“The Truth is Like a Lion. You Do Not Have to Defend it. Let it Loose. It Will Defend Itself” – St Augustine


“Men are only as good as their technical

development allows them to be.” ~ George Orwell, 1984



Below are brief substantiating links related to patented psychophysical technology historically used for brainwashing, behaviorial modification and mind control.

Many high-level targets have long become familiar with, among many capabilities related to psychophysical technology, the ability to manipulate dreams, beam holograms, and a favorite of these perverted operations, unwanted technological sexual stimulation.  This capability is also known as Electronic Rape and delivered by a satellite beam or a portable system, and being reported and experienced by both women and men.  In fact, a male target told me a few years ago, that the Navy operation targeting him, kept him with an erection all day long, until he realized it was being technologically motivated, and his first believing himself a stud.

Here is an example of the abstract, one of many patents these operations are using:


United States Patent # 6,081,744 (June 27, 2000) – Loos, Hendricus

Abstract ~ Method and apparatus for manipulating the nervous system by imparting subliminal pulsative cooling to the subject’s skin at a frequency that is suitable for the excitation of a sensory resonance. At present, two major sensory resonances are known, with frequencies near 1/2 Hz and 2.4 Hz. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance causes relaxation, sleepiness, ptosis of the eyelids, a tonic smile, a “knot” in the stomach, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise frequency used. The 2.4 Hz resonance causes the slowing of certain cortical activities and is characterized by a large increase of the time needed to silently count backward from 100 to 60, with the eyes closed. The invention can be used by the general public for inducing relaxation, sleep, or sexual excitement, and clinically for the control and perhaps a treatment of tremors, seizures, and autonomic system disorders such as panic attacks. Embodiments shown are a pulsed fan to impart subliminal cooling pulses to the subject’s skin, and a silent device which induces periodically varying flow past the subject’s skin, the flow being induced by pulsative rising warm air plumes that are caused by a thin resistive wire which is periodically heated by electric current pulses.


United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent# 5,134,484 – Superimposing Method and Apparatus Useful for Subliminal Messages:

Data to be displayed is combined with a composite video signal. The data is stored in a memory in digital form. Each byte of the data is read out in sequential fashion to determine: the recurrence display rate of the data according to the frame sync pulses of the video signal; the location of the data within the video image according to the line sync pulses of the video signal; and the location of the data display within the video image according to the position information. Synchronization of the data with the video image is derived from the sync pulses of the composite video signal. A similar technique is employed to combine sound data with an audio signal. Data to be displayed may be presented as a subliminal message or may persist for a given time interval. The data may be derived from a variety of sources including a prerecorded or live video signal. The message may be a reminder message displayed upon a television screen to remind the viewer of an appointment. The data may be stored in a variety of different memory devices capable of high-speed data retrieval. The data may be generated locally on-line or off-line and transferred to memory which stores the data necessary to create the message.








Method and Apparatus for Producing Subliminal Images

United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent# 5,017,143 



Supraliminal Method of Education

United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent# 5,784,124



Apparatus for Superimposing Visual Subliminal Instructions on a Video Signal

United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent# 5,644,363





Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 12.00.50 PM


“What Chemtrails Really Are” and detailed in the following link, is a brief summary summarizing just some of the capabilities of the highly advanced technology weapon system in use today:

The satellites download holographic mind control movies, pictures, sounds, and sensations to people through this technology. The Air Force has stated in “Air Force 2025” that their goal is to develop virtual and augmented reality mind control. Depending on how the computer is programmed or depending on the mood or intent of the person interfacing with the technology, you can be probed, bothered, gaslighted, frightened, manipulated, electronically raped, or tortured. It scans your brain frequencies and deciphers your thoughts. The satellites track you by mapping your bioenergetic signature [body biometrics] and constantly scanning an area to find you.





For approximately two months the group around me have again started repeating rape over and over again and later added pussy as their form of one-word terrorism they hope will stick.  It at one time was the first thing said when I wake in the morning and the last right before I went to sleep.

Typically these operations move into houses very close to a target for portable technology deployment.  I have lived here a year in September 2015  and in my 9-year ordeal, overall, I have learned that it typically takes approximately 6 months for these operations to get into place and set up, officially, within the target’s community.  I also learned, through research, that there is a huge funding source earmarked for this program designed to ensure its success.

I was up very late all last week updating and revising “Remote Brain Targeting.”

After the revisions, I finally had to force myself to sleep around 3:30 a.m.  I understand fully, as do many targets, that sleep is vital, even though I wanted to stay up and work, and that you are vulnerable when deprived of sleep making the radio frequency, brainwashing, manipulation and influence attempt easiest by these operations.  In fact, in this specific type of targeting, technological sleep deprivation in and of itself can play a key role as one of the first steps in “The Program” to break the target down originating from military / law enforcement operation centers and in the overall targeting program. 

Although I had gone to sleep a mere two hours earlier, just after daybreak, July 24, 2015, I woke around 5:00 a.m. anxious to see if my email to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), sent earlier in the week, where I requested reconsideration to carry Book I, “Remote Brain Targeting” as an ebook download again.  It has been blocked in January of 2015 out of the blue.  The book had been initially published successfully, as far back in 2011 with KDP and with no issues until this happened.  I wanted to try one last time to see if they would do so, before I embarked on the onus task of transferring the book series over to Amazon’s competitor, for a fee, which could have also opened up the book series to a whole new level.  This meant even if I had to establish a small publishing company to ensure there were five printed books with five correlating e-books of which today, as of 2020 are six.

Prior to “Remote Brain Targeting” being blocked, I had been completely satisfied with Amazon. This book, a compilation of facts, affected the credibility of the other four books in this series, positively using open literature evidence, historical scientific programs, dating back to the early 1900s, Freedom of Information Act documentation, etc., and naming intelligence agency involvement, as well as the players which includes the Church of Scientology.  This I knew  had also become a focal point for takedown efforts.  Why?  Because it substantiated the credibly of this program by doing something that a target could not do with evidence.

It is very easy to discredit people reporting what is happening today, especially when up against a strategic, expertly crafted effort, designed to keep this reality hidden from the public and advanced by the controlled media, under gag orders, and silencing overall as well.  As a result, people are basically unable to prove this technology exists, without confirmation, can be easily discredited due to the inability to prove the truth.  “Remote Brain Targeting” successfully countered this fraudulent perception with historical documented promoted publicly.


Not knowing what to expect, and expecting the worse, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the email below.  It read:


Thank you for the information regarding your recently resubmitted books: Remote Brain Targeting, ID: 3972177.  The information has been reviewed and your changes will be published to the Kindle Store within 24 hours.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to publishing more of your books soon.  If you have any questions, please visit…

Thanks for using Kindle Direct Publishing.

Best Regards,



This meant that around 11:00 a.m., after eating, now relieved, extreme exhaustion hit me of which a strong cup of coffee could not remedy.

As detailed in another blog, the very first time I recognized the ability to beam a hologram into a target’s residence was when I lived in an apartment in 2008.  One of LAPD’s satellite, RACR Division, undercover men, as the operation center watched in real-time, set-up shop in the vacant apartment next door detailed in “You Are Not My Big Brother.” He then waited until the wee house of the morning stepped outside, then called out my name to wake me. When I woke there stood his beamed video production of a horrifying Gremlin looking creature, who in my opinion looked exactly like this knucklehead, and standing about 2 feet tall at the side of my bed.  The holographic beam image glared, then hissed at me, before disappearing into thin air.

When I woke, July 24, 2015, then fell back to sleep, this group immediately went to work using the same Black Bag of Tricks.  They obviously felt that they had successfully gained points by having “Remote Brain Targeting” taken down at the beginning of this year, and that morning learned of Amazon’s reversal of the decision, as they read the email along with me from their center.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in their center when there effort failed.

This revelation apparently now required them to take upgraded and urgent steps in an escalated hope to find a way to stop me, by use of other advanced brainwashing tactics.  One of which has always been the hope of one of them getting close to me.  Nothing else appeared to be working to include ongoing, extreme, coercive physical torture.  My anger my pain medication.

In my subconscious awareness,, while I slept for two hours, a video scenario evolved in my mind, which could easily fit the category as a nightmare, however, during the early morning, it began to unfold. The scene started with sexual stimulation of me to the point that I guess the operation felt I was ripe for the picking.  Suddenly in the dream three African American men entered my residence and came directly to my bedroom.  They began immediately sexually assaulting me.  The operation’s remote view production even showed me as a willing participant and appearing to be actually enjoying it in the high-tech production, I registered.  If this were true as they likely hoped, in the games of brainwashing PsyOps, this manipulated dream could work in their favor.   It could blur the line between them as my enemy to someone capable of providing sexual gratification, pleasure, and the hope of one of these Bozo’s making me happy.  Later two left, with one lingering behind.  As the production closed I woke.  Unfortunately for them I woke completely understanding what had just happened, more pissed off and disgusted than frightened, or scared, or vulnerable, and almost ready to vomit.

The key to these beamed productions, I have noticed, the two times that they have tried this with me, is the fact that the faces of the men are always blurred.  This is also true of the woman in the role portrayed as being me.  In fact, you can see everything clearly except the obvious, intentionally, blurred images of the players in productions created by clean-shaven, suited, and uniformed creatures from the darkest lagoon.  Instead, I then went to my computer and began drafting this blog.


Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 9.48.01 AM




The fact is, they want to use and abuse targets heinously, testing the limitations of this technology, but do not want it known or publicized which is why I am heavily targeted in what could be termed a “slow kill” operation.  There are also always threats that if they can’t get me, they will have someone else do it for them hoping fear with stop me.  It won’t!

As they watched me creating this blog, phase two began. The Directed Energy Weapon beam stepped in focusing on my heart muscle first as a covert threat along with the painful microwave cooking of my legs. These horrific operations continue to bank on many keeping these types of episodes quiet due to shame, humiliation, disgust, by the experience, and also an understanding that if they even try to explain to another that a dream, as a technological production from advanced technology is the real culprit, most will laugh at them, perceive them, again, as nuts, and not believe that it is even remotely possible as a patented technological capability.

Most targets, both male and female are easy prey for this type of psychological operation.  When first recognizing they are targeted, most cease normal sexual activity due to not wanting sex to become the operation center’s real-time pornographic show.  Those at the helm of the technology are trained that sexual stimulation is a very effective form of terrorism because it is an intimate, extremely personal, emotional, physical, and unnerving psychological attack.  It is recognized that this can be an effective method to also control a target in confusion by igniting pleasurable feelings. The target has already been isolated from everyone, especially any type of love relationship, and sex is associated with relationships of love, makes sexual Electronic Rape captivating and on a very sick level for the perverted individuals in these operations who delve into this realm and who are also affected negatively but too stupid to realize it.  

At a higher level, targets have reported being forced to masturbate in front of them, sexual stimulation technology being used to created sexual experiences between straight women, so they can enjoy watching, beamed thoughts of pedophilia, as well as incest.  If a person is unaware of the horrors and technological capabilities today, they literally become lunch for human monsters sitting at the helm of this powerful bioweapon system.  Creating this type of deviance is one of the main reasons that thousands or targets are reporting that these targetings appear to have a demonic connection or demonic possession fueled by these weak minded narcissists.

Many remember the movie “Inception” which details dream manipulation.  The fact is the global elite’s controlled by the entertainment industry have long used their tell-a-vision, not only as a method of subliminal mind control, promoting sex as a distraction, or planting specific ideas, but also to keep their comrades globally updated related to their global agenda, and even their technological advancements, believe it or not.

















In these combined military personnel operations today, using highly advanced technology, the show began and ended in all of 5 minute’s time.

The new paradigm is a joint targeting operation that has successfully unified military technology, and personnel now working in civilian capacities.  The apparent global NWO agenda has connected all levels of law enforcement under one umbrella into what is advancing into a military, global police force.







Police to miliary






Biometric Targeting

Many are continually reporting, technology full use on anyone under the guise of vital necessity for crowd and riot control effectiveness.  It is almost as if Big Brother is expecting a revolt of some sort or at some time in the future as testing continues for mass, social population control technocrazy.  Some would argue that this is really what Jade Helm was about.  However, in light of the technologies deliverance capability, as portable, handheld, land, sea and  space-based weapon system, the question is,

“What role will the use of definite highly perfected mass population control technology play?”

This technology continues to be revealed as factual?

The below links is “Food for thought” related to Jade Helm and this powerful GLOBAL weapon system and example of the military involved with civilians.  I must admit that personal awareness of the capabilities of this technology, it also made me began to question and ponder personal gun control seizure efforts, and wonder if in reality, gun control laws would open the door for mass disarmament.  In light of Directed Energy Weapons and thousands of mind control satellites in an “Electronic Concentratin Camp” and 30,000 drones approved by the U.S. Congress by 2020 orbiting our planet now taking center stage.  

The fact is that while targets are enduring to the fullest extent and capabilities, as test subjects, electromagnetic (EMF) extremely low frequencies, officially patented, legitimized by specific laws, for ongoing non-consensual human guinea pig testing, and being tested in heinous ways, two of the main capabilities that are in the forefront in this program are mind-reading software.  The technology reveals anything you think in advance to these operations where random passing thoughts are escalated into desire.  And if this operation wants you silenced they will combine the technology with subliminal mind invasive technology using mood manipulation heterodyne brainwaves.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 10.06.12 AM




This is done by manipulating brainwaves to create severe depression and to alter the target’s consciousness making them vulnerable to programming.  This is after computer biometric (DNA, iris, gait, etc., etc., etc.) downloading of your emotions at a given moment which can be amplified and beamed back zapping the target with a large dose of great and powerful sadness, fear, anger, materializing out of nowhere and at an opportune time.  Today even drones have the capability to upload biometric information once locked onto a target and again, thousands are deployed in US skies today.

DNA FRactal 2




The example above details how portable, land, sea, and space-based, electromagnetic frequencies,  characteristic of energy weapons / psycho-physical technology, work using the global biometric weapon system, which today is targeting, harassing, torturing, and tracking people anywhere on the face of the Earth. A biometric signature is your DNA, iris, gait, facial recognition, etc. It uses antennae, such as microwave antennae cell towers, and electromagnetic frequencies.

This is after downloading everyone within the USA’s biometric signature, Total Information Awareness Program, which is as unique as your fingerprint into one of the numerous Operation Center supercomputers which have evolved today.  What is not revealed related to this program is DNA tracking.





Make no mistake about it, the ultimate hope is that the target will be pushed over the edge to suicide, hurt self, or others, nudged into going postal, to end up in jail, or committed to the psych ward after reporting the truth of highly advanced, patented technologies under secrecy orders.  At this point, the controlled media, under gag orders, and reporting what they are told to report, or say, can then report that actions taken by the broken targeted person, were those of an individual who had a history of mental illness.  In some cases, the news reports he or she expressed that they were being targeted by advanced technology hoping to also align the tragedy to what close to 500,000 harmless targets are saying in an attempt to discredit a high number of whistleblowers as people who can snap at any time so they better keep quiet.  Either of the outcomes above is a great way to silence a target or the targeted individual community and brainwave created synthetic depression plays its role.




After years of operating at higher levels within high-level classified “Top Secret” intel agency programs, honing this program’s expertise, today, the average Joe Blow, sits in these lofty operations 8 hours a day watching you inside your residence, and outside, as you go about your day and in most cases watching a target doing things that are typical and not very interesting to them, perhaps even boring.  This actually is what they are getting paid for and what this human guinea pig program or targeting is all about, is human test subjects.  This is likely why they toy with targets sexually for their personal amusement and likely personal satisfaction while watching.

Gone are the days historically where nonconsensual testing focused specifically on the homeless population, those being used while incarcerated, or committed to psych wards, documented as a historical fact historically, or little known to families passed on through generations of covert focus and cover-ups of human experimentation.  Today the testing requires testing on those who could initiate effectively any type of mobilized efforts against global corruption and many are highly intelligent who suddenly, after years of success, overnight are labeled mentally ill and only when reporting this program and the Mucky Mucks enforcing it.








I must admit that some of the things said and done to me remind me 100% of underdeveloped 13-year-old boys and bullies.  At first, I just could not believe it then I lost all respect for them because of their foolishness.  I also learned that those involved in this program and using the covert technologies.  They also can do absolutely nothing with the truth as mere order followers.

The question is will this “Box of Rocks kill?”  We repeatedly see that they will do just that and will also do almost anything, outside of the public’s eye in these heinous high-tech operations, to prevent disgrace.

You have to understand that if the technology is being used in a heinous manner, which many continue to report that it 100% is and has been for a decades, that those at the helm do not value any human life nor do their superiors, and this employment puts food on their tables. Just imagine creating a mass shooter, believed for gun control laws today, then toying with the public that it was a hoax using social media.  In a state of confusion, the public can then be programmed to accept only what the NWO idealist wants to be implanted as their manipulated reality.  The old adage, “Out of chaos comes order” approach.

Obviously, the Puppet Master is not above sacrificing a few lives for global efforts or thousands,  they believe for the greater good, of their New World Order agenda.  The fact is ongoing testing for mass control efforts continue without a doubt.  The question is, where are so many hoax theories coming from, and why, and motivated by whom at the foundation?  Could high-level agencies involved in these operations, now realizing the public is awakening in awareness, with thousands speaking up, then decide to immediately promote it as a hoax, whether fact or fiction, to again confuse, so that denial and the exposure of the reality of a decades-long mind control testing program can continue to flourish, in the confusion?  Would not that be clever?  Hmmm…

When you understand the young lives are being destroyed in ongoing wars, on a global scale, you understand that obviously “They don’t really care about us” and that means no matter who you are, no matter, race, creed or color.  And understand that sexual hypnotic trances will continue to play a key and powerful role in the entrainment of society and it is pivotal bombarded by sexual influence promoted by the media subliminally.

NOTE:  The below link is added for awareness, and merely for a complete view of various and entitled opinions of what is happening today.  It is not an attempt to denigrate any human being or personal lifestyle.





For example, I recently spoke with a person who had watched the movie “Metropolis.”   She told me she laughed all the way through it during our friendly back and forth Facebook group exchange.

Most familiar with the old movie,  understand how the global elite, similar to George Orwell’s 1984, depicts the NWO agenda, of separation of the Elite eliminating the middle class, and the goal of a complete, subservient, mind-controlled slave society. The actual evil ideation dates further than 1927 when this silent film, Metropolis (can be seen on youtube) was released.

Key also to Metropolis is a female vixen who is an entertainer and is effectively being used to captivate men, or today hypnotize society overall, by keeping humanity operating in the lower realm of consciousness and subconscious lust.  This realm is closest to the primal animal kingdom within all and capable of stifling growth and development of higher spiritual ideals.   In fact, at a time of Divine Order evolved spiritual awakening, the effort is today intensifying and advanced as a desire to keep humanity entrapped in the lower realm where physical satisfaction and gratification is key and the main focus on this plane and material wealth vs. spiritual wealth.

Take a look at many of the very popular, wealthy entertainment figures today, women in particular, who are being used, and highly paid for it, similar to the message of Metropolis, and how sexuality, is being promoted as hypnotic or implanted thoughts because it is highly effective. It appears harmless but in reality, could be said to also be diabolical.






While humanity is hypnotically entranced, the world as we know it is being destroyed around us.  And those enforcing their agenda are literally telling us so in our faces.  Those benefiting are paid very well to sell sex which distracts from an evolving corrupt world.   Don’t get me wrong, I have no personal negative feelings about these entertainers below, I just wonder why the sexual promotion of their backside is magnified.




Big Brother and Beyonce

More signs of the coming New Order and Militarized Police State. Beyonce’s choreographed performance that included military-style police in black riot gear, some would argue, is meant to acclimate you to your status as inmates in the coming Prison Grid. Airport Scanners, Terror Warnings, never-ending War, all to keep you in a constant state of FEAR!!!

The fact is military and law enforcement, again, some would argue, are little more than mind-controlled robots with their strings pulled and orchestrated factually at a higher level. In fact, the technology designed to control them has been around for a very long time.  This is also true of mass population control technology through the patented Silent Sound Spread Spectrum.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 10.38.11 AM


The TETRA system to robotize police was actually developed within the USA then passed to Great Britain decades ago. It is likely even more highly advanced today through continued DOD development.

Can you think of a better way to enforce globalization than to ensure that your police force and military are in sync, blindly loyal, and without conscious?  And keeping them operating from the lower realm of consciousness, fooled through narcissism of their perceived greatness, or as being special, or above others, by employment also helps.  The fact is there is nothing special about those at the helm of this technology at all, that is unless they can convince targets they are as fearmongers.   However, make no mistake about it, the technology is truly special and beyond belief !!!


















George Orwell





Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM




NOTE:  This blog was 99.9 % error-free before posting, having been edited and proofread several times.  The operation center continues to attempt to tamper with these blogs knowing that people are turned off by numerous typographical or spelling errors and hope to portray me as illiterate. It was rechecked, after initial publishing, and again corrected at 5:45 p.m. and is again error-free…

It was rechecked again, at 10:23 p.m. and again corrected… Whey (“What” changed to “Whey” here)  they are doing is making singular words plural or vice versa or changing a word such as ‘thought to through’ for example…






A ribbon 1


A Ribbon2


  1. Thanks for that information. It would be positive to even walk around in my yard, barefooted, kneeling in the dirt for planting flowers, and gardening, thereby re-connecting with the Earth. Will also add to the blog “Waging the Battle for your Health…” for others.

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