HOW IT WORKS – Official Use of the TRUTH, to Discredit Beamed TORTURE by using the “Delusional Disorder” Set-up Within the Massive COVER-UP








Right before the VA was to finalize the decision related to botched hip surgery, VA Special Agents, still hoping to portray me as mentally ill, it appears contacted WordPress staff and deleted the audio below.  It was deleted not only here on WordPress but entirely wiped off my hacked Mac Book Pro Computer.  However, thank goodness, I eventually was able to recover it from another source.

Below is the Voicemail of my being called a “B” in 2010, heard right before the doctor begins speaking by a Federal Agent before she explains why she cannot amend my medical records.   This was after the agent attempted to nudge the VA doctor, she reported to me during our next appointment,  at the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital, and tried to badger her into committing me to the Psych Ward after I left his office and before I could make it back to my room.   

NOTE:  This was after I went in personally, alone to find out what was going on.  He laughed in my face, the whole time until I told him, right before leaving, that I would join many across the nation revealing the truth of what is happening today, using mind invasive, psychophysical torture beamed weapons, undeniably which has been happening to targets, individuals, groups, communities, and large populations for DECADES. Many are unaware of subtle mind invasive technology experimentation beginning in early childhood as human guinea pigs.  

I purchased this house in 2014 and am here to stay.  And apparently, so is the effort around me following me around since 2006, or until the mission is accomplished in one way or another.

Note she told me, she was shocked that he called her at home on her off day.  She also told he also made a subtle threat regarding her VA employment if she did not comply.  Obviously, she did not.  

Further details, and how she told me she was astonished at the request, the truth be told, could likely would result in her becoming a target herself to silence this truth as a witness.  The fact is, it appears she left the VA after this.  No intelligent professional wants to be involved with high-tech human experimentation of Veterans and corrupt agents trying to use anyone they can!

Dictated Version:

“Bitch” he says…


“Hi, Renee. This is Dr. Bernstein-Haas, calling, returning your call.  I got your message about your following up about the addendum. I spoke with someone at the VA about putting an addendum that will relate to just this and I was given information about how to do that and I’ve written a brief addendum in your chart which is what I was told I was supposed to do or could do I should say. So there is documentation of the phone call by me and that is what they told me to write.  So hopefully that answers your question…”







Whenever anyone speaks up about this very real program, and the way this program is set-up by design in decades over cover-ups, your sanity is questioned without exceptions, and you are referred to therapy.  This woman, thank goodness, was the best who left the VA shortly after this incident, and now has an office in Beverly Hills, California. 

Dr. John Hall, courageously, also targeted revealed in the video below, reported a similar experience as well with even his medical license threatened, by questioning his sanity, although highly credible then and continues to be today.  

He did what we all do for quite some time, that being stick to the truth, no matter what!

In fact, this is what those involved in this program bank on.  I was on the facility homeless after the same USAF personnel in my neighborhood today with the beamed torture, forced me out of my apartment.  This was after living there less than a month doing so by intense beam microwave irradiation of my body it appeared slowly cooking me slowly to death with the portable Directed Energy Weapon from the apartment above. I could hear him pulling it around on wheels following me from room to room from above to do so, right before positioning overhead and before an extreme attack.  His main focus was in the wee hours of the morning hoping for sleep deprivation.  I also would see him going and coming, and sneaking quietly out the back entrance.

In the video below, a large group of Targeted Individuals plus Dr. John Hall testify before the Presidential Commission of Bioethics Committee March/May 2011.  They speak about illegal Mind Control Experiments, Brain Implants without ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation without consent, Directed Energy Weapons Testing on the civilian population, and Microwave Directed Energy Weapon torture directed against innocent civilians and whistleblowers.  

Note the technology has been legalized specifically for military and law enforcement use, unpublicized, and massively testing on civilians.   When the first target speaking in the video states to the person attempting to recruit him told him he stole the technology from the Navy, this was likely, not true and part of the cover-up of use on civilians by the military.  The person was likely involved in this program and likely may have been Navy Reserve, a DOD Contractor, etc.  You don’t just walk in and steal technology considered Top-Secret without accountability.





Personally, in the rightful battle for my life and being called a “B” in 2010, I’ll take as a compliment coming from them!  Also know of a surety, “The best fighter is never angry!”  In my case, this is proven after nearing 15 years of this high-tech covert targeting, not only around me but many, many people across the U.S.A. of whom I stand for!  









In 2008, after trying by every means possible, writing over 100 letters in 2006, Federal Civil Complaint filings, etc., to bring the covert high-tech targeting program to light, I decided that my only option was to take my plight and the plight of untold numbers of victims across the USA and globally to the public through my personal experiences.  My harmless weapon of choice is today and has always been, now nearing 15 years, my Amazon six-book series, a successful blog, and a website that today has reached well over a half-million all over the globe.  

The pen, or in this day, a laptop, is truly mightier than the sword.  Our efforts across the nation are to bring awareness to save lives against those hiding behind technology and destroying them. 

As a result of the threat of mass public disclosure of factual, official high-tech corruption, official countermeasures were instantly put into play as a determined effort to discredit me as delusional.  

In fairness to the training of physicians, is the reality that their textbook structured education teaches and engraves into them that, “If you can’t see it and it leaves no evidence it exists, it must a delusion.”  The fact is, they are essentially boxed into the narrative of the educational structure.  

The official strategy is that if any target, tracked and monitored 24/7 and there are many, again, many being used as human guinea pigs, go to any hospital and reports they are being beamed targeted by Directed Energy Weapons, and other patented microwave technologies unleashed on civilians for ongoing human experimentation, Post 9/11 in unified efforts by federal, state, and local police department unified with military technology and military personnel, for the “War on Terror” everyone is automatically redirected to a psychiatrist.   

It would not be until October of 2020 that a major, strategic discrediting diagnosis, would be documented as “unlikely” in my VA health records, and also that I have never taken antipsychotics.   The good doctor also mentioned my Amazon book series in her notes.   However, there is still a refusal to acknowledge that yes, there is open literature evidence documenting sundry government conspiracies, patented technologies that are aimed at a mass, social-population control agenda.  And, the reality of governments having practiced various types of human experimentation for subjugation for eons.



DETAILED LINK (HOME 1),from%20the%20attacks%20after%20they%20have%20taken%20place








Letter to Judge

Today, many who have contacted officials, Federal, city, and state, for help to stop the psychophysical human experimentation and Directed Energy Weapon beamed torture, spearheaded by FBI intelligence and fusions centers, nationwide, are reportedly told they cannot get involved in “Top Secret” programs as well.

The microwave slow-cooking to my knees for knee replacements and crippling of my legs continues.  My legs are cooked while I try to sleep through the night.  The slow-cooking by the military Active Denial System, and LAPD RACR satellite drone division, who then strategically attack the weaponized microwave beam-cooked area during the day, each day, to ensure crippling pain when moving around.   These weapons are no longer “nonlethal” when used in this manner through set-ups around targets and the intentional effect and outcome.


Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 10.04.22 PM

The Human Target – Directed Energy Weapons and Electronic Warfare




See also Confirmation that Targeting Operations Today Hide and Use Community “Neighborhood Watch Programs,” etc….” video and link.  In the video within, NSA whistleblowers reveal these operations are 100% using beamed weapons and operating from neighboring locations for the creation of debilitating pain and in some cases worse.  The revelation is at 1:30:40 minutes into the interview.





As I have reported in other blogs on this site, I witnessed the portable, microwave flat screen antenna shown mounted on the military vehicle below, and a smaller version, being carried into the main locations military personnel are using.   Any location can be a set-up guided by military personnel and LAPD also using drones, under the watchful eye of the FBI spearheading and set up to torture after the community is sworn to secrecy.  

The hope is that microwave weapon beamed pain will push the target over the edge creating a reaction to the intense microwave pain for entrapment.  While the target is being microwaved slow-cooked, the low-minded individuals this program uses are also calling the target crazy over and over again, knowing you are not, and degrading you relentlessly in any way possible.   This is done by using the beam through the wall communication system detailed at the end of this blog.

Know of a surety that I remain harmless and recognize that the truth is the only weapon needed when used to wage a rightful battle for my life and hope that others will be helped through awareness of this hideous high-tech official targeting program.  And, trust me when I say the community has reviewed these blogs, detailing the targeting how and why. This is because I ride around town and everywhere with my website on my license plate (smile). 














Why do they persist even as I accurately expose the official set-up?  It is because they believe that it can’t be proven which is why the mental illness tag is vital for this program.  The beamed slow, strategic deterioration of the target’s health continues after the strategic stigma of mental illness.  For example, the end result of slow-cooking my heart and resulting in a possible stroke is written off as delusions thus an official slow-kill.  As my reach grows nationwide and globally this has escalated the goal around me for the set-up and discrediting for the mental illness tag as shown below in my VA medical records.  Again, simply mentioning this program and what Rogue Federal Operatives are doing is an automatic delusional disorder diagnosis.  This is a cleverly orchestrated cover-up paradigm.  

The program goals continue with targets under 24/7 surveillance from state-of-the-art operation centers, monitored and tracked everywhere with many influenced by an official phone call long before you arrive at your destination portrayed negatively to include you are crazy. For the record, it should be noted that this experimentation program has been ineffective with many, obviously, and specifically those revealing it for what it truly is.  This is a high-tech psychophysical weapon testing covert monstrosity. 

The tampering with my family and official hope to use them, heinously, plus the unwanted beamed sexual stimulation patent motivated and lit the fire.  These are not official investigations another narrative sold to the public. As such, there is NO Constitutional protocol, while people Targeted are denied even basic Human Rights.  This is a program where targets, for any reason under the Sun, are placed into a legalized nonconsensual human experimentation program. And, again, there is an ongoing goal that the truth remains hidden from the public, of which I, and many taking a stand strongly disagree.  

I doubt if ever the truth of the technological capabilities of bio Electromagnetic Radiation will be publicized to the extent of its full use today.  The ability to hide and harm people using beamed weapons results in those at the helm becoming borderline sociopaths, by official approval, and many should not be in the same room with this technology including military “Order Followers.”  I say “become” because they are ordered to go against their moral code. Nor will the disgraceful, inhumane, PATENTED subliminal manipulation and influence systems and devices they are using hoping to influence target’s IF THEY CAN ever be officially revealed!  As a result, this program will do, or say, anything to keep the truth hidden and reportedly much worse such as influencing anyone with it.

Prior to my naming this program as the culprit, there was no record of delusions ever in my life.   As stated earlier, the letters over the years were sent to Senators, Congress, DOD, and DOJ Inspector Generals, LAPD Police Commission, several Judges, etc., etc., etc.  After no one could help, and after trying and trying to bring this high-tech torture program into the open officially, in 2008 I begin to write books. I was subsequently told to stop what I was/am doing and hospitalized twice due to the beamed laser pain ray attempting to stop me. 

I join many exposing this program by saying we don’t make deals with the devil’s spawn. 




My hope then and today is to take the truth and the plight of untold numbers of people heinously targeted and viciously attacked both inside and outside their homes, and the covert resulting suffering of this official, monstrous HIGH-TECH SPYING / TARGETING PROGRAM maliciously to the public.  Their hope is to keep it hidden.

In reality, what these officials want is to use the community as a distraction, or create the perception that it is other civilians targeting you maliciously after the bogus label of delusions is used for plausible denial when it is factually military active duty and reserve, and police, to include recruited and officiated civilian reserve police and military from my experience overseen by the FBI   

From past experience, the truth will be vehemently denied by the recruits with twenty against one and the result is group confirmation of delusions which is actually pretty clever, you must admit.

Using the mental illness tag has become this, beyond belief, MONSTROUS program’s ace in the hole for decades of ongoing human experimentation on men, women, and children, individuals, communities, and large populations for DECADES!






On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology






NOTE:  This blog was proofread and error-free at publishing, May 24, 2019.  As recent as September 2020 subtle errors were inserted then corrected.  Any inserted effort, including clever misinformation, typographical errors, spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors were, and are, continually being inserted by official operation center personnel monitoring this blog.

I will continue my efforts to make corrections and updates as needed, repeatedly to 99 blogs.




A study commissioned by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants that looked at the real-life experiences of 25 whistleblowers found that accusations of mental illness were rampant and a common method of retaliation and this has been used for decades to also silence dissent.  Whistleblowers in the study were often portrayed as mentally ill in order to cast doubt on their claims and experiences.  In reality, organizations often used the mental health allegations to try to divert attention away from covert operations, human suffering, by those at the helm of and enforcing criminal high-tech targeting programs, and ongoing official, nonconsensual human experimentation.  The hope is to redirect the focus from the credibility of the whistleblower instead.

Perversely enough, the accusations often worked on their targets.  Some of the whistleblowers in the study became demoralized, degraded, depressed, and feeling such intense pressure by the accusations, while watching their lives destroyed, that they ultimately did develop depression, panic attacks, or sadly, some even committed suicide.

The fact is, it does matter who you are or who you work for, or if a regular concerned citizen or someone considered important. If you are a whistleblower exposing any type of horrific secret corruption, sanctioned by the government, intel agencies, police, and military personnel today specifically using the public for advanced, patented, psychophysical technology nonconsensual testing, this typical tactic for silencing is applied, again, by using the mental illness tag of which I cannot drive home enough.

Whistleblowers have to have a lot of courage, emotional stability, and endurance to step forward and expose the ugly underside of official corruption, yet many are doing so in growing numbers.  Many do so, having felt the sting of reprisal and then quickly called everything imaginable, from crazy, delusional, a turncoat, addict, prostitute, child abuser, pedophile, criminals, and much worse.  What is ludicrous is that what is happening today is common knowledge in certain government circles as the veil lifts.

This type of typical strategy widely used for discrediting tends to make even the most emotionally prepared whistleblower saddened who is taken by surprise when they’re suddenly labeled “mentally unstable”.  We are talking intelligent people who for the majority of their lives, again never had this label and it only applied after reporting or publishing the truth that specific agencies are 100% using “Mind Control Technology” on civilians and beamed torture systems and devices and logically do not want it known or publicized. 

Until there is full disclosure of ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation programs orchestrated through government approval, Post 9/11, which includes military targeting and training with federal, state, and local police counterterrorism divisions, and the unleashing of a high-tech targeting bioweapons focused on U.S. citizens and reported all over the world as the cover-up continues and inhumane injustices will continue and prevail.  

To those targeted, remain hopeful and don’t give up!  

The truth has an electromagnetic frequency of its own which is far more powerful than the foolishness of those hiding behind bioelectromagnetic systems and devices and the truth continues to snowball.  Inevitably, and it has been proven historically, the truth always wins.




a sign


Signs are appearing nationwide and all over the world but not a single mention from mainstream media on an official “Gag Orders.”












Martha Beall was born on September 2, 1918, and later became Martha Beall Mitchell the wife of President Richard Nixon’s 1968 appointed Attorney General, John Mitchell.

Nixon, notoriously known as a man who shifted blame away from himself and onto others, shamelessly placed the Watergate scandal onto Martha’s shoulders. In an interview with popular talk show host David Frost (September 1977 on Frost on America) Nixon said, “If it hadn‘t been for Martha Mitchell, there‘d have been no Watergate.”

Martha’s claims of White House wrongdoing were thought of at first as unbelievable but were eventually proven correct. On January 1, 1975, her husband John Mitchell was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury and served nineteen months in federal prison.

Martha Mitchell was right, despite being accused of suffering from delusions and diagnosed as such. The Nixon administration was up to their “dirty tricks” as she so correctly described it.

Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

The Martha Mitchell effect is the process by which a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health clinician mistakes the patient‘s perception of real events as delusional and misdiagnoses accordingly.





“In the summer of 1972, Martha Mitchell was on the telephone in her hotel room in Newport Beach, California, when a security guard for President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign walked over and yanked the cord out of the wall.” 




Martha Mitchell, wife of Attorney General John Mitchell,

was the first Watergate whistleblower.

She was silenced, discredited, and all but forgotten.


Whistleblowing is a lonely road.  Without knowing whether the public will deem them heroes or traitors — or even believe their claims at all — whistleblowers take an incredible risk with no certain payoff.

And if you happen to be a known gossip reporting unprecedentedly corrupt acts committed by high-ranking government officials who are deeply trusted by the public at large?  Then you’re definitely in trouble…


Martha Mitchell: The Woman Nobody Believed About Watergate

Martha Mitchell died alone and destitute with a rare form of Bone Marrow Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, at the young age of 57.  Under the circumstances, many ask, is there a connection by the capability for both non-ionizing and ionizing beamed radiation to create this rare illness?


Click to access k25_7-06-09-508.pdf




Mental illness discrediting is the first goal and the focus of this program in the early stages. Once the target has been deemed a threat, via blogs, book publications, website, etc., the expert, officially crafted machination of events around the target, overseen in real-time from state-of-the-art operation centers begins, expertly designed to make target’s look crazy.   And it works.

As for me, again, I will stick with the truth, no matter what.


Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 8.31.06 AM



One thing is certain, ultimately, inevitably, slowly but surely, history has consistently proven, the truth will prevail!











The beamed covert bioelectric harassment technology is being intentionally used and typically 100% responsible for a target’s synthetic reaction.   And, this covert, high-tech, hidden targeting program understands the outcome after years of success, and ultimate goal based on past and present testing on untold numbers of human guinea pigs confirmed in studies after years of ongoing involuntary human experimentation.  Discrediting remains key to continued success.

Note that by 2010 I had been targeted in the same manner since 2006 and the VA heavily involved.  

Note that I was in my mid-40’s and numerous studies document that people do not develop psych issues at this late stage in life.  And, more importantly, again the person having absolutely NO history whatsoever of delusions, bipolar, schizo, ever connected to them in their entire life. Various types of psychosis are documented to typically originate in the mid-teen years to the early ’20s.

Below is an excerpt from my military DD 214 while in my mid-20s.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 2.12.47 PM

I have always been well-known to be a kind, intelligent, considerate, forgiving, generous, level-headed person, documented prior to this bogus discrediting and official set-up. I have no history of delusions or paranoia, again until I started exposing this program.  Sure life is not easy at times on Earth School but we adjust, get the intended lesson, and keep walking the path.

My life both personally and professionally is a declaration of striving for personal excellence.  However, as many experiences are reported across the nation, and awakening to the reality of a high-tech, hidden, this official targeting program, this truth is overshadowed by powerful government agencies marginalizing the average man, woman, and child, while running hideous ongoing human experimentation programs and a logical desire to keep the coming truth hidden and prevent their ultimate shame and disgrace.






Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 9.00.48 PM




Amused by this entry into my health records, I ask can you be highly intelligent, very articulate, and delusional?  Hahahaha…  I mean really!

This program today targets those who have proven in some way during their lives to be not easily programmable thus becoming a high-tech scientific challenge for human experimentation.  Try as they may, they can’t convince me of wrongdoing.  They are up against the truth and not I as this program continually attempts to break anyone exposing it by any high-tech means necessary.

In reality, labels don’t affect me personally.  My self-esteem was nurtured as a child, thank God, and thank goodness!  My position is simple,

“Just don’t call me late for dinner Yucky Mucks!”  As long as the truth is contributing to saving lives I am onboard no matter come what may and I accept that discrediting comes with the territory.

The fact is one of the most corrupt police departments in the nation, the LAPD, who are 100% involved around me, and using beamed weapons, high-tech harassment, and drones after trained by the USAF in this again unified, again monstrous program, and of whom I document in my book series as playing a major role are heavily involved. 

They are 100% using mind invasive technologies, and beam weapons, and those involved picked me up one night and took to me to the psych ward.  This was likely after watching the entire scene play out and remote manipulation of the people in real-time from the downtown underground Real-time Analysis and Critical Response Division (RACR).










LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting ‘War Room’


The overseeing “Fusion Center” or counterterrorism emerged as a concept that began in the early 2000s following 9/11 with collaboration between the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and, DOD and the Department of Justice.  Federal, state, and local police have their own operations, but the glue that binds, for example in California, at the next level is the FBI/LAPD Joint Resource Intelligence Center (JRIC) aka COINTELPRO headquarters.

Today anyone, through the Department of Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” program, can become a person of interest, place under high-tech surveillance, and monitored and tracked and again, technologically assaulted, both inside and outside their homes using the beamed “Pain Ray.”  The “Biometric Signature” (facial recognition, DNA, iris, gait)  of anyone can zero in on a target anywhere on the face of the Earth.  

During the Bush Administration, the “Total Information Awareness Program” ensured uploading of “Total Information Awareness” of everyone’s biometrics and those missed, high-tech psychological electronic drones picking up the rest.

As shown in the movie trailer below, is an example of this tactic by officially creating the scenario for applying the mental illness tag in the true story.  

Having a target committed as mentally ill is an age-old tactic, designed to discredit the truth, subjugate and silence and as revealed as far back as 1928 then and now specifically used by the Los Angeles Police Department. 

The movie of Christine Collins, starring Angelina Jolie, directed by Clint Eastwood, is called “Changeling.”  Christine Collins was committed and told to deny the truth if she wanted to be released from a mental hospital.

In my case, the attempt was to force medicate me with psychotic medication that I vehemently denied, within an effort to force me to, which failed after the official Court Hearing that would release me after 5 days.  

I was told if I accepted the medication, I would be released eerily similar to the true story of Christine Collins below.











The Active Denial System is another name for the microwave “Pain Ray.”  These weapons are portable, handheld, land, sea, drone, and space-based to include larger versions, as shown above, mounted on military vehicles.  They are 100% in widespread use although, again, and again, vehemently denied and labeled as non-lethal.  However, the fact is, when focused on a target for silencing and subjugation, used for deadly beamed cooking of tissue, organs, and joints, depleting the area of vital fluids, i.e., blood, synovial fluid of joints, vital for healthy joints, the hideous use becomes a covert, slow-kill health issue by slow cooking of areas of the body resulting in covert, high-tech, deterioration of health.  The key is slowly but surely.

It should be noted also that the USAF, post 9/11, and likely for decades is today playing a major role in testing these weapons on the civilian population, unifying law enforcement at all levels in this new paradigm.   From the window one night, in 2010, while living in an apartment in Los Angeles, which I document in my book series, right before the attack, I watched a young military person, in the blue official uniform setting up the pain ray beam next door in an affluent black community using the apartment parallel to my bedroom.  Of course, he stood out as a young white person. 




While living at this location in 2010, the beamed torture weapons had been taken to a whole new level demanding a reaction, their game plan, for entrapment or be cooked to death.  The beamed weapon assaults were accelerated by official monitoring of my book publication progress as this official COINTELPRO read along in real-time as I typed every keystroke.  The elevated beamed assault was unbearable.  This is how I ended up at the hospital that night.

I was taken there by, again, the very agencies, unified, targeting, and monitoring me to this date.  There are now six books in the series, by 2019,   The books detail my experiences from day one to the present, as I join many across the nation and globally exposing the high tech mass, social, and population control grid that will abolish police departments and originated for state-of-the-art high-tech operations centers while not leaving the building.

I refused to live in the official “Electronic Concentration Camp” quietly.  

There is no shielding protection from military-grade, patented bio-effect weapons. 




Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 11.11.51 PM

Everyone is labeled delusional when reporting the truth of ongoing, nonconsensual human experimentation, today and historically.  This is because monstrous, hideous agencies involved believe it can’t be proven!  You needn’t be wrong to be called delusional.



NOTE:  “Much of what she expresses has been postulated in theory and some microwave devices have been used as weapons.  So her delusions are just skirting the bizarre, but technically are not.”  I mean really… LOL!


Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 5.27.37 PM




His notes above reveal his twisted, divided mind and allegiance to his profession, no matter what.  And after the court order demanded the VA let me go, he followed me to my room as I grab my things to leave saying you need psychotic medication, appearing unglued emotionally and agitated at his failure.  It was weird.  This was after the on-call doctor that weekend, his senior, listened then told me I could go home the next morning.  

For the record, it is extremely rare to get severe psychotic mental illness in your mid to late 30’s with no history whatsoever. The only time the mental illness tag was applied to me in my entire life is when I spoke up about this mind control behavioral modification program, patented technology in full use and ongoing, massive, human experimentation destroying lives ruthlessly.  Men, women and children  are viewed as expendabhle for ongoing research, covert TESTING, and technological neuroweapon development programs.

It looks more like the Psychiatrist, Sean Minjares was actually skirting around the truth and afraid to confirm that yes, microwave technology is in fact being used, of which thousands confirm and declare in full use today viciously attacking anyone for subjugation or worse.  My claim then and today are absolutely not without merit and founded on mounds and mounds of open literature evidence and more importantly official patents, patented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  

I am and have always been gregarious of which this operation has been ineffective in preventing, and loving people, and to their dismay, people love me back.  This is a program where they want the target despised as part of the PsyOps and they put great effort into it which again includes using mind invasive technology on anyone and maliciously around the targeting and discrediting.  I continue to operate from a place of altruism while continuing the exposure mission, everywhere I go as they watch in real-time thinking of creative ways to not only stop me but many others aligned today on this mission.

Let me tell you, that 100% I was being beamed cooked by microwave weapons placed against the wall of an adjoining apartment, by USAF personnel, again, training LAPD and also from the apartment below.  I was literally reduced to crawling due to the pain.  I also witnessed the same USAF individuals, around me today, two young white guys, setting up in the apartment parallel to my bedroom next door that night.  He did not see because my bedroom light was off as he positioned the beam, but I clearly saw him and recognized the USAF uniform as a veteran myself.  I felt I had to do something, deciding to create a scene, to bring awareness, or be cooked alive.

When I moved thinking it would get better if not so close in an apartment, to lessen the “pain ray” beam the same two Air Force personnel assigned to me as their human guinea pig moved with me and set-up in neighboring locations and LAPD corrupt black hoodrat police followed as well and set-up shop in the corner house behind where I also saw USAF entering this leased location and training them with parolees.

The monstrous contradiction within the twisted minds is again the distinct educational training and programming, some would argue of the future psychiatrists, psychologists, overall, and a historic and officially documented connection to intel agencies’ human experimentation agendas and early leadership and agency interest focus on mind-control studies. 


















As detailed above, Dear Reader, this is how people are set-up for the mental illness tag against the truth. 

I actually thought I would be taken to jail for so-called disturbing the peace by LAPD again heavily involved in high-tech human experimentation weapon targeting today across Los Angeles County after knocking on the door below.  But noooooooo….  

They don’t want many credible targets before any judge.  And I was told, many judges are unaware of this hideous, official high-tech targeting program working literally under the radar and the officials in charge want to keep it that way.  This monstrosity demands secrecy.

My ex-policeman husband became vindictive in ways you can’t even imagine when I wanted out of the 13-year marriage.  Today he is a hopeless alcoholic of which our three adult daughters decided they want no involvement with him for the rest of their lives, by his own doing, and sadly, I must admit.




Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 11.42.30 PM








If the New York Times could report this program today, INSTEAD OF DISCREDITING TODAY, as it did years ago, the exposure efforts would be phenomenal, and many lives would be saved by awareness!




Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.12.07 PM


NYT opinion piece claims being ‘targeted’ is a mental illness



















Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.15.14 PM








Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.18.33 PM


Question… IF The Soviets spent 1 billion, how much did the competitor, and reported winner, of the Arms Race, the USA Spend and continue to?  














This is one of the cruelest jokes of all time by personnel at the helm of the beamed microwave communication systems.  Many lives have been destroyed for decades and covered-up by immoral compliance with the Association of Psychiatry and Remote Neural Monitoring studies.  Today this technology is patented with many versions, Hypersonic Sound, DOD “Voice of God,” Microwave Auditory Effect, Voice to Skull (V2K), Frey Effect, Synthetic or Artificial Telepathy, Neural Decoding, etc.


Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 5.21.56 PM


Exposure is a powerful weapon and all that is needed folks, obviously!  And for good reason, this COINTELPRO program is going to great lengths to prevent the coming shame and disgrace!

And, also note that my ex-husband, today now again, a 30-year alcoholic, now a retired policeman asked me to marry him, two weeks after the military incident.  It was not until 13 years later when I wanted out of the marriage that he begin verbally degrading me.

He then set out on a hopeful path of official destruction of my life, again only, after my wanting out of the marriage.  From the start, and today the harassment is identical to the verbal degradation he used around me confirming his involvement.













Without a doubt, a blind man could see that based on what I told the VA doctor about how an officially motivated investigative effort evolved around me, that what I reported was/is logical and plausible.  Yet, again, and again, whenever many targets reveal this program, specifically the technology in a hospital setting, instead, the discrediting mental illness tag is applied across the board.  And as this official operation watch the determined exposure with more than 10,000 speaking up, a new label has been coined being “Mass Delusions” to continue the massive official fraud and cover-up.

With the awareness, of patented technology, and set-ups, and how it is being used, it is easy to understand how reportedly, children are being victimized by a higher evil and understanding that the sexual stimulation technology can create rapists, pedophiles, and more through unawareness of the capabilities of bioweapons.  This is while mind invasive patents are used to subliminally influence a person to commit an atrocity, through subliminal influence, patented microwave technology.  

I mentioned the patented capability of sexual stimulation often because I find it personally repulsive, and if unaware, can create severe emotional trauma.  It is a vile, inhumane horrific violation of a human being’s innermost personal self, technologically.  Young women or even men can be enticed into sexual relationships with those they would never have involvement with, including the sleazy men involved in this program, if possible, deceived by the beamed patented urges of their body used by official deviants sitting at the helm backed by again, mind invasive subliminal influence designed to put someone they choose around targets.

Below is an example of just one of the ongoing military unified human experimentation today and it gets horrifically worse by numerous reports.  Many targets today have experienced it all related to the technological capabilities of patented inventions to include dream manipulation.  

Of course, the truth of this program, DECADES perfecting must remain hidden…




Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 11.58.16 PM





As an example below, the caliber of people, involved in human experimentation technology, is not representative of the good people of any race or occupation and are no heroes.  Some are so deeply troubled with obvious borderline sociopath tendencies likely before entering the Armed Forces.


Army lifts ban on waivers for recruits with a history of some mental health issues…
















Many of these guys, as revealed in the link below are criminals in uniform.  It is also a documented fact that police are recruited from the military.







I have never been involved with them but they have certainly tried.  I remember one of the black men telling me, after using the intense sexual stimulation patent, on me for days, “Most women like It.”  

It sickened me and do to they!

Typically, most will see the obvious, the logic, and understand typical police corrupt tactics.  However, in fairness, many clinicians are unaware of the technology in use today, so there is a logical precaution.  However, by a simple Google search, highly credible open literature evidence is accessed, documenting the involvement and ongoing use of advanced technologies today and its legalization for testing on the civilian population today.

Is the third time a charm?  Trying to have me involuntarily committed occurred a second time a few years later, however this time, before being transferred to the VA hospital, after explaining the exact same situation I was immediately discharged from a civilian hospital.  They continue to this day using the community as a harassment tool. 

Many awake, completely understand documented horrific police abuse and cover-ups, but noooooo, not the Association of Psychiatry who chooses instead to ignore the obvious and confirm or research other alternatives, then concoct devastating, life-destroying meanings to factual life experiences. 



Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.12.36 AM






I completely understand how I would appear to be a complete and utter fool regarding the aluminum foil I used trying desperately to deflect the portable beam ray mentioned in the Progress Notes.   Yes, I was using anything recorded in history as even remotely effective or having the ability to prevent the extreme irradiation of my body and Directed Energy Weapon “slow cooking.”  This massive, again, reported nationwide, relentless high-tech targeting effort is designed to maliciously subjugate targets by relentless pain with the operatives working in rotating shifts.  In fact, I was in a wheelchair while in the psych ward as a result of the focused electronic assaults to my legs with again, the beam typically focused on the target’s tissue, organs, and joints.

If this program and those approved to use Directed Energy Weapons are using the weapons, which they are, to attempt to torture a person into submission, they are no longer honorable public servants or heroes, but criminal nonhuman humans, and above and beyond belief maliciously vicious.  And, with this understanding, it becomes clear why great effort is being made to stop exposure of the truth if they are even capable of having any feelings at all of this being wrong. 




With the technology officially legalized for law enforcement and military personnel, testing today in unified operations, under one umbrella, with outsourcing, to DOD components playing a secondary support role, in creating the technology, it must be clearly understood that the employer is the Government.  The approving laws for technology testing are specific for research activity, crowd control, so-called lifelong investigations, for military and law enforcement personnel and Target’s are denied Constitutional, Civil and very basic Human Rights!

As this program continues to unfold on even a greater scale, the heinous objective, using weapons of which are characterized as weapons of mass destruction, by some insiders, must be addressed and changed by Congress!




Today the term “Tin-Foil Hat Wearers” is publicized negatively whenever people report government technological targeting operations using systems or devices that convert the energy of the Electromagnetic Spectrum into weapon systems.  I detail it here due to my thinking foil could prevent the painful rays as trivia.

The “Tin-Foiled Hat Wearer” meme automatically appears around this subject which equates an association with mental illness or a belief in aliens.  The fact is, as I have stated many times by myself and others, this program has never been aliens nor demons, but red-blooded, clean-shaven, suited and in uniform personnel with little respect for the lives of anyone, operating within ongoing research, TESTING, and development programs FOR DECADES in studies in which anything can be justified under the so-called “Name of Science.”



The History Of The Tin Foil Hat


Expert critique on the “Psychology Today” article “Tin Foil Hats: Tired Trope or Sign of the Times”


Today I do little to no shielding and stopped several years ago refusing to live inside the official Electronic Concentration Camp in what was once a Constitutional Right to privacy inside my home.  As stated, I have learned that it is virtually impossible to prevent these bioelectric weapons or the determination of the operators, at the helm, who are amused when you try.  Again, the goal is to ensure the target feels the dielectric heating of tissue, combined with denigration to create stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and cause a discrediting reaction and self-sabotage.  The beam is focused from many directions to include drones from the ceiling down from my personal experience.




Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 2.18.27 PM






Many nights, I have woken with this weapon typically focused on me during the wee hours of the morning.  This is clear only when waking to use the restroom.  Otherwise, I would not have known why I woke disoriented the next morning, and briefly unable to focus.  

As shown below, Dr. Robert Duncan, Targeted, and one of many once insiders, now a whistleblower continues to detail the use of these weapons on the civilian population.


Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.03.10 AM


Neuropsychological and Electronic “No-Touch Torture”. The Spectrum of ‘Interrogation” and Torture Techniques Used by the US and its Allies




When I purchased this house, it appears that I actually went from the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak.  There is a major military base about 39 miles.  An LAPD officer lives across the street as a homeowner who would make a perfect location IF involved within the “Blue Code of Silence.” Just saying…  And recently USAF personnel have moved into another location around me.

Without a doubt, this is a program backed up by officially motivated “Organized Community Stalking” harassment teams also known as “Gang Stalking” another aspect of this program being used to discredited reports of their activities for the mental illness tag.  The tactic is historical, namely termed “Nazi Stazi Zersetzung”.  


Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 10.43.15 PM








“Over the past decade, the FBI has quietly built a network of paid civilian informants which are referred to as inoffizielle mitarbeiter in the intelligence world. As a mechanism of societal control, the National Security Racketeering Network is running an illegal, multi-billion dollar program against innocent Americans, versus protecting the nation from true threats.”

“Soft-Kill” or “Slow-Kill” is accomplished when a high-tech effort is mobilized around a target(s) and the determination made, officially, you are expendable. Within today’s paradigm, Post 9/11, and the subsequent unleashing of beamed microwave Directed Energy Weapons, on the civilian population and privy to federal, state, and local police departments, “Soft-Kill” is overseen from state-of-the-art operation centers.

Using Directed Energy Weapons, portable, from neighboring locations, and drones THE slow cooking tissue beginS.  Working in rotating 8-hour shifts, and until retirement, there is no rush for the strategic “Soft-Kill” and the slower the better, within THE OFFICIAL COVER-UP today.

The Neighborhood Watch Program, and Community Oriented Policing, are typically used to mobilized a compliant community, deceptively sold as patriotism who become accomplices.  This then allows the use of neighboring locations around targets for the beamed weapons, drone targeting, and also keeping the harassment alive.

Below is an example of how the smaller weaponized unit used while living in an apartment and also a larger portable version 100% documented to be used by federal, state, and local police departments, again unified with military testing.

ACLU:  “Pain Ray” in California prison amount to the torture of US prisoners…



ACLU: ‘Pain ray’ in California prison amounts to ‘torture’ of US prisoners


It must be clear that these weapons should no longer be considered “non-lethal” or “less-than-lethal” a misnomer, when in fact used by military “order following” personnel in 24/7 relentless targeting operations, working in rotating shift around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 9.52.42 PM


This is the small portable beam I saw personnel using in 2010 from adjoining apartments.  I saw it in the backpack while the person left one day after a night of pain rays.


DETAILED LINKS–We-test-US-armys-new-secret-weapon.html




Military personnel and military technology are approved for human experimentation on US citizens bogusly being label as “Domestic Terrorists.”  




With a team of technology and security experts with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, and financial services working together 24/7 in the same location, “Fusion Centers” have arrived as the leadership and spearheading unified agency dynamic of  Federal, State, and local police departments back by military technology and military personnel.  And, as stated, has marginalized targeting as objects for experimentation and for any reason under the Sun, technologically and effortlessly.  And, again, part of the cover-up includes the mental illness tag.   Intel agencies are also bogusly labeling US citizens as “Domestic Terrorists” for FISA Court approval of this type of high-tech targeting which activates advanced technology testing at this level.

Below is the Florida Fusion Center example of nationwide state-of-the-art locations with typically two to three in each state when including the FBI counterterrorism division as well.



Above is an example of a secret “War Room” for example in the LAPD.  The LAPD High-Tech “War Room” has eyes all over the city as reported in the link below and I can report much more cruel activities using weaponized technology and drones.  And, also reported in the link, the LAPD surveillance hub was the model for police forces, nationwide and around the world.

The problem is when corrupt personnel, decide to use the facility for torture, abuse, cripple, and to maim people, and the high-tech horrific secretive destruction of human lives which includes cowardly attempts to silence and stop exposure.










The fusion aka counter-terrorism divisions, today is on the hunt for purpose, and justification in many cases, during 8-hour shifts for the funding.  They are reported as worthless except for what these operations can conjure up for justification for the deadly use of psychophysical bioweapons.

See also the “Biometric Surveillance” blog within this site for details.



















Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 9.47.47 AM



Figuring out exactly who’s cashing in on the post-9/11 boom in secret programs just got a whole lot easier.

U.S. spy agencies, the State Department, and the White House had a collective panic attack Friday over a new Washington Post exposé on the intelligence-industrial complex. Reporters Dana Priest and William Arkin let it drop Monday morning.





Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 9.59.55 AM















Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.19.43 AM









There was just a small news announcement on the radio in early July after a short heatwave, three inmates of Vacaville Medical Facility had died in non-air conditioned cells. Two of those prisoners, the announcement said, may have died as a result of medical treatment. No media inquiries were made, no major news stories developed because of these deaths.

But what was the medical treatment that may have caused their deaths? The Medical Facility indicates they were mind control or behavior modification treatments. A deeper probe into the death of these two inmates unravels a mind-boggling tale of horror that has been part of California penal history for a long time and one that caused national outcries two decades ago.

Mind control experiments have been part of California for decades and permeate mental institutions and prisons. But, it is not just in the penal society that mind control measures have been used. Minority children were subjected to experimentation at abandoned Nike Missile Sites, veterans who fought for American freedom were also subjected to the programs. Funding and experimentations of mind control have been part of the U.S. Health, Education and Welfare Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Central Intelligence Agency through the Phoenix Program, the Stanford Research Institute, the Agency for International Development, the Department of Defense, the Department of Labor, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, and the National Science Foundation.







As revealed earlier, in 2010, now homeless, another goal of the targeting program, I went in to talk with personnel on the VA facility, shortly after surreal covert incidents around me, people following me, break-ends, threats, and accusations in the background of my tapped phone.  During the visit, the Special Agent as stated literally laughed in my face.

However after I told him, calmly, I was going to write a book, bluffing at that time, and tell the world, before I could get out of the building, believe it or not, he immediately then tried to have me also committed to the psych ward on the West Los Angeles facility that day.  He called and reportedly almost demanded she takes action.  The fact is she is/was an employee with the VA who became fearful for her job and bullied.

In the audio above, you hear me first dialing to check my voicemail messages, then specifically her VM responding to my request.  You also hear the cracking of the Mylar blanket I thought at that time could lessen the beamed microwave attack I was under while listening to a VA doctor who told me shortly after what he tried.  Note that right before her response regarding my request for documentation,  you can clearly hear one of the so-called professionals calling me a “Bitch.” 

I have learned over the years, the person listening typically waits for space during a conversation to be heard such as breaks before a conversation begins, and especially in the quiet space right before you hang up used to get in denigrating remarks and death threats on my phone line.

The recording is made in duplicate so you can hear me rewinding it to do so.  You can also hear the mylar crackling which I foolishly used trying to protect myself from the microwave “pain ray” known historically as the “Death Ray” which was beam cooking me at that very moment, and continues slow health deterioration, strategically today.




Being called a “B” I ask again, “Is this what intelligent women are called who take a RIGHTFUL stand and fight a rightful battle for their God-given life by ego-driven, misogynist men, pissed at exposure? 

In fact, I’ll take it as a compliment.

There is nothing honorable about what they are heinously doing while hiding behind this technology, again believing it can’t be proven and using the mental illness tag in the cover-up!

Again, the VA Women’s Clinic doctor during my next appointment reported the episode to me.  

What was outrageous is that he called her at home on her off day.  She also said she felt bullied when she told him there was no justification.  At that time a veiled threat was made said by the agent “you are not doing your job” when in fact she was.


What real, official investigation, chooses to have the target committed to a psych ward instead?


A Federal program testing nonconsensual human experimentation technology on the public of which has been secretly happening for DECADES and covered-up!

As revealed, now likely scared, the doctor reported, in her own words “what was told I could say” in her VM recording which is “code word” for “I was told I could not document the truth of the VA trying to have you committed to the psych ward for questioning what was happening around you or my beyond vindictive lying lush ex-husband’s role today who is a hopeless alcoholic and by his own doing, on many levels, his children today despise him.

With few choices, silence is not an option.  

If you don’t speak up about this program,  you can be and will be, literally, microwave beamed cooked slowly to death inside what was once a Fourth Amendment right to privacy inside your home.  And when you leave the house, reported nationwide, the “Organized Stalking” aka “Gang Stalking” program is mobilized using what essentially is a modernized version of Nazi Zersetzung.

“Organized Stalking” is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror, and general harassment. It is a “ganging up” by members of the community who follow an organizer and participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.

Organized gang stalking can involve COINTELPRO mobilized groups harassing a single person or family 24/7.  The victim is stalked en masse by car, foot, bike, and air in order to alienate and isolate the victim so there are no witnesses for substantiation.  The goals of gang stalking are to: provoke the victim to assault someone and get arrested; make the victim seem delusional/ mentally ill (see “Gaslighting”) make the victim so depressed they become suicidal.

“The Program” operates through electronic assaults and monitoring to include inside your car and a complete invasion of privacy; redirecting phone calls, emails, postal mail, workplace mobbing, rude, bullying behavior in the community, and much more. The precept is to convince the target there is nowhere to turn and the official, ace in the hole, is that it is hard to prove thus making these efforts continue right up to death sooner or later.  This is the foundation and method of extreme official criminal activity happening today of which is rapidly becoming common and needs to be outlawed.

And the U.S. military from nearby bases sadly is playing a major role using military technology unleashed on the civilian population.  Targeted Individuals are the ones they have not been able to program.


by Alex Constantine



The “Gyrotron Resonance Maser,” a machine that talks to the brain

The PREMA scanner” (“Personal Radio and Electromagnetic Frequency Allocation”) identifies the unique frequency of a brain.  “Troposcatter” microwave transmitters sold to Iraq for communications are of the same technical genus as the “Gyrotron Resonance Maser,” a machine that talks to the brain

The operation mode of the Gyrotron Resonance Maser:

1. Surrounds body in an EM flux

2. Beams into the body a microwave communication field

3. The laser reads changes in electrons after passing through the body

4. A computerized scan (cf. CAT scan) sorts the frequencies of the brain. This is accomplished with a “PREMA scanner” where PREMA stands for “Personal Radio and Electromagnetic Frequency Allocation” (PREMA)”.

A PREMA scanner identifies the frequency that is unique to a person’s brain (this frequency is termed “Freak”). Once the “Freak” is determined the mind of the person becomes a controllable link in a cybernetic network.






At one time, I was also told that if I stopped what I am doing, in the early days, after initial publications the effort around me would leave me alone.  That’s not true and it is legal for law enforcement to lie which comes easy to them. 

The fact is in this program the truth does not set you free alone.  You are called to fight a good and rightful fight for your life or else.


Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 7.30.37 PM.png


To get out of the grip of the VA psych ward, and the twisted doctors, after a 5-day stay, hoping to again, force medicate me failed, by a Court ruling in my favor, the Court appointed “Mental Health Advocate” last words to me were, “You are going to help a lot of people with that book…” at that time one, today now six in the series.  The is the goal!




Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 9.47.54 PM











“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes … the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. … You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. … They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


Knowledge is power and awareness is the key. 

The TRUTH  is an OBVIOUS, POWERFUL weapon!


Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 9.21.01 PM










Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 9.58.33 PM


A ribbon 1


A Ribbon2


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  1. Thank you for your priceless courage Renee Pittman. This has happened to me and many, many others targeted by what everyone knows, because of you and many other highly credible people revealing this injustice and phenomenal bravery to tell everything and leave no stone unturned.

    The last thing these people want is for people to know it. People are afraid to even mention that they have been labeled officially crazy and only when telling hospital staff the bizarre structure of this program, about the covert stalking and the mental and physical weapon harassment used on them. This is because of the stigma and fear, yet is happening to many people exactly how you describe.

    May God bless and watch over and protect you always.

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