How the official “Mental Health Warrant” Can Become a STRATEGIC Official Cover-up of Mass Nonconsensual Human Experimentation Today





The military COINTELPRO still hoping to portray me as mentally ill, it appears contacted WordPress staff and deleted the audio below which details the attempt by one of them. It was deleted not only here on WordPress but entirely wiped off my hacked Mac Book Pro Computer.  However, thank goodness, I eventually was able to recover it from another source.

Below is the Voicemail of my being called a “B” in 2010, heard right before the doctor begins speaking by a Federal Agent before she explains why she cannot amend my medical records.   This was after the agent attempted to nudge the VA doctor, she reported to me during our next appointment,  at the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital, and tried to badger her into committing me to the Psych Ward after I left his office and before I could make it back to my room.

NOTE:  This was after I went in personally, alone to find out what was going on.  He laughed in my face, the whole time until I told him, right before leaving, that I would join many across the nation revealing the truth of what is happening today, using mind invasive, psychophysical torture beamed weapons, undeniably which has been happening to targets, individuals, groups, communities, and large populations for DECADES. Many are unaware of subtle mind invasive technology experimentation beginning in early childhood as human guinea pigs.

I purchased this house in 2014 and am here to stay.  And apparently, so is the effort around me following me around since 2006, or until the mission is accomplished in one way or another.

She told me, she was shocked that he called her at home on her off day.  She also told me that he also made a subtle threat regarding her VA employment if she did not comply.  Obviously, she did not.  

As many highly credible people across the USA can confirm, the truth be told, non compliance could result in her becoming a target herself to silence this truth one as a witness.  The fact is she left the VA after this.  

No decent, intelligent, moral professional wants to be involved with high-tech human experimentation of Veterans or US citizens overall and corrupt agents it proven over and over again, will use anyone they can to prevent exposure of the monstrous program which they are involved.

Dictated Version:

“Bitch” the Federal Agent say right before the doctor speaks.  Ego driven and obviously angry that his ploy did not pan out how he expected


“Hi, Renee. This is Dr. Bernstein-Haas, calling, returning your call. I got your message about your following up about the addendum. I spoke with someone at the VA about putting an addendum that will relate to just this and I was given information about how to do that and I’ve written a brief addendum in your chart which is what I was told I was supposed to do or could do I should say. So there is documentation of the phone call by me and that is what they told me to write

So hopefully that answers your question…”

“B” (eyes roll), if that is what a woman is called for taking a rightful stand, and fighting for her God given life, and hoping to help others, through awareness,  I’ll consider it a compliment coming from him! 

Today, 2022, they are focused on discrediting my accurately documenting the official setup around me of military, FBI agents, and DOD contractor, training everyone, and how this program involves the community by compromising them, the setting up and using compliant locations as part of a heinous scheme for silencing.  

The set up is not as effective as the official operation would like to be in silencing me because of the blog below where I courageously detail the locations this program is using around me and how it is setup.  The blog also confirms this type of high-tech targeting operation setups across the USA.  This is during a podcast interview of NSA Whistleblower’s by a Tech Specialist.











The bogus investigation appears to be the platform used to launch the smear campaign & remove a person’s support structure. Bogus investigations using a person’s friends, family, & employers appear to be a standard part of the “Organized Stalking” package.  This is done to isolate you. Friends, family members, or employers may be given a gag order & told that under no circumstances are they to tell you that an investigation is being conducted.

The people who organize these harassment programs will try to assassinate your character. They will carry a case file on you that they will use for character assassination & to gain community support. They will also use Doppelgangers for images.  When recruiting neighbors they will probably show them this case file & indicate that you are the target of an investigation although you are never given Due Process, and targeted for over 10 with many much longer.

This case file will contain a combination of half-truths, strategic setups & outright lies. The case file may contain information about a person or people who have complained about you. These are most likely informants (civilians paid or given favors to help frame you). Or they may simply say that you’re under investigation but they can’t disclose why for reasons of national security. page22image2194402080The “reasons of national security” blanket have been used by some federal agencies to help frame people for crimes as well as cover up mind-control & torture human experimentation.

Their informants may be a single person used such as a tagger.  Or they may be multiple people, perhaps related to each other. Again, these stalking groups usually have hundreds of local members.

During Cointelpro, there were routine setups, & fabricating of evidence used to destroy a person’s character or have them imprisoned. They may string together arbitrary pieces of unrelated incidents from your past & arrange them in such a way that it paints an extremely bad picture of you when gaining the support of your neighbors, landlord, family & friends, and employers. They can recruit stores & restaurants using the same method, which is part of the FBI Infragard program, and they may even have recruited informants working in these establishments.  Remember, one in twenty-four citizens will be called upon to be an informant.

Their case file of you may indicate that you are a probable rapist, pedophile, drug dealer, prostitute, terrorist, or racist, that they are investigating. Or, again, they may tell these people they can’t say why, for reasons, as stated previously, of “national security.” They’ll be told that they will be doing their country/community a great favor by cooperating. To this end, falsely labeling someone a pedophile seems to be quite common.

NOTE:  Discrediting also includes the target being labeled a thief, or child abuser, etc.  And, some people, desperate need of cash, are given a $500 gift “for their time” will also erroneously report this to intentionally destroy the whistleblowing target’s reputation.  Separation also allows the covert, pain ray beam focus, for example on the target’s heart, head, tissue, organs, and joints, etc.,  to create a high-tech, gradual stroke or heart attack, and it all to be written off as delusions.


Discrediting Tactics




Click to access thehiddenevil.pdf








Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 3.27.05 PM

Still Crazy After All These Years: Psychiatric

Lock-Down Returns to the US

The first thing most targets do when they realize that they have been placed in a covert program focused on non-consensual human experimentation is logical.  They start telling people.  Eventually, they wind up at a hospital Emergency Room, tracked there, scared, confused, bruised by the psychophysical microwave Directed Energy Weapon attacks, and with growing clarity that something else is amiss.  At this point, the narrative for thousands of highly credible individuals within the U.S., and millions globally begins with the end results the same.

Using the “Martha Mitchell Effect” the clinician unable to verify what is perceived as bizarre tales of government surveillance, conspiracy, and advanced psychological electronics (Psychotronic) harassment and psychophysical technologies, understandably, it becomes vital to document what is being told by the patient.  This is for even the remotest possibility that the person is factually a very real danger to self or others.  And, it makes complete sense because what is reported, whether it is fact or fiction becoming a necessity.

However, in this scenario, ignited is a connection that has no line of separation between factual COVERT, government targeting operations and a massive inhumane high-tech targeting program today, and fiction which dims substantially the perception between reality and real mental illness.  The fact is, factual high-tech targeting operations mimic the exact symptoms and disorders within the psychiatric DSM’s list of disorders and symptoms.  Some would argue, understanding the Association of Psychiatry’s role in mind control testing for intel agencies, dating back DECADES, it is by design and compliance for continued mind-control studies.

Although the video below uses a recording style voiceover, many understand fully, from life’s experiences, that it is completely accurate in what is explained.


A Program is Brilliantly Designed to

Mimic Mental Illness


The expert discrediting techniques, right down to the “Street Theater” is part of and 100% a tactic in the ongoing monitoring.  However, well versed, the awareness is gained as the result of a complete understanding of the program’s machination, to again, including the Association of Psychiatry’s role today, also documented historically with involvement in ongoing Remote Neural Monitoring research.  Again, without a doubt, history records, DECADES of research that unified the American Psychiatric Association in studies with intel agencies.

The Mind Control Technology is Known as

Remote Neural Monitoring

ELF radio signals are used to communicate with Naval submarines deep below the oceans’ surfaces. These frequencies can pinpoint a target anywhere on Earth and can penetrate water, rock, concrete, and other dense matter.

Consider this, the brain is composed of neurons (wires) and is powered by low electrical currents.  Much like insects communicate with non-contact antennas, humans can communicate with radio transceivers.

Just like each of us has a unique genetic code (DNA) we each have our own distinct radio frequencies. Find the frequencies and a terror technician at the helm of psychotronic drones and biometric systems and devices can communicate directly to the brain and also create torturous pain to the body through neural monitoring.

Wake Up And Smell The Street

Theater: An ATS Field Guide to

OFFICIAL Organize Community Stalking

Classic investigative research on the mental illness stigma, and labeling, reinforces the fact that this “mark” can be used as a potential to discredit individuals. And, it plays a pivotal role today as exposure of mind control, using patented technologies, MK Ultra type evolves.  The fact is this 20-year program never ended in the 70s but simply went underground and continues to flourish to this day and is now being unveiled all over the world.

This stigma in and of itself is powerful in its ability to destroy lives and useful in more ways than one.  This is especially true in covert operations and agencies actually using today the documented, PATENTED technology which the target is reporting during the ER visit.  The truth in these cases becomes a very real issue on many levels and especially for the cover-up of official high-tech horrific corruption.

The most established definition regarding the mental illness stigma is written by Erving in his seminal work: Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity.

states that stigma is “an attribute that is deeply discrediting” that reduces someone “from a whole and usual person to a tainted, discounted one” (p. 3).

The stigmatized, thus, are perceived as having a “spoiled identity” (, p. 3).

With this widespread understanding, within certain circles, it is not difficult to grasp why the stigma is used.

Covert operations under COINTELPRO took place between 1956 and 1971, however,, the U.S. Government has used covert operations against domestic political groups since its inception and again continues to this day.  COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare, planting false reports in the media, smearing through forged letters, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extralegal violence, and assassination.



Today what has unfolded is an expertly crafted and established human targeting program, decades perfecting and combined with “Organized Stalking” and again and again, psychophysical harassment, torture, and PsyWar / PsyOps.  And, based on global, horrendous victimization and vicious beamed technological abuses, obviously, there is nothing honorable about this nor those enforcing this program.  If a real investigation why is the mental illness tag vital?


Above all others, family, and anyone close, especially, can be used and are being used to substantiate bogus false claims about the target, who are intimidated by these operations in many cases, demanding involvement, and set-up and some even then blackmailed strategically. 

The strategic goal is that those close to the target become pivotal for sealing the fate of the target for official psych ward involuntary committing.   To gain approval for this specific type of high-tech targeting, many across the nation have also been labeled as “Domestic Terrorists” which actually unleashes the advanced, patented military technologies being used massively.

Get the Picture?




Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 3.34.42 PM


The Mission Becomes AbundantlyClear Through Age-Old COINTELPRO Tactics and the Standard Operating Procedure within THE PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION and mission…

PsyOps are generally tasked with four types of missions: Information Support, Interagency/Governmental Support, Civil Authorities Information Support, and Deception.


Information Support Operations (ISO) are missions that convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences. This information is intended to influence the emotions, motives, reasoning, and behavior of foreign governments and/or citizens in a manner that is favorable to objectives.




This PsyOps mission involves shaping and influencing decision-making and behaviors in support of objectives. Interagency and governmental support use PsyOps regional and language expertise, planning capability, and media knowledge capabilities.



Civil Authorities Information Support missions are intended for situations that disseminate critical information intended to support the effort.



Deception is any action intended to deliberately mislead. This could include, in the context of this blog the deception and application of the mental illness tag of anyone perceived as a threat by the revelation of corruption and thereby deemed “Domestic Terrorist” strategically.


Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 3.36.45 PM



The fact is, if any official government targeting program is relying on discrediting targets as mentally ill and seeking to have targets involuntarily committed to psych wards, they contradict themselves revealing their efforts as factual human experimentation programs, and not factual investigations by this fact alone.  Why is it pivotal to label targets as mentally ill?  It’s simple, for the COVER-UP.

It a documented fact within open literature evidence, and the history of ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation, that psych wards, and the prison system have been primary locations for ongoing human guinea pig Frankenstein testing programs led first by this type of effective discrediting and disbelief.

Again, why?  The label has a two-fold goal and outcome, specifically surrounding the exposure of official corruption and again the use of advanced mind invasive technology today more so than ever silencing.  Once, the mental illness tag is successfully applied and documented, which is key, it immediately sends out a programmed response from the public, who have been programmed about the stigma without exception of possible danger, when in this case one, its concocted lie, and two, it allows bogus targeting efforts to continue by discrediting targets who are detailing, positively and non-violently.   What is factually happening today in so incredibly heinous, and unjust, specifically related to the use of secret high tech beamed mind invasive and psychophysical weapons operations is to  monstrous, most cannot believe “The Program” exists.  Yet the patents, patented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office,  in full use, guaranteed are not sitting on a shelf with the Military Industrial Complex collecting dust prove otherwise. This was not what they were invented for.




In this case, ongoing research, TESTING, and development program would be the advancement of highly perfected, electromagnetic, subliminal mind invasive and manipulation technology, high-tech mind reading, and much more on a massive scale focused covertly on individuals, groups, communities, and large populations.



If specific agencies want to ensure secrecy, naturally counter-tactics become mandatory, and PsyOps the name of their games, thus the entry of the “Mental Health Warrant.”

It becomes a viable official tool against those stubborn target’s refusing to be silenced after caught up in the official web of deceit resulting in being stigmatized by what these agencies craft and official influence.  Lives have been totally destroyed due to the stigma and experimentation never missed a beat even then.  People have lost employment, family, friends, everything also is the goal of isolation.  Again, and again, the key of useful stigmas remain consistent by promoting that the target is a child abuser, pedophile, drug addict, prostitute, thief, mentally ill, etc., and under investigation, without a Constitutional Right and moral code of Due Process if an official investigation.

The key is to get people motivated with heinous untruths which justifies the official abuse and the tag especially used for impacting the target and silencing.  The effort is to motivate anyone close to the target, who can also be monitored, blackmailed and entrapped using, believe it or not, the patented subliminal influence technological capability, effortlessly and brilliantly.  Many unaware have been snared in a subliminal strategic set-up through highly advanced, beamed bioelectric technology, using patented systems and devices shown in the link of patents.  And, it is done to targets without the official agents, military intel on a widespread experimentation mission, on steroids Post 9/11 effortlessly, without leaving the state-of-the-art high-tech operation center building, two to three in each state, or within set-ups from compliant neighboring locations.

The agents and agencies are quite crafty using the technology and police, etc., also are authorized to officially, legally to lie to the public to gain community trust and compliance towards their goal.  Historically, again, the Association of Psychiatry has been for intel agencies, both civilian and military the greatest $$$ asset in the cover-up.




What exactly is a “Mental Health Warrant” and how can it be applied effectively to Targeted Individuals by corrupt agencies wanting target’s silenced or as a method to shatter a human life?

“A Mental Health Warrant authorizes law enforcement to take a person into custody who shows symptoms of mental illness and is likely to cause harm to himself or others.  The warrant orders a person to undergo a mental health evaluation by a doctor to determine if hospitalization is necessary…”

What can you do if someone slander’s your name or reports false information about you to the police or prosecutor’s office and it leads to a welfare check and to one of these warrants being filed against you?

How does a person tell the PA’s office or sheriff’s department to not enforce the warrant because it’s based on a false accusation or retaliation against the person it’s filed against, being done to intimidate the person from having a legal claim or justice against the filer in a court of law or from obtaining property belonging to the person the warrant is filed against?

You can’t sue the person who made the report because law enforcement and people who make reports to them are immune and protected from civil lawsuits, as are statements made during court proceedings/legal papers.  Expend your energy and resources in hiring an attorney to defend your rights. The attorney can deal with the authorities and try to bring the falsity to their attention.

Again, it is all about PsyOps and creating the target’s perception and the perception of those around targets to use, to include in the community, and with some strategically wanting the target to publicize, respond, or especially react negatively, while again,  these operation’s monitor everything a target does, says, reports, and also use technology which can create instant frequency manipulation feelings of, anger, agitation, stress, depression technologically from miles away in operation centers.  This is why exposure is imperative to save lives.  An understanding of who, what, how, and why is empowering and calming.

The game plan is for the target to report officials by their real intent, and hopefully post the sighting, which will be vehemently denied by those used, for example, neighborhood locations, resulting in a perfect set-up around the target.  This is one method that can result in a trip to the psyche ward using the “Mental Health Warrant” making community set-ups using their recruits vital!  This program wants to harm targets with directed energy beamed weapons but does want it to be known or publicized and the heinous deeds brought to light.

When reporting the truth, and what this program is factually doing is, to a small degree, effectively causes the operation to slow down the harassment and high-tech torture, but not cease due to rightful fear of awareness and damaging exposure ultimately.  However, many reports it always picks up where it left off gradually.  What cost does the target pay?  They pay with gradual deterioration of health and ultimately death by Directed Energy Weapon beamed focus irradiation to the human body cooking the body like a piece of meat in a microwave oven.

The weapons are unseen or detectable to the human eye which is where discrediting thrives.  Because this program loves to use, retirees, criminal informants, parolees with a long rap sheet, and anyone impressionable, young adults men, in typical set-up locations, part of the program’s dynamic is first the sworn secrecy for those used told to report that the target is delusional or paranoid as the “Street Theater” plays out around the target.  The community is used as “Role Players” to entice a negative reaction, and some paid in many cases.  Neighbor’s can also be provided with see-through-the-wall technology for beamed verbal harassment, around the clock, which includes, degradation, threats, and denigration,  using patented through-the-wall devices used for 24/7.  The goal is to push the target over the edge, to suicide, hurt self or others, entrapment, and again, combined with the labeling of mental instability.   Again, widespread recruitment of families using disinformation is a major plus.  


Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 3.39.19 PM





Ephesians 5:11


She writes, “Some people objected to the last sentence, which was “Your local sheriff’s department and police departments take their orders from the Fusion Centers and are the ones betraying us all for cop toys. “ So here is the flyer without the last sentence.

I write for “us”, I am more than happy to edit a version some of you are more comfortable with. Just get these flyers OUT! Even mail them anonymously, to mayors, police chiefs, church leaders…”

Murder Profit


When people across the country are being misdiagnosed due to exposing the truth, many begin to recognize, revealed by many highly credible psychologists as well, obvious, unified corruption, again within the Association of Psychiatry itself in the video below.


Those officially using the community and specific locations, for portable beam focus and weaponized drones, are officially those authorized to use deadly energy weapons for electronic assaults on civilians and ultimately slow health deterioration.  Many today, have been marginalized and determined expendable after the program’s efforts continuously fail around them.  Official military active duty and reserve, are at the helm connected also to human experimentation by Federal, state, and local police with high-tech weapons now in hand.

But can it be proven?



“When President Bush called for the creation of TIPS in his 2002 State of the Union address, it was just one element of a larger program called the “Citizen Corps” that is aimed at giving Americans a chance to get directly involved in homeland defense. Bush also called for“Neighborhood Watch” programs to be doubled in number and expanded beyond their traditional role of deterring and detecting house-hold burglaries to “make them more attuned to preventing terrorism.” The means for carrying this out is a push to encourage the formation of “Citizen Corps Councils” around the nation. Citizen Corps materials urge Neighborhood Watch participants to “train family members on identifying suspicious behaviors that could indicate terrorist activity…”

Thus also, although unreported, opened the organized, official, high-tech, psychological electronic, psychophysical, targeting and harassment program, weaponized, and community-based “Organized Community Stalking” evolved with.




Without a doubt, by countless revelations, this program alternates within the “Citizen Corps Councils” and connected “Neighborhood Watch Programs” and this is reported nationwide as a primary, officially motivated tactics and by moving from location to location within the community fully aware of what is going on but unaware of the technologies full capabilities which become deadly beams.

As for myself and many, after 15 years, and with some whistleblowers, many more, you learned that exposure is the best, intelligent weapon, and the pen mightier than the sword!   However, sadly these operations realize this power, and as a result, in horrendous violation of the First Amendment Right, evolves a relentless hope to stifle any accurate information being promulgated.

Most being victimized cannot believe how arrogant these operations egotistically view the aware public, as imbeciles and the denial of credible open literature evidence.  This is as these operations continue to use anyone who is easily influenced by the negative stigmas and machination.  This is as the target is being hit, again, and again, and again, by electronic weapons assaults, inside their home, while eating, sleeping, driving, basically around the clock, by drones, and the hopeful reaction takes them to the ER. This results in denial of the truth, and it officially documented which is used to make the mental illness tag stick and this program’s clever, as I have reported many times, planned “Ace in the Hole!”

Laws continue to unfold that allow targeting agencies, again, federal, state, and local, using harassment and torture within the civilian sector, to allow basically to remove from society anyone, deemed a nuisance or strategically an official threat simply by exposure, by using the concoction of the “Mental Health Warrant.”  For example, the Baker Act in Florida has run amok with false involuntarily committing of anyone including children and has become highly effective for official corruption and extreme use in many ways.


Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 4.28.41 PM



While attaching a label of mental disorder can be a powerful means to discredit a person, its role as trial evidence goes largely unexamined, unquestioned, and unregulated by courts thus leaving the target few options.  This is why it became vital for the establishment of mental health courts.  However,  many efforts a target makes at exposure and connection to “The Program” is automatically sabotaged, and to sell the disinformation, and the earlier mentioned actual “Dummy File” is then created for the sole purpose of focus on creating visual substantiation to back-up the negative claims corrupt agent’s use with any combination stigmas.

Reportedly, few courts carefully consider whether evidence of a plaintiff’s mental illness label is truly probative of the issues for which it is purportedly offered, such as a danger to self or others and this key.

Fact finders use such documented evidence from the Association of Psychiatry, to include psych ward incarceration, resulting from false claims devises improperly to discount a plaintiff’s credibility and to conclude that the plaintiff instead possesses certain behavioral propensities that weigh in favor of a finding psych ward permanent committing in some cases and court-ordered forced medication.  Now drugged up the target becomes a Big Pharma mental vegetable.

The courts that face admissibility questions concerning such evidence, especially regarding targeted individuals, is, too closely scrutinize the purported relevance of the evidence against the target and how the stigma was applied.  In many cases the mental illness tag is automatic for thousands reporting factual government official torment, tracking and monitoring high-tech targeting operation which to the dismay of specific agencies is slowing gaining momentum as a unified truth movement.  The hope is that through exposure, the Court, in this case, the Mental Health Court, which must view the situation in its entirety, and with the education of patented and legalized technologies, ultimately grasp the role of official corruption and exercise their discretion to guard against factual findings that are ultimately traceable to a strategic attached stigmatizing of mental illness used as a weapon, against a person for discrediting.  The overall goal, a machination designed to keep what is happening hidden.



Florida Schools Aren’t

Mandated to Have Baker Act

Policies; Parents Still Left in the dark, Critics say…

Number of Baker Acted kids up 55% in 7 years





A Young Woman Finds Herself Involuntarily

Committed to a Psychiatric Institution


A African American Man Spends Four Decades

in Federal Government Mental Hospital

for Stealing $20 Necklace

The bizarre case shows the judicial breakdown

Black people routinely are targets of the mental illness tag for DECADES and official, monstrous nonconsensual human experimentation!


Franklin H. Frye was charged with stealing a $20 necklace in 1970, and he has spent the better part of his life locked up ever since after being found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Mr. Frye was sent to St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington in 1971, part of which houses the criminally insane — including would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr.




Franklin Frye Died inCustody After Serving 45 YearsOver a $20 Necklace



But fellow patient, would-be assassin John Hinckley, won release from the federal government’s psychiatric hospital but not Franklin Frye. 





St. Elizabeths Hospital opened in 1855 as the first federally operated psychiatric hospital in the United States. Housing over 8,000 patients at its peak in the 1950s, the hospital at one point had a fully functioning medical-surgical unit, a school of nursing, and accredited internships and psychiatric residencies.[4] Its campus was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1990.[3]








Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 4.05.29 PM


The Strange and Curious

History of Lobotomy


Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 3.58.09 PM





This report offers some much-needed clarity by piecing together this country’s disparate systems of confinement. The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 1,852 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails, and 80 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and prisons in the U.S. territories. And we go deeper to provide further detail on why people are locked up in all of those different types of facilities.




As revealed, yes, reported nationwide and globally, the stigma includes “Mass Delusions” created by the Association of Psychiatry and now a new disorder within the manual and without exceptions to tame massive exposure all over the world by those high-tech targeted.

The label’s use as a tool, as explained here is for specific discrediting and it runs the full spectrum with the use of compliant officials and perfected tactics that are designed to automatically shut down any thought of any other possibility or a documented U.S. PATENTED, technological cause.

On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology




The Microwave Auditory Effect, has destroyed untold numbers of lives of human guinea pigs, misdiagnosed as Schizophrenic.  The technology dates back DECADES!








The first thing to try to comprehend is that a “new” kind of electromagnetic (EM) wave has been discovered in the empty vacuum of space which, when engineered, can be an inexhaustible supply of energy in great magnitude at any place in the universe. The word “new” is in quotes because the discovery really goes back to Nikola Tesla and his discovery of what he called “radiant energy.” It is also not “new” because the Russians (KGB) have been working on this technology for over 30 years and have weaponized these “new” longitudinal scalar waves to a great degree. These are the weapons Nikita Khrushchev spoke of in January 1960.

“By 1957-8 the Soviets had progressed to the point of a giant scalar EM accident in the Urals which exploded nearby atomic wastes, devastating the area. They had also progressed to development of great new superweapons using their new energetics – weapons to which Khrushchev referred in 1960 when he informed the Soviet Presidium of a new, fantastic weapon in development, a weapon so powerful that it could wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly employed.'” Tom Bearden

After over 30 years of development, and extensive testing around the globe, these new scalar electromagnetic weapons are up and running and ready to go. Tom Bearden, at his website Cheniere, discusses the history of these new scalar electromagnetic weapons in his paper

Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons.”

Some Immediate Implications

The implications of successful engineering of the longitudinal waves are enormous and will change the world as we know it, one way or another. Among other things, these discoveries mean that:

1. The solutions to the energy crisis and the “oil problem” are in hand. These oil wars are unnecessary. There is endless energy available freely from the domain of time.

2. Unbelievably powerful weapons are not only possible but are already operating in several nations. The many powers of these weapons are unprecedented and mind-boggling.

3. The cure of diseases such as cancer and AIDS, in fact nearly any disease, has become possible within a few years of sufficient funding. Everyone can be made healthy and stay healthy.  However, the fact is, medication, death, and illness leading to death are far more profitable.

4. Mind control on a mass scale has now become possible, and the machines to do it are already in place in certain nations. It has become possible to mentally enslave whole populations with the twist of a few dials.

So the layman will need to understand that there is a new kind of electromagnetic energy that is altogether different from what he knows, e.g. radio, TV, cell phones, etc. The ordinary EM waves that we have known about are called transverse EM waves, to distinguish them from the new longitudinal EM waves. These scalar waves do not actually exist in our “material” world but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain. And we must keep in mind that this vacuum of space we speak of exists all through everything. Even our bodies are mostly empty space between atoms and molecules. So the gateway to this seething ocean of energy can be there at every point in the universe.  This seething ocean of energy is all around us and all through us.





Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 4.08.15 PM



Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 4.11.01 PM






Thousands across the USA and millions globally are reporting being terrorized by these weapons both inside the privacy of their residences and out, 24/7, and it’s true!  As stated in previous blogs, “The Program” is overseen by state-of-the-art high-tech operations centers, military, federal, state, and local unified under one umbrella in today’s “Militarized Police State.”  Torture is being used as a method of subjugation.












With me, many publications have proven a clear mind, which is focused, capable of comprehensive research, organization, and presentation with clarity which levels the playing field although set-ups persist along with beamed torture.  However with many targeted, this is not the case, with no refuge from this type of tactic, thus the massive unified exposure effort unfolding by concerned citizens all over the world.   How egregiously abominable that the truth can be and is being reportedly used against a person, and it is happening today, as a weapon, and has been happening for a very long time!

The goal is to enlighten regarding the culmination of years of official, patented technologies, see blog website, today’s legalization, post 9/11, and ongoing research, TESTING, and development programs using electromagnetic frequencies remotely for psychophysical manipulation as systems and devices, DECADES perfected.  And, the hope, through this awareness, is that human lives can be saved from those, at high echelons, who consider the average, man, woman it appears children as little more than human experiments.  This, by many reports, whether true or false, could also include motivation for the advancement of Big Pharma studies and testing, and creation of profitable drugs, to subdue, and ultimately, social and mass population control becoming a profitable bonus for individuals, groups, communities, overall and resulting mass population control.


“The Targeting of Myron May: Assistant DA Pushed Over the Edge” (Mind Control Technology Series Book 5)

Deceived Beyond Belief – The Awakening: Prologue (Mind Control Technology Series Book 6)


Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 6.36.12 PM




Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 4.20.39 PM









Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM




Book Ad Prologue Added


Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 9.21.01 PM



I proudly join many, Whistleblowers, Activists, Human Rights Advocates, and awakened Human Guinea Pigs across the United States and globally determined that awareness will save lives!




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