three media markets. He rode in motorcades through clogged streets in Los Angeles, then flew north to San Francisco for a tour through China Town and the neighboring environs, and back down to San Diego for yet another long motorcade into the evening. He had been brought to the brink of physical collapse after eighty-five days of little sleep and non-stop campaigning. He had unleashed a very tactile street politics. His hands were scabbed and bloodied from the thousands of handshakes over the past weeks; people felt they had to touch this candidate. On June 4, the day of the election, he rested with Ethel and six of their ten children at the Malibu home of their friend, the movie director, John Frankenheimer. Richard Goodwin recalled seeing Kennedy “stretched out across two chairs in the sunlight” out by the Frankenheimers’ pool, “his head hanging limply over the chair frame; his unshaven face deeply lined and his lips slightly parted.” He was relieved to see that his friend was only in a deep sleep.



The excerpt from the link below details the RFK motorcade’s decision to avoid the massive crowds by detouring through a quieter neighborhood.  I did not live in Watts, however, Watts was the name attached to any Black neighborhood dubbed Watts by the media at that time.



“Dutton was eager to get out of the ghetto. “We knew that coming to Watts would look bad on TV that night. California is full of Okies and Iowans. TV is a cool medium and we were too hot, too emotional.” Dutton and other top advisers had been trying to tone down the campaign. “Bob understood this, rationally, when he was sitting in a hotel room,” said Dutton. “But out there….” Dutton paused as he recollected; he seemed suddenly weary as if he had gone back thirty years in time and was trying, futilely, to reason with a force of nature. Shy and uncertain, Kennedy fed off the crowds.

Fortunately, the candidate was, as usual, running behind schedule; Dutton was able to steer the motorcade into a quiet residential neighborhood to make up time — and escape the mob. As the press bus raced down a deserted street, assistant press secretary Richard Drayne asked aloud,

“What is this? Are we going house hunting?”



RFK and Rosey

RFK at Ambassador with Rosey


Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier is an American actor, singer, Christian minister, and former professional American football player. He was a notable college football player for The Pennsylvania State University who earned a retrospective place in the National Collegiate Athletic Association 100th anniversary list of 100 most influential student-athletes. As a professional player, Grier was a member of the New York Giants and the original Fearsome Foursome of the Los Angeles Rams. He played in the Pro Bowl twice.

After Grier’s professional sports career he worked as a bodyguard for Robert Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign and was guarding the senator’s wife, Ethel Kennedy, during the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. Although unable to prevent that killing, Grier took control of the gun and subdued the shooter, Sirhan Sirhan.



From:  Renee Mitchell
To: rgrier@ (Personal email address deleted) July 14, 2015, at 2:00 PM

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Grier,

It was good speaking with you by phone, yesterday, July 13, 2015, and briefly again, July 14, 2015, as well as with Mrs. Grier.

I am glad that you actually recall the experience in question, that in 1968, specifically June 3, 1968, during Robert F. Kennedy’s final campaign stops through  Los Angeles, the day before the Primary, Robert F. Kennedy’s motorcade detoured through a residential neighbor of Los Angeles, California. During this detour, around 52nd Street and Mckinley Avenue, a little Black girl was picked up. I completely understand that you did not have personal involvement with me but you do remember this fact.

I vividly recall that day. I was that little girl. I made a sign out of a cardboard box, and using a broken broom handle taped to it, I wrote with crayons, “Vote for Mr. R. Kennedy, President, We are to Young.”

At that time, I lived on E. 52nd Street, at the exact address the security team took me too, further substantiating that I was that little girl. Family members had actually attempted to follow the motorcade but as the motorcade again returned to the main streets, the crowds were too large and they could not. Contrary to documented writings in two books, I was 7 years old and not 5 years old although no one had asked my age. When I saw the motorcade moving slowly, and neighbors crowding around the vehicle, shaking Mr. Kennedy’s hand, I observed that the progression first heading North on Mc Kinley Avenue, then turned right, East onto 52nd Street heading towards Central Avenue.

I finished my sign and took off running hoping to catch up with the motorcade. In my excitement, I lost one of my flip-flops in the street. RFK saw me three times trying to jump up to shake his hand after I had squeezed between the moderately sized crowd and the convertible. On the third try, he grabbed my hand. Obviously fearing that if he let go, I could have been injured, he then pulled me into the vehicle. There I sat, holding my cardboard sign written in crayons, with Mr. Kennedy.

I remember his asking me did I know my address, placing me between his knees and look me square in the eyes, which I did, and while driving he also looking at me also with a look of “What are we going to do with you” also on his face. I remember we got onto the freeway and ended up in Venice. Mr. Kennedy picked me up and handed me over to two Black members of his security team as I clutched his neck. After I was situated in the vehicle prepared to take me home, I was also given a blue and white stuffed teddy bear, and a red stuffed poodle both with Kennedy buttons attached to them.

My story can be confirmed by the two security guards who returned me to my home address, as well as, my address during that time and where they brought me, also being key.

Can you provide me their names? Can you also tell me who exactly was in the vehicle with us that day? Was there another vehicle or vehicles following us? I ask because I recently located information that State Assembly Man Leon D. Ralph said he was there, and that the motorcade traveled through Bill Green’s District, etc.  My recollection is somewhat blurred of the others, however, my focus on the magnetism of RFK is clear as he sat in the backseat with me during the travels through the city.   I seek to confirm that I was with you all. I remember also a distinct aura of sincere and genuine kindness radiating from him.

I never told anyone outside of my family and my children about this event over the years. I remember, even as a young girl being stunned, and saddened along with everyone when I woke to go to school, excited to tell my teacher and friends, of my experience and show them the stuffed animals the morning of June 5, 1968, and the news reported Mr. Kennedy had been assassinated.

The key to my validity is my address which the security members who brought me home would know, someone remembering that I had only one shoe on as I rode with you all, the sign made with crayons, and specific details of the two stuffed animals and, the fact that this accurate information was never published anywhere.  I was with RFK and his team during the progression through Los Angeles for about 2 hours.

Two books detail this encounter as well. The first is written as a Memoir by Patricia Kennedy Lawford, a very rare book published for family members only, detailing Bobby’s life titled “That Shining Hour.” The second was written by Thurston Clarke who excerpted my story from Patricia Kennedy Lawford’s book as shown by the excerpts attached to this email.

As I told Mrs. Grier, a screenplay is emerging, however, the RFK connection will play less than a 15 second part. As a result, I hope that you can acknowledge this email as soon as possible as efforts continue as a hope that this will not happen by a bunch of knuckleheads believing I should cower before them. They know where I live, they simply have to knock!

Trust that with my credibility is on the line due to my other publications in the “Mind Control Technology” book series, and an intense effort to provide disinformation and discredit my work goes before me as every effort is monitored by this operation.  My integrity is on the line as powerful government agencies attempt to silence me. I have no time to play nor misrepresent myself.





Rosey Grier rgrier@ (Personal email address deleted)
To ‘Renee Mitchell’ June 14, 2015, at 3:24 PM

Dear Lady Renee Pittman Mitchell,

It was sure a surprise after all these years, to hear about that little girl that Senator Kennedy pulled into the car, as we were driving thru Watts, in 1968. This was near the end of the primary campaign for the Democratic nomination for president.

I was walking behind the car, trying to keep people from getting in the way of the car that Senator Kennedy was in.

A young man jumped on the hood of Senator Kennedy’s car and no one could get him off. They called me and I ran up and asked him, “What are you doing on top of the car?” He looked around and saw me and said, “Hey Rosey” and jumped off the hood and gave me a big hug. I motioned for them to go ahead and Senator Kennedy said, “No Rosey, get in the car!” And I did.

The next thing I knew, he was picking up a little girl and putting her in the car. The little girl stayed in the car for a while, and I was wondering how we were going to get her back to her family.

These are the details I remember.


 MAY the Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine on you

And be gracious to you;

The Lord turn his face toward you

And give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-2


Rosey Grier


June 3, 1968 – I remember thinking, excited but exhausted after I was returned home hours later,

I can’t wait to go to school to tell my teacher and friends what happened to me and show them the two stuffed animals Robert F. Kennedy gave me as a parting gift.

I was allowed to stay home and rest on June 4, 1968.  When I woke elated June 5, 1968, ready for school, the television was on and the news was reporting that RFK was dead, assassinated just after midnight.

The stuffed animals were lost after I went away to college by a family member.

One was a light blue and white stuffed teddy bear, the other was a red stuffed poodle both with Kennedy buttons attached to their heads.

RFK button



Years later an elderly great aunt, in her 90s, right before she passed would ask me, Renee do you remember when Robert Kennedy came and got you?  Smiling at the joy of remembrance, that swept across her face, I replied, of course, I do…


For the record, I also got a damn good education as a straight-A student!

I have also wondered many times, especially after my military / COINTELPRO type targeting, which dates back much further back than I initially realized, after I began connecting the dots, whether my life and path had already been planned to make my destiny certain.

We all have a purpose in life.  I believe it is to be a beneficial presence on this Planet.  Whether large or small, all good efforts matter in the grand scheme!





















Click to access the-sound-of-silence.pdf





It seems likely MK-Ultra or a Manchurian Candidate, or possibly both, may have been involved in the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, the US Presidential candidate most political analysts agree would have been elected President had he lived. ― (James Morcan, The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy)











VIDEO:  Sirhan Sirhan, the man credited with RFK’s assassination reporting he was under MKULTRA mind-control programming.


AUTHORS NOTE:  June 14, 2014 – 8:36 p.m., PST

The operation center trolling my social networks, Google Plus account, website, and blog, had already begun to misspell words, and misconstrue sentences tampering with this blog almost immediately.  Or, in their cases, perhaps, they thought they were making corrections by misspelling words.

In reality, sitting at a computer terminal, in highly advanced technical operation centers, after connecting to my laptop through malware, is a strategic attempt to portray me as illiterate and a hope to leave a negative lasting impression in the public domain related to me.  This is also a typical and very clever psychological operation tactic.

This type of tampering has typically occurred within many of my blogs after having been edited and proofread for quality before officially publishing.

For example, shortly after publishing, this operation 100% changed the sentence, related to Thurston Clarke at the beginning of this blog, that reads: “He was educated at Yale…” to “His was educated at Yale…” along with similar other changes of which have all now been corrected again.

Blogs, as they realize, had the capability, as a tool, to expose this heinous program.

As a result, of this specific blog, in a climate of ongoing disinformation and discrediting efforts related to me, the COINTELPRO operation, of death threats and covert Directed Energy Weapon attacks, both inside my home and out, have been escalated to my barely being able to move or walk because of the excruciating pain from the body cooking effect of the microwave weapon deployed from a distance.  The fact is, as long as those hired to work these programs believe they can do anything they choose without ethical oversight, or public awareness, and can remain hidden from view, miles away,  in these combined military/law enforcement operations they will 100% commit horrific wrongs to people with their new technological, deadly, toys.

As I continue my efforts at exposing a heinous psycho-physical advanced, technological, covert program, dating back decades, fully mobilized today, so does also ongoing, relentless, efforts around me escalate hoping to silence me.  This also being done through using disinformation and discrediting tactics, death threats, covert harassment, covert stalking, many reports by portable technology provided within a target’s community beamed from neighboring locations, and coercive, extreme physical torture using microwave Directed Energy Weapons.  The end result is the deterioration of joints of the body, in slow kill operations, believing it can’t be proven or that the damage could be written off as natural health deterioration instead of synthetic technology and the victim a nutcase.  Three drones have been position around my home, in a triangular pattern, for months.   By numerous accounts, many, many lives are being destroyed in this exact same manner.

This is a massive technological testing program, based on bogus investigations to legitimize the targeting, in a program legalized for unified military and law enforcement efforts, operating at the Federal, state, and local police departments, again in joint efforts of the “Militarized Police State” with military personnel using military advance technology unleashed.

My website has a lengthy list of official patents, approving laws, showing the allowance of what these operations are doing today under the guise of necessity, non-consensually, to test for riot/crowd control, on US citizens which include covert stalking.  This legalization has resulted in those we are programmed to respect as authority figures, becoming little more than vicious, malicious, legalized, criminals.  However, the fact is, this is a program in research, testing, and development dating back decades, well over 70 years.




The hottest places in hell are on reserve for those working these covert, life-destroying programs, essentially in hiding, and not wanting it known or publicized, in “slow kill” operations, Big Brother approved!

As I wrote this blog, in the ongoing “slow kill” operation around me, Federal agents began an intense Directed Energy  Weapon effort, escalated, using microwave weaponry.  They began torturing me mercilessly, unsurpassed over the 9 years of which I have been targeted inside my home.  While typing, the beam, deployed from aerial drones, guided by this mission, at times also provided to neighboring locations, using the deadly, extremely low-frequency weapon system, by typical corrupt Federal agents, combined military, and LAPD, in joint targeting efforts the new paradigm today, had obviously determined, that if they could not break me down, by threats, vicious name-calling, relentless harassment, that they could deplete the fluids in my shoulders and joints, and in the long run, I would never have normal use of my legs, arms, hands, or fingers ever again after the covert crippling.

A group of both white and black men, proving race is not the key factor for evil, have continued to prove themselves as little more than ‘programmed’ killers for Big Brother’s massive population control agenda, and human guinea pig testing program, testing the technology provided to their operation to the limits of eventually covert death!



























Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM







                                             I walk this path as a “Work of Love!”  ~ Renee Pittman








  1. Your welcome! I’m glad for that, too.

    Your work is very educational and empowering. You are a good role model for activism and for not taking anyone’s crap. Since you are an effective writer and a T.I., you have plenty of the riff raff attacking you. I learn from how you respond to others who go around slandering and libeling your good name. You publicly set them straight in a very thorough manner–very effective from my perspective.

    Thanks again–great blog!

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